Saturday, January 2, 1999
Regenerating Glass Tutorial - Slug
PC_McCloud took the time to write up a nice tutorial on using the regenerating glass cog available in the cog section. It should also give insight on how to use other c/s cogs. Thanks alot for taking the time to write the tutorial McCloud.
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Conc Heaven - Staff
File: Conc Heaven
Author: MTS_mat
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: The level is pretty simple. It's set in sort of a desert-like setting with a big building in the middle, some sniper spots, some water, lots of concussion rifles, and a bunch of hidden secrets and traps for you to discover.
Mon Calamari Cruiser - Slug
Admiral Thrawn sent in a new 3do today of a Mon Calamari Cruiser. Thanks for the file Thrawn.
New Years Day, 1999
New Level: JK MODs: Blaster Tag - Staff
File: Blaster Tag
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Blaster Tag is a fast-paced multiplayer add-on for Jedi Knight. The premise is the same as Laser Tag: Shoot your opponents or targets and get points. Of course, now you've also got the Force, lightsabers, and the occasional fall to your death. This project was started sometime last December. It was first announced to the public by WeeGee's Workshop under the name "Jedi Laser Tag" on December 8th, 1997.
Happy New Year!! - Farrax
Well, I'm one of the people who didn't go out on this last new year of the millenium. Quiet celebration at home, very nice. Anyway, I'm posting this at 12:20 PM to wish everyone a happy new year. Now go back to your party! ;-)
Wednesday, December 30, 1998
New Level: MotS Multiplayer: Fall From Grace - Staff
File: Fall From Grace
Author: LoneGrayWolf
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: The idea is that you have fallen from the grace of Darth Vader; thus you have been sent to a base on a moving astorid. The only hope you have is to be the last person standing. And if you are THAT lucky, Vader will come for you and grace you with his presence. For he wants only the BEST!!!
Congrats to the Chamber - Slug
I saw over at The Admiral's Command Chamber that they had hit the 10k mark in just 2 months. Very cool, so head on over there and check 'em out.
Tuesday, December 29, 1998
New Level: MotS Multiplayer: TJK Head Quarters - Staff
File: TJK Head Quarters
Author: Dylan
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Saber only, Multiplayer This is the headquarters of the True Jedi Knights clan. It has a simple spaceport, a cave, meeting chambers, a control center, a loft, a fountain, and a pond.
Command Chamber - Slug
The crew over at The Admiral's Command Chamber keep the news coming everyday. They've just released a review of the MotS level, The Rogues Gallery. They also are asking for requests from visitors for reviews of old levels. Thanks for the news Ryan.
Monday, December 28, 1998
Palletes Pack - Slug
PC_McCloud sent in a pack of palette files converted from every CMP in the game. The palettes are crucial to mat editing, so if you're getting into that, these are a must have. Thanks for the file PC_McCloud. (the pack will be available in the misc section once it gets back in order)
Late, I know.. - Slug
Saw over at The Admiral's Command Chamber that they got some new screenshots of featured levels, and a bit of info on progress. Both are looking very good, so head on over there and check 'em out.
Sunday, December 27, 1998
Well, We're Back.. - Slug
Just wanted you all to know that we're back to work over here, so send that news our way. Unfortunately, the misc section has become.. well.. un-updatable, so if you've sent in a file that will be heading to that section, please be patient while we patch things up. Hope everyone had a good holiday, and lets hope we don't lose some good people to the new slew of games Xmas brought ;)
ComCenter 3do - Justin0
We just recieved a new 3do from PC_McCloud. Download it, a com center, here and check out the screenshot here.
Thursday, December 24, 1998
Merry Christmas - Slug
Well, not sure if I'll be online much for the rest of the day, and I'm sure not gonna be around tomorrow (what bum spends time online rather then with his family on xmas? *cough*Gonk*cough* ;) So, an early Merry Christmas to all, and to our visitors who don't celebrate christmas, Merry Friday.
Wednesday, December 23, 1998
The Command Chamber - Slug
Ryan emailed me with news that The Admiral's Command Chamber has updated with 4 new reviews and an update on the featured level. Thanks for the news Ryan.
Assault Cannon mod - Justin0
Everyones favorite weapon of destruction, the Assualt Cannon, has been converted to MotS by SavageX. Download your copy here.
Tuesday, December 22, 1998
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Temple at Kier' Dar - Staff
File: Temple at Kier' Dar
Author: Kybo Ren
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is the gun version only. The saber ver will be done shortly.
News From The Vortex - Slug
It speaks! Vortex to Darkness, the project being lead by the Burnett Brothers (Adrian and Rage), has relocated to after a couple months of non-existence after they deleted the page on VotJ. Good to see the project is still alive, as the level I got to preview was just plain awesome :)
Mat Making Tutorial - Slug
After seeing a lot of questions about how to make mats, Antony E decided to write up a tutorial on the subject. It's easy to understand, and comprehensive, so head on over if you're trying to figure out mat editing. Thanks for taking the time to write up the tutorial Antony.
Holocron at Command Chamber - Slug
Ryan sends word that The Admiral's Command Chamber has been updated with an interview with Holocron Editing, and the promise of 3 new reviews tomorrow. So head on over there and see what makes Justin and the gang tick (note: what makes Justin tick may be unsuitable for children)
Screens @ LSP - Farrax
Last Stand Productions, makers of the awesome Death From Above weapons mod, have updated their site with a couple of new screenshots: two of the hero, Ken Itaro, and one of his sidekick. Check out the screenshot page.

