Saturday, March 13, 1999
Etc. - Brian
Well, off to Universal Studios Hollywood today with Ramen of Last Stand Productions. This means I won't get to update today - no worries though, I'll be back tomorrow.

On another not, I checked out Wing Commander, the movie, last night, and I really liked it. If you liked the games and/or other sci-fi stuff, you'll probably find it entertaining. Anyway, before the movie they showed the new Episode 1 preview -- I got shivers just watching it. I think the new movie will be good, however, I think there will be some cheesy, cartoon type animation, just like when they did the Special Edition (like the furry guy singing in the band at Jabba's Palace). I wish George Lucas would stop putting that cheesy stuff in there.
Friday, March 12, 1999
2 new 3dos (well, sorta new..) - Slug
I've had these things sitting in my inbox for awhile now, and I apologize for not posting 'em sooner. The first is a TIE Interceptor made for JK (no mots 3dos or mats) by SavageX. The second is a Trade Federation Droid Fighter from the upcoming prequel movies by BoBo Fett. Thanks for the files guys, and again - my apologies for the delay.
Detention Center Level Design Contest - Brian
Tazz sent an email with information regarding a level design contest for Detention Center. Detention Center is basically Jailbreak (a popular Quake mod) for Jedi Knight. You can read more about Detention Center by following the above link, and you can check out the contest rules by clicking here. There's no email address for submissions in the rules, so go ahead and contact Tazz (linked above) for more info (if you need it).
Death From Above - Brian
If you haven't downloaded Death From Above yet, you are missing out. No, I'm not getting paid to plug this mod, but it kicks, and I've not seen any feedback on the review board yet -- so go download it!
Patrolling Enemies Tutorial - Brian
Dino Delucchi wrote a tutorial on creating patrolling enemies. There's a sample jed file as well as step by step instructions on using the correct cog. You can also download it on the tutorials page.
Updated 3do Tutorial - Brian
Darth DarKal sent in an update to his 3do tutorial. This tutorial covers adding sections to 3do's (such as ponytails, shoulderpads, etc). Also, you can now download the tutorial (in .zip format) from the tutorials page.

Thanks Darth DarKal for the update.
Wheel of Time - Brian
Wheel of Time page has been updated with a crazy-awesome new look -- as well as some new screenshots and a 6 Meg move file (in avi format). I linked to's download page, which lists a bunch of mirrors. This game is NOT Star Wars related, but it's based on some of my favorite books of all time. If you haven't checked 'em out yet, go to the library and check out a book called The Eye of the World, by Robert Jordan.
Episode 1 Trailer Mirrors - Brian has a list of mirrors where you can download the Episode 1 trailer...
Thursday, March 11, 1999
Echo Base Screens at the Command Chamber - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted new information concerning the upcoming Mysteries of the Sith level, ESB: Echo Base. There is a progress update from the author, as well as four new screenshots of the level. In addition, a review of One Rebel's Sacrifice is coming soon, so be sure to visit the site frequently.
Send me presents! - Fourwood
Yup! It's my birthday! I wan't everyone to send me 10 bucks. :) I'll be getting an ATI Rage Fury today (yay). No idea what else I'll get. Maybe Tribes or Delta Force or something. Definitely not JK related, but it's the most important news today besides the new EpI trailer.
It's Here! - Justin0
The highly anticipated 2nd Star Wars Trailer is now available for download at The screenshot they have look awesome. So if you're anything close to a SW fan then go grab this thing right now. Here's a clip from
The trailer for Episode I runs for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, just a little longer than the teaser trailer. Whereas the teaser focused on the story of Anakin, the new trailer spans more of the full story arc, offering a glimpse at the scope of the whole movie.
Here's a direct link to the download page for your downloading ease.
Wednesday, March 10, 1999
SotW = Screenshot of the Day - Brian
Spart, of fired off an email about the feature-formerly-known-as-screenshot-of-the-week. Now it's screenshot of the day:
Our Weekly Screenshot section has now changed to daily screenshots. This is your chance to show off your JK skills or just a pic of a cool in-game screen. Send in your screenshots to
I think it's totally cool how the programmer of their script had the foresight to build in a function where they could change it to screenshot of the week/day/month/year/quarter/hour by switching one word in a text file - don't you?
DFA Screenshots - Brian
Bah, Ramen can't send good shots eh? Anyway, scroll down and download Death From Above -- it's awesome. Here are some shots (linked off Outpost D-34): [Screenshot1] [Screenshot2] [Screenshot3] [Screenshot4]. Thanks OD-34 (if you haven't visited them yet, you really should...).
CWT: Tournament - Brian
I ripped this straight from our host, Clan World Tourney is having a *gasp* tournament:
Reminder: JK CTF Sign up Now There will be a Jediknight CTF Tourney Sat March 13 and Sunday March 14 on the Zone. Full Force CTF will be on Sat at 1 PM EST and Sunday will No Force at 1 PM EST. So sign up today!

