Tutorial: Recording In-game Footage of JK/MotS.
Author: Mark Haylock (CapnPolo)
Date: 23/06/2001
Description: Record in-game footage of JK/MotS at its high resolutions.
Sample: jkvideo.zip (970k) - Requires the Indeo Codec from Intel available here.

How to do it:

Recording in-game footage of JK/MotS is not new, and from what I understand, current methods have the downsides (horrible framerates or their HD getting overloaded with images), I have found a program that on my AMD K6-2 450 with and 8mb 3D accelerator, does not suffer from the problems of previous methods.

This program is called Bulent's Screen Recorder.

Many of you may be able to figure out how to do it now that you know the program (after all, I did), But for the rest of you, I will explain how I went about making this test video. (currently on my server: http://starjedi.wotf.net/jk/jkvideo.zip please don't link to it, either mirror it or remove all reference to it as something you can see for yourself)

NOTE: this was a test and that you may be able get better results by fiddling a bit.

Step 1) First of all, download Bulent's Screen Recorder and install it. Then open JK, and get into the game, ready to record.

Step 2) Next, Alt-Tab to minimize JK, then start up Screen Recorder, Click the 'Select Source' Button on the Screen Recorder window and select 'A Window' from the menu that appears, you may be presented with a dialog box, click ok then orange boxes should now appear when you hold the mouse over a window on screen.

Step 3) At this point, Alt-Tab back into JK, DO NOT PRESS ANYTHING once you are in-game.. except for the Enter Button once (if this fails to work repeatedly, press F4 next attempt), then Alt-Tab again to return to the desktop, if things have gone well, Screen Recorder will have restored itself and will be ready to record, if you , if so, continue to Step 4, if you instead find that windows does something strange (like opening and closing the JK window repeatedly) then force Screen Recorder to close using Ctrl-Alt-Tab, select 'Screen Recorder' then End Task, and start over from Step 2.

Step 4) Essentially, you are ready to record now, but the result wont be good unless you configure Screen Recorder first, so click the Configuration button in Screen Recorder, and make sure things look like this:

NOTE: this is what I used for the test... you may want to adjust this, to get a different framerate.

Step 5) Now, go back into JK if necessary, set things up, then Alt-Tab back to the Desktop click this button in Screen Recorder then quickly get back to JK and what you do will be recorded!

NOTE: remember that Screen Recorder is recording! If you forget... you probably will eventually get a clogged HD.

Step 6) When you've done all you need... Alt-Tab back to windows and press this button in Screen Recorder, you can now save the video by clicking the button labeled save.

That's it! later on, if you want to alter the video... you can change the compression by opening the Screen Recorder studio (Button labeled 'Studio') and resample the avi, or use a professional editing program to remove/add frames.