Thanks goes out to Captain Ramen for posting that info on the discussion board.

Monday, December 21, 1998
New 3do Program - Slug
Captain Ramen has pointed out a site to me again, this time it's Dr0id's Stuff, home to well.. Dr0id's stuff.. The page has info about a new 3do program that Dr0id is working on, called Fun3DO. It's not quite a 3do editor, but instead will be able to import various 3d formats into jk 3dos. It will also have texturing, node editing, and face/mesh property editing abilities. So head on over to the site to get some more info and a cool screenshot of the program.
Drazen Isle News - Justin0
I was surfin' around and I noticed that Jeff Walters has updated his "site" with two more screenshots, this time of the new kitchen area. I got a chance to try out this amazing level a few days ago and it is looking pretty darn good.
Alexei Finger Update - Slug
Alexei Novikov has updated his .plan over at Jedi Finger with news concerning JED. On a completely different, but equally cool note, he mentioned the Simpsons, likely the best show ever :)
Jedi Knight Academy Update - Justin0
The Jedi Knight Academy has updated again. Heres a quote 'cause I'm too lazy to think up something myself:
More reviews converted from the Hut today. I've converted half of the JK Basic levels, in reverse alphabetical order. (Why? Because I can). You may notice that my review for JK Warzone I is different than the one I had at the Hut. That's because that was one of my less-than-better works, and I re-wrote it. More reviews on their way, both old and new.
Sunday, December 20, 1998
Jedi Knight Armory - Slug
Captain Ramen pointed me towards the Jedi Knight Armory earlier today. The page is going through a large overhaul, new design should be up by Xmas Eve. While I was there I noticed on the Jedi Ball homepage that the third level for jedi ball is nearing completion. Big news to me, I love the mod :)
Saturday, December 19, 1998
JK Academy update - Justin0
The Jedi Knight Academy has updated with a review of Leeza's Destiny: Fatasshii Spaceport.
Mod Maker - Slug
Got this email from Dark Knight today.

I am pleased to announce the beta releases of CogED and JKStringsED - two of the programs that will be incorporated into Mod Maker. Download them, use them, then head over to the Mod Maker website and post your comments, discuss with others and check the latest MM news. If the programs don't load correctly, download and install the dll files.
Dark Knight also updated his .plan over at jedi finger, so give it a look. Thanks for the news DK.
Friday, December 18, 1998
New Tutorial - Justin0
Ventrue_Vanula/Andrew has sent us a new tutorial entitled "3DO crafting in JED." It covers the finer points of creating detailed custom 3dos using JED. The example the author uses is a complex looking gun. Go check it, or any other tutorials, in the tutorials section.
Admiral's Command Chamber - Slug
Ryan sends word that The Admiral's Command Chamber has updated with a new mots level for download. Thanks for the news Ryan.
New Weapons Mod - Slug
Balrog_Butcher's new weapons mod has been released. It converts the bryar, stormtrooper rifle, and crossbow to a pistol, machine gun, and sniper rifle respectively. It's available at his homepage. Thanks for the news Balrog_Butcher.
Thursday, December 17, 1998
AT-AT Update - Slug
Number Six has been hard at work on the AT-AT 3do. It now has 5 key files and a pup, and uses the ai and cog from the AT-ST. Attached is a .wav file that he can't seem to get to work in JK, any help would be welcome.
JkEdit 1.32 - Slug
Ole Thomasen sends word that the new JkEdit is out. As always, it can be found at the JkEdit Homepage. New Features include:

