Friday, February 19,1999
Updates at the Command Chamber - Ryan
The Admiiral's Command Chamber has updated with a new review of the Jedi Knight level, Myth of the Kaiburr Crystal. Also, the latest installment of the Dark Legion series, Dark Legion IV, has been posted for download. More reviews, an interview and a feature are in the works, so visit the site frequently.
Workshop: Cog Tutorial - Brian
The Workshop has posted a new cog tutorial that covers some very basic cog functions. It's by Element_Greven. You can find the tutorial on their main news page.

Also, the Workshop is a site that will create cogs for you, so if you need a cog programmed, and don't have the time/motivation to learn the language yourself, check these guys out.
Editing FAQ - Brian
I'm working on a Jedi Knight Editing FAQ. There are quite a few questions on there now, if you're interested, but I'm still working, so hang tight. I have to get it all indexed once I'm done with the questions. If you have any questions you would like added to the FAQ (IE: you have answered it, or seen it answered, more than once on the message boards) please drop me an E-Mail.
Old Cog Tutorial - Brian
I've gotten a lot of requests for a cog tutorial... but unfortunately I don't know cog, so I can't write one. Check out our tutorials section for cog-related stuff, then check out the Workshop cog tutorial (posted above), then, check out Darkness Falls. If you're new around here, you probably haven't heard of 'em. Darkness Falls was an online Star Wars Gaming type magazine. It used to come out about once a month, and had a bunch of awesome content. I hear from RBF (editor) that they're working on a new issue, but having some problems getting the articles done. We'll have to wait and see. Anyway, in their September '98 issue, they posted a Cog Tutorial by Mark 'Pele' Jones, of the Warzone series. If you want to learn cog, please go read that tutorial.
While We're At It... - Brian
I was browsing that old issue of Darkness Falls and noticed a tutorial written by yours truly. It's on outdoor architecture. I should add it to our tutorials section.
Thursday, February 18, 1999
Jedi Knight TC Page - Brian
The Jedi Knight TC page is now sponsoring editing groups that are working on TC's. Here is the info:
To be sponsored by us your site must pertain to a Tc, Pc or a large project dealing with jk. If you get sponsored by us you will get an account to our news script and your banner randomly ran on our main page. Plus, all files will be listed and hosted by us on our server. Files you do not wish people to have direct access to will be placed in our private directory which only we can get into. This is for a weekly back up system.

We will need the following:

1. You'll need a user name and password for our news script (note: only let news posters have this info due to the fact that all news posted by your account must pertain to a project you are working on; you may post 2 news posts a day max. You may edit them as many times as needed.

2. I need an email I can reach your entire team at.

3. If you have a banner, please send it to me so I can add it to my banner ad script.

4. Any news you find not pertaining to your project: your project leader will have a separate account to post this.

Our conditions for hosting you: have a link on your main page directly to us. That is all, no big pretty blue banner or ads, just a simple text link to us placed anywhere the viewer can see when coming to your site.
You can go to the page or email Blair Aires for more information.
Spart Talks: Clan Hosting - Brian
Spart, of Jedi Nights has released some cool clan info in his Jedi Finger plan file:
February 17, 1999 19:02
I thought I'd release some info on my plan:

Jedi Nights is going into clan hosting! We'll start hosting clans on Clan Hosting. Pretty good deal for JK / MotS / other SW Games clans - 5mb of space, advertising on JN Network & Clan Hosting.

If you're interested, mail me.

On another note, I need more time to myself, so if someone wants to help out on Jedi Nights (must be DEDICATED) drop me a line.
I think it's about time to start a Massassi Clan, eh?
JkEdit Ver. 1.35 - Brian
Ole Thomasen sent us an email letting us know that version 1.35 of JkEdit, the Jedi Knight level editor, has been released. You can download it from the JkEdit Homepage.

