Wednesday, January 27, 1999
Drazen Isle Screenshots - Brian
Outpost D-34 reports that Jeff Walters has posted two new screenshots of his Drazen Isle. These look rad, so check them out: [Screenshot1] [Screenshot2].
Jedi Ball: Info - Brian
The Jedi Ball Site has updated with some info on the new levels Mikey is working on.
Just here to say that a little beta testing session of levels 2 and 3 has just taken place. I have to say Level 3: Prevention, is by far the most fun I've EVER had with JediBall. All I can say is, "damn.." , my fellow beta tester states, and I quote, "THIS RULES!!!". Whoa. Well After a little tweaking, I should have levels 2 and 3 completely done. Aw man I'm getting excited! JediBall 2 should be out soon. Be prepared.
Can't wait to get my computer running (it came today, btw, just can't get the cdrom to work right yet) so I can finally try out this mod. Thanks Outpost D-34 for that news.
New Review @ Hyperview - Brian
A few days old, but we didn't report it, so.... Hyperview has posted a review on a new level called Battleground Element, which tried to capture the same feel as Battleground Jedi. They also have a poll up on whether they should keep the look of the site, or go with a new one. Personally, I think these sites should stop doing site re-designs and keep working on CONTENT.
Evan's Star Wars Movies - Brian
The JK Division of Outpost D-34 reports that Evan's Star Wars Movies has released Kung Fu Kenobi's Big Adventure. I guess these are stop-frame animations made out of Star Wars action figures. They have been mentioned in a bunch of magazines and newspapers, so are probably pretty good (I haven't had a chance to check them out yet) -- anyway, I hear they are good for a laugh, so check them out.
JailBreak for JK? - Brian
I received an interesting email from Ron Dunlevy this morning. Apparently, he got a version of JailBreak working for JK a LONG time ago. He hasn't released it due to the fact that the levels he has really suck (apparently). If you are interested in helping this guy out (with the levels), keep reading:
I have a version of JailBreak that I have made called Detention Center. The game play is solid, but it hasn't been thoroughly internet tested (it has been heavily LAN tested), and I have two levels for it, and while architecturally they are cool, texturally they suck. (Sorry I am a programmer, I do NOT have an artists eye) I'd like to release it since it seems the team that is working on the "official" JailBreak will never release theirs. I have had this mod done since the first week in April, and did not release it then because of an agreement I had with Osan'gar.

