Massassi Temple Mat Archive: Walls

Mat File Description Colormap Screenshot Author Date Added This is a blue-white animated portal MAT. It bulges in and out as it animates. This MAT is 16-bit. dflt 16bit_portal.jpg Emon 06/03/01 A reactor mat. unicolor bigred.jpg Red 04/15/00 The Death Star's walls (A). unicolor dshall.jpg Red 04/13/00 16 bit wall mats. dflt grass_wall.jpg Goofz 04/21/01 The Death Star's walls (B). unicolor hothout.jpg Red 04/13/00 A 16 bit mat of slime covering a wall. dflt slimecoat.jpg SAJN_Master 09/04/01 Just a tan wall. dflt tanwall.jpg Evil_Editor 08/16/00 16 bit rocky wall mat. dflt wall4.jpg Goofz 04/21/01 A white wavy wall. dflt wavewall.jpg Evil_Editor 08/16/00 A darker wavy wall. dflt wavewall2.jpg Evil_Editor 08/16/00

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