  • The Option command has been enhanced with a Grid Distance option
  • The Create Rectangle command has been enhanced
  • A new Merge Surface command
  • A new Merge Sector command
  • A new Update Vertices command for eliminating “jagged” lines

Version 1.32 of JkEdit has a few bug fixes since version 1.31:
  • The Create Landscape command did not always worked correctly
  • The Delete Vertex command did not delete all shared vertices
  • The Delete Link command did not managed shared vertices correctly
  • Some times the Extrude command did not textured the new surfaces correctly

Thanks for the news Ole.
Predator Update - Slug
Kell Dragon has updated his predator enemy pack to include 4 trees and a dead predator. Thanks for the update Kell.
Screenshots at Skinners - Farrax
Skinners, at over one year old the oldest living JK editing group, have released a couple of screenshots from one of the levels in their SOTE TC, Xizor's Palace.
Indiana Jones Skins - Farrax

The very talented skinner, Al McDonald, has updated his site with a few new skins:

They look high quality as always, check them out.

Wednesday, December 16, 1998
Lack of Updates - Slug
Sorry about the lack of updates today, was a busy one in real life.. Hopefully some of the other staff members will help out a bit (hint, hint).
More Enemies - Slug
Kell Dragon has sent in two new enemies, this time in the form of predators (from the movie Predator). Thanks for the file Kell.
Tuesday, December 15, 1998
New Drazen Shots - Justin0
There are two more Drazen Isle screenshots and an explanatory readme at Jeff's site. Here's a snippit from the readme:
The restaurant is really starting to take shape. Having a lot of fun designing the kitchen part. The kitchen is, in fact, two stories. The top part being an open attic area used for food storage. The main part of the kitchen (ground level) features your typical kitchen stuff - preperation benches, stoves, chopping boards, etc.
New Enemy - Slug
Kell Dragon has made a new enemy in the form of.. well, himself. It's a new, challenging dark jedi. Thanks for the file Kell Dragon.
Command Chamber - Slug
Ryan sends word that The Admiral's Command Chamber has been updated with some new dark forces and mots reviews, new mots levels for download, and an update on the featured level, The Empire Strikes Back: Echo Station. Thanks for the news Ryan.
More from GoZ - Slug
GoZ Studios has submitted 2 new 3dos. A TIE Advanced and it's prototype, the TIE x1, the ship best known as being flown by Vader himself in the trench run. Both 3dos work in JK and MotS. Thanks as always for the files guys.
Monday, November 14, 1998
Holocron Editing - Slug
Holocron Editing has updated with screenshots of level 1, by Justin. It's looking good, so head on over and check it out.
Saberworks - Slug
The SaberWorks Homepage has been updated with some shots from BladeSinger's level. I may be just a wee-bit biased, but I must say the shots are great as always.
Medieval Tent - Slug
We got a medieval tent 3do from JED_Master today. It's one of those big tents that served as food halls and such. Thanks for the file JED_Master.
New Tutorial - Slug
Balrog_Butcher has made a new tutorial on making new weapon models using a program he wrote to help out the process. It's alot easier then past methods, so check it out. Thanks for taking the time to right both the program and the tutorial Balrog_Butcher.
Sunday, December 13, 1998
Last Stand Productions - Slug
Captain_Ramen sends word that the Last Stands Productions homepage has been updated with 6 new screenshots. They're looking great, so head on over and check 'em out. Thanks for the news Ramen.
Greedo's Gun - Slug
Well, after a few weeks of the link being broken, the Greedo gun by Red has been restored. It converts the gun that rodians hold in the game to a gun useable by the player so that not every new level with player characters other then kyle has to use kyle's custom gun (the bryar).
XP-38 3do - Slug
I whipped up a quick 3do of a XP-38 landspeeder the other day (ended up requiring 2 hours just to get the thing to work in JK). It's from the same series as Luke's.
Saturday, December 12, 1998
Cybertron Editing - Slug
Cybertron Editing has a preview of their upcoming mod available for download. Go check it out, and while you're their think about joining up - they need some more editors.. Thanks for the news Galvatron.
Vampire Knight - Slug
The Vampire Knight webpage has been updated with some nice looking shots of weapons, skins, and levels. Looks to be coming along nicely, so give it a look :) Thanks for the news Vannula.
Friday, December 11, 1998
Texture List - Slug
The texture list by Rob has been updated. The file is used as a reference for finding specific types of mats like floors, walls, pipes, electronics, etc.. Thanks for the update Rob.
Al's Skins - Slug
