Massassi Temple Mat Archive: Skies

Mat File Description Colormap Screenshot Author Date Added A very odd looking sky, from some far off alien world. 06baron 06evilsky.jpg Tee 04/14/00 A mat of a sky at sunset. 06baron beautsky.jpg Kevinator 06/05/00 Bespin sky mat. It doesn't have clouds, but the colors are much richer than the normal one.
**This is a 16 bit mat**
dflt bedspinmat.jpg rathi 12/21/00 A deep purple sky with clouds and some stars showing through. dflt dfltsunset3.jpg Emon 08/20/00 A wild alien sky/space thing. dflt dfltwarpsky.jpg Tee 04/15/00 Made at first in Terragen and then edited so it could tile of be used in a skybox or as a very excellent sky texture. Note: It is 16-bit dflt leninsky.jpg Ulicqeldroma 04/10/01 Another star mat. unicolor machinesstars.jpg The Machine 04/13/00 A mat of a space nebula. dflt Nebula.jpg Kevinator 06/06/00 This is a purple sky with white clouds. Note: This is a 16 bit mat. dflt purplesky.jpg Jim14 05/31/01 A star mat. unicolor skstars.jpg Red 04/13/00 Cloud and sky mat. dflt sky.jpg Evil_Editor 05/20/00 A blue sky. 06baron sky-blue.jpg Darren R. Williams 07/03/00 A gold colored sky, best used with a horizon distance of at least 500. dflt sky-gold.jpg Darren R. Williams 07/03/00 A red and black sky best used with a horizon distance of at least 500. dflt sky2.jpg Darren R. Williams 07/03/00 Five mats of different types of skies. 06baron skypack.jpg Kevinator 06/06/00 A space mat. unicolor space5.jpg Element God 04/13/00 Several mats of space nebulas and star clusters and such. 06baron spacemats.jpg Kryptos 07/14/01 Two textures of orange / sunset type skies. dflt sunsets.jpg Emon 08/19/00

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