Sunday, December 6, 1998
2 3do Packs - Slug
The Jedi Assasin sent in 2 packs of 3dos today. The first is a pack of 2 speeder bikes. The second is a pack of various consoles. Thanks for the files Assassin.
Jedi Academy - Slug
The Jedi Academy Homepage has updated with several new screenshots. It's looking good, so head on over there. Thanks for the news JED_Master.
Cog Pack - Slug
Matt Chapman, of Mechanics of the Force has sent in a cog pack containing some cogs from MotF. You can also download the cogs individually at the homepage. Thanks for the files Matt.
MatPack Update - Slug
Ventrue_Vannula has updated his matpack. The new version includes some translucency fixes and 48 new mats. Thanks for the file Ventrue.
Saturday, December 5, 1998
Reviews @ Jedi Academy - Brian just announced that Jedi Academy has updated with two new reviews. Thanks
Jed Plugins @ - Brian announced two different plugins today, I hardly ever use them, which is one of the reasons they never get announced here, but one of these sounds pretty cool (Hey Slug, want to do a plugins review type page here like you have on Darkness Falls?). The first one is called Cleave2VX (cleave 2 vertices, I suppose), which helps you cleave between multiselected vertices on a surface. Apparently there has been problems with Jed's "cleave to vertex" function (I've never had it, just align the grid to the vertex and it will work, but oh well). The second one seems a bit better, called Go Rotate. Here's the description from their page:
After seeing the prequel trailer I was just dying to try and make some of those building on Corsucant but the domes and columns. Fear not! This plugin makes them with no trouble. Actually, it is just a ripoff of dr0id's "FreeSector" plugin. You enter some points on the XZ plane and it will rotate them about the Z axis to create circular sectors. It also has a ARC function for doing those domes!
Both plugins are by Ugg_Boot, and can be found at his site, The Imperial Detention Center.
VotJ Stuff - Brian
Valley of the Jedi, which was a pretty good news site back in the day, is apparently trying to come back on the scene. Not much news there yet, but they have a pretty cool Strategy Guide that covers a lot of the MotS MP levels. Hopefully they will come out as a good news site again...
Levels Section Info - Brian
The staff here at Massassi are feeling a little overburdened with the levels section. The reason we started it was to join with the review board. In theory, people were supposed to download and play a level, then post on the review board. The review board was used at first, which was cool, and there have been one or two decent threads, but it's underused, doesn't provide much feedback for level authors, and is kind of pointless now. So, are we going to drop the levels section and review board? Well we are thinking about it. Slug and I have discussed creating pages for Massassi Staff "recommended" levels/mods. That way, people wouldn't come to Massassi expecting high quality stuff to be posted here, and then download something not even worth the space on the server.

Farrax, Slug and I have put a lot of work into the levels section (getting the scripts up and running, getting the design down, getting 25 megs or so of levels posted, etc), and we don't really want to let it go to waste. However, it's a lot easier for us to drop the work we've already done in favor of providing something useful for the community. So, please drop by the Discussion Board and let us know what you think of this idea. We will continue to post new levels as they come to us, but we will not archive them on a permanent page. If they are incredible levels, a permanent page will be created where people can read about the level/mod/patch, see some screenshots, and download it. This would take a huge burden off the staff, as well as make the levels section a more useful place for people to find great levels.
JkEdit v1.31 - Slug
The new version of JkEdit is out and available at the JkEdit homepage.