Late news I know, but I saw on Jedi Finger that Al McDonald had updated his site with a few things including a skinning tutorial.. Well, I decided to head on over there and discovered that the tutorial was fantastic. It's not gonna turn you into an instant Al Mcdonald or anything, but it's a great start. I definitely recommend it to anyone who's ever thought of playing around with skin creation.
The 3dos keep coming - Slug
The newest 3dos to the site come from Snootle. They are three ships called uglies due to the fact that they are made of scraps of various ships. Thanks for the files Snootle.
Thursday, December 10, 1998
New Level: JK Multiplayer: DC Outpost - Staff
File: DC Outpost
Author: DC_Okieace
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A Multiplayer Gun level that takes place in a mountain base setting.
Skinners turn 1 - EvanC
Congratulations to the skinners on their 1st birthday. The Skinners have posted a bit of a history at their site so go pay them a visit. Lets hope they can go on for another year as well as they have for this one.
My Last Post Til 1999 - Brian
Well, I'm going on vacation for a few weeks up in WA. I will be back updating probably the 3rd or 4th of January, everyone have a great holiday season! On a side note, I archived the editing board, and it can be found on the files page, as well as in the new board itself (there is a link there in case you want to read the old messages).
3do Frenzy - Slug
Seems we're getting quite a few 3dos recently, good to see so much creativity flowing. The two newest additions are a YT-1900 by Number Six. It's a ship from the same series as The Millenium Falcon and The Outrider. The second addition is a 3do pack by Safari_Bob. It contains a Hover APC, a ship called the Evader, and a landspeeder. Thanks for the files guys.
Admiral's Command Chamber - Slug
The Admirals' Command Chamber has been updated with a new article about the importance of architecture in a level. They also have news of a new mots SP level. Thanks for the news Ryan.
Mark II - Slug
Pax sent in a cool new tank called a Mark II. Thanks for the file Pax.
New Level: JK MODs: DFA Weapons - Staff
File: DFA Weapons
Author: Last Stand Productions
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is the first release by Last Stand Productions. This patch features 3 new weapons: the Bartioli m2025 5.56mm Pistol, the M-32 5.56mm Assault Rifle w/ 20mm HE Grenade Launcher, and the 12 gauge Semi Auto Joint Combat Service Shotgun. This patch also features realistic blood, reloading weapons and new sounds.
New Level: JK MODs: Enhancement Pack - Staff
File: Enhancement Pack
Author: Hideki
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This Enhancement Pack contains new weapons and force powers. It has targetting system that enables weapons to have special abilities such as seeking rail detonators. All weapons have their own third firing mode which are all unique such as smacking. You can also drive an ATST that has been left by the imperials, more information is included in the read-me file. The new force powers are called Force Malfunction and Force Brainwash. They are pretty useful in crowded places. The pack still contains minor changes and this is intended for Single Player only.
Etc. - Brian
The hitstats counter (link towards top) is turning out to be pretty cool. It tells all the hits per hour, per day, etc. Remember, we only started it last week, so all our hits won't show. We have been averaging about 500-600 hits a day, kindof cool. I'm just wondering if it's the same 500 people over and over or if it's more (or less) than that. Maybe there are 10 people who visit the site 50 times a day ;-)
Wednesday, December 9, 1998
Updated Letter.htm - Brian
I updated the letter.htm file which is the one that discusses the situation between Ugg_Boot and everyone else. If you want to see the full post, just go here. I won't be discussing this anymore, as I've gotten a bunch of email (thanks guys) on the subject and feel pretty confident that my words (and those of my cohorts) were justified.
Missile Boat - Slug
Remember that really cool missile boat from TIE Fighter? SavageX has helped it make it's way into JK. The 3do is a faithful reproduction, so go check it out. Thanks for the file SavageX.
Ugg_Boot + Massassi Temple = Friction? - Brian
There has been a bit of friction between myself, slug, and Ugg_Boot (maker of plugins) over at the message boards. I have gotten quite a few emails from people asking why I'm taking his crap, and why he hates Massassi so much. Instead of replying to these emails seperately, I decided to make my conversations with Ugg_Boot public on this site. You can click here to view it all, as well as get all the info behind it. If you feel the need to, there is a link at the bottom to email us back.
Skinning Tutorial By Al - Brian
Al MacDonald, one of the best skinners for JK/MotS that I have ever seen, has updated his Star Wars Skins Site with an awesome skinning tutorial. You will have to visit his Quick Downloads page to get it. Here is a small snippet:
