Massassi Temple Mat Archive: Mat Packs

Mat File Description Colormap Screenshot Author Date Added Alliance Editing's mat pack containing 38 various mats. 01narsh aematpack1.jpg Posse 05/19/00 Mats from Theed and the Jedi Council Chamber. Also work in 09fuel and 17saris colormaps. dflt episode1pack.jpg Jepman 09/30/00 These 4 mats are designed to be used in industrial/city type levels. It includes an animated mercury pool as well as a couple yellow warning stripes. dflt evindust.jpg Evan Carson 06/17/00 250 mats from Graphtallica using different colormaps. These textures were converted by Ping_Me. dflt Graphtallica2.jpg Sean Johnson 04/22/00 Six industrial looking mats. 15maw industextures.jpg Darren "Zuljin" Williams 07/12/01 A collection of 169 mats from Graphtallica using various colormaps. Textures converted by Ping_Me. dflt JKGraphtalica.jpg Sean Johnson 04/22/00 84 textures of walls, dirt, lights, and more. 01narsh jmmats.jpg JM 04/15/00 209 textures. 06baron matpackv3.jpg Ventrue_Vannula 04/15/00 A pack of five different mats. dflt matsandscreens.jpg Kevinator 08/17/00 Consits of various useful textures I've found around the net and converted to DFLT. dflt phatmat1.jpg Agent J 06/04/01 59 mats for modern and high-class settings. 01narsh realityzip.jpg Masq 12/02/00 Intended for miscellaneous use. * This is a 16-bit mat pack * dflt redrum.jpg Darren Williams 11/20/01 This is my sky box matpack, it contains mats for 6 different skyboxes. Every mat is 16 bit. dflt skyboxes1.jpg Cave_Demon 04/08/01 71 Tatooinish wall and ceiling mats. dflt tatooine.jpg Goofz 08/19/00 This is a 16-bit sky mat pack. It contains over 30 sky mats. dflt Ultimate16-bitmatsk.jpg Jim14 & SS4Gohan 06/19/01

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