Monday, November 16, 1998
3, Count 'em 3 New Tutorials - Slug
The first two come from Dylan, and they're on adding models and sabers to multiplayer. Very well written and easy to follow with some handy graphics. The third tutorial, written by Red is on merging unadjoined sectors. It's a big help with some 3do editing. Thanks to the authors for the tutorials and sorry for getting them posted so late (especially Red - a month ain't too long of a wait eh? ;)
New 3dos - Slug
We recieved some new 3dos today, the first is a V-38 "Phantom" by Markus Friebe. It's the ship from Rebel Assault II. The second file is the Cantina Party Pack by Kenobi. It contains a Pool Table, Pool sticks, Pool table balls, a Whiskey bottle/shot glass power up with cog included, a ceiling hung wide screen TV, and a guitar. Thanks for the files guys.
Rogue Squadron Partial Conversion - Brian
Just saw on our message board about Tazz's Partial Conversion. How come I haven't heard of this yet??? Anyway, check out the Rogue Squadron CTF page. This mod looks like it is going to rock! A few things: Too bad Massassi didn't make the credits there... ;-)
Sunday, November 15, 1998
Whiplash Update - Brian
Whiplash has updated with a couple of more screenshots, so be sure to check them out if you're interested.
New Screenshot @ Holocron - Justin0
Holocron Editing has posted another screenshot. This one is a snippit of Level 1. I'll surf around and if I see any other sites that have posted stuff then I'll post the news here. If your editing group has posted anything then send the news to us.
Pirate Ship - Slug
Koensayr sent in a cool new 3do today.. It's a pirate fighter referred to as an "ugly" because it's made of scraps of other ships. Thanks for the file Koensayr.
Saturday, November 14, 1998
Bunch of New Cogs - Slug
Got a bunch of new cogs from JED_Master today. You can download the pack off of his server, or browse around the Cog Archives and download the cogs separately. (1 is in the sp section, the other 6 are in the mp/sp section). Thanks for the files JM.
Friday, November 13, 1998
Hmmm... - Brian
Security Forces training has been going as well as can be expected. I was issued a kevlar helmet and a flak jacket, so that is cool. I also now have my very own set of handcuffs (don't get any ideas or I will arrest you). Anyway, today I go fire the m-16 and the 9mm pistol, that ought to be interesting. I just found out that I will be a security policeman one week out of every month. That means patrol cars, domestic disputes, and gate guard. Blah, and I thought computers were boring. Hopefully will be back on track by Monday.
Intermediate Stairs Tutorial - Brian
The Intermediate Stairs tutorial teaches how to create better looking and more efficient stairs. Nothing too complicated, but I have had a few questions on this recently, as always, feel free to drop me an email with any feedback.
Thursday, November 12, 1998
Sith Lords - Slug
Philbert sent in a skin pack called the Sith Lords. It contains a Darth Vader, Exar Kunn, and Darth Maul. A double bladed saber also comes with the pack. Download and enjoy, thanks for the file Philbert.
Ghost Busters TC - Slug
Well, things have been quiet over at the Ghost Busters TC page for awhile but Reptile_07_ has taken control and updated the page with a skin and some news so go check 'em out.
Updated Axe Mod - Slug
Achilles has updated his Axe Mod to fix the fact that you could still see the saber blade. Also included in the update is a new skin. Thanks for the update Achilles.
Randomizing Cog - Slug
Got a neat cog today from Nightmare that randomizes the location of the defined pickups in multiplayer games. Should make games a bit more even and eliminate camping and guarding. Thanks as always for the file.
Ewing - Slug
Markus Friebe sent over a really cool E-Wing 3do. Thanks for the file Markus.
Tuesday, November 10, 1998
I Shall Smite Thee! - Slug
Achilles has sent in a nifty little mod that lets you swing an axe around and literally go medieval on your enemies. It replaces the saber.. 'tis cool, so check it out. Thanks for the file Achilles.
New 3dos and a Cog - Slug
FLC_Jibba sent in 2 new 3dos and a cog earlier today. The first 3do is a desk lamp, the second is an electric chair. The cog generates lightning at a ghost position (for use with the electric chair 3do). Thanks to Jibba for the files.
Monday, November 9, 1998
New 3do - Slug
Andrew has sent in a Gargoyle 3do. Thanks for the contribution Andrew.
Site Updates - Brian
Updates by me will be sparse this week due to some Security Forces training I have to go through. Should be interesting, but I won't be at my work computer all week sooo... No worries though, I will be back in full swing this coming weekend. The news update script I mentioned last week will be ready for release on Saturday, hopefully a day or two earlier.
Sunday, November 8, 1998
HOV Editing Group - Slug
HOV Editing Group has updated their page with a new JK level and 4 new 3dos. Their lookin' good, so get on over there. Thanks for the info 009(HOV).
New Review - Slug
Mr. Blonde sends word that there's a new review of a level called Temple at Kier'Dar. at YoDa's Add-ons. So stop on over there and check it out.
Updated Level - Slug
JDawg has updated his level, Hangar Battle. The new version includes some cogs like cameras and ships flying by and some new rooms.
Saturday, November 7, 1998
Updated Chat Channel page - fourwood
I updated the chat channel page. It now has a link to the java IRC chat applet. You can use this applet to get on the #massassi chat channel on IRC.
Medieval TC News - Slug
Koensayr brings word that the Medieval TC has been updated with some screenshots. Go check 'em out, the battle axe is particularly spiff :)
New Screenshots @ Holocron - Justin0
Holocron Editing has updated with 8 new screenshots. Four from level 5, and 4 from level 12. Their MOD is really beginning to take shape, go check them out.
Last Stand Interview - Brian
The Jedi Armory has posted an Interview with Last Stand Productions. LSP has posted some crazy-awesome 3do screenshots before, and I'm totally looking forward to their mod. Be sure to check out the interview, it's pretty interesting.
Just a Reminder... - Brian
Just wanted to remind everyone that that awesome LucasArts article was released. It's a great article, I highly recommend it. Thanks to for announcing that yesterday.
Al's Skin Page Updated - Brian
Just saw on our Discussion Board that Al MacDonald has updated his Skins Page. The new look is great, and if you haven't seen his skins before, be sure to go check them out.
Warzone 3 Screenshots - Brian
Jedi Nights reports that the Warzone Homepage has posted 4 new screenshots of Warzone 3.

