The Massassi Temple: Jedi Knight Cheats

If you are having trouble with the game, or just want to fool around, there are quite a few cheat codes that you can use. All you do to use them is hit the [Tab] key, then type the code, and press [Enter].

Cheat Description
jediwannabe God Mode
eriamjh Flymode
red5 All Weapons
wamprat All Items
5858lvr All Map
bactame Full Healing
yodajammies Full Mana
thereisnotry Skip to Next Level
pinotnoir x Level warp (x = level # 1 to 21)
deeznuts Jedi Experience Level Up
imayoda Light Jedi Master
sithlord Dark Jedi Master
raccoonking Uber Jedi (All of the Dark Jedi and Light Jedi Force Powers)
whiteflag Turns on/off AI (monsters dont move)
slowmo Slow Motion

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