So, this is what I want.... I want to release this mod, but I want someone to clean up these levels I have done. BTW, I have never played JailBreak for QUAKE, so this is based on my own ideas on JailBreak, plus feedback from my LAN testers.
So if you're interested, drop this guy a line. He has two email addresses, so either use the link at the top, or cut/paste one of these: [] - [].
Tuesday, January 26, 1999
Imperial Star Destroyer - Slug
David Erlenbusch sent in a new 3do of an Imperial Class Star Destroyer. Thanks for the file David (I've seen quite a few people ask for a star destroyer on various message boards).
RAV: New Article, Screenshot, Info - Brian
The Requiem A Verito page has updated with an article on Creating Single Player Storylines. They have also updated their screenshot of the day. Jeff managed to run over his own foot with his car as well. Oh, and they are having a logo contest -- check it out.
SND File Actions List - Brian
I threw together a text file that lists all the available actions (all the ones I could find anyway) for .snd files. Don't know how much help it will be, but I was working on a new 3do the other day and this would have been nice (nicer than extracting the snd files, finding the one I wanted, then copying the actions). Ah, well, if you feel like it, read the SND Resource File.
The Results Are In! - Ryan
Head over to The Admiral's Command Chamber to see the winner of the logo contest. All the entries were excellent, and I'd like to thank everyone who submitted a logo.
Monday, January 25, 1999
New 3dos - Slug
The first 3do is a water tower by DC_HunterX. The second is the Slave 1, personal ship of Boba Fett by Mika Hurley. Thanks for the files guys.
Polls @ Outpost D-34 - Brian
Outpost D-34 has two polls up. The first concerning LEC's next shooter, and the second asking whether or not people use plugins regularly. Go on over and Vote.
ReconDroid - Evan C
Alexei Novikov of the code alliance has released his server browser program, ReconDroid. It searches IP boards as well as local IPX networks for current games. It will support the new IP board at as well as the one over at It is able to start JK/MOTS and load a server automaticly as well as posting to an IP board if you start your own server. It is currently available here.
Sunday, January 24, 1999
New Level: JK MODs: Gandalf The White's Patches - Staff
File: Gandalf The White's Patches
Author: Gandalf The White
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Ok, I have a few cool patches. Some are really cool, and some are just basic. You can sort through them when you get the time. All of the patches have been made by me (if any of them say JediEagle on them, It's me, I just changed my name), and all of them work. They all have the readme files and everything. See if you like them.
New Level: JK CTF: WaterSlide SE - Staff
File: WaterSlide SE
Author: RooM 112
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: I know re-releasing a level to fix bugs is no good. But this is not to fix any bugs. Fellow CTFers told me they would like to see a level with totally different skins, for 1) Telling the teams apart easier, and 2) a new look. Well I decided I should be the one to do it with my WATERSLIDE level. So I am re-releasing WaterSlide CTF under the new name "WATERSLIDE SPECIAL EDITION." This version includes two totally new skins I have made. They include Batman and Spiderman. For people who havent seen the original level, it is a level based at a Water Park with 4 long waterslides that take you around the level. Its also a Capture the Flag level for those CTF Experts.
New Level: JK MODs: Double Bladed Exar Kun - Staff
File: Double Bladed Exar Kun
Author: Darth DarKal
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This patch was modified with Hideki's permission. It makes the default character carrying the LightStaff look like Exar Kun instead of Kyle. It also changes the default blade to a slightly darker blue than usual, instead of green. See exarsaber.txt for more infomation.
New Level: MotS Single Player: Beggar's Canyon - Staff
File: Beggar's Canyon
Author: Kaminari
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Story based on the Star Wars movie A New Hope. It will be part of the SWTC ANH episode, although it may be modified for that time. Luke is the main character and his odds are harder than what he thinks.
Drazen Pics - Slug
I saw over at the always cool, and sometimes a little frightening that Jeff Walters, that drunken Aussie who occasionally through luck makes a good level has updated his page with 2 new screenshots of his upcoming level, Drazen Isle.
Friday, January 22, 1999
H-Wing 3do - Slug
Blair Aires sent in an H-Wing 3do. It's based on the B-Wing recently released by GoZ Studios. Thanks for the file Blair.
The Command Chamber - Ryan
Head over to The Admiral's Command Chamber to vote in the logo contest. The entries are all very good, so be sure to drop by and cast your vote! Also, thanks to everyone who took the time to submit a logo.
House of Sabacc - Brian
I was site surfing, and found this link over at JK Central (mentioned below). It's a site with complete rules of the game called Sabacc. I haven't had a chance to read it all, but it's a well done site with lots of cool info. Be sure to check out the The Complete Guide to Sabacc.
JK Central Re-Opening - Brian
My old bud Hatter decided to re-open JK Central, a site that used to be hosted by Jedi Nights. Anyway, you can find it at his new domain -- not much content yet, but keep an eye out:
Drazen Isle Screenshots - Brian reports that Jeff Walters has updated his Level Diary with explanations of the two new screenshots he posted: [palmtree.jpg] [busride.jpg] -- I can't wait for this level, hurry up Jeff!
Thursday, January 21, 1999
Teleport Cog - Slug
The cog archives have finally gotten an update. Imay sent in a teleport cog. It teleports you at the flip of a switch. Thanks for the file Imay.
The Wild Kaarde - Slug
We just got a 3do of the Wild Kaarde, Talon Kaarde's personal yacht. Thanks to Admiral Thrawn for the file.
Plane 3do - Slug
Room 112 sent in a new 3do of a plane used in his waterslide CTF level. Thanks for the file Room 112.
New Tutorial - Slug
PC_McCloud just recently (ok, ok - so he sent it in 2 weeks ago and I've been too lazy to post it) sent in a tutorial on animating mats. Thanks much for taking the time to write that up McCloud.
Jedi Ball: New Screenshot - Brian
The Jedi Knight Division of Outpost D-34 reports that the Jedi Ball Page has been updated with a new Screenshot of Level 5. Looks awesome if you ask me. Unfortunately, I still haven't had a chance to play this mod (my computer was shipped today, I should have it by Monday or so -- back to editing!), but everyone I've talked to says it rules.
Rites Of Xanthus - New Screenshots - Brian
Jedi Nights (our host), reports that the Rites Of Xanthus TC has updated with two new screenshots (from Monday, but I don't think they got announced anywhere): [Screenshot1] [Screenshot2]
Ghostbuster TC Preview - Brian
Hyperview has posted a preview of the upcoming Ghostbuster TC. It's been there for a couple of days, but we didn't mention it, so here it is. Thanks Jedi_Jay for that news.
Wednesday, January 20, 1999
Lightstaff Page Updated - Brian
The Lightstaff Page has been updated with two new screenshots for future reference. For now, you can take a look at them here: [lightstaff1.jpg] [lightstaff2.jpg]
New Level: JK MODs: Super Gun Pack - Staff
File: Super Gun Pack
Author: Jgwigle
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This Cog will make the concussion rifle and the bryar fire faster. The concussion rifle also adds ammo instead of subtracting ammo. The bryar uses ammo but when it runs out it will keep firing.

