The Massassi Temple: Chat Tutorial

SO you want to chat? First, here are a few things...

Some Commonly used chat terms follow:

r0x0r Rocks
0wnz0r Ownz
sux0r Sucks
w00t WooHoo
1337 Elite
133+ Elite
w00+ WooHoo
ro><ors Rocks
su><ors Sucks
J00 You
own><ors Ownz

There are also some handy IRC commands that you should know

/me -- Makes you do an action. Example: If I typed "/me eats cheese" it would display *oSiRiS eats cheese

/nick -- Makes your name change. Example: If I typed "/nick Isis" it would display "oSiRiS is now known as Isis", and hence forth it would display my name as Isis.

Some Basic Rules

- Keep Massassi "G" rated; don't cuss or excessively flame people
- Respect the ops (Operators) as well as your fellow chatters
- Do Not change your nickname excessively, this is bothersome and may cause you to be booted or even banned (Not Good!)
- Follow the rules of the forums

More to come later!


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