What I needed was an angle. It came to me in a flash! How to make skins on the cheap! Forget high-price software, I never use the sodding stuff anyway. Photoshop? Pah! All you want to do is play with the filters all day. Photo Paint? Spend half an hour just choosing the right brush setting. I don’t want to do that, and nobody really wants to spend that kind of money without having a good reason - and let’s face it, making skins is not a good reason for shelling out some major lettuce. So how can you make decent skins on a budget, and fast?
Along with that, he's updated with a few more skinpacks, including (but not necessarily limited to) an Heir to the Empire Pack, and a Senate Pack. Info on these can be found on his News Page. Thanks Al for the work and thanks Jedi Finger for existing (that's where I got the news, BTW).
Not-JK Related, But Cool - Brian
Ever heard of It's a site that has gaming related artowork and tutorials. If you are interested in doing some art and such, visit them for some rad tutorials. Anyway, the point of this post is because I came across a cool site hosted by them, called GShark, and I wanted to share their Gallery with you. This place has some very cool artwork.
New Level: MotS Multiplayer: JDHangar - Staff
File: JDHangar
Author: Jeff "JDawg" Mahoney
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: The level is entitled "Hanger Battle" (I know, real flashy eh? ;) The level consists of a small TIE Fighter hangar bay as the central room, with other rooms such as hallways, an officers club, storage rooms, and control rooms all interconnected to the central hangar. The level is made for small fights in mind (no more than 4 people).
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Depot - Staff
File: Depot
Author: M. Kennedy
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a medium size level recommended for 4-6 players. It is set inside a deep space supply depot. It consists of a large cargo bay, a hanger bay, lounge, and a couple of interconnected rooms via tunnel and water. All of the weapons are represented with the conc being the hardest to get. All aspects of the game are possible. Sniping, sabers, shoot outs, the works. Camping might be tough.
New Level: MotS Multiplayer: Caves of Mystery - Staff
File: Caves of Mystery
Author: Eric Goodrich aka MrE
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A fairly large level comprised of underground, cavern-like interconnected rooms. Mostly all of the lighting is colored so a 3d card is a must. There is a way behind the waterfall and up to the ledge in the lava room if you can find them. The various rooms consist of: a main cavern with a healing shroom ring and a waterfall with pool below it, a chasm, a lava room(if you fall in lava expect damage), a psychadelic crystal room complete with wierd background noise, a room of ledges reached by teleporters, some scaffolding in the dark above the shroom room for sniping, a room of snow and ice--ice monoliths make a delightful maze--slippery top on the big one, overlook for sniping in the lava room, and a sniper overlook of the ice/snow maze. Interesting sideline stuff--the level is big and probably should be played with 8-16 people. In order to handicap that I made the healing sound of the shroom ring global as a spotter and the teleporter sounds are global also to help you find your victims. Oh and the healing shroom sound dopplers if more than one person is in the ring healing, a bit annoying, but helpful in identifying numbers in the shroom ring.
Congrats, CWT - Brian
Just wanted to say Congratulations to Clan World Tournament for reaching 40,000 hits. Hopefully they'll be around for another 40,000 :-)
Tuesday, December 8, 1998
Tie Advanced - Slug
Got a new 3do of a Tie Advanced today from SavageX. Thanks for the file.
Command Chamber Review - Brian
The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted a new review of The Return of Thrawn by Jarrell Waggoner. The Command Chamber always has well written and in depth reviews, I suggest you take a look.
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Jedi Pool - Staff
File: Jedi Pool
Author: Dylan
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is an ancient Jedi temple located on a remote planet. At its center is a Force pool. The design was sort of meant to be like the Boc and Jerec levels from JK. I also wanted to create a force & healing sector, something I had not seen in a level before.
New Levels Section - Brian
I totally re-vamped the levels section. If you want your level (or patch) posted, you must submit it to us (even if you already have, there are new instructions). We apologize for the inconvenience, but there's not much we can do about it. For complete instructions (please follow them carefully), visit our Submission Instruction page.