Jedi Knight Clan War There will be a Jedi Knight Clan War Tourney Sat March 20 and Sunday March 21 on the Zone. Saturday times are as follows: Sabers NF begins at noon EST, Sabers FF is at 1:45 EST and On Sunday is Guns NF at noon and Guns FF at 1:45 PM EST. Only the first 16 clans will be allowed to play so read the rules before signing up!
Thanks again,
More Screenshots - Brian
We keep getting screenshots of levels-in-progress - a lot of these look great, so I'll keep posting them. I'm trying to think of a way we can have a permanent archive... Anyway, Dorkus Malorkus (?) sent in 3 screenshots from his upcoming level, and here's what he says about it:
Its been a while since I released a level, mainly because I've been working on this monstrosity of a level. Anyway, the basics are: jk multiplayer, a few custom mats, a few custom cogs, and at least 4 or 5 months in the making. I've been spending at least 20 hours a week working on it, and I have to admit, this is by far the most detailed level you will find out there, bar none. I've still got at least one or two more weeks of work left two it (mostly texture fixing, small architecture changes, and a little framerate tweaking) and it should be out.
Without further delay: [Screenshot1] [Screenshot2] [Screenshot3]. New Design - Brian got a new design, seems to load a lot faster, so that's a good thing.
New Level: MotS Single Player: One Rebel's Sacrifice: Episode IV - Staff
File: One Rebel's Sacrifice: Episode IV
Author: Jeremy 'C@rni' Dooley
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Three new levels continuing the story of Carni Yooled.

Webmaster's Note: Kindof a short description, so I yanked the following out of the readme:

Narrowly escaping Star Destroyers in orbit around Tatooine, Carni returns to the rebel base on Yavin to a victory celebration --and an evacuation. Carni quickly joins a band of rebels determined to continue the cause. Evading the dreaded Imperial Starfleet, that group of freedom fighters, led by Luke Skywalker, established a new secret base on the remote ice world of Hoth.

