Massassi Temple Mat Archive: Stone/Cement

Mat File Description Colormap Screenshot Author Date Added A floor, or wall, carved from living rock. 06baron 06stonefloor.jpg Tee 04/14/00 A carved rocky floor/wall. 15maw 15stonefloor.jpg Tee 04/15/00 Two mat files. One is cement, another is some type of outdoors floor type thing. dflt 2mats.jpg Posse 06/05/00 A bumpy rock mat. dflt bumpyrck.jpg PedHead 06/06/00 A cement/wall mat. dflt cement2.jpg Kevinator 06/04/00 Yellowish 16-bit wall with cross and dirty marble trim. dflt cw_cross1.jpg mop 07/24/01 Yellowish 16-bit stone wall with cross. dflt cw_cross2.jpg mop 07/24/01 A 16-bit yellowish stone wall. dflt cw_plain.jpg mop 07/24/01 Yellowish 16-bit stone wall with dirty marble trim. dflt cw_trim.jpg mop 07/24/01 A dark cement mat. dflt darkcem.jpg Kevinator 06/05/00 A rocky carved floor/wall. dflt dfltstonefloor.jpg Tee 04/15/00 A mat of dirty cement. dflt dirtycem.jpg Kevinator 06/05/00 7 greyish marble mats. dflt marblemats.jpg Snootle 06/10/00 A cement mat. dflt pedcement.jpg PedHead 07/22/00 A mat of cement that's under contruction. 06baron pedconstruct.jpg PedHead 07/22/00 Another mat of cement under construction. 06baron pedconstruct_1.jpg PedHead 07/22/00 Purplish 16-bit wall. dflt pw_plain.jpg mop 07/24/01 Purplish 16-bit wall with shiny marble trim. dflt pw_trim.jpg mop 07/24/01 This is a red pigment rock mat. It is best on floors.
**This is a 16 bit mat**
dflt Redrock.jpg rathi 12/25/00 A rough stone wall mat. dflt rwall.jpg Kevinator 06/06/00 A sandstone like mat. dflt sandstone_1.jpg PedHead 06/06/00 A sandstone like mat. dflt sandstone_2.jpg PedHead 06/06/00 This is a sandy rock mat. It looks good in caves.
**This is a 16 bit mat**
dflt Spottedrock.jpg rathi 12/25/00 A stone tile mat. dflt stonetile.jpg PedHead 06/06/00 A collection of 5 stone mats. dflt stonpack.jpg Kevinator 06/05/00 A tiki type of tile. dflt tiki_tile.jpg PedHead 06/06/00 A tile mat that goes with the tiki_tile mat. dflt tile.jpg PedHead 06/06/00 A rocky volcano texture. dflt volcano_1.jpg PedHead 08/25/00 A rocky volcano texture with some lava showing. dflt volcano_2.jpg PedHead 08/25/00 A different rocky volcano texture. dflt volcano_3.jpg PedHead 08/25/00 A stone type of a wall mat. dflt walbrwn.jpg PedHead 06/06/00

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