Note: If you are going to contact the author, please use ICQ, #10878440.
New Level: JK CTF: Waterslide CTF - Staff
File: Waterslide CTF
Author: Anthony "RooM 112" Nguyen
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This level is a CTF level set in a semi-water slide park. In the level are 4 water slides as well as some other stuff you have to see for yourself. This level is an attempt to add the same strategy and fun as The Challenge at Nar Shaddaa. (nothing compares to Nar :P ) There are new 3DOs and mats in this level. Some I made and one I didnt.
Grip2Pov Finished - Brian
Grip2Pov is a program that helps to create POV models (for weapons, etc). Here is the email I got from Balrog_Butcher:
I decided to fix Grip2Pov (my program that helps make POV models), and it took all of 1 minute. Sorry, should've done it earlier [sheepish grin]. So now my tutorial is relevant! The link to Grip2Pov is on the tutorial. If you already read the tutorial, just download grip2pov here.
I haven't had a chance to look through this yet, but it sounds awesome -- if you're having problems with your weapon 3do's, be sure to take a look.
Major RAV Update - Brian
The RAV (Requiem A Verito) homepage has been updated with new screenshots, information on how well the mod is going, and an article dealing with proper use of blocky architecture (Is that possible? Jeff Clark seems to think so...). Feel free to leave your opinions on our Discussion Board if you feel so inclined.
New Version of JkEdit: 1.33 - Brian
The JkEdit Homepage has released version 1.33 of JkEdit (Jedi Knight level editor, in case you didn't know). Here is the lowdown:

