The 2021 Massassi Temple Holiday Logo Contest

Welcome to the Massassi Temple Annual Holiday Logo Contest! The contest is a long-standing tradition for Massassi, going back to 1998. The rules are simple, the rewards are nil, but the merriment is grand. Submit your logo and have it displayed for all to see!

To submit a logo for the contest, just follow this simple set of guidelines:

  1. The logo dimensions must be 384x154 (the size of our current logo)
  2. The logo must be compressed decently in JPG, GIF, or PNG format.
  3. The logo must not be animated.
  4. The logo must contain "Massassi Temple" in some form.
  5. Quality over quantity! Your name will be displayed under it so do your best!
  6. It must be festive, tying in with one of the many holidays in December!
  7. Star Wars themes get bonus points!

Post your submissions here. Remember, you only have until the end of December to submit logos! Have fun, and have a Happy Holidays from The Massassi Temple!

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Earlier (Before 2007) contests can be viewed at the old holiday logo contest site, located here.

Here are all of 2021's submissions: