Monday, February 8, 1999
Fun3do: Preview Release 1 - Brian
Got an email from dr0id regarding a preview release of Fun3do. Check it out:
Fun3DO is a program that will let you import meshes from various 3D file formats and then compose them into one Jedi Knight 3DO file. It will also handle texturing and face/mesh properties. It is not a complete 3DO modeling program. Fun3DO will also be able to import meshes from Jed with textures, properties etc.
You can visit the homepage here or download the program directly from here. Thanks dr0id for the news, I can't wait to get home and try this puppy out.
Hardware: RivaTNT - Brian
All of you who have a RivaTNT based 3d card, Nvidia has just released new reference drivers -- they claim that you can get a 30% speed boost over the current drivers, so I recommend taking a look (I haven't installed these yet, so don't blame me if your system goes haywire). You can get them from this page, just scroll down a bit. Perhaps these will stop our tnt/jk/jed crash problems?
New Level: MotS MODs: Super Star Wars Patch - Staff
File: Super Star Wars Patch
Author: Vadal (ICQ: 1912891)
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A patch that modifies a lot of the game. Among the new items is the Cloaking Device, the Tractor Beam, Drop Item (useful for sharing powerups in MP), Teleport, Force Levitation, and a whole lot more than I can list here. This patch is best for folks who love to just play around in levels, but it's also aimed towards RP'ers, with the large line of skins and modifications to existing items.
Mip-Mapping Article - Brian
If you've ever delved into JK's mat files, you will find 4 images. The original image, as well as 3 others that are scaled down. Why is it like this? What is mipmapping? Well this article discusses just about everything you need to know about mipmapping. Here's a snip:
For example, if you were facing two walls, one up close, and one in the distance, and both had a brick texture, it would look ridiculous if the bricks were the same size. For accurate depth perception, the bricks on the far wall should look smaller than the bricks on the near wall. This can be accomplished either by creating an entirely different texture for the different brick walls, real time rendering of the sized bricks, or MIP mapping can be used to create pre rendered textures of better quality.
It resides on a site called This site is just re-starting (apparently they had some trouble with a former domain/server), and looks to be a good source for computer-related information.
The Spaceport - Brian
Nijaan sends word that The Spaceport has re-opened. He's looking for people to write articles and editors to start trackers, so if you want your project to get some more recognition, be sure to let Nijaan know.
Sunday, February 7, 1999
Jedi Ball 2 Released - Brian
The Jedi Ball Homepage has announced the release of Jedi Ball 2. Don't know what else to say, the original version of this mod is very popular, and I expect the same from it's sequel. Thanks to 00Mikey for letting us know on the discussion board.
EvanC's Featured Level - Brian
I know we announced that The Admiral's Command Chamber had a bunch of updates, but one thing I didn't realize was that their featured level is a preview of a level being done by our own EvanC. It's called Battle on the Outer Rim, and looks great. I played a very early version (I think) and the architecture is superb. Good work, Evan, we'll be eagerly awaiting it's release.
New Jed Plugin: HotKeys - Brian and Outpost D-34 both announced a new Jed plugin called Hot Keys. It manages your hotkeys so you don't get conflicts, etc. Anyway, you can download it from the Plugins Page.
Requiem A Verito: New Article - Brian
The Requiem A Verito homepage has posted a new article entitled Tips on Putting the Story into the Level. It discusses, you guessed it, adding story elements to your level. Jeff has also posted information on the progress of the RAV mod.
Saturday, February 6, 1999
New Review @ Hyperview - Brian announced that Hyperview has posted a new review of Jake McHenry. The level got 4 stars...
Command Chamber Update - Brian
The Admiral's Command Chamber has updated with more new Dark Forces and Mysteries of the Sith level reviews. In addition, there is a new featured level and the download section has been fully updated. There are more reviews, interviews, and feature updates coming, so be sure to visit the site frequently.
New Level: JK MODs: Heavy Urban Combat Cannon: Alpha - Staff
File: Heavy Urban Combat Cannon: Alpha
Author: Mongoose 001
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is the HUCCa, a Large Single-Barreled Assualt cannon that packs a big punch. Right now its in pre-alpha, hence the 'a'. The finished model will feature a rocket launcher, a new name, and will replace the Repeater rifle or Rail-gun rather than the Bryar Pistol (its current slot, for easier reviewing). The HUCC is a small part of an entire weapons Mod, featuring new and cool weapons, more details on Project Charlie inside...
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Nine Acre Court - Staff
File: Nine Acre Court
Author: Tee
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: A small level originally meant to be a sabers level, but I ended up putting the guns in too! Can be a bit laggy, so a fast comp and 3d card are recommended! 2-4 players , ff recommended.
Naboo! - Slug
BoBo Fett just sent in a 3do of the Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter (what was George Lucas thinking when he named these things?) from the upcoming prequel movies. Thanks for the 3do BoBo Fett.
Fence 3do - Slug
First a level, now a 3do.. REZ (author of the very recently released "The Archer Skyhouse", has sent in a 3do of a fence. Thanks for the file REZ.
Friday, February 5, 1999
Holo-Table 3do - fourwood
I was surfing around the Star Wars Modelling Alliance homepage and saw a .3ds model if the holo-table like the one in Return of the Jedi during the briefing for the attack on the second Death Star. I downloaded it and simplified it using a program I have, textured it, and made it into a .3do. Download it here and/or view the screenshot. The 3do is for MotS.
New Level: JK Multiplayer: The Archer Skyhouse - Staff
File: The Archer Skyhouse
Author: REZ
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: MULTIPLAYER ONLY.This is Max & Link's Skyhouse! Hopefully these characters will be revealed more to you in a Single Player level pack on the drawing board as of this relese.
JkEdit 1.34 Released - Slug
Ole Thomasen sends word that the new version of JkEdit 1.34 has been released at the JkEdit homepage. New features include:
The Files in Levels dialog has been enhanced with new file types
A new Create Water command
A new Create Force Field command
A new Create Breaking Glass command
Version 1.34 of JkEdit has a few bug fixes since version 1.33:
Positioning and rotating of 3DO objects did not work correctly
The Help text for the main view was broken

Tatooine Sand - Slug
Got a cool new set of mats today from Tee (well, actually he sent 'em to Red (mooo), who forwarded 'em to us..). They're mats made from actual pictures of the sand from the tatooine set (so, if you had say, a level called Beggar's Canyon that someone said had an off-colored sand mat, you could use these instead ;) Thanks for the files Tee.
Thursday, February 4, 1999
HOV Screenshots - Brian
The HOV Editing Group has posted information about their JK mods as well as two new screenshots from a Q2 Mod they're working on.
DirectX 6.1 Warning! - Brian
Bluesnews said that people have been having compatibility problems with DirectX 6.1 on some machines. Games effected are Heretic 2, Rogue Squadron (doh!), and sometimes, Quake2. SO, if you haven't installed it yet, DON'T! It's a good thing my computer wouldn't finish the download last night...
Hand Drawn Texture Tutorial - Brian has posted a tutorial on creating hand drawn textures. Hand drawn to these guys means "no photo base" (just wanted to clarify that). Anyway, the first part was posted last week, but this week they have part 2 up. This uses Photoshop with the Eye Candy plugin so if you don't have it...

Picked this up at Voodoo Extreme.

I was browsing the LoonyGames site, and came across another interesting article. DRAW Pardner! is an article on 2D artists and their work in computer games. It takes a look at the different tools (software programs, etc) that the 2d artist uses, as well as teamwork in the industry and special techniques. Very interesting read if you're into creating textures/2d artwork.
New Level: JK MODs: Enhance Pack 1.1 - Staff
File: Enhance Pack 1.1
Author: Hideki
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This updated version includes everything that was in the last version and upgrades.
The upgrades since the last version.
  • Debugged some codes.
  • More enemies shoots secondary fire shots.
  • Added new multi-celled mats for repeater.
  • Added Mini Bomber.
  • Added new BM for the Bomber, Malfunction and Brainwash.
  • Upgraded Crossbow.
  • Upgraded the method of seeker weapons.
  • Upgraded brainwash, so you can now brainwash multiple targets.
  • Upgraded the saber to double-bladed saber.
  • Upgraded stun shot.
  • Changed Sniper Rifle to a new 3do.
  • Upgraded some other minor codes.
This is intended for Single Player only. Please read through the readme for information on using all the features of this pack.
Saberworks: New Screenshot - Brian
Saberworks has posted a new screenshot of a Y-Wing that Steve-O has been working on.
Holocron Screenshot - Brian
Jedi Nights announced that Holocron Editing has posted a new Screenshot of one of their levels. Also, Level 1 is going into beta soon, so we can expect a final version in about a month.
Drazen Isle Screenshots + Info - Brian
Outpost D-34 announces that Jeff Walters has updated his Drazen Isle page once again. There is a couple of days worth of updates posted, as well as two screenshots: [Screenshot1] [Screenshot2]. This level is looking excellent, so keep your eyes peeled for it's release.
Wednesday, February 3, 1999
Goldeneye TC Info - Brian
The Goldeneye TC has moved to a new site, and has posted a new screenshot of the complex (jed screenshot). They also have information on the progress of their levels and whatnot, so if you're a bond fan...
DirectX 6.1 Released - Brian
Saw all over the place that Microsoft has released DirectX 6.1 for home users. I am downloading it right now, so can't vouch for it's quality. I'm assuming, however, that it just fixes bugs that were in the original version (like all new versions of microsoft products do, I.E. Win98).
Fun3do Information - Brian
After our news post the other day, dr0id, programmer of Fun3do, answered one of my "I'm assuming" comments. Here's the comment followed by his answer:
I'm assuming you create a sector in JED, export it to 3do, then import that as a mesh into Fun3do.