The Warzone page also mentions an upcoming interview at Hyperview, so keep an eye out.
Friday, November 6, 1998
New Version Of JkEdit - Brian
JkEdit Homepage has released version 1.27 of JkEdit.
Version 1.27 of JkEdit has some new features since version 1.26:
  • New Undo and Redo functionality
  • A new Template Manager for creation of new templates for inserted 3do objects
  • The palette selection in the Material dialog now defaults to the one for the current sector
  • The palette selection in the Template dialog now defaults to the one for the current sector
Version 1.27 of JkEdit has a few bug fixes since version 1.26:
  • Highly improved generation of templates for the jkl files
  • Under MOTS, the Create Elevator function generated wrong cog
  • When Expanding surfaces, the new side surfaces were not textured properly
  • When writing into a GOB/GOO file, wav files were not placed under sound folder
Thanks to Ole for the email on that.
Updated tutorial - fourwood
Antony Espindola sent us an updated colored lighting tutorial. He says it mainly changes things about light intensity and just updated it for the newer JED versions. Thanks Antony. Unrelated note: this is my first time for the script update, so I hope this comes out!
News @ Medievel TC - Brian
The Medievel TC has updated their page with a new look and a cool screenshot of some of their upcoming skins.
First Post With New Script - Brian
Well, this post was done (hopefully) with the new cgi-script I've been working on. If all goes well, this will show up underneath the current date, and look the same as always. If not, bear with me and I will fix it shortly.

If it DOES work, all my staff members can email me for the password and URL, and I will give them instructions. As for everyone else, I will create the documentation for this script and release it soon.
Scripts Galore - Brian
If you have noticed the lack of updates (as in number of updates in the past couple of days, you may be wondering. Fear not! I have almost perfected a perl/CGI script that will post news on this page via a simple fill-out form. This script CAN be adapted to other pages, and I will be releasing it, free to the public, once everything is working. To use it however, you must be running on a server that supports SSI (server side Include). The servers do, as well as the servers. I don't know about votj, you will have to ask the head-honcho over there.