New Features:
  • The Materials in Levels dialog has been enhanced with a selection option
  • A new Backup option
Bug Fixes:
  • Selection of surfaces were not always correct using DirectX 6.0
  • The parameters for Cog scripts were not always counted correctly
  • When deleting sounds from the Sounds dialog, sectors were not updated correctly
  • A crash would occur if you entered an illegal texture file name in the Surface Property panel
Thanks to Ole Thomasen for the news.
Tuesday, January 19, 1999
New 3do Tutorial - Brian
Ever wanted to add stuff to existing character 3do's? This tutorial shows you the steps you can take to add a pony-tail to an existing model, but of course, you can use this technique to add other things (shoulder pads, capes, etc) if you feel inclined to do so. Thanks to Darth DarKal for this (awesome) tutorial.
Monday, January 18, 1999
Reviewing Sites - Justin0
Both Jedi Knight Academy and Hyperview have updated recently with a whole truck load of reviews. Among the reviewed are "The Dreaded Tower," "Dark Legion," "The Rogues Gallery," and "Battle of Toprawa."
Sunday, January 17, 1999
Goal! Ver. 1.2 Beta - fourwood
Dr0id has released version 1.2 Beta of his Goal! plugin. Here's what he has to say about it:
Goal! is a plugin for Jed that will help you make and setup goals (a.k.a. objectives) for Single Player levels. You create your goals using Goal! then you simply hit a key and Goal! will do all the "hard work" (and time consuming work) like writing the cog, writing the cogstrings and install the cog in Jed, when Goal! has finished itīs work your are ready to gob and test your level.
Visit his homepage or just grab the plugin.
Saturday, January 16, 1999
More from GoZ - Slug
GoZ Studios has sent in another 3do, this time it's a TIE Fighter that can be used in JK (It contains no mots 3do or mats). As always, high quality stuff.. Thanks for the file GoZ.
Friday, January 15, 1998
The Command Chamber - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted a new Mysteries of the Sith single player level for your playing enjoyment. In addition, there have been some additions to the logo contest, so be sure to drop by. In case you haven't visited yet this week, a ton of new content has been posted, so please pay a visit.
Aristotle Turns 18 - Brian
Just wanted to shout out a Happy Birthday to Aristotle, founder of Thanks for having such a huge impact on this online community. Also thanks to Bluesnews - That's where I found out. (No, he's not really 18...)
New Level: JK MODs: Imperial Weapons Patch - Staff
File: Imperial Weapons Patch
Author: Darth Haun
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is the Imperial Weapons Patch. It changes every weapon except the lightsaber to Imperial Artillery. This patch is intended for single play only. Please download and have fun!
Downloadable Stuff - Brian
Remember the Warped Worlds weapons mod that was recently released? Well here is a message I got from the creator of that:
Since I'm done with JK and am doing Half-Life now, I'm releasing everything for Warped Worlds. All mats, bmps, 3dos, cogs, jed files, etc., are all at my web site, free to download. That's . The 3DOs are probably the most useful; alot of them have matching cogs and mats. Like the street lights. So do whatever with it, but give me credit.
Be sure to check them out if you're interested.
Thursday, January 14, 1999
Mats - Slug
We got two new mats today from PC_McCloud. A rebel symbol and an imperial symbol. Thanks for the files McCloud.
[screenshot 1]
[screenshot 2].
Street Light - Slug
Kenobi sent in a new 3do of an old fashioned street light. It uses 00_matanim.cog and 01afirewall.mat to create a flickering flame. Thanks for the file Kenobi.
More Manowar Info - BrianL
JKMAG once again brings us the goods on Manowar 3. The scheduled date of release is this Saturday, so get your modems warmed up for the download. Here is the info from their news page:

Yeah, you read it right people, Manowar 3 is officially finished! All that's left now is the red tape of making it available for download. I received my "test run" first copy just before midnight Wednesday night directly from Azlon himself. I gave it a quick run through & my comments are detailed in the post below. All that remains for us is to get a download page up & running and get the thing uploaded to the server. If I am unable to reach our webmaster (Chyren) in time to send the upload copy we may not be able to make our deadline for Saturday, but that seems highly unlikely. Barring some unforeseen disaster (computer crashes, the end of civilization as we know it, etc.) It'll be ready to download Saturday evening at the latest!

Here is the detailed info Zues posted on the JKMAG news page. Very cool stuff.
First of all I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is the finest Total conversion for MotS (or JK for that matter) I have ever seen. It is a tremendous leap beyond Manowar 2 in the respect that Azlon & co. took a real professional approach to this the latest incarnation of their Manowar series. When you first run the thing you almost swear to yourself that this is something Lucasarts would have released! I literally had to stop & remember that this was done by a handful of skilled individuals, who were simply editing MotS in their spare time! The setup backgrounds are EXCELLENT! There's one background pic of Boba Fett you just have to see to believe. Install was a snap too, Azlon's documentation is very well done & way easier to follow that his somewhat garbled text from Manowar 2.

The TC comes with 4 levels all designed by Kurt Schulenburg. It is one level that shines the brightest of the bunch as far as gameplay goes. The .goo file is named "Gravity" but it is listed as something like "Mandalorians in Space" in the in-game play list & this level plays like Escherworld on acid! You can leap & soar due to a lack of gravity, BUT like real space leaping too high will propel you into space! A Jet pack & Grapple hook are essential to avoid becoming space fodder for your enemies. One of my personal favorite aspects of this level is a large round asteroid that is suspended in space. because of the bizarre gravity, you can literally run around the asteroid (top & bottom) like a fly on an orange! This is just pure fun, believe me!

I briefly looked at a few of the other levels, but wasn't able to delve too deeply into them because of time constraints. However, I did try out all the new gadgets & the Spycam is by far the best of the bunch. Using it is like using a wicked version of Force seeing. It really adds to the gameplay. I also tried out the new class system & was pleased with the way Azlon Balanced things out with weapons & gadgetry load out for each one. Heh, and yes, the new Jedi Luke skin is all that & more!

