The Massassi Temple: Chat Room Rules

Last Updated: 01/11/03

The Massassi Temple strives to make our chat room a place where everyone feels welcome. In order to do this, we are forced to enforce a few rules. If you read them over and try to understand why they exist, I'm sure you'll agree with the fact that they're necessary. Please, if you visit our chat room, do your best to comply with the following rules.

While we at the Massassi Temple try to keep these rules up-to-date with our standards, they are merely a guide to the conduct required. If a moderator states that your conduct is unruly or disruptive, it is. Do not attempt to justify your actions with the fact that the rules do not specifically condemn them.

The fact is, if you choose to make this place un-enjoyable for everyone else, you will be dealt with. We reserve the right to make bans of your username permanent, so if you don't think you can control your conduct, go elsewhere. This chat room is there so people can have fun and chat with friends. Don't ruin it for others. You have been warned.

I Accept These Rules; Bring me to the chatroom

I Do Not Accept These Rules; Bring me Home

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