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This page exists to catalog all the Jedi Knight II info we have so you don't have to go search through all the old news. We'll put the most interesting stuff first, and work down from there. Basic info: It's a sequel to Jedi Knight, being developed by Raven Software on the Quake 3 engine, which was originally developed by id software. The Q3 engine has been used for many games, including Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, Alice, Heavy Metal: FAKK2, and the Q3 addon, Quake 3: Team Arena.

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Info Sites
Sites with JK2 info and links.

Direct from the game.

Previews posted since E3.

Videogamegal Jedi Knight II E3 Coverage
Videogamegal posted this movie on their E3 Coverage website. This movie is a few seconds shy of 5 minutes long and has a narrative talking about some of the features of the game including the saber throw, scorch marks, and the buddy AI system. Choose your video stream below.

Jedi Knight II E3 Gameplay Movie
This movie was released on originally. Unfortunately, their network went down soon after posting it due to an extreme overload in traffic. Please choose a mirror below to download this 343KB clip.

Thanks to all the webmasters that provided mirrors to this file - we are not currently listing any new mirrors. If you find a broken link below (404 Error only), please let us know. If you get a site busy or you just can't connect for some reason, try another mirror.

Chat Transcript(s)
From official Lucasarts chat events.

With LEC employees...

.plan Updates
Generally Raven employees because LEC doesn't usually use these.

Official Information
Released by LEC itself.

E3 Previews
From E3, 2001.

Mods for JK2.

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