Well that's just a brief overview of the thing. I'll be playing it again tomorrow, right now its almost 2 am & I'm ready to sleep! Once I've played it some more I'll add to this. Till then check out our screenshots page via the link in the blue bar on the left side of this page. Until next time, May the Force be with you!
Jedi Finger Service Added - Brian
If you check out the top of the news table, you can see the most recent updates on Jedi Finger. This is a great service, so keep your eye on it for updates.
New Level: JK MODs: LightStaff - Staff
File: LightStaff
Author: Hideki
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This patch includes real lightstaff, not just 3do sticking out from its bottom. Both blades will cause damages. It can be used both in Sp and Mp. Please read the saber.txt for further information.
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Fuel Depot - Staff
File: Fuel Depot
Author: Inferno[JHC]
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Medium sized gun deathmatch level, with a big main area (good for ff battles). Actually, this level was made for nf battles. There are some traps, force fields, explosive fuel etc. in this level. Weapons: 2 concussion rifles and 2 or 3 rail guns (I can't remember), of course you will find all other (useless) weapons, too. There is no supershield or power boost. Have fun, and don't fall.
The Command Chamber - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has updated with new reviews, more new/updated features and a new article about the creation of a level's atmosphere. Even more content is on the way, including a new interview. Be sure to visit, you won't be disappointed!
Wednesday, January 13, 1998
Sandcrawler - Slug
We got a cool new 3do of a jawa sandcrawler from Hoth Rebel today. Cool model, and nice new mats, thanks for the file Hoth Rebel.
Files Page Updated - Brian
The files page (see sidebar) has been updated with the latest version of Jed, openGL, jkgob, 3doconverter, and various help files from More files will be added when I can get to them. Hopefully us mirroring these files can speed up your downloads ( is very, very slow for me lately).
New Button - Brian
Thanks to Rieekan of Outpost D-34 for hooking us up with an awesome new button. Feel free to use it when linking to us.
Jedi Finger Upgraded - Brian
In case you haven't noticed, Jedi Finger has been upgraded. Not much visual difference, but if you check out our host, Jedi Nights, you will notice they they now have a listing of recent updates to the finger service. This is an active cgi script that allows sites, such as and soon this one, to always have a current list of recent updates. This is a great service, and it *should* be implemented here in the near future.
Complete Tutorial Soon? - Brian
The HS_Clan is working on a complete level editing tutorial, which should be released in a couple of weeks. The guy emailed me a while ago, asking if we were interested. Since that's what we're about, of course I said yes. It sounds to be a great resource, so keep your eyes here for its upcoming release.

Also, they've got a couple of levels released on the levels page, with a few screenshots, and info on a new level they're working on. Here's a quote from the author (this caught my attention):
A factory where many products are made ranging from wookie food (made of ewoks) to saber wax to prosthetic hands. It is entitled "Aartris Manufacturing Plant (A.M.P)" and it's part 2 in the "Aartris" series by DarthFader. The first in the series, Aartris Space Port, is available on DarthFader's web site, found at Http://
Manowar 3 Finished!? - Brian, with their slick new design, reports that Azlon has finished up Manowar 3, and that it is going into beta testing. Unfortunately, since my computer is gone, I didn't get to finish my MP Manowar level, but it should be released in a manowar expansion pack as soon as POTE (Saberworks) is released. Anyway, watch the news for the upcoming release of Manowar 3.
RAV Page Updated - Brian
Jeff Clark posted on the message board that he has update the official Requiem A Verito page. Take a look for a new screenshot of the day feature, as well as the promise of animated faces in the cutscenes he's doing. Also, if you're any good with voice acting, be sure to check out his page for info on how to donate your talents.
Tuesday, January 12, 1999
Mod Maker 0.2 beta - Slug
Dark Knight sends word that the new version of Mod Maker 0.2 beta. To run the program you may also need to pick up the DLL Pack.

