Massassi Temple Mat Archive: Decor

Mat File Description Colormap Screenshot Author Date Added A mat for a white ceiling with bumps. dflt ceiling1.jpg Travis 06/06/00 Five different colored curtain mats. dflt curtainpack.jpg Kevinator 06/06/00 A bookshelf. dflt dfltbookshelf.jpg Tee 04/15/00 A red drape. dflt dfltrdrape.jpg Tee 04/15/00 An olde wooden barrel texture. dflt dfltwoodbarrel.jpg Tee 04/18/00 A wooden crate with metal trim. dflt dfltwoodcrate.jpg Tee 04/15/00 A wooden crate with metal trim, different colour wood. dflt dfltwoodcrate2.jpg Tee 04/15/00 A blue wall trim. dflt eetrimb.jpg Evil_Editor 08/04/00 A trim mat for a wall. dflt eetrimg.jpg Evil_Editor 08/06/00 A gold mat. dflt goldit.jpg Evil_Editor 08/16/00 A trim mat for a wall. dflt walltrim1.jpg Evil_Editor 08/06/00 A trim mat for a wall. dflt walltrim2.jpg Evil_Editor 08/06/00 Here is a mat to make a window. dflt window.jpg Elmo 03/23/01

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