Some of the new features since v1.30 include:
  • A new Create Rectangle command
  • A new Create Landscape generator
  • The Extrude Surface function has been improved
  • The Create Pyramid function has been enhanced
  • The size of the undo/redo stack has been increased to 20
Bug fixes since version 1.30:
  • When creating a downward elevator, the sub-shaft sector was not always created
  • The Create Cylinder command did not always worked correctly
  • The Create Pyramid command did not always worked correctly
  • The Carve Sector/Surface command did not always worked correctly
  • Sometimes the Expand Surface command did not correctly split the opposite surface
The Outrider - Slug
GoZ Studios has released a 3do of the Outrider, Dash Rendar's famous ship. Looks real good, so go download it. Thanks for the file guys.
Fighter 3do - fourwood
We recieved a small fighter 3do from Nightmare today. It looks pretty cool. The 3do is for MotS.
Friday, December 4, 1998
Class Creator Message Board - Slug
Dark Knight sends word that the class creator message board is now up at the class creator homepage. The board can be used for suggestions, comments, etc. Thanks for the news Dark Knight.
Command Chamber News - Slug
Ryan sends word that the Admiral's Command Chamber has updated with 3 new reviews, new screenshots of an upcoming level, and a new featured level. So go check 'em out, thanks for the news Ryan.
Rogue Squadron - Brian announced that the Rogue Squadron Demo was released, be sure to go over there and check out all the mirror sites, etc. I just downloaded it, gotta go install the thing. This is one of those Star Wars/LEC games that I've REALLY been looking forward to, so I don't care that it's not JK-related, I'm posting anyway.
Double-Oh-Seven TC Screens - Brian
Jedi Nights reports that the 007 TC has updated with some screenshots. I went on over there, they have the James Bond skin shot as well as some pistol.
Manowar MotS Tracker - Brian
The Spaceport has updated the Manowar Tracker with some info from yours truly, be sure to check it out if you're interested in the project.
Thursday, December 3, 1998
New Cog - Slug
Tazz also sent in a cog today. It displays customizable text when a player enters the level. Thanks for the file Tazz.
Sounds Pack - Slug
We recieved a pack of gun sounds from Tazz today. The sounds are in .wav format and can be used for new weapons for mods. Thanks for the files Tazz.
Updated AT-AT - Slug
Got an update on the AT-AT 3do from Number Six. The update includes a key for the walking animation. The 3do is also based off of the vornskr, so the vornskr's key files work on it (although limitedly). As before, anyone is welcome to toy around with animating the at-at. Thanks for the update Number Six.
New 3do - Slug
SavageX sent in a cool new 3do called a "Dark Sentinel". It's a large battle droid for decoration uses. Thanks for the file SavageX.
Etc. - Brian
I added a hit stat thing to the page, the link is right above the current news. It started today, so of course our 100,000+ hits won't show up, but it ought to be interesting to see how many hits per day, weekend, hour, etc, we get. Just click on the button and you can see the stats.

I have a CDC (Career Development Course) test on Monday - it's an Air Force test. If I pass, my skill level gets upgraded, if I fail, I may be ejected from the Air Force. I don't want to fail, and I have yet to study, so you won't be seeing much of me till next week. Unfortunately, after that I will be taking a 3-4 week hiatus for a badly needed vacation. I will be going to beautiful Washington State to be with family and friends. I will make a few updates between now and then, but I most likely won't be able to update from there (unless someone wants to donte a laptop, just email me).
Tuesday, December 1, 1998
Happy B-Day Brian - The Staff
What better a gift to give to Brian (other then something material of course - material stuff rules) then reaching 100,000 hits on his birthday? Big thanks from the staff to all our visitors for making us a daily stop (and in some cases a numerous times a day stop).
New Cog - Slug
Fantom Jedi sent in a new cog today that slow regenerates shields while the player is in a defined sector. Thanks for the file Fantom Jedi.
Huge Mat Pack - Slug
Ventrue_Vannula sent in a mat pack containing 161 new textures! Thanks for the file Ventrue.
AT-AT - Slug
Number_Six sent in a new AT-AT 3do with an unfinished animation. Anyone is welcome to finish the animations. Thanks for the file Number_Six.
Monday, November 30, 1998
ORS Screenshots - Brian
Ah, more news today than in a long time eh? Here goes. The One Rebel's Sacrifice page has updated with some new Screeshots of Level 1. I guess he's pulling a George Lucas by releasing Level 1 AFTER the other levels in the mod. If you haven't played the ORS that has been released, take a look at the Hyperview Review or the Command Chamber Review.
TraJedi Ver. 1.1 Released - Brian
The Code Alliance has released version 1.1 of TraJedi, the JK/Mots Keyfile editor. The editor can be found on the Darkjedi Files Page. Looks like the only improvements include a small improvement on 3d preview, updated support for European users, and the frame numbers will now be updated when you modify a step value. Thanks, as always, Code Alliance.

In other CA news, they have posted 3 new small plugins:
MOVE2SC moves the current thing to the center of the current sector. This was suggested on the Darkjedi boards by Farrax

MOVE2SF moves the current thing to center of the current surface.