Dylan and I are releasing Mod Maker 0.2 beta. This release fixes some bugs that were in the previous release & updates, and it adds some new features. This zip includes CogEd, ModelsDatEd, and JKStringsEd. For more information, visit the Mod Maker web site at If the programs don't load correctly, download and install the dll files.
The Command Chamber - Ryan
Head over to The Admiral's Command Chamber to check out the boatload of new content that has been posted. There are new Jedi Knight level reviews, new/updated featured levels for Mysteries of the Sith and a new interview with the Star Wars Trilogy TC group. Lots of good stuff (and more on the way), so be sure to visit.
Jed Ver 0.92 Released - Brian
The Code Alliance has just released version 0.92 of Jed. Here is what their page had to say about the new version:
Updated JED_BETA92.Zip, Jed the JediKnight/Mysteries of the Sith level editor. Has once again been upgraded by Alexei, below is a copy of the history text for this version.

Version 0.92
- When you click "Edit COG" in Placed COG editor on a COG that's inside a GOB file, JED now offers you to extract it to project directory to edit it.
- When you preview a multiple MAT in Resource Picker, a scrollbar will now appear that will let you scroll through all cells in the file.
- Now you can use rotate,flip and scale F9 tools on things, lights and frames as well as sectors.
- By pressing Shift+I in 3D Preview you can now insert a thing at camera position.
- "Join" function now works on sectors as well as surfaces.
- Fixed an omission in DLL plug-in interface that made it impossible to make DLLs using some programming languages.
- Added a lot of DLL functionality
- Template Creator now reloads template file before editing, making sure that you don't lose any changes you've made indepenedently to the .TPL file.
- Added "Duplicate" button to Placed COG editor that lets you place another copy of the currently selected COG. Useful for doors and such. Also, Placed cog editor screen updates are sped up somewhat.
- When you change a template in Template Creator all the things that use it are now updated.
- Fixed a bug causing plug-ins written in Delphi 3.0 cause access violation on exit from JED.
- The plugin interface unit is now the same for Delphi 2.0 and 3.0
Thanks once again to Alex and the Code Alliance for another update to a great program. In case you want to know, it can be downloaded from their Jedi Knight Files Page.
Sunday, January 10, 1999
Snow Mats - Slug
Nightmare sent in some nice new snow .mats converted from the golgotha release of textures. Thanks for the files Nightmare.
ORS - Slug
I saw over at the board that C@rni has updated the ORS page with some new screenshots.. Looking good, so head on over and check 'em out.
The Command Chamber Has Moved - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has moved to its new subdomain which is:

Be sure to update your bookmarks and links because the old URL will only work for a short time after this point. Without further delay, hit the link above and start using the site at its new location now! (Be aware that both locations will look the same.) Thanks to Spart for setting this up.
Friday, January 8, 1999
Jedi Legacy - Slug
Jedi Legacy has a new set of message boards, full of the usual insanity (what can you expect from RBF and Speak?). Engage in stimulating conversation with residents of various asylums, just beware the ducks..
OutPost D-34 - Slug
OutPost D-34 has opened up shop again, revealing their brand new look.. So head on over there and check 'em out or Rieekan says he'll shoot me! Hurry!
Canyon Oasis In Winter Update - Slug
SavageX has update his level, Canyon Oasis in Winter. A few new traps have been added and the water is now frozen over.
The Command Chamber - Ryan
Hello everyone, it's Ryan from The Admiral's Command Chamber. Brian and I decided that to better serve the JK community, I will post news here concerning any new content that is available at the Command Chamber. So, here are some reviews and a feature for your reading enjoyment:

Review of Dark Legion II | level by David McHale
Review of Imperial Space Dock | level by Glenn Edmiston

