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The Massassi Temple is proud to announce our first Single-Player level contest. Basically, make an awesome single-player level for Jedi Knight, Mysteries of the Sith, Jedi Outcast, or Jedi Academy, submit it to us before the deadline, and if you win, you will be immortalized forever. Or at least until the next contest.


  • Nothing illegal is allowed (don't use stolen textures or resources, please, we can't post your level if you do)
  • Feel free to use any legal custom resource - sounds, textures, models, etc.
  • Levels may be small, we want good-quality, fun levels, not long boring levels! Make sure you can complete your level before the deadline!
  • Still have questions? See the contest thread where I answered them already!
  • Deadline: September 30th, 2007, by Midnight Pacific

Submission Instructions

Please follow the instructions in our regular Submission Instructions page. However, please make sure that in the subject of your submission email you let us know it is for the SP LEVEL CONTEST. Further, if you don't receive confirmation that we got your level within 2 days, please re-send the level!


But wait, a twist! All entrants will be invited to judge. Based on the number of submissions, judges will get a number of votes they can use on any level but their own. Details will be provided to entrants before judging begins. Yes, this means you will get to play all the levels before they are released to the public.


All winners will receive a special annotation or badge next to their name on the forums. Further, the #1 winner will receive a video game of their choice. (I will purchase the game at an online retailer and have it shipped directly to you -- if you are outside the US or Canada, we may have to make other arrangements. -Brian)

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