While on Hoth, Carni joins a squad specifically made up of refugees from Carniís home planet of Rosetta. There he gleans from a new friend, Sarcus, the resistance on Rosetta is faltering.
New Level: JK MODs: Death From Above II: Special Viagra Edition - Staff
File: Death From Above II: Special Viagra Edition
Author: Last Stand Productions
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is the second release by Last Stand Productions. It is an MP MOD for Jedi Knight. It features new weapons and the original four DM levels (Loading Terminal, Bespin, Blades, and Canyon) with Client/Server elevators and doors. This translates into less lag for you, especially in Blades and Bespin. All weapons except the fists, thermals, and saber have been modified. They also have new models and sounds. There are also a bunch of other features, so be sure to read dfainfo.txt first. This mod WILL NOT work with any other episodes besides the one included. Comments are more than welcome.
Final Reality - Brian
Have you ever been interested in benchmarking your system? If no, stop reading. If yes, go to and download Final Reality. It benchmarks 2d, 3d, bus speed, and sometimes AGP (if you can get it to work, which I couldn't). Anyway, it has some great eye candy so check it out. Yeah, yeah, this isn't JK related, but leave your scores on the discussion board.
Tuesday, March 9, 1999
Lord of the Tower for MotS - Brian
After 7 months of not updating, Dak has updated his Jedi Knight page with a MotS conversion of his popular MP level, Lord of the Tower. You can grab that, as well as his other levels (Dark Towers, Siege at Vol Kanst, and some DF ones) on his Levels Page.
Metal Gear Solid TC - Brian
Got an email from Spart regarding a new TC. He says it best:
The Metal Gear TC has moved to Jedi Nights. They are working on a Metal Gear Solid Total Conversion for Jedi Knight. The TC looks very promising, and is pretty unique. Also, the team is looking for some help, so if you are interested contact
CWT Hits 100,000 - Brian
Clan World Tournament broke over 100,000 hits, congrats to the best clan site on the web. Their graphical counter doesn't show it, but check out their counter on hitstats. These guys have some great clan stuff going on, be sure to check out their site.
Screenshot of the Week - Brian
Jedi Nights, our host, has gotten a new Screenshot of the Week script. What does this mean? Archived screenshots, a bit of a redesign, and hopefully more regular updates. Be sure to send in your screens. Guess what else? I won this week, be sure to check it out. Updates - Brian has a bunch of news today, including the fact that Xwing Alliance has gone gold, some new JK levels, and a new gobbed version of the Big Fluffy Pack (for those of you who don't know what that is, it's a very popular skin pack that has an incredible amount of high quality MP skins).
C.O.R.E. Editing: Saber Pack - Brian
C.O.R.E. Editing has released a new saber pack that looks pretty awesome. Thanks to Rez for the icq message on that.
OD-34 News - Brian
Outpost D-34 has some news on screenshots from the MCP and RAV (if you don't know what those are, go check out OD-34!). Lookin' good both sets of shots.
More Editing News - Brian
I have a bunch of editing type stuff in my inbox - I will hopefully get to it this evening, so check back!
Monday, March 8, 1999
CWT CTF Tournament - Brian, our host, has announced that Clan World Tournament is sponsoring a Capture the Flag Tournament on the Zone. Be sure to stop by CWT to sign up. Thanks again JN for the news.
New Review @ JK Academy - Brian announced that The JK Academy has been updated with a new review. Bet some of you have never even heard of that site -- Anyway, they reviewed Myth of the Kaiburr Crystal and gave it an extremely high score (especially for those guys) -- be sure to check it out. Thanks again, for the news...
Sunday, March 7, 1999
Rites of Xanthus: New Screenshots - Brian
Outpost D-34 announced that The Rites of Xanthus TC has posted some new screenshots of a city they're working on. Once again thanks to the Outpost - great JK news site.
Origins: Banner - Brian
Wazzit, of the Origins Team sent us this awesome banner for their upcoming mod, Rebel Espionage. I wanted to post it on the main page, but it's 41k, so I thought it'd be better not to -- it's awesome though, so click the link and check it out (trust me).
Exclusive Screenshots: Imperial Siege at Derra IV - Brian
Ryan, webmaster of The Admiral's Command Chamber has been hard at work on his new level pack. You can check out the Level Feature at the Command Chamber. Those screenshots rock, no? Anyway, I had the pleasure of beta-testing this level last night, and I wanted to post some screenshots here -- this level is straight awesome - the architecture is better than I've seen in ANY level, LEC ones included.

Without further delay, here are the screenshots (Click on them for an larger view):
Saturday, March 6, 1999
Rites of Xanthus Screenshots - Brian has posted that the Rites of Xanthus TC has posted some new screenshots. They are of their in-progress farm multi-player level. [Screenshot1] [Screenshot2]
Friday, March 5, 1999
Holocon: Full Story Posted - Brian
Outpost D-34 reported that Holocron Editing has posted the full story to their project, Mara Jade, Identity Crisis. According to Holocron's news page, they posted the story in hopes of getting support for their project. They are looking for talented, and most importantly, dedicated, level editors to help them finish up the project. If you are interesed, hop on over to their site for more info.

