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The pages contained are for all those interested in the inner workings of Jedi Knight files.These pages in no way are intended as tutors.

These pages will be a little more formal type of presentation of Jedi Knight files. The main authors are the members of the Code Alliance. Please bear with us as documentation takes considerable time to research and compile into something useable. As most of you know we have been kinda busy. So updates have fallen behind. We`ll try to get some more updates out soon. If you would like to contribute something feel free to contact us at the address below.

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General Notes

Note: MOTS changes/additions are marked in this color.

Note: terms used throughout these specs are Pascal units.

quick ref:

Byte     = 0 to 255    unsigned 8 bit
Word     = 0 to 65,535 unsigned 16 bit
SmallInt = -32768 to 32767 (signed 16 bit)
LongInt  = -2,147,483,648 to 2,147,483,648 signed 32 bit
Char     =  ( 1 byte) ascii character
String   =  String of ascii character
Boolean  =  True/False
Hexidecimal values are represented as either $01  or  0x01

Thanks to All at LEC on the Jedi Knight/Mots projects for another Great Game !

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