New Features:
  • The Files in Levels dialog has been enhanced with the *.key file type
  • The Files in Levels dialog has been enhanced with an Edit option
  • The Cogs In Levels dialog has been significantly enhanced
  • The File Manager dialog is now sizeable
  • The Errors dialog has been enhanced
Bug Fixes:
  • If cog’s contains wrong parameters, jkl, gob, & goo files would be created wrong
  • The parameter “cog” in cog scripts was not identified correctly
  • Inserted wave files could not be played correctly in the Files In Level dialog
  • The Files in Level dialog would cause memory leaks if closed using the close box
  • The File Manager dialog would cause memory leaks if closed using the close box
  • The Errors dialog sometimes indicated incorrect test results
Rites of Xanthus: New Screenshot - Brian
Jedi Nights, our host, has posted news that the Rites of Xanthus TC has posted a new screenshot of their Corin skin. Also be sure to browse their other screenshot pages, they have a lot of cool stuff.
Last Stand Production: Screenshots + Info - Brian
Outpost D-34 has announced that Last Stand Productions has updated with 3 new screenshots (and a few others I'm sure nobody announced, but oh well). Screenshot 1 is an advertisement for their Death From Above Mod, Screenshot 2 and Screenshot3 are of 2 of the new weapons. Head on over to the LSP page for more information. Apparently, the mod has gone into beta testing, so we'll be able to play the full version soon! If you haven't played the demo LSP pack, please go download it from our levels section. The screenshot at right is from the DFA Guns pack (follow the download link above).
Virus - Brian
Some fool sent me a virus through email - with a subject line of "Help with Jedi Knight" - it's called happy99.exe, and is a worm virus. If you get something by that name, just delete it and empty your recycle bin - it can't do any damage if you don't execute it.
Wednesday, February 17, 1999
V-Wing Airspeeder - Slug
We got a great 3do of a V-Wing Airspeeder by SavageX. The V-Wing, if you're not familiar with it, was available in the game Rogue Squadron. Thanks as always for the file SavageX.
Naboo Update - Slug
BoBo Fett sent in an update of his Naboo Royal N-1 Starfighter 3do. The update includes 2 new mats, a new orientation (the ship is now pointed in a different direction), and the r2 unit is now a separate mesh complete with a new .key and .cog file. I must say, I like the .key file.. Simple, but a nice finishing touch to the 3do. Thanks much for the update BoBo Fett.
New Level: MotS MODs: Particle Room - Staff
File: Particle Room
Author: Ted Thompson
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a simple cube shaped level. It has a COG running so that if you 'activate' a console, the Particle stream in the middle of the room advances through the 32 MotS particle systems, one for each activation. The script also prints the template name (for later reference if you see one you like). In addition there are 3 spawn points, each pointed in a different direction(Up down and sideways) to demonstrate the effects of "gravity" and "direction" on the particles. I made this level so I could see what the different particle systems looked like, and I thought other MotS editors would benefit from it.
Zelda TC Screenshots - Brian
The Zelda TC has posted a few screenshots:
Jedi Finger Script - Brian
The Jedi Finger script isn't working properly. Apparently it was hanging on our server, and the server admin's disabled it. I'm working to see what we can come up with. Until it gets fixed, just hop to the normal Jedi Finger site (link above).
Tuesday, February 15, 1999
Artwork Tutorials - Brian
Was browsing around and found a few awesome 2d/3d art sites -- these could help you with mats perhaps. Otherwise, just look at them because they are cool.
  • The Tutorial Warehouse has a bunch of tutorials on 2d artwork/textures. Examples: sleek metal, shiny steel, seemless tiles(!), pipes and wires, metal-ish letters and flames. Great site with some great info.
  • has tutorials on smudging, anti-aliasing, animated gifs(web site owners), and even info on corel photopaint 7 (for the people who have it).
New Level: JK MODs: Detention Center (Jailbreak for JK) - Staff
File: Detention Center (Jailbreak for JK)
Author: Ron Dunlevy (RonDu)
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Basic JailBreak rules: Two teams, two jails. When you die (by any means) you are placed in the other teams jail. When you enter jail, a 45 second timer kicks off. If no one else is killed in 45 seconds, you are executed and returned to the game. If someone else on your team is killed, the timer stops until they enter the jail (respawn), and then the timer resets. During your stay in jail a check is performed every 5 seconds to see who is in jail. One point is awarded to the capturing team for every person in jail. When all of one team is captured, a 10 second "breather" timer is kicked off, and then the whole team is executed. Suicides in jail will not free you from jail, but being killed by someone on the other team while in jail will free you. Prisoners cannot use force powers, but are given their force powers back after escaping. The team member who closes the jail for his/her team will receive a point for everyone captured while the jail is closed. On the other side, they will receive a point for everyone who escapes when he opens the other teams' jail. The jail forcefields take 5 seconds to recharge after being ppen/closed, and will automatically turn on after being off for 30 seconds.