ROTATE2SF aligns the current thing with the normal of the current surface.
These plugins can be found on the Plugins Page, under the name Thanks to UGG_BOOT for creating these plugins.
LSP: Weapons Mod - Brian
This HAS been announced all over the JK sites, however, I think LSP deserves more recognition than they have recieved so far. Basically, Last Stand Productions has released a weapons mod. This weapons mod changes 3 weapons in JK. The weapons pack is simply a preview of what is to come from the rest of their mod. They are working on a conversion that will have 3 Single Player levels, new ships (screenshots posted at their site, and the Alpha Squadron preview listed below), and more weapons (I think). This is a great weapons patch, and I recommend it to everyone. Now, here are the descriptions of the 3 new weapons included.
Weapon 2: Bartioli 5.56mm (.22) m2025 Pistol.
The Bartioli is the standard sidearm for all U.N. personnel. It is a recoil-operated, magazine-fed, semi-automatic double action pistol that uses the standard NATO 5.56mm (.223 long rifle) round. The clip carries 7 rounds.

Weapon 3: M-32 5.56mm (.22) m2025 OICW (Assault Rifle).
The M-32 is the standard rifle for all U.N. ground forces. It is an air-cooled, gas-operated, magazine-fed, shoulder - or hip - fired weapon that uses the standard NATO 5.56mm (.223 long rifle) round. The magazine clip carrys 30 rounds. The most common attachment is the M-90, a compact, magazine-loading, semi automatic grenade launcher that uses a 20mm HE round.

Weapon 5: Joint Service Combat Shotgun (12 Gauge).
The JSCS is 12 Gauge shotgun is the standard weapon for all U.N. security forces. It's the perfect weapon where range is limited - like on a ship. Ineffective at long range, this weapon is best used to clear several targets at once at medium range. It uses 00 Buckshot.
Hope this helps your decision to download. I must say these weapons are way more fun than the ones included in JK.
Alpha Squadron Debut - Brian
Alpha Squadron is a new site hosted by Jedi Armory. Here is the initial statement on the site:
This project is based on a fairly simple idea: dealings with pre/beta-releases of Jedi Knight (and MOTS of course) Projects. Don't expect much activity for a little while, it'll take a while to stock up the previews. Here authors of JK projects can create previews of their projects or have previews made by our staff.
Also, they are looking for some staff to help them out, if you're interested, check out their main page.

As of yet, they don't have much posted, but read on for more from Alpha Squadron.
LSP "Death From Above" Preview - Brian
Alpha Squadron (mentioned above) has released a preview of Last Stand Production's upcoming mod, Death From Above. LSP has recently released its weapons pack, which will be used in Death From Above. This is a really good preview article, with some great screenshots, so check it out.