This is almost right, Fun3DO will import the mesh directly from Jed thru Jedīs plugin interface, so you donīt need to save it and then import it to Fun3DO. However, I will try to support as many 3D file formats as I can.
Sounds great, even easier than I had thought. Anyway, thanks dr0id for clearing that up.
Leaving... - Brian
I will be leaving tomorrow (Thursday) evening for a day trip to Mammoth Mountain. Snowboarding rocks. Anyway, hopefully the rest of the staff can take care of some news tomorrow evening, Friday, and Saturday. I should be back in full swing by Sunday, just wanted to let everyone know what was going on.

Also, I recieved the files I had mentioned before: Jailbreak for JK. It was requested that I look over and test the files before I post them, which I'm going to do, I should have them posted by Monday. Also included was a mod built after the game Qbert. Anyway, I hope to get those previewed and out to all of you soon. Have a good weekend!
Big Screen TV - Slug
We received a new 3do of a big screen TV by JeDi BoY. This brings the number of 3dos available here up to a whopping 80 - Thanks for the file Jedi Boy.
Motherboard Info - Brian
Not JK related, but I'm posting anyway. I recently purchased a motherboard called the Abit BH6. I run a 450 on it, and I've been very happy so far. Anyway, what's the one thing we've all been wanting LEC to do with JK? Get involved in the community! Right? Well anyway, the company who created my motherboard recently released a new one, called the BX6. Anandtech posted a review on it, giving it a score of 86/B. In response to this, a person who actually WORKS at ABIT went to the Anantech forums (this thread) to discuss the review. I just think this is an amazing thing for a company to do (come on LEC!) - I'm definitly going to become a regular purchaser of Abit boards. Anyway, if you're in the market for a p2, celeron, or p3 motherboard, definitely look into Abit, great company.
Star Wars Art - Brian has some news from JKMAG about a Star Wars Art site. Very cool stuff (long list of sites though, eh?). Check out an example here if you feel like it. Anyway, the site is called
Screenshot of the Week - Brian
Our Host, has posted a new Screenshot of the Week featuring Darth Maul. Remember, if you catch a cool screenshot, send it in to them!
Clan Help Wanted - Brian
Clan World Tournament is looking for help. They are expanding to cover more games (Q2, Half-life, XvT, and more), so they need file managers, tournament set up people, and other things, if you're interested, drop by.

Thanks Jedi Nights.
Jedi Nights Search Engine - Brian
Jedi Nights has added a search engine to their site. It will search all of their subdomains (including us, I think) as well as the whole Telenation. If you're looking for something, try it out.
Origins: Class Pack in Testing - Brian
The Origins Team has announced that their class pack has entered testing, but that they are having problems with the models.dat file. If you can offer any help, be sure to email Wazzit. Also, they are in need of members.
Etc. - Brian
This is the first post with the new news script (hopefully it will work) -- So basically, this is just a test. We will be getting to the real news shortly, so don't worry.
Tuesday, February 2, 1999
Requiem Update + Level Analysis - Brian
The Requiem A Verito Homepage has updated with a new screenshot of the day, a new message board, and an analysis of Jake McHenry: the Clone Menace a new level by SavageX. Any comments, feel free to leave them on our discussion board or his new message board. Thanks Jeff for the update.
Fun3do Information - Brian
Droid's Stuff has been updated with information on Fun3do - a program that allows you to import and edit meshes on 3do's. I'm assuming you create a sector in JED, export it to 3do, then import that as a mesh into Fun3do. This way, you could make arms, legs, anything, in Jed (very easy process) then use Fun3do to compile it into one 3do. I don't know for sure, but that's what it sounds like (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).

