The Massassi Temple: Level Contest #4

The deadline is October 1st, 2001.

This page sets forth the rules of the Massassi Temple Level Contest #4. Anyone is welcome to submit levels, but only the best ones will be chosen for our official level pack. Judges will be selected and announced at a later date. Please do not email us and ask to be a judge.

  1. Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level (NOT MotS, NOT CTF, Straight MP).
  2. No weapons/items/force power mods. This is strictly a JK MP level contest. Don't even change the weapons models!
  3. No illegal copyrighted material (if you have questions on this, e-mail us). This includes sound effects and music tracks.
  4. All submissions must have a valid readme file. A sample readme file is located on the main page. Your readme file should be identical to the name of your gob file with the exception of the extension - it should be .txt (no .docs, please).
  5. Level authors give Massassi permission to release their level in our pack, and to keep it there (IE: we will not remove a level if later on down the line, you decide you don't want it there).
  6. Level authors agree to NOT release their level individually to other sites for a period of 2 weeks after the release of the Massassi Level Pack #4.
  7. No old levels - if it's already been released, it doesn't count.
  8. No conversions from other games - if your level is based upon and very similar to a level from another game, it will fall under this rule. Please only submit original work.
  9. No revamped JK MP/SP levels - IE: we don't want Canyon Oasis mods!
  10. 16-bit Mats: All levels should run on all 3d cards as well as the software renderer. If you feel your level would be greatly enhanced by 16bit mats, submit a 16-bit version WITH your original version. HOWEVER: We will be judging on the STANDARD VERSION, NOT the 16-bit version. Keep this in mind! If we get 16-bit mat packs, we will release a separate mat pack - all 16-bit levels must be network-compatible with their 8-bit counterparts.
  11. Multiple Submissions: You are allowed to submit as many levels as you want, but be sure to submit them all SEPARATELY with separate readme files. Level authors can be featured twice (or more?) in one pack if the levels are good enough.
  12. All submissions must be received no later than October 1st, 2001.
  13. Resource Guidelines: If you include new mats/3dos/resources, you must follow the naming conventions set forth here. This is to ensure we don't get any conflicts with the names of these resources when we compile the final gob. If your gob file is named arena.gob you should use the following prefixes for your resources. Remember to change the prefix to match your gob file!
    • Mats: tree.mat should be renamed to arena_tree.mat
    • 3dos: tree.3do should be renamed to arena_tree.3do
    • Note: these are just examples - you must prefix any resources with the name of your gob.

Here are some of the things the judges will be grading on.

Final Notes: If you want to get a feel for what types of levels we like, please read through the many hundreds of reviews in the Massassi Review section. Look at the highly scored levels as well as the lower ones. Also check out the previous level packs. We're only looking for very high-quality levels. Take your time, ask for help if you need it, beta test the crud out of it and you will do great!

Submission of your level means that you agree to the above terms. If you are ready, make sure to include everything as stated in the levels section of our Submission Instructions, but rather than send it to the default levels email address, send it to:

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