Here is a scoring recap:
  • capture = 1 team point / 1 point for the teammate who closed the jail
  • escape = 1 team point / 1 point for the teammate who opened the jail
  • kill = 1 team point for killing team
  • suicide = 0 points
  • prisoner check = 1 point for every prisoner
  • execution = 3 points for every executed prisoner
  • full team bonus = 10 points
New Level: JK MODs: SKQ (QBert Modification) - Staff
File: SKQ (QBert Modification)
Author: Ron Dunlevy (RonDu)
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Four team multiplayer mod. The arena is divided into squares. You capture a square for your team by jumping on it. The square cannot be retaken for 5 seconds, and the squares cannot be claimed by other teammate until it has been changed to a different color first. When all squares are captured by one team, that team scores bonus points.

Scoring is as follows:
  • Capture Square = 2 team/player point
  • Lose Square = -1 player points
  • hold square = 1 team/player point
  • All squares = 10 team points
  • Kill = 1 player point
  • Suicide = 0 points
To get "hold" points, no one else must capture that square for 30 seconds. You get "hold" points for every 30 seconds you keep the square.
Search Script - Brian
As you can see if you take a look at the menu, I have added a small search script. It works very well for finding anything on this site. It actually searches all of the TeleNation, but our stuff is included, so you'll find what you are looking for. Just type in what you want, and it will pop up in the right hand frame. Now all I have to do is make sure all my [Title] tags are correct (I've noticed a few bogus ones testing the script).
Etc. - Brian
Not a lot of news this last weekend, hopefully it will pick up this week. I picked up a game called Test Drive 5 - it bites, don't bother. I also picked up an ISP that allows me ICQ now. It's actually not mine, a friend is letting me use his for a while.
Monday, February 15, 1999
Holocron Editing - Justin0
I was boycotting Massassi until I got a raise, unfourtionatly Brian wouldn’t even go to talks with my union, so I'm back to update Massassi some more. I thought I might start with my own site, Holocron Editing, who recently updated the site with 5 screenshots of a level Justin0 ,(that’s me,) is working on. I'm too lazy to directly link them from here, so go check them out at Holocron Editing.
So, You Wanna Make Games For A Living? - Brian
So, You Wanna Make Games For A Living? is an article about... you guessed it, getting into the gaming industry. Pretty interesting stuff if you're interested. Thanks
Enhancement Pack Update - Brian
Hideki sent in an update to his Enhancement Pack. It fixes an error in the last version, so we just overwrote the old file with the new file (hence, the version number in the levels section is the same).
More Updates at the Command Chamber - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has updated with a new interview concerning the Force Assassins episode, a preview of the Temple on Yavin IV Demo, and new screenshots for the StarFall Adventure episode. There is also a screenshot of the cloaking stormtrooper that is under development for MotS, which Dark Forces fans may remember from the level Stars End. More new content is on the way, so be sure to visit The Admiral's Command Chamber.
Sunday, February 14, 1999
Gameplay Issues for Map Design - Brian
Not much news flowing this weekend, but I found an interesting article. Hopefully a treat for us late-nighters (hey, I rarely do an update after 6pm). It's focused on Half-Life maps, but it surely applies to Jedi Knight/Sith as well. Gameplay Issues for Map Design is an article that discusses some very important features that all great DM levels should have. This is a very good article, so check it out if you're interested.
Gaming Web Site Creation - Brian
Bluesnews announced an article on about creating your own gaming related web site. Please read it if you are thinking about starting up a web site.
Texture Tutorial - Brian
The Texture Studio has posted a second Texture Tutorial of the Week. Helps out texture artists if they need it. Thanks R.U.S.T.
Spaceport Updates - Brian
The Spaceport has done a pretty big update, here is a rundown.
Put Yourself in the Know - Brian
An interesting article I found while clicking around on the internet. posts an article entitled Latency vs. Ping. Great info for online gamers. The gist of it is like this: You can get better performance of online games if your computer isn't storing network responses in a queue to be processed. Your computer does that if your game is running at a low framerate -- often the computer is so taxed that it has trouble keeping up with everything. If you are getting bad framerates in JK, try turning your resolution down till they clear up, this will make a significant difference in most systems.
Saturday, February 13, 1999
New Level: MotS MODs: MoTs children - Staff
File: MoTs children
Author: JM
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: These are children civilians for MoTs levels. They run on sight of combat and their helth has been reduced so they only take one blaster shot. Their based off of the greedo-like pirate in mots, making them mots only. They'll sap yer force power just like normal civs, so don't kill 'em.
Level Features at the Command Chamber - Ryan
Head over to The Admiral's Command Chamber to check out the latest new and updated featured levels. This week, take a look at a new Dark Forces level under development called Gala for the Emperor, and also new information and screenshots for the Harjassk Diplomacy feature.
TIE Conversion Update - Slug
Element_Greven sent in an update of his TIE Conversion Mod. The new version gets rid of the super concussion rifle. Thanks for that update Greven (note: you may notice the file link is pointed towards the same file available yesterday - it is not the same file, I simply renamed the new one so that we wouldn't have to go through the site fixing links)
Updated Review of Jedi Knight - Brian
Yep, you heard me correctly. announced that Games Domain has posted a new review of JK. This is updated (apparently) due to the release of the JK/MotS combo pack.
Etc. - Brian
  • Outpost D-34 rocks. Be sure to check them out pretty often. I have been getting sneak peeks of Rieekan's new message board, and I'll tell you, it rocks. It is a combo of the ubb and wwwboard styles, and I really think (if they turn out as cool as I think they will) that massassi will be moving over to them. I will post a url of a preview as soon as I get the okay from Rieekan.
  • Yesterday was a good day. I got Winblows 98 installed - my win95 disk is all scratched, and it wouldn't install, so I was forced to use win98. Everything SEEMS to be working perfectly. I also got paid (from work) earlier than I thought - and my income tax check came in. This rocks, now I can pay off Best Buy for the cd player I had installed in my car a couple of months ago.
  • Thanks to Farrax and Slug for hookin' it up with the news lately - we got over 1200 hits yesterday (check the hitstats counter) - the highest day yet.
  • And Finally, I wanted to thank all of the people that visit this site daily -- I enjoy keeping the site up, and I hope you enjoy visiting. On another note - if you find a broken link, please feel free to leave a message on our discussion board -- the staff checks those daily (I know there are a few hanging around, I just lost all the email about them, so no luck finding them).
Friday, February 12, 1998
New Level: JK MODs: TIE Conversion Mod - Staff
File: TIE Conversion Mod
Author: Element_Greven
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This Mod lets players fly TIEs in any level. It is a simple and small mod. Players have only certain weapons according to one of 5 ships. Every TIE model is represented except for the Interceptor, which will be released with the final version. I felt it would be better if players could try the Mod now and see if they would like to download the finished version when it is available.
New Level: JK MODs: Rogue Squadron CTF - Staff
File: Rogue Squadron CTF
Author: The Rogue Squadron Team
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Well, after many long moths of waiting, Rogue Squadron CTF PC (Partial Conversion) has been released. It includes many new force powers, guns, and items; over 20 new characters; and an impressive level pack. Like teamplay? You'll love Rogue Squadron CTF. Get it now.
Mos Tarii update... - Farrax
Freddub sent in a final version of his Mos Tarii level today, it fixed several bugs and adds several features to the level (second control room, junction between two areas, etc..).