Anyway, I should be releasing the script this weekend, along with a readme file that will show you how to configure it for your system and news scheme. If you want to get a heads up on the learning curve, download Ws_FTP, and become familiar with the CHMOD command (this is a unix command that changes file permissions). As I said, there will be instructions, but it can't hurt to get a head start.
Lucasarts Interview News - Brian has the heads-up on an upcoming article about Lucasarts.
Do you ever wonder what it would be like to work at LucasArts? GameSpot and Geoffrey Keighley take you behind the scenes of LucasArts for an exclusive look at the company culture, the games, and profiles of three legendary designers: Larry Holland (X-Wing, Tie Fighter), Tim Schafer (Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle), and Hal Barwood (Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine). Find out how these three visionaries shepherd their creative ideas into the interactive medium. Discover how a hit game is really made. The hurdles. The highlights. And the humor.
For (a LOT) more information, take a peek at The article, which will be appearing at 6pm Pacific, will be posted here:
Uh Oh - Bad Plugin - Brian
If you downloaded the new plugin (from's Plugins Page), it was the wrong file. Be sure to go down there and re-download it.
Levels page status. - Justin0
The levels/mods page, which is now being constructed by Farrax Narrn from Hyperview, is nearing completion. Look for it later today or tommarow. After it is done all levels and mods with be posted there.
Thursday, November 5, 1998
Jedi Ball Tutor - Slug
Saw today at 00Mikey's Webpage that he put up a tutorial on making your very own Jedi Ball level.. Very kewl stuff, so head on over and check it out.
Live Chat Channel - Brian
Fourwood has hooked us up with a live chat channel! It's easiest to use through netscape (4.x or higher required), but there are instructions for use with IE4. Note that these instructions tone down the security in your browser, so if you would like to connect without the added security risk, just download mIRC and follow the instructions on our chat channel page. I am working on configuring an "any-browser" chat channel page (which will be safe for all to use), it should be up this weekend.
Jed Tips Updated - Brian
The Code Alliance has updated their Jed Tips document. Also updated is the page on OLE Scripting Routines. New Plugin - Brian
The Code Alliance has also posted a new plugin by Ugg_Boot (this is a link to Ugg_Boot's Homepage). It allows you to adjoin different sized surfaces (but they must have the same number of vertices). Read more at the Plugins Page.
Wednesday, November 4, 1998
Medievel TC Screenshots - Brian
Andrew has created a page where you can view 4 screenshots that will (most likely) be going into the Medievel TC. Be sure to give him some input on the Discussion Board (that's where the original post is from).
Last Modified... - Brian
Added a deal to the top of the page so you can quickly see when the page was last updated.
Level Preview Update - Brian
Hyperview has updated their preview of Requiem A Verito. This level looks and sounds great, be sure to read the update.
New Review @ Hyperview - Brian
Saw on that Hyperview has posted a review of Nar Solom. Looks to be a pretty good level, so be sure to check it out.

Speaking of those Hyperview blokes, Farrax will be helping out around here with posting levels -- so if you send your level to Hyperview to get reviewed, it will also be posted here. Coming soon - as soon as we get the levels page uploaded.
Screen Capture Utility - Brian
If you are interested in writing tutorials, or just need a cool screen capture utility, consider the FREEWARE utility called Capture (150k). This utility allows you to capture and save the whole desktop, one window, or anything in a box drawn by you. It works for the win95 desktop, and is not designed for use with in-game shots, etc. Check out our tutorials for examples. Anyway, follow the above link to download it. Once you have your captures (in BMP format), I suggest using Paint Shop Pro, from Jasc Software to batch convert them all to gif format. For instructions on submitting tutorials, visit the submit news and files page, linked above.
New Staff Member - Brian
You may have noticed Justin0's news post -- he will be handling levels and whatever else comes his way. Justin will soon have the levels page up and running, so keep a lookout. Welcome to the team, Justin.
Archived the News - Brian
As always, the old news can be viewed by clicking the archived news link above.
New Level - Brian
Received a level from Dorkus Malorkus called A MERC Waterfall (682k - due to new sound files). Be sure to check it out and leave feedback for the author on the review board.
Tuesday, November 3, 1998
A couple more levels - Justin0
Hello everyone. I've got two new levels for your JK satisfaction:
Hangar Battle (65k) by Jeff "JDawg" Mahoney. Battle around a hanger.