Thanks Outpost D-34 and Rieekan for the message on that.
Drazen Isle: New Screenshots - Brian
Outpost D-34 brings word that there are new screenshots of Drazen Isle, the level Jeff Walters (creator of the Cardia series) is working on. Go over to their site for the links... I feel bad ripping of news such that you don't have to visit their site, forgive me.
Star Wars TC Interviw (Half-life) - Brian
Jedi Nights, our host, has posted an Interview with the leader of the Star Wars TC (Half-life). Lots of new info, plus the winner of the logo contest - be sure to check this stuff out (if you like/have/want Half-life).
Etc. - Brian
Saw on Bluesnews that today is groundhogs day!? Oh well, I don't even know what that means.

I've been working on a new update script for massassi -- seems like the last 5% of the perl programming takes 99% of the time - a small logic bug at first, and when I got that sorted out, nothing was working right. I had to go back through all the code to look for it. I realized I hadn't commented ANYTHING, so that was a feat (figuring out 450someodd lines of code with no comments). Needless to say, on my second time through, I commented all the code. The script is in betatesting right now, it should be done in a few days. What does that mean to you? Probably nothing, but hopefully it will entice our news-people to post more often (hint, hint). All for now.
Monday, February 1, 1999
New Level: MotS Multiplayer: Triad - Staff
File: Triad
Author: Nightmare
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A death arena style level in the shape of a triangle.
2 new cogs - Slug
Things are coming in pairs today it would appear.. The first cog is a rail detonator trap by Vader130. It works like the turret trap in Nar Shaada Loading Terminal, but fires rail detonators. The second is a thermal detonator trap by Rob. It releases thermal detonators at 10 ghost positions. Thanks as always for the files.
2 new 3dos - Slug
The first is a rocket by Vader130. The second is a cage door by J.Z.S. Thanks for the files guys.
New Level: JK Single Player: Myth of the Kaiburr Crystal - Staff
File: Myth of the Kaiburr Crystal
Author: Kybo Ren
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is my best level I have made. Basically I was going for good architexture, and I think I provided it, at least I hope I did. Send comments plz.
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Space Lodge - Staff
File: Space Lodge
Author: Cloudstrife5
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Its a resort with a swimming pool and other stuff and with cameras in the level. Pretty big too.
Texture Artists Rejoice - Brian
In an ongoing effort to bring not only JK related news, but other information that can help you with your JK/MotS editing, I am again going to announce the presence of a site called If you haven't yet visited this site, you really should take a look. They have tons of tutorials, including, but not limited to, seamless textures for dummies, 2d images, metal FX, html and web authoring. This site is a great resource, I can't stress that enough. Anyway, happy drawing.
New Screenshot @ Saberworks - Brian
Saberworks has updated with a new screenshot of level 4. I'm not going to link it here, so you'll have to visit their site to view it.
Origins: New Class Pack - Brian
D-34, continuing on as a new force in JK news, has posted that the Origins Team is working on a new class pack.
I've just started on a new Class Pack for the Origins Team. I've just finished all four classes, now I will start to test them with other people, testing for a more balanced class system than Mysteries of the Sith. Current classes are as follows:
  • Jedi Lord
  • Mandalorian
  • Recon
  • Psycho
Looks awesome, be sure to watch the Origins team site for more info.
New Level: MotS Multiplayer: D.R.F. Deathmatch - Staff
File: D.R.F. Deathmatch
Author: Kenobi
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Somewhat small multiplayer level. The level takes place with-in and around the Dangar Research Facility. This facility is dedicated to researching the art of the deathmatch. It consists of an outdoor area and one large building with several interconnecting rooms with a central area that houses the "Sabervator" The level is intended for 2-4 players. There are a few hidden rooms that should provide for some interesting ambushes. The cantina is one-of-a--kind.
Etc. - Brian
I think I finally have my computer up and running perfectly (knock on wood). I must highly recommend the following: If you have a creative labs RivaTNT -- please, go download the reference drivers from nvidia. The drivers that come with the card, as well as the ones you download from creatives site, are totally sorry. I got a 30fps+ jump in framerate for just installing the correct drivers -- Slug reported a 10 or so fps jump -- so either way you go, you'll be better off.