If you got the file yesterday, please redownload it. Thanks for the updated file, Freddub.
New Level: JK MODs: Dark Forces Mortar Gun - Staff
File: Dark Forces Mortar Gun
Author: SavageX
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a Jedi Knight Mod that re-creates the Dark Forces' Mortar Gun. It replaces the rail detonator. Have fun! =)
Speeder Bike - Slug
For awhile now, a lot of people have been looking for a good speeder bike 3do for various projects, well Mika has delivered. He sent in a great new speeder bike. Thanks for the file Mika.
Look sir! Jawas! - Farrax
Yes, it's true-- Snootle has created two Jawa pedestrians for MotS, based on the Ugnaught actor model. Download them here, or go to the Miscellaneous section to view other cool enemies and pedetrians to add to your SP level.
Harjassk Diplomacy 2 & 3 - Brian
Found a link to the Harjaask Diplomacy Page (level 1 already released) and noticed that he had some screenshots of 2 and 3 (scroll down towards the bottom of the page).
New Jed Plugin - Brian,, and The Imperial Detention Center have announced a new jed plugin called Mirror Madness. It mirrors all surfaces, lights, and things off the selected surface. You can download it on the Plugins Page. On a related note, the Imperial Detention Center has added a new Message Board.
Jedinights Hosts C.O.R.E. Editing - Brian has announced it's newest hosted site, C.O.R.E. Editing. Great site design, hopefully their mods will be of high quality as well.
New Level: JK Single Player: Temple on Yavin 4 (Demo) - Staff
File: Temple on Yavin 4 (Demo)
Author: Ryan Briggs
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a demo of the SP level the Temple on Yavin 4

