Heavy Metal: FAKK2 Walthrough

You start the game out at some house with a pregnant woman. She tells you to ask her husband to come home if you happen to see him. So that's the first thing you have to do. If you can find the husband on your own, I don't think this walkthrough is for you. Why's that? Because I'm going to explain how to get through the things that I found difficult.

Note: This walkthrough will be added to as I finish the game, so check back often. Also, starting on Part 2, there are a bunch of screenshots to liven things up (they weren't really needed in Part 1).

Creepers Den

The Creepers Den is the first boss type enemy you will come across. It's basically a huge bug that has some pretty fierce tentacles. These tentacles will come up out of the ground and spike the hell out of you. However, the Creeper (okay, I KNOW the cow type things are "creepers," but this thing is pretty freaking creepy, so hereafter the BOSS will be called "Creeper") will only shoot tentacles at you if it SEES you. If you hide behind some crates for a while, you can see it's big green spotlight. Just be careful not to get caught in the beam.

After you watch it a bit to see it's pattern, the boss is actually pretty easy. All you have to do is pick up some of the detonators that are scattered around the floor and detonate them on the four glowing green rocks that surround the Creeper. I kept my sword equipped in one hand, with the detonaters equipped in the other.

Wait till the Creeper is facing away from you, then run up to one of the glowing green rocks and drop a detonator. Quickly run away (so you don't get blasted) and hide behind some crates (or hay bails or whatever you like). After each time you blow a rock, the Creeper will send a horde of those green flying bugs at you (seems kinda like Daikatana, eh?). Wait behind the crate until they come to you and dispatch them with your sword. After they're gone, move to the next green rock and blow it up.

After you blow up two rocks, you will notice that there is green liquid between you and the other two rocks. You will have to wait until all the flying bugs are killed to go across or they will really hurt you. Wait till the Creeper has just passed you with the spotlight, and then use the hanging pipes to go across (just get under it and jump - you would have known this if you did the training).

Once you're across, simply continue blowing green rocks and killing flies until all the green rocks are blown. Easy as pie.

Eden Market

Not much to see here, but you can get some small powerups. Walk behind the fountain with the old guy telling stories, up the rocks to get some water. Talk to the shop keeper to get a health flask that you can use later. When the guy whines about his valve being broken, move the crate away from the wall to reveal a valve. He will use it and you can then go get some water. Finally, put all the guys little animals back in the cage for another.

Before you go to the exit (which is right after the guy with the cage), backtrack a little bit and go down the alley. You can talk to the lady there and she'll tell you that there is a fire crystal sword laying around. This sword rocks. What you have to do to get it is walk till you see the platform counterweighted by the cement block (it's on ropes). Cut the rope with your sword so the cement block comes down and the platform goes up. Drag the crate to the newly dropped platform, and jump up to the ledge (a guy is sweeping there).

From there, get on the platform, then jump straight up on top of it (you'll have to jump and grab the edge, then pull yourself up). Jump across to the ledge (big enough to walk on) and follow it around the building. Across the gap you will see a hole with a glowing power up in it - that's the fire sword. If you want to hold off a second, continue walking around to get a water powerup. If you're at full water, it will help you jump across.

The Big Pig Looking Guys

After you make your way through town, you will come across a fountain. After some nifty cutscenes where something crashes from space into some buildings, you will be instructed to go down a pit and reset the shield generator. Once inside the pit, you will be with two other guys (sidekicks?). After some creepy music, you will all proceed to get sucked down into the water.

You now have to fight a pretty evil looking pig guy. All I did was plaster him with crossbow bolts and he died - nothing too difficult. After that, climb the only rope in the room to advance to the next area. Remember, you can swing by using forward and backwards, climb up by using jump, and climb down by using crouch. To let go, simply use the activate button.

You will encounter some plants that shoot green things at you as well as some more pig guys, so be careful! Once you climb down the rope to the next area, dispatch some of the afore mentioned enemies, then climb the rope and jump to the center rock formation for some health. From there, jump to the next rope and get your weapons back. If you got the firesword, it's a very effective weapon against the pig looking guys. I suggest you use the combo that was shown to you during the training (during the second swing, hit the second attack button).

After you get your weapons and take out all the bad guys, you will see a glowing rock on one side of the cave. Go there and push it to get to the next area. Here, you will be forced to pull yourself along a hanging pipe. Be careful because if you leave your feet dangling, you will get killed by the spray from the broken pipes (when you're hanging, press jump to bring your legs up).

Eden Underground

Yes, I know the last caves and such were Eden Underground, but this is where the fun starts. You see, you're inside the shield generator mechanism. I'm talking HUGE machinery here. It's your job to figure out how to get through this stuff... Oh wait, you're looking at a walkthrough, so I guess it's my job.

First of all, you'll come to a switch that controls a moving platform/bridge type deal. Hit the switch, then jump on one of the raising buckets on the conveyer. Make sure not to ride it all the way up, or you'll get ground to a pulp. After you ride it a little ways, jump across to the platform you activated. Before it sucks back into the wall, jump across to the next area.

Here, there is another switch that activates a ferris-wheel type thing. Jump on it, and as you reach the top, jump to the next platform. From there, I jumped up and got the water. After that, I turned around and jumped down to the rusted looking metal piece that has the electricity deals around it. I suppose you could jump straight from the second moving platform if you didn't want the water.

From there, jump down the platforms that are conveniently stepped at just the right height. Down there, activate the switch, then ride them back up higher. Careful not to go all the way up or get caught in the electricity beams. At the top, you'll be rewarded with a stellar AXE. You can't use your shield with it, and it's pretty slow, but it sure looks cool.

The next area is a lever that moves a girder out of the way of some monkey bars. Unfortunately, when you move the girder, you also let high pressure steam come out. Fortunately for you, however, the steam pulses in perfect increments to let you by. Jump to the monkey bars, use your mouse to get a side view, and then wait for the steam to stop. Pull yourself over past ONE pipe and stop (directly between the two, or you will get fried). Wait for it to stop again, and continue... Rinse, repeat if desired.

Go through the door and you're at the next area. This one seems a little difficult, but it's actually pretty easy. After you go through the door and work your way across the machinery, you will be in a circle shaped room with little platforms going around the edges all the way up. Perfect for steps. However, they drop incrementally, so you'll have to hurry so you don't fall down the pit. I found that instead of jumping to each platform, it was easiest to just walk up to the inside edge of each platform, and then you would automatically get up on it. It takes a bit longer, but I'm not so confident in my jumping skills, so this worked great for me.

Shield Generator

Ah, some crazy-awesome special effects. Gotta love that Quake3 engine eh? Anyway, you are at the shield generator, and it's up to you to get it back into working condition. I found it easiest to dispatch all the enemies on the lower level first, because when I just left them there, they tended to come back and haunt me a little later. Make your way around the ledges to the opposite side of the entrance (watch out for that steam). Activate the button and you will be raised to the second level.

I again recommend dispatching all the bad guys, but it's up to you. Here, there are four crystals that are powering the generator. Unfortunately they're misaligned. Since there is no Goodyear for misaligned shield generators, you'll have to do it yourself. All you do is approach each of the four crystals in turn. Hit the crank thing until it says "crystal aligned." Be sure to do it four times!

A nifty little energy bridge will be created. Walk across it, go into the shield room, and hit the button. This is where it gets interesting...

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