A small Saberworks related update: I have resumed work on my level, and things seem to be going well. I've been talking to our 3do guy, and received a few of the 3do's I needed. The main cog in my level is half-completed, which allows me to get to work on some things that have been holding me up. I also beta-tested level 1. It is doing absolutely fabulous. Once Evan gets the correct enemies in there, and fixes a few small bugs - it will be one of the best user created levels out there.
Sunday, January 31, 1999
New Level: MotS KFY: Wazzit's Mining Facility 2 - Staff
File: Wazzit's Mining Facility 2
Author: Wazzit
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Kill the Fool with the Ysalamiri at Wazzit's Mining Facility 2. The second in the series, Wazzit's Mining Facility 2 features a lot of swiming, running and sniping. And to make things interesting, Wazzit's Mining Facility 2 is made KFY, so you have other things to worry about other than your life.
Tons of Free Textures? - Brian
If you are on the lookout for textures, be sure to stop by The Texture Studio. They have tons of textures for download (in bmp, pcx, and other game-specific [not mat] formats). They tile well and a lot of them are of very high quality. Looks like they've just released their 5th texture pack, so there's a lot to look at.
Outpost D-34 - Brian
Outpost D-34 has a bunch of info up today. Info on Jedi Ball, One Rebel's Sacrifice, Moldy Crow Productions, and Drazen Isle screenshots. I'm not going to copy it all here, so go over there for some very good Jedi Knight/MotS news coverage.
Saturday, January 30, 1999
ATCT - Slug
The Vertigo has introduced a new type of walker to the Imperial lineup - the All Terrain Cargo Transport. It looks a bit like the AT-AT, but you can move around in it. Thanks for the file Vertigo.
New Level: JK MODs: JK Assault Cannon - Staff
File: JK Assault Cannon
Author: SavageX
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is the Assault Cannon from Dark Forces. This is the improved version for jk.
Massive Command Chamber Update - Ryan
Visit The Admiral's Command Chamber to explore the huge amount of new content that has been posted. There are new reviews for your reading pleasure, a new Mysteries of the Sith level feature, and a new interview concerning a JK single player episode. In addition, the new Level Archive section is online, a new MotS level has been posted for download and the links section has been updated.
New Jed Plugin - Brian
The Code Alliance has posted a new Jed Plugin called KeyMaster. It is intended to create simple key files for simple (1 mesh) 3do's. It is good for animating ships, or moving cameras, but not for complicated character movements. It is available on their Jed Plugins Page.
Friday, January 29, 1999
Clock Cog Update - Slug
Awhile back Nightmare sent in a cog that displayed a digital clock displaying time elapsed in the level.. Well, the cog has been updated to allow for displaying of the actual time as well. Thanks for the file Nightmare.
ReconDroid News - Brian
Alexei Novikov, of the Code Alliance updated his plan file with information about a new version of his server browsing program, ReconDroid.
ReconDroid v0.2 apparently will be much more slick than 0.1. IP scanning should speed up a lot and Outlaws support will be added for sure, including Outlaws WinSock network driver support. It might even be preferrable to run it via WinSock.

Stange thing about Outlaws though - there's no easy way to retrieve the player names and the level played from the server. In DirectPlay standard packet it return no infomation at all, and the player names it returns are empty. Via Winsock it easily returns the level's textual description and number of players, but it appears that to get the level's file name and player names you need to actually join the game, at which point the server sends you a bucnh of data, which is not good, as quering the server must use as little banwidth as possible to avoid ruining game for the people that are playing it. Well, I guess we'll have to live without it.

One more thing that I plan is downloading of custom levels/patches that are played on the server. I.e. - when you try to connect a server that has a custom level/patch running, ReconDroid will offer to download it for you. That should make playing custom levels much easier.
Alex is one of the foremost contributers to the JK community (as if you didn't know) with releases such as Conman, Jed, Puppet Jedi, ReconDroid, and numerous other programs/documents -- I'd just like to publicly say Thanks from all of us here at Massassi.
Jedi Legacy: It's All Messed Up - Brian
Jedi Legacy has been having some DNS problems lately, but don't worry, we're here to get the word out that they CAN be found -- just check them out at: -- Use the IP till the DNS is working correctly again.