The expected release date for the finished Temple on Yavin 4 level is sometime in the 1st quarter of 1999 You can find out more about my Temple on Yavin 4 level by visiting my website at

This demo is just a small sample of what's to come! The demo only allows you to play the Hangar Level of the Temple.
Temple On Yavin 4 Info - Brian
If you are having trouble deciding whether you are going to download the above file, consider the following. First, there was a preview posted on Darkness Falls back in November. Also, if you aren't satisfied with the screenshots or information provided in the above link, you can view more on Ryan's JK Page.

Something else interesting, Ryan has posted the beginnings of a guide to creating levels. Not completed yet, but interesting nonetheless.
Recon Game - Brian
Dark Knight (of Class Creator and Mod Maker), Steve-o (Saberworks), and I had a great game of JK last night/early morning. Starting off, I was getting whooped by DK, but later on when we switched to sabers, I was able to hold my own. Check out the score (Steve is in Australia, so his score can be accounted to Lag):
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Recon - Staff
File: Recon
Author: Phantasm
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A small fast playing level. With a teleporter and the Revive Ride (c) which is really cool I might add. [Brian's Note: This level reminds me of quake/quake2 deathmatch levels -- great balance of architecture and multi-tiered gameplay, I suggest you download it.]
Etc. - Brian
If you've been trying to get a hold of me by ICQ, I can't connect for some reason so send an email. I just got a new computer at work on a 100megabit line, it rocks!

Also, that level I posted just above this email, I strongly suggest you download it, it's a great level.

The Half-Life Demo will be out tomorrow for those of us who haven't bought the game -- I'm looking forward to it...

Apparently I'm getting a beta of level 1 of Holocron's project -- I'm looking forward to it. That's about it for now, look for more news throughout the day (if I can find any...).
Thursday, February 11, 1999
Fun3do Screenshot - Brian
Outpost D-34 (Captain Ramen) posted on a new Screenshot that shows some texturing stuff being worked on by dr0id. I have NO clue what exactly this means, so I'll post the whole quote from dr0id's page.
Today I have finished the map picking (thanks to Michael Friderichsen for helping me with this), copy/paste node/mesh, improved some stuff and changed the way the selection is drawn which can be seen in the new screenshot. Hopefully this will make it easier to work in textured view mode.
Holocron Screenshot - Brian announced that Holocron Editing has posted a new screenshot of JM's Level.
Rites Of Xanthus Update - Brian announced that the Rites of Xanthus TC has been updated. They added stuff to their weapons and skins pages.
Wednesday, February 9, 1999
Money, the root of all evil - Slug
Merlin sent in a great cog that.. well, I'll let him describe it..
It was designed in Mots, but it sould work in JK, I don't know for sure I have not tested it in JK. It is made for use in the creation of single player levels. It has a bank machine(a consolse where you withdraw credits from) and deposit (a consolse where you dump all the credits you have on you into your bank account), in it you talk to people by activating them, for instance there is a payer who will ask you to assainate someone, once you assasinate them (listed as deadman in the cog) you return to payer and activate him again and he will pay you the blood money. Also there is a setup for a store with a storekeeper who will welcome you if you have money or not (if you activate him) and consoles which you activate to get items if you have enough money. (real items are suppose to be displayed in a glass case benind the console and you activate the console to get that type of item) For now this is only for one level, that is I mean it won't carry the money amount to the next level yet. This and other options will be added in the next version.
The original cog is by Matthew Pate, Merlin finished it up and such.. Thanks for the cog guys.
Flashback - Slug
Got a cool new 3do today from Jedi Anubis that should appeal to the ol' DF players/editors. It's the welding arm, that aggravating little sucker that hurt you when you got too close to it. Thanks for the file Anubis.
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Saber Duel Arenas - Staff
File: Saber Duel Arenas
Author: Luke Skywalker
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: A ideal level for 1 on 1 duels. Features 2 different arenas in one level (Once you entered an arena you can't go back unless you are killed.) Please read the readme for information on this level pack.
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Valley Catacombs - Staff
File: Valley Catacombs
Author: Luke Skywalker
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Battle of the Jedi in the ancient valley catacombs. Also features the healing water at the bottom level. This package includes 3 versions of this level: Sabers only, Guns (No AI enemies), and "Guns with computer AI enemies". About the "Guns with computer AI enemies" mode: Computer AI enemies of many different kind appear throughout the level, and you kill them, they respawn after a certain period of time (Most are 60 seconds. More deadier enemies takes longer to respawn). Enemies don't respawn if you're in sight of the generator, until if you move away from the generator's sights.
The Command Chamber - Ryan
Head over to The Admiral's Command Chamber to read up on the latest level review for Mysteries of the Sith. Another review and interview are coming shortly, so be sure to pay a visit.
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Mos Taari - Staff
File: Mos Taari
Author: freddub
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: A central markeplace perfectly suited for Saber duels. There are nice sniping locations. There are 8 player starts here, if not more.