Engineer's Labyrinth (191k) by Joshua Knudsen. Deathmatch in a large building filled with airducts.
News Correction - Brian
On the Enhance Patch (see below), the news is mis-reported. The new patch contains the following enhancements:
Now you can bash enemies with your weapons and throw your saber. For some weapons, targeting system will zoom your view, it would be useful to see around corners or an enemy just out of your sight. Also fixed a few minor bugs in the older version.
Editing Group - Brian
New Editing group called HOV Editing. They have some screens up - looks promising, be sure to check it out.
Zone + Clan World Tourney - Brian
Received an Icq message today from HahnSolo, of CWT on a Zone endorsed Clan Tournament. It will start November 7, but be sure to check out CWT for more info.
Command Chamber Reviews - Brian
The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted some new reviews for your enjoyment:
Review Game Author Download
Cargo Bay 5 (DF) Jason Muhs Cargo Bay 5
Cultural Center (MotS) Robert Knipe Cultural Center
Imperial Satilite Outpost (Mots) Antony Espindola Imperial Satilite Outpost
Ryan and I are working on a partnership of sorts to bring together their reviewing and our review board, so feel free to leave comments on our review board about these levels.

Also, the Command Chamber is looking for more Single Player levels to review, so if you have one, be sure to submit it. I am always impressed at the quality of the reviews that these guys put out. Thanks to Ryan for the email alerting me to their new reviews. If you enjoy their reviews as much as I do, please go let them know on their Message Board.
Skypaint, Um, What is That? - Brian
Saw this on Blue's News a few days ago, then again today on R.U.S.T. Wasabi Software has released a program called Skypaint that helps with creating textures and images for skies.
SkyPaint is the world's first paint tool for creating and editing 3D, seamless, 360 panoramic images. 3D panoramas provide a fast and economical way to create compelling immersive experiences without the time and costs associated with virtual reality.
They also have a shareware version called SkypaintGE. The full version GE is only 20 bucks to register, but you can download trial versions of both.

Also (geez, this place is full of news eh?), they mention an article on Gamasutra entitled Creating Backgrounds for 3D Games. It's a very interesting article, and should help out for making some city-scapes and better looking mountain backgrounds.
Whiplash Beta Testers? - Brian
Got accepted to beta-test Kenobi's new Whiplash MP level. For more information on whether you can be a beta tester, visit their Support Board.
MotS Grappling Hook Patch - Brian
Received this patch a few days ago, TegSkywalker, of New Cybertron, has released a MotS grappling hook. The file is in .exe format for easy installation, and includes info on use with Patch Commander and without.
Enhanced - Brian
Hideki has updated his Enhance Pack. The new one includes a new grenade launcher, force powers, and targeting system. This is a cool mod in that you must bind a fire3 key, so each weapon can have up to 3 different abilities. Anyway, be sure to download it and leave your thoughts on the Review Board.
New Review @ Hyperview - Brian
Looks like Hyperview found a good one. Take a look at the review of MCMD. The screenshots look awesome, and the level got a 4.5 out of 5.
New Templates Tutorial - Brian
I finally finished that templates tutorial I've been talking about for about a week now. What are templates?

If you create a custom 3do (or download one from this site), you need to add a template entry so you can add it to your level. By following this tutorial, you can make templates for all custom 3do's.
Class Creator News - Brian
Got a copy of Class Creator from Dark Knight last night. I will begin testing and writing a tutorial on it tonight. It looks to be a good program. If you are not familiar with it, it is a utility to automate the process of adding new MP classes to Mysteries of the Sith. DK still has to do the pop-up help files, but once that is done, the program will be released, watch the news!
Levels Page Status - Brian
Just a small update: Justin0, of Holocron Editing, should have the levels page completed by the end of today. Once that is done, all the submitted levels will be added to it (this way you can download levels without finding them in the news). All the levels that have been stacking up will be posted once that page is up.
Jed Version 0.9 Released - Brian
Just saw on that the new version of Jed has been released (perhaps because I'm the one who posted it over there :-). This is the long-awaited DirectX 6 compatible version. Here is a short list of the newest features:
  • Redone 3D preview code for compatibility with DirectX 6.0, lower memory usage and hopefully greater reliability and performance.
  • Added overlapping sector detection in Consistency Checker.
  • Redone lighting calculation - it's about 4 times faster now.
  • Added an option rotate/flip around Grid in F9 Tools window.
  • Added "Join" function for connecting of differently shaped surfaces.
  • Added "Bring to Surface" function for things and lights.
  • And, as always, a bunch of bug fixes and minor additions, see History.txt for complete list.
You can download the new Jed from the server here. Thanks once again to Alex for continuing to support the editing scene by constantly updating the program.