Jedi Armory.
Ice Wampa Released - Brian
Jep has released his Ice Wampa, which is an enemy to be used in Single Player user addon levels. It is basically a re-skinned Swamp Wampa, so should only be used in MotS levels. The wampa looks great, but if you don't believe me, check out this screenshot.
Interview With Warzone Team - Brian
Yes, I know, this is really old, but in case any of you missed it, Hyperview has posted an interview with the Warzone team. If you are not familiar with Warzone, I suggest you read the reviews of Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Sorry about being late on the news, just have been busy over the holiday weekend.
Trackers @ Spaceport - Brian
The Spaceport has updated with two new trackers: Harjassk Diplomacy and Vortex To Darkness. Both have some screenshots, so be sure to take a look. Also Nebula posted a screenshot of a deathmatch level he's working on. He says it's non-JK related, so maybe it's not a JK/MotS level? Who knows.
Saberworks: Cutscene Screenshots - Brian
Saberworks has updated their site with two screenshots of one of their cutscenes, be sure to go check them out!
Sunday, November 29, 1998
The Jedi Pool - Slug
Updated the levels section with The Jedi Pool by Dylan. Looks like a fun level, so get downloading people. Thanks for the level Dylan.
Starfighter - Slug
Dylan sent in a new 3do of a starfighter. It's similar to the X-Wing in design.
Spaceport trackers - EvanC
Spaceport now has it's SP trackers up. I also noticed in the news that they could use some more level trackers. Spaceport trackers are a great way to get details of your upcoming levels out to the JK community. If you want your level featured in one head on over there and read the details.
Death from above - EvanC
This great new add-on has been release by Last Stand Productions. This add-on is definetly worth downloading but if you don't believe me go here.
Out For The Day - Brian
Sorry, no more updates from me today, the mountains call. Check this out. It's a picture of where I'll be snowboarding starting 8am this morning. As always, any Southern California JKer's are welcome to come boarding with me sometime, just drop me an email.
Saturday, November 28, 1998
Spaceport's Back! - Justin0
I was cruisin' around and I saw that Spaceport is back with us. Here's what Nebula had to say:
Well, as of right now, we're open to the public once again. The Single Player Tracker section is currently down, along with the archived news. The SP tracker section will be up tommorow, along with many more trackers in both the MP and SP sections. Until then, stop by at the forum and give us your thoughts on the new site design, or anything else you'd like to say.
I'm sure a ton of people are glad to see it back. So go check it out!
New 3dos - Slug
2 new 3dos for you all today, the first is a Tie Drone, an automated fighter by GoZ_SpaceBoy. The second is a large temple by fj_jediboy13. Thanks for the files guys.
Friday, November 27, 1998
Level Section - Slug
The Levels Section is finally here - with some new levels and a script where you simply enter a little info, click a button and it automatically posts your comments on the review board.. Very cool setup, with lots of information about the levels, so check it out.
Thanksgiving, November 26, 1998
Happy Thanksgiving - Brian
No JK/MotS/Editing news from me today, taking a break, but Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Have a good meal, I'm on my way to Pizza Hut.
Wednesday, November 25, 1998
Update - Slug
If you downloaded Jedi Pool earlier, re-download it.. The other version had some bugs in it that have been fixed.
New Levels for the Masses - Slug
Got two new levels for your enjoyment. The first is Deep Space Depot by M. Kennedy. The second is Jedi Pool by Dylan. Both look great, so check 'em out. Thanks for the files guys.
JK Academy Reviews - Justin0
I noticed that the Jedi Knight Academy updateded a while ago with two new reviews:
Two new reviews for you MotS gamers today. Reviewing buff Geoffrey Elliot and Warzone2 author Tom Smallwood both review the MotS SP hit "Arca Tera".
New Drazen Screenshot - Justin0
Jeff Walters has uploaded another screenshot of Drazen Isle. He has also promised in his .plan file to update his Drazen "Diary" daily. Be on the lookout for more Drazen news.
Tuesday, November 24, 1998
Couple O' 3dos - Slug
We got 2 new 3dos from JKior today. Both are circular consoles. Thanks for the file JKior.
Mechanics of the Force Preview - Brian
Matt Chapman has updated his Mechanics of the Force page with a downloadable preview of the mod. It's a pretty hefty file, but from what I've heard, it's well worth it. Basically it is a cog-based cutscene showing off parts of the level as well as the story. The actual level is about 90% done, so be expecting that pretty soon. This mod has a lot of promise, be sure to check it out.
Tutorials Section Moved - Brian
I moved the tutorials section today. Everything can now be found in a folder called /tutorials. What does this mean? Well hopefully nothing, but if you find a tutorial link that doesn't work, let me know and I will get it fixed (I think I got everything).
Ship Cogs Fixed - Brian
They Flying Ships tutorial references a pack of cogs. The zip was corrupted, but it has now been fixed.
Monday, November 23, 1998
Class Creator Released! - Brian
Dark Knight has released his Class Creator program. This program has been eagerly awaited by MotS editors, and you won't be disappointed. This program allows you to easily create new Character Classes in Mysteries of the Sith. A great tutorial written by EvanC is included as a help file within the program, so be sure to refer to that when you start. Class Creator has a homepage where you can give feedback via a form, be sure to leave your impressions of the program!

There are a couple of things you need to know as you download this program. It requires a few dll's (system files) to run, and if you do not have them, it will crash the program.

Here are the steps you need to take to successfully download and install Class Creator:
1. Download the Class Creator (219k) progam only file, extract the files to a directory using Winzip or the like, but before you actually run the program, run version.exe. This handy little program will show you whether you have the required dll files. Green means you have them, red means you do not. If anything OTHER THAN msvbvm50.dll and comcat.dll are RED, then you need to download the following file. If only those are red (or if they are green), you are ready to go!