Webmaster's Note: We have made a policy of not posting stories for TC's, etc in the past. This policy has NOT changed, I posted this news because Holocron has released tons of screenshots and info in the past, and I have beta-tested level 1 of their project. Please do not ask us to post your story unless you have a demo or some screenshots to go with it.
New Level: JK MODs: Medival Weapons Pack - Staff
File: Medival Weapons Pack
Author: TrooperX
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This MOD replaces all the weapons with medival weapons. The pack consists of iron fists, a staff, a dagger, a battle axe, a sorcerers staff, a lightning "wand", a mace, explosive packs, a crossbow, and a sword.
Jedi Nights: Help Wanted - Brian
Spart, webmaster of our host, Jedi Nights, emailed me:
We are looking for an experienced newsmaster at Jedi Nights. You would have to be dedicated (daily updates) and able to look for news on your own. We have a news script at Jedi Nights which makes posting very easy (still need to know basic HTML). Please, only apply if you are serious about this important position. If interested send mail to Spart (
If you want to dig your heels into one of the best JK sites around, here's a way to do it (remember, LEC is bound to come out with some games for the prequels [some already announced] - so I'm sure if it is a first person shooter, or any bad-ass Star Wars game, JN will start to cover it).
New Review @ Hyperview - Brian
Hyperview added another new review today, this time of Mechanics of the Force Beta 1.2. The level file is HUGE (4.44 Megs!) - you can download it from the review page. Looks like it may be worth it, as the level garnered 4.5 out of 5 stars.
JED Texture Lists - Brian
Rick Christian submitted a Mysteries of the Sith texture list for MotS a while ago. Now, he has re-submitted it in JLH/JLL format. This will add a directory in your texture picker in JED, sorting the files out by type. Anyway, download the file, and read the following:
These two files add a "Textures" directory to the Resource Picker, which means you can switch between the new directory and the normal ones. You can place these files in one of your project directories or in you jeddata folder. If you place them in your jeddata folder then you'll have the extra directory all the time. If you have ANY suggestions (like textures of sub directories to add) or comments, pleases e-mail me. My e-mail is .
Thanks Rick, for the file, and I apologize for waiting so long to post this.
New Snow .par File - Brian
TrooperX has submitted a new snow .par file that he feels is better than the original. Here is a screenshot.
Thursday, March 4, 1999
JkEdit Version 1.36 - Brian
As the headline says, there is a new version of JkEdit out, you can grab it at the JkEdit Homepage.
New Features:
  • A new Group Name field for Sector Properties
  • A new Library Rename command
  • A new Library Delete command
  • An updated Library Save command
  • An updated Library Load command
  • The Errors dialog has been enhanced
  • Tool tips for toolbar buttons has been enhanced
  • Materials can now be deleted even if they are used
  • A new installation program
Bug Fixes:
  • The Create Rectangle or Create Cylinder commands could sometimes cause a crash
  • The Cogs In Level dialog could sometime crash when the parameter list was scrolled
  • The Cogs In Level command would not always display the parameters when this was scrolled
  • Operations involving deletion of surfaces could cause cog surface parameters to be wrong
  • A crash could occur if you was modifying the sector color map
  • Sometimes the Expand function could cause a crash
Thanks as always Ole Thomasen for the email.
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Cantina Showdown (JFM Battle) - Staff
File: Cantina Showdown (JFM Battle)
Author: GoNs C_R_A_F_T Editing Team
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a small 2 player saber dueling map for any force level. You fight in the landpad, recharge and wait your turn in the cantina. It is ideal for ladder matches too.
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Crashing Ship - Staff
File: Crashing Ship
Author: EvanC
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: You are on a ship crashing down towards your doom. Who's going to get the only remaining escape pod?
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Shattered Justice - Staff
File: Shattered Justice
Author: DC_Takimoto
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is my 3rd level I've released so far. Both of my previous levels got 90% reviews from Yoda's Addon Site, and Capital Ship Prophecy won the Yoda's best award. Anyways, this level is called Shattered Justice, and is a meduim sized saber level. It's being used in the upcoming tournament in my clan, The Defenders of the Cross. This level is well worth the download, and I kept the file size down to 63.7kb, so you can't go wrong!
New Review at the Command Chamber - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted a review of the Mysteries of the Sith level, Dark Legion IV. This is the last installment of the well-known Dark Legion series, so visit the site to see how the final level compares to the rest of the series. There is also an update for the featured level, A Jedi's Quest, so check out that level's progress as well. Be sure to drop by the site and submit your single player levels for review! If your single player level is not yet completed, but you would like it to be featured at the Command Chamber, contact me (Ryan) for more information.
Ion Control - Slug
Tee sent in screenshots of his upcoming level, "Ion Control".
[screenshot1] [screenshot2]
Zarix: The Bounty Hunter - Slug
Merlin has also sent in screenshots of his upcoming level, "Zarix: The Bounty Hunter".
[screenshot1] [screenshot2]
Happy B-Day to me - Slug
Ok, I said on the discussion board I'd be posting today.. Unfortunately I thought yesterday was the second.. I didn't know it was my birthday today until my roommate woke me up singing happy birthday (man, talk about confusion..). Anyways, got a bit posted above, and I tried to post some levels, but the script seems to be broken (or my complete and total confusion as of late has made me do something wrong..) So if you sent in a level, just be patient.
Etc. - Brian
I'm working on a complete newbie tutorial that will walk a new editor through making a level in JED. This is something that has been requested many times, and I finally have a little bit of free time in which to complete it. It will probably be done this weekend, and next weekend at the latest.

I haven't posted any news today due to a hectic day at work, but when I get home I have a bunch of stuff to post - about 3 new levels, new texture management documents for MotS, and some screenshots.