So everyone, even if I personally told you I would post your level, re-submit it on the correct link following the new instructions. I have deleted every level out of my email box, so unless you re-submit, your level won't get posted.

Most likely, after the holidays, each staff member here at massassi will have their own "recommended levels" page where you can download OUR favorite levels. That is not imlemented yet, and is on hold till after the holidays. If you have any input on this whole deal, feel free to leave it on the Discussion Board.
News Archived - Brian
News page was getting too long, as always, you can find it in the old news section. In case you didn't notice, the old news link has been moved to the sidebar (as well as the submit news link).
Monday, December 7, 1998
3dos Galore! - Slug
Got lots of new 3dos here. An M-Wing fighter by Mika, a pack of assorted 3dos (mostly rocks) by OrBitR__MrE, and from GoZ_Studios, a TIE Raptor, and a TIE Defender. Thanks for the numerous files everyone.
Tower 3DO - Farrax
A new 3DO has been added to that section:
Author: Farrax Narrn
The tower looks something like the Empire State Building, with a radio tower on top. Don't hold me to the rendering of it, because I've never been there, and didn't have a picture handy when I made this.
Manowar 3 Info on JKMAG - Brian
JKMAG has some exclusive info on Manowar 3 which will be for MotS. Here is a small snippet of the update, be sure to head over there for some great info.
This month, December 1998 celebrates the Mandalorian Wars "Manowars" one year anniversary! Throughout the year Manowars has developed into a fun action packed fast paced Death Match mod for Jedi Knight and now with the upcoming Manowar 3 it will soon be the same for for Mysteries of the Sith! I just want to say that we could never have done this without "YOU" the entire Jedi Knight gaming and editing community and all the wonderful Jedi Knight web sites! With that in mind, Manowar 3 for MOTS will be released very soon, hopefully sometime this month unless some unforeseen problem pops up :)! Manowar 3's game play has been greatly enhanced from what it was in Manowar 2!
What is Manowar? Well it is an intense conversion for Jedi Knight (and soon MotS) that pits Mandalorian Warriors against eachother. The original was the first good mod to be released, and I have faith that this sequel will be just as fun.
Levels Section Proposition - Brian
I am thinking we will have a Staff Recommended section. Just us who work on the staff will have a little area to post our favorite levels. This is not meant to bash levels, etc, we just post what we like etc.

I will create a new (EASIER) script to upload new levels only. After 2 weeks, they will fall off the bottom of the list (they will be displayed in order by date we posted them). The table will be similar to the current one, basically, you have level name (when you click, it shows a description [discussed later] and a small fill out form that posts to the review board), date, author, author's email and that's it. You have the option to download, etc. The cgi script will display only the last 2 weeks (or a month, whatever) for download. It will keep a list of old levels internally, which we will periodically delete (maybe I can script that as well, I dunno, will have to look into it). I will ALSO have the script auto-update the current date on the main news page with a GENERIC "new level" announcement, which provides a link, author, etc. This way it remains totally impartial (staff just copies/pastes everything).

If this is what is going to happen, this is what YOU will have to do:
  1. When submitting levels, you include in the EMAIL (as well as the readme) the file type (mots, jk, patch, mp/sp, etc), your name that is to be displayed (typed out in the email) and an email address we can copy/paste directly out of the text (don't just send an email and assume we can extract your email addy from it, just TYPE it out please).
  2. If your level does not get posted in one week, email us again with it. Remind us (nicely) that we missed your level.
  3. A description in the email (not just the readme) that we can cut and paste into the update script. This is the description we will post on the levels page and the main news page, so you have a certain responsibility when creating them. Basically, it will be one paragraph long, and will describe what type of level/patch it is, a few sentences about what you were trying to accomplish, and that's it. None of this, "this is the best level ever created," etc.

Here is a small example I will do for 5600 block, my crappy little JK DM level made with jed ver 0.3 or something. This is what the email should look like (these instructions will be posted on a permanent page if we decide to adopt this).
Subject: Submit Level/Patch to Massassi
Level/Patch Type: JK Multiplayer Level
Author: Brian Lozier

This is a small multiplayer level set on a remote and abandoned planet. It consists of 4 main buildings surrounding a pool of water. There is a tower coming up from the pool that is designed for saber dueling. This level is intended for 2-4 players. Being so small, this level should provide for some fast and furious gameplay.
Please feel free to leave your input on the Discussion Board.
Music (not JK) Related - Brian
Just found this cool cd player that downloads track information to your computer from the internet (if you're connected) each time you put a music cd in the drive. It makes it so you don't have to do it yourself. It's smaller than the original cd player (which it replaces), and has tons of options (cd collection reports, track reports, storage options, etc). It's freeware, so you don't have to pay. If you want, feel free to download it. All you have to do to install is extract to a folder, then right click on the inf file, and press Install.
Warped Worlds Site - Brian
Warped Worlds has some screenshots and info up about a new mod for JK. Some cool cog work going on, take a gander if it suits you.