2. If files other than msvbvm50.dll and comcat.dll are red, you need to download these dll files (1.74 megs). Once they are downloaded, run the setup.exe file contained in the zip, and it will install the required files for you. Once that is done, you can use the program.
Note that if these files don't download on the first try, you will just need to keep trying. This is due to the fact that they are on the ftp server. The ftp server allows for more reliable downloads, but sometimes it's a pain to get started.
3do Pack - Slug
Well, the first 3do update using Brian's cool new update script is a pack of 3dos by SavageX. It includes a tank, ladder, console, table with a console on it, and a wooden door. Thanks for the file SavageX.
Files Script Status - Brian
I finished the files script, and so far, all looks well. As soon as the rest of the staff finishes testing it, I will implement it into the site, should be by tomorrow. What does this mean to you? It means that you can send in your mods/levels/patches for posting! We will keep a permanent archive of them, and hopefully this will encourage a renewed interest in our Review Board. So, if you have a mod you are proud of, old or new, be sure to send it in.
Drazen Isle Screenshots - Brian
Saw on Jedi Finger that Jeff Walters has updated with some new screenshots of his upcoming level. Feel free to read his readme, then do some directory browsing of his directory to see all of them. Of the two new ones, my favorite is gazzett.gif. Some really nice architecture in there.
LSP Rocks! - Brian
Last Stand Productions has been working on a weapons mod for JK. Thanks to Captain Ramen, I got a chance to beta-test the mod. I tell you this, watch out Quake 2, because this shotgun rocks! Blowing innocent civilians through windows is fun as hell, but its even more satisfying to see the spray of blood as your bullets hit. The automatic rifle kicks too, especially the grenade launcher that is attached. Anyway, be sure to download this biatch as soon as it gets released. Gotta go play some more...
Sunday, November 22, 1998
Skinner's 3do - Slug
Well, the snow speeder 3do that Red showed a picture of in a finger plan awhile ago has finally been released - and it was worth the wait. A nice 3do with great new textures, thanks for the file Red.

Visit the skinners.
Last Stand Productions - Brian
A little late on this news, but it's awesome. Last Stand Productions has updated with more of their 3do screenshots. These are some great looking screens, so be sure to check them out. For a small preview, check this out:
Nice looking gun eh? Be sure to check out the rest over on their page.