Thanks goes to Lucasarts, JKA_Kenobi, JKA_elphin, pitt_wop, TST_WINGMAN ... (testing). :)

I used to make entire episodes for DOOM, but JK is far more serious. If you download it, I'd love to know how you like it, send me an email.

New Reviews @ Hyperview - Brian announces that Hyperview has posted two new level reviews.
  • Empire Night Club: I've seen this level buzzing around The Zone, and decided to see what it's all about. Quite frankly, I loved it! It's loaded with heavy weapons, pit falls, several traps, cameras, and hidden rooms! There's even a dance room with real music! I highly recommend downloading it. Read on if you want more. - Quote from Datacha
  • Myth of the Kaiburr Crystal: I mentioned in a recent review that in single player levels, how fun the level is is the most important part of how good it is. There are lots of levels coming in nowadays, and it's hard to find a level in the fray that turns many heads. This level is definately exceptional. I'd have to say it's one of the best I've played. - Quote from Dethlord
Thanks Hyperview for keeping up with some reviews (wouldn't it be nice if we had more level reviews going on? Come on Command Chamber, hook us up with the MP!).
Jedi Empire - Brian
A contradiction in terms? Perhaps, but our host, Jedi Nights announced that JK Central has switched names and is now Jedi Empire. Hatter used to have JK Central hooked up, so hopefully this site will be the same.

On the Jedi Empire note, hatter has released a level. In a new reviewing style, it has been reviewed by none other than hatter himself (I think I'll try that with the next level I release. Anyway, check the review and download the level if it looks cool (I think I will, canyon oasis type levels are my favorite).
Holocron - Brian
Holocron Editing has released a level by Justin0 - looks to be pretty cool. I got a preview JED file of JM's Holocron level, and let me tell you it had some amazing architecture in it. I must say I can't wait for this mod to be released.

As I remember it, Justin used to update this site as well, I wonder if he quit and never told anyone?? Anyway, thanks Jedi Nights once again for the news.
Tuesday, February 9, 1999
New Levels/Review Site - Brian
I received an email today, it can pretty much speak for itself, so here goes.
My name is Loegrus, and I've put up a website with over 320 JK MP levels (No Mots). Basically I got tired of not being able to find a level when I wanted to play against someone on the Zone. The site is non-commercial (except for the default Geocities garbage), and points directly at my FTP with a T1 connection.

It took me 4 hours to weed through the "Readme's" and come up with 167 different addresses-I am real serious about this site.

I have some levels with no "readme's". Could you look through the list, and if you own the level, send me the readme. The reason I ask, is that we are going to start "reviewing" these levels, and we'd like to give credit where credit is due.
You can check out the list here, and the site is here. No reviews up yet (as the email says), but they have tons of levels.
Site Seeing - Brian
Not much news so far today, so I thought I'd list some pretty cool JK editing sites that have popped up in the last couple of weeks.
  • Millhouse's JK Site has information on the editing projects he is working on. Check the Screenshots he has posted of his project Dark Ties. From the look of things, Millhouse has his act together -- I'm looking forward to this project.
  • §ector Developments - I got this link in the mail, but I haven't been able to connect to the server, someone let me know if its actually there...
JailBreak JK - Brian
As I mentioned earlier, I have receieved a Jailbreak mod. Unfortunately, the author wanted me to test it before he released it, and I haven't been able to yet. I will try to get it done this evening, but I can't promise anything. Once I test it out, I will post it here.