Command Lines

Command Line Switches

MOTS Command Lines Switches

Use the start menu "Run" browse to your JK.exe and then add these command line switches.

Command: Action:
/DEBUG LOGProduces debug.log file
/DEBUG CONProduces debug.log file in a console (alt+tab to view)
-DEVMODE -DEBUG LOGProduces debug.log file
-DEVMODEin Single Player Menu, [DEBUG] on left side of screen, which allows you to try out any of the levels by yourself.
/DISPLAYCONFIGGives advanced settings in the Setup|Display window. Use only if you know something about video cards. Same as the console command.
/DISPSTATSDisplays vital stats about you, the player including frame rate, current item, amount of Force and current Force power, etc. Same as console command DISPSTATS.
/FRAMERATEGives you the framerate. Same as the console command.
/NOHUDCauses no screen to show during game play
/PATHSets the path for the game to look for other levels (basically GOB files and the actual JKL files). Usage is like c:\Jedi Knight\ /path c:\jklevels.
/windowGUIRuns the game's movies/cutscenes in a window while switching to full screen in the actual game. Useful for taking out of gameplay screenshots.


Mots uses the same command line switches plus these.

Command: Action:
-coglogProduces a file called coglog.log ,lists all cog messages used. and to which cog.
-failProduces a file called fail.log ,lists goo resource files used
-fixedSpeeds up game play aprox 4 times
-recordProduces a continous set of bmp files of the game screen (warning eats up disk space in a hurry)