Check out the updated level feature for ESB: Echo Base by Earl Dalton. Be sure to drop by the site to catch up on the newest entries for the on-going logo contest as well.
Saberworks MP Mod - Go Vote! - Brian
Saberworks has just posted a poll asking your opinion on their new MP mod. If you guys haven't played it yet, I suggest you download the beta from the saberworks site. Basically, you have teams, and 3 lives. Once you lose your lives, you get trapped in an area where you can watch the battle. The last person standing wins (rather, his/her team wins) and everyone starts over, choosing new teams if they want. It's very simple, but it makes for some intense action. Anyway, Saberworks wants to know what you think of the waiting period after you lose your 3 lives. Try the mod out, then let them know what you think.
Wednesday, January 6, 1999
Thunderbolt - Slug
Number Six has created a new 3do of a ThunderBolt Fighter from Babylon5. Quite cool design and a well done 3do. Thanks for the file Number Six.
Al MacDonald - Slug
Al MacDonald has updated his page with some new skins from Willow, Star Trek, and touched up some of his star wars skins. Thanks for the news Jedi_Jay.
Saberworks Beta - Slug
No, it's not a beta of Pride of the Empire, Saberwork's upcoming single player mod, but SaberWorks has released a beta of a small mp mod that Evan has been working on. As the rest of us finish up our PotE levels, we'll be focusing on the mp mod (translation: PotE is still our main focus). I'm in the dark as much as the rest of you as to what the mod is like, not even the sw members have played it, so excuse me while I go check it out.
Jedi Knight Insiders - Brian
JKMAG (Jedi Knight Multi-Player Addon Group) has just turned a year old (actually, it was about a week ago), and in celebration, has released a very well done editorial entitled Jedi Knight Insiders. This editorial is an interview conducted by Al McDonald. He speaks with Kevin "Red" Enser and Marc Suave about everything Jedi Knight.
XvT & Code Alliance - Brian
I know this is not specifically JK related, but it does concern those of us working on projects that may violate licence agreements of certain games. This has been an issue for mots-to-jk conversions, etc. Anyway, the Code Alliance has announced that they will no longer be working their XvT programs or documents. Furthermore, they will take all existing material off their site. They ask that people who have copies of it on their hard drives NOT distribute it over the internet. Here is the full text:
I`m sorry to say but i have sad news for the XWvT Fans. From this day on Code Alliance as the whole will no longer be engaging in the development of XWing vs TieFighter ,Balance of Power , Xwing Collectors Series,applications/research that would need access/modify or add to the original game files. Thus this means the cancellation of ACE , ACE_DXF opt utilities. Also we will be removing within the week from our site any links to material that could be construed as violating the license aggreements for the above games.

This is strickly a voluntarly move on our part, afer a careful review of the license`s and other factors,it is our opinion that we in fact were not abiding by the license`s. The Code Alliance has always tried to remain within the law in our efforts to bring fans editors and utilites. In the license`s for the above games there exists a possibility for the Code Alliance or it`s members to be legaly liable should we continue in our current efforts.

The Code Alliance will continue to develop applications for games that we perceive would not violate any license aggreements.

We would ask all WebMasters to remove from their sites any links to the following documents or files produced by the Code Alliance or it`s members, ACT Unofficial Specs, OPT Unofficial Specs, (all versions) , OPT Alternative File Reading Process, OPTUtils.

As for files on personal computers , we cannot dictate to you what to do with those ,We will ask you to Not openly distribute them any more.

Code Alliance members may decide on their own to continue with XWvT developments /research on a private basis ,that will be up to the individual.

Thankyou for your understanding and cooperation.

News Archived - Brian
You can check out the old news, as always, on the old news page.
Patches/Levels - Brian
My name is back on the email link, so I will be getting the news again. If you have submitted a level or a patch, and it hasn't been posted, PLEASE re-submit it to and I will post it for you.
Tuesday, January 5, 1999
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Canyon Oasis In Winter - Staff
File: Canyon Oasis In Winter
Author: LEC / modified by SavageX
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Here is Canyon Oasis during the winter season! I made new textures that turn everyone's favorite level into a snowy landscape! No new cogs or mods, just a new look.
ZeldaTC - fourwood
Shameless plug here :). The ZeldaTC has updated with a story my friend Ryan Holm wrote up. Check it out on the story page, as well as check out the screenshots on the pictures page if you haven't seen them before. (Yes Slug, this is progress :))
Monday, January 4, 1999
GoZ Studios - Slug
GoZ Studios just sent in two of the most amazing 3dos I've ever seen in my life.. These things are of LEC quality, if not higher. The first is a Corellian Corvette and the second is a set of B-Wings (one with s-foils in attack position, one with them closed). Thanks for the files GoZ Studios.
SavageX Strikes Back - Slug
SavageX has sent in another 3do, this time of a AT-PT. You may recognize it from the game Rogue Squadron or various star wars books. Thanks again for the file SavageX.
New 3do - Slug
We got a new 3do here by SavageX. It's a landspeeder. Thanks much for the file SavageX.
Admiral's Command Chamber - Slug
Got an email last night from Ryan about a new interview concerning the upcoming sp level, Battle Of Toprawa over at The Admiral's Command Chamber. The level sounds promising, so head on over there and check it out. Thanks for the news Ryan.