Thanks to the Jedi Armory for the news.
News @ Code Alliance - Brian announced that the Code Alliance has updated their site with a new jed 0.91 help file as well as an updated Jed Tips. Be sure to check it out.
Files Section Delayed - Brian
The new script-based files section has been delayed. The reason is that my internet access is so slow it takes me upwards of 5 minutes to upload the script and the htm files, and with trying to trouble-shoot, I usually upload about 50 times before I get it working perfectly. Needless to say, I don't have the patience for this. Hopefully tomorrow my access speed will be back up to normal.
Saturday, November 21, 1998
New Camera 3do - Justin0
I guess the old blue one was getting boring, so OO9(HOV) sent us a brand new Camera 3do. So if you were looking for a new Camera, here it is.
Friday, November 20, 1998
Very foggy, very very foggy... - fourwood
If you've read the message board fairly recently, you might know that I figured out some fog for JK. Then a few days ago EvanC came to me with a great idea for a better way to do it. So, we did it. Then I decided I should write up a tutorial for it. It's not the best thing in the world, and you might have to tweak it a little for your needs, but you can read it and try it out.
Jedi Ball Screenshots - Brian
Along with the Jedi Ball news below, the site has gotten a great looking revamp. Also posted are some cool screenshots of an upcoming Jedi Ball level.
More From Saberworks - Slug
Saberworks has updated again with a few shots from my level.. We plan on updating frequently, so check over there often (I won't be posting the news here for most future updates of saberworks)
Jedi Ball - New Location - BrianL
Rieekan sent me an icq message letting me know that the Jedi Ball homepage moved to a new location at the Jedi Armory. Be sure to go take a look. Also take a look at the armory itself. It looks to have some potential to be a great source for Jedi Knight news.
JkEdit Version 1.30 - Brian
The JkEdit Homepage has released a new version of JkEdit.
New Features:
  • A new Multi Level Editor command
  • The help text for the StartUp Cog Editor and the Goals Cog Editor has been improved
  • The Files in Level dialog has been improved with a Rename option
  • Improved rendering of Transparent Surfaces
Bug Fixes:
  • The menu items for the StartUp Cog Editor and the Goals Cog Editor were always enabled
  • Items referenced in COG files were not always included in the JKL files
  • When creating JKL files, the cog parameter list could sometimes be wrongly changed
Thanks Ole.
You Damned Dirty Ape! - Slug
The Masked Monkey sent in a 3do of, well, a monkey earlier today. Thanks for the file.
Rogue Squadron PC Beta - Brian
The Rogue Squadron PC has released Beta 1 of their mod. You can get information about the project, as well as download the beta, from their files page. This download does not contain news levels, and is only to get input on their cog work.
Please note that this first Beta release is meant to test code only and does not contain any Multiplayer or CTF levels. Levels will be added for your gaming pleasure in a later Beta release.
Updated Level - Slug
JDawg has updated his level, Hangar Battle. Thanks for the udpate JDawg.
New Cog - Slug
Nightmare sent in a new cog that toggles the extra light value in up to 15 sectors with the flick of a switch. Thanks for the file Nightmare.
Thursday, November 19, 1998
Saberworks - Slug
Well, the Saberworks page has finally been updated with some screenshots. So go check 'em out...
MotS Mats List - Slug
Rob sent in a handy little text file containing a list of mats from mots sorted into groups like "pipes", "grids", etc..
A slippery little E-Zine - Slug
Well, I'm a staff member over there, and I didn't know about it, so chances are not many of you guys heard about it either, but the November issue of Darkness Falls managed to sneak out on Tuesday. A good read as always, so go check it out.
Downloadable Star Wars Trailer - Brian
The 2 minute preview of the upcoming Episode 1 Star Wars movie has been available to download from for a couple of days now. I just saw on Blue's News that there is a huge list of mirrors where you can download from. This is due to the immense popularity of the file (what a surprise...).
Mechanics of the Force - Slug
Mechanics of the Force has been updated with a bunch of downloadable cogs in the files section, so head on over there and check them out.. Thanks for the news Matt.
Wednesday, November 18, 1998
FontMaster - Brian
The Code Alliance has released a program called Fontmaster that allows you to view SFT font files in JK. It also allows you to export them (and I'm assuming import them) to/from bmp files. Sounds like a cool little utility if you want to change the fonts in JK.
RAV Update - Brian
The Requiem A Verito page has been updated with new information and screenshots. Thanks Jeff.
One Rebel's Sacrifice - Brian
These were put up a while ago, but I don't remember seening it announced anywhere. If it WAS, oh well you can look again. Anyway, the One Rebel's Sacrifice home page has updated (on Nov 12) with some screenshots of the upcoming levels. They are hoth-ish and look pretty good.
Mechanics of the Force - BrianL
Just got word from Matt Chapman that he has just released his Mechanics of the Force homepage. It is based on a trilogy of upcoming levels. The thing that made this stand out to me is the storyline:
I just launched a page dedicated to my 3 level SP saga for JK called Mechanics of the Force. I'm hoping to try and break a little, teeny bit of new ground. You play a protocol droid whose memory has been erased and throughout the level, your past unfolds. I've done some massive cogging and there are already several cutscenes.
Editing Board Archived - Brian
I posted the zips on the files page, enough said.
News Archived - Brian
Once again.. dang it gets full pretty quickly nowadays. Anyway, there's been a lot of cool stuff happening the past few days, so if you missed out, be sure to go read the news.
Jedi 0.91 Released! - Brian
Alexei Novikov from the Code Alliance sent us an email letting us know that the new version of Jed is out! Here is the list of changes:

  • Template creator now allows you to replace existing templates (be careful when doing that).
  • Changed 3DO preview slightly so that its failure to initialize doesn't disable template/3DO pickers.
  • Fixed bug causing 3D Preview go black when you look straight up or straight down.
  • "Multiple" now appears after width/height info for multiple MAT files in Resource Picker.
  • Fixed a bug giving "not enough memory for Z buffer" error after several reloadings of 3D Preview.
  • Fixed a bug displaying wrong textures in 3D Preview when using OpenGL.
  • Fixed a bug that caused thing orienation to display incorrectly in 3D Preview (this bug was fixed before, but somehow crawled back in).
  • "Bring thing to surface" now changes PCH,YAW and ROL of the thing so that it "stands" on slanted surfaces.
  • Added an option to make Placed COGs window stay on top.
  • Changed Keyboard menu a bit to fit 640x480 screen.
  • Added DLL plug-in interface (old OLE one still works).