Found this at the news forum.
Rogue's Gallery Review @ Hyperview - Brian
Hyperview reviews The Rogues' Gallery, a new MotS Single Player level. It got 4 stars, read it if you're interested.
New Level: MotS Multiplayer: deathfan - Staff
File: deathfan
Author: Gonk
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: The idea for this level came from one of favorite Unreal MP levels, Death Fan (duh). It is BASICALLY the same principal, but it doesn't really look a thing like it. The "deathfan" is the fan at the bottom of the level. Hit it, and hope you have a will. Miss it, and... well.. you're treated to a slow death in the green junk below. Also, with a special thanks to Nightmare, there is a very nifty trap to guard the Rail Det. Have fun!
Warzone Articles @ RAV - Brian
The RAV Homepage has posted two thought provoking articles on Warzone 1 and Warzone 2. The articles are pretty good, feel free to leave comments on our Discussion Board - he always reads them and uses logical arguments to defend his point of vew (something a lot of people around here don't do.). Also, he's having some strange camera problems, so if anyone has had any experience with this type of stuff (screenshot on his page), try to help him out.
Vertex Assassin - Brian reports on a new plugin called Vertex Assassin. It gets rid of the extra vertices created when merging -- this one sounds useful, so check it out at the Imperial Detention Center -- one of these days this guy will get the point that a lot of people who may like to use plugins visit this site. Hopefully when that happens, he will send us news when these things get released. Oh well. Also, he made a FAQ about the Smacker cutscene tools, check it out at his site.
Outpost D-34 Wallpaper - Brian
Outpost D-34 also posted a rad wallpaper image, but I'm not going to post it here -- basically, I want everyone to know that their site ROCKS -- so if you want the image, you'll have to go on over there and get it. We are working on the headline exchange, so you'll be able to see the types of things they updated -- right on this site -- similar to the Jedi Finger script above -- look for it in a week or so.
Gonk Created A Level? - Brian
That's right, Gonk, who's released tons of enemies for user addon levels, sent me a level last night. I will be posting it around noon or so Pacific time - that's when I can get to the computer that it's saved on. Anyway, watch for it.
CrushR - Exams Today - Brian
Just wanted to let everyone know that CrushR of the JK Division of Outpost D-34 has Exams this morning -- everyone pray that he at least gets one question right. It's that math stuff (can barely remember how to pronounce "math"). Here's the EMAIL I got from him:
I have an exam to attend in 3 hours. That's it. That I have an exam to attend in 3 hours. Come it... I dare ya. ; )
This fool has to learn not to call me out, if you know what I mean.
Thursday, January 28, 1999
New MotS Reviews @ The Commad Chamber - Ryan
Head over to The Admiral's Command Chamber to read the latest Mysteries of the Sith level reviews. Even more reviews, interviews and features are on the way, so stop by frequently.
3do Corrections - Slug
Had a little confusion over a couple 3dos recently, so here's the lowdown.. The Wild Kaarde 3do was an original 3do by Pax, later textured by Lou Graziani and Magi for use in Warzone, Chapter I. Sadly, someone tried to take credit for the 3do. The second correction isn't nearly as saddening - Simply, that the imperial star destroyer posted here on Tuesday was in actuality not a 3do made by the author, but instead just a retextured 3do from the mots cd. The author made this clear in his email, I just failed to mention it and he asked me to do so.
Vote For Jedi Knight - Brian
Next Generation Online has a poll up asking your opinion on the "Best Game of All Time" -- The Jedi Knight series is listed towards the middle. It's kindof a pain because you have to choose 10 games... oh well, Dragon Warrior here I come.
I'll Never Join You... - Brian
Outpost D-34 reported on this page - it's a stick figure animation of Luke vs. Darth Vader -- If you have a moment and are looking for a laugh, check it out (thanks again, OD34 - You guys rock).
Etc. - Brian
I got my computer installed last night -- I have an Abit BH6 motherboard, and I had a few IRQ conflicts (what a pain) but now it's running like a dream. I have a little tweaking to do yet, but I will get that done this weekend. Anyway, Rieekan, of Outpost D-34, and I are working to get a script installed on our sites (including Jedi Legacy) that will let everyone know when each is updated. After a while, I hope to have a "headline exchange," but we have to get the scripts working first. It will be similar to the Jedi Finger script that runs at the top of this page. You can check out what it will look like at the JK Division of Outpost D-34.
New Review @ Hyperview - Brian reports that Hyperview has updated with a new review. This time, they review Port Haven by Jenna Karani. It got a respectable 4 Stars so go check it out.