Taking JK's enemies.....to the next level

Part 1

Written by Adam 'Rage' Burnett

In Dark Forces, the component that made a level very original and unique were the Wax files, this may be the same with Jedi Knight, but with Cog's, Pup's and AI, you can do alot more. For part 1 of this article, we will make a Mandalor with a rail detonator. You will need Conman (available from DarkJedi.com) for this.


1. Bryar PistolBryg.3do+ebolt
2. Riflestrg.3do+elaser
3. Thermal Det.detg_1.3do+actor_grenade
4. Bow Casterbowg.3do+ebow, +ebowplusm
5. Repeaterrptg.3do+eball
6. Rail Detrldg.3do+eraildet, +smack
7. Sequencer Chargeseqg_1.3doNOT USED AS WEAPON
8. Concussion Riflecong.3do+econcbullet, +bosskswipe
9. Light Sabersabg.3do+gamaxe

Jedi Knight Weapon Information

First, using Conman, extract the files "kyH4.3do" and "rldg.3do" from Res2.gob and place it into your JED or Force Builder/Project/Level name director. Open "kyH4.3do" with a text editor and copy the information from "rldg.3do" into it replacing the information for the mesh "K_rhand" (Refer to the article on 3do editing in the October Issue of Darkness Falls). Save the file as "Mandalor.3do". Now, you have a 3do of a Mandalor with a Rail Det.

Next, extract "ky.pup" from Res2.gob in the misc/pup folder and place it into your JED or FB director with the new 3do file. There is no need to extract a SND file, there is already one for a Mandalor "KyBobaFett.Snd". For future models, you will need to make an SND file of your own. Other files that can control the way an enemy acts are in the "actor_xx.cog" and "xxxx.ai" files. Unless your experienced with Cog editing and desire a more unique character, I don't recommend editing these.

The .Pup file controls how the model moves, fires, jumps etc. Edit ky.pup, the layout is pretty simple.

# Puppet control file for player character
# submode    keyframe        flags  lopri hipri

Mode=0       # Default mode
stand        kystand0.key    0x00     0    0
walk         kywalkF.key     0x01     2    2     # submode 1 = walk
run          kyrun0.key      0x01     2    2     # submode 2 = run
walkback     kybackp0.key    0x01     2    2     # submode 3 = walk backwards
strafeleft   kystrafl.key    0x01     2    2     # submode 4 = strafe left
straferight  kystrafr.key    0x01     2    2     # submode 5 = strafe right
death        kyftdeth.key    0x14     5    5     # submode 6 = small death
death2       kyexdth0.key    0x14     5    5     # submode 7 = big death
fire         kypnchl0.key    0x28     1    3     # submode 8 = fire (left punch)
fire2        kypnchr0.key    0x28     1    3     # submode 18 = alt. fire (punch)
hit          kyhit0.key      0x28     1    4     # mixin 9 = hit
rising       kyjump.key      0x00     3    3     # submode 10 = jumping
drop         kydrop.key      0x00     2    2     # submode 11 = dropping
fall         kyfall.key      0x00     2    2     # submode 12 = falling
land         kyland.key      0x38     3    3     # landing
activate     kyusew0.key     0x28     1    3     # submode 13 = activate

First, we will need to change the fire and activate submode. Change "Kypnch10.key" to "kyfire.key". Save this as "Mandalor.pup"

Finally, we get to the last file to edit. In your JED/JEDDATA or Force Builder/Templates there should be a file called "Master.tpl" or "Jk1.tpl", Open this file in a text editor. At the bottom, you will need to create a new line like this:

Mandalor     _humanactor     thingflags=0x20000400
model3d=Mandalor.3do puppet=mandalor.pup soundclass=kybobafett.snd cog=actor_s3.cog maxvel=0.250000 weapon=+eraildet weapon2=+eraildet health=70.00 maxhealth=70.00 maxthrust=0.90 maxrotthrust=90.00 typeflags=0x20001 fireoffset=(0.014000/0.053200/0.013000) aiclass=straildefault.ai

Like the pup file, the Template File is easy to understand. The word "Mandalor" at the beginning is the name that will come up in the resource picker of JED or ForceBuilder. On this line, you can classify the health, weapons, AI, pup, SND, and everything else.

When you make your own characters, be sure to use a PUP file that works with the model or else this might happen:

Incorrect Use of Pup File

Save this file and load up your JK editor.

Place a object in a sector, scroll through the resource picker to the end and click on "Mandalor". Gob the project and run it in JK. When you play your level, there will a Mandalor with a Rail Detonator.

In the next issue of Darkness Falls, I will have part 2 of this article and wrap up this area of Jedi Knight editing.