Here is another small note from Alex:
Interface units for DLL plug-ins for Delphi 2.0 and 3.0 are included. Because I'm leaving soon, JED Tips, JED OLE reference and new JED DLL reference will probably be delayed.
You can download the program from the server right here.
News Script Released! - Brian
It's here, finally. You can now download and use Massassi's web-based update script on your own news pages. This allows all users who have the path to the update script to update your news (password protection of folders and files is the responsibility of YOU).

It is limited in that it will post a new date, or use the old date, but cannot edit what you've entered after you click the submit button. SO, if you make a mistake in your html, you must download it with an ftp program and fix the mistakes manually.

Download it! : Please do not email me with questions, however, because it is totally unsupported. I will soon be posting a page where you can get the script as well as a support board, but for you web-savvy folks who know at least how to set up a wwwboard, you shouldn't have any problems. PLEASE thoroughly read the readme.txt file included in the zip!
Tuesday, November 17, 1998
Shotgun 3do - Slug
Ironman sent in a nice new shotgun 3do. It's not usable as a weapon just yet, but possibly in the future.. Thanks for the file Ironman.
Jedi Ball Interview - Brian
The Jedi Armory has posted an interview with 00Mikey, the creator of Jedi Ball. Thanks Rieekan for the news.
Groundbreaking News - Brian
Forcebuilder has been cancelled.... again. What a surprise. Enough said, Jed is better. For a very interesting discussion on the topic, feel free to visit this post on our message board.
Reviews @ Command Chamber - Brian, our wonderful host, has reported that the Command Chamber has updated with some new reviews.

Read Review Author File
Thaku: The Rodian Bounty Hunter(JK) Thaku Download(270KB)
Yug'rins' Mission(MotS) David McHale Download(268KB)
Clone Tank Storage Facility (DF) Glenn Edmiston Download(396KB)

They continue to impress me with great reviews, be sure to check them out.
Medieval TC update(s) - Farrax Narrn
There are two Medieval TCs out there, and it's kinda confusing at times. Here's how to sort it...
  • Jepmaan and Koensayr's TC is called The Chronicles of Kendor. Their site is hosted by VOTJ. They've updated with some new screenshots of Level Four by Jepmaan. View them!
  • J64 and 00Mikey's TC is is titled simply The Medieval TC. Their site is hosted by GamesVault. J64 has posted some screenshots of a castle that he is working on. View them!
I look forward to the completion of both these TCs.
New JkEdit: Version 1.29 - Farrax Narrn
Ole Thomasen has released another version of his shareware JK level editor, JKEdit. New features since version 1.28:
  • The Template Manager has been enhanced
  • The Cogs in Level dialog has been improved
  • The Template Manager are now available when documents are open
  • The Files in Level command now allows adding of multiple selected files
JkEdit has also had some bug fixes since version 1.28:
  • Sometimes extruding to opposite surface would fail
  • Sometimes creating a downward elevator would fail
  • When using the Undo/Redo system, cogs were not put on the undo stack
  • The Create Pyramid command would crash if more than 4 sides were requested
Failing Deadlines? Not at all... - Farrax Narrn
Well, as you can see, several promised site features just haven't appeared. As in: files section, release of news scripts, etc... sufice it to say that Brian is taking some time out of his VERY BUSY life to write an awesome file updater script.

When the files section finally appears, it will blow you away in it's completeness. Odd thing to say perhaps, but you'll see what I mean when it's unveiled.

Another thing that will happen at it's unvailing is the massive posting of levels that have been recieved and not posted. They will be, but first they must have a place to go.

Update at Jedi Editing Academy - Farrax Narrn
I saw over at that one of their hosted sites, the Jedi Editing Academy, has been updated.

The Jedi Editing Academy is a site dedicated to bringing you the basic techniques of model and skin editing. It's run by one of the most experience skinners on the Jedi Knight scene, Mark Sauvé. In addition to providing tutorials, it hosts all of Mark's work to date. (Which I must say is quite impressive. Take a look.)

The mentioned update is of Mark's skin pack based on the Tales of the Jedi comic books. From these screenshots, it looks rather nice. Check it out.