From a message board post, looks like Slug is about to be back in action, so if you sent anything to him, it should be posted soon as well. Thanks for the support of this site even when we have a little bit of down-time.
Wednesday, March 3, 1999
New Review @ Hyperview - Brian
Outpost D-34 announces that Hyperview has updated with a new review. I must give props to Ramen for watching a site that hasn't updated in a month... Anyway, here is the review:
FAQ Updated Again - Brian
I added a "lighting" section with some questions. If you have more info on a question or think something should be added, leave a message on the discussion board.
ReconDroid Download Address - Brian
As C@rni pointed out on the discussion board, I forgot to post the download address for the new ReconDroid. There.
Al's Skin Site Updated - Brian
Outpost D-34 posted that Al's Star Wars Skins Site has been updated. This time he has skins from his fan fiction story, Sword of the Empire. If you are not familiar with Al's skins, take a good look around his site, they are top-notch.
ReconDroid 0.2 Released - Brian
Alexei Novikov, of the Code Alliance, fired off an email yesterday letting us know that he has released a new version of ReconDroid. ReconDroid is a Jedi Knight/Mysteries of the Sith (and now Outlaws) server browser program. Here is the info:
  • Server scanning is now done directly via TCP/IP, not via DirectPlay. The result - it's now nearly instantaneous and DirectX 6.0 problem is gone. The interfaces is also slightly changed (progress indicator is gone as it isn't needed anymore, etc).
  • Added progress indicatiors for server list downloads.
  • Added Outlaws support, including Winsock protocol.
  • Added automatic level downloading (only for JK and MOTS, not Outlaws yet)
  • If you try to connect to a server which runs a level you don't have, ReconDroid offers you to download and unzip the level to an "add-on directoty" (which you can specify. By default it's the "Episode" directory) and then join the game.
Thanks Alex for the email as well as all the programs you create for JK/Sith.
Eye of the Storm - Brian
Justin0, of Holocron Editing posted a link to Eye of the Storm. Rember that weapons screenshot I popped up yesterday? Well that is from this mod (I thought I had missed something). Anyway, Eye of the Storm is FINISHED. You can download it from the site (linked above). It inludes tons of new weapons and force powers. Check out the info page for a list of all the new features. This mod is by Quib Mask, so if you like it, be sure to email him and let him know. Oh, and one more thing. This is for MotS, not JK.
Yesterday's Tutorials - Brian
Some sites have been announcing that we posted new tutorials yesterday. I thought I made it clear, but here it is again. Those tutorials are NOT new. We released them a long time ago, but for whatever reason, they didn't make it onto the tutorials page. Yesterday I just added them to the tutorials page.
Tuesday, March 2, 1999
Tutorials Page Updated - Brian
There were a couple of tutorials we had posted but never added to the tutorials page. I think I caught them all by adding the Perfect Pipes tutorial and the tutorial on adding sectors onto character 3do's (the tutorial shows a ponytail being added without messing up the original mats). If there's any I missed, feel free to point them out to me.
Holocron Editing - Brian
Holocron Editing has posted some new screenshots. The first set is of their Weapon 3do's. The second set has a ton of shots of one of their levels (check out their site for all the shots, but here is a sample).
Outpost D-34: New Poll - Brian
Okay, people vote on this because I will be taking it into account when I go to upgrade the forums (don't worry, we'll have a vote here too, when the time comes). Anyway, Outpost D-34 has a new Poll asking which message board type you like better. Choices are threaded, like the wwwboard we have here, or single-page, like the ones at Jedi Nights. Be heard, go vote.
ORS Re-Location + Screenshots - Brian now hosts the ORS homepage. There are some new Screenshots of the Hoth level, as well as info on the demo (supposed to be released this week).
Project Dark Trooper - Brian
PlanetJedi also has news on a project called Project Darktrooper. There are 3 screenshots up at the page, my favorite being this one of a trooper in red gear.
Editing FAQ Updated - Brian
I've added a "things" section to the FAQ. This FAQ is a work in progress, so if you see something we missed, feel free to leave a message on the Discussion Board. I am also looking into ways to organize it, if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them on the Discussion Board as well.
Ouch - Brian
Well, I apologize for the lack of updates (but thanks to the people who did update while I was gone), but I got called in to work 14 hour night shifts -- needless to say I wasn't in the mood to use the other 10 hours of my day to update an internet site (I like this thing called "sleep"). Anyway, things should be hopping again in no time, so please bear with us.
Clans - Brian
Be sure to check out I counted 15 clans hosted there as of this morning -- if you need a host, is the place to get it. Oh, and hopefully in the next competition at Clan World Tournament you will see the elite Massassi Clan take a victory (that's right - we're working on a site, so if you've been aching to get your sabers on the staff here at massassi, the wait is soon to be over). Actually, we spend so much time editing that we may not win, but we will definitely lose in style.
Fun3do FAQ - Brian
Outpost D-34 announces a Fun3do FAQ at dr0id's page. Looks like dr0id also fixed up the Fun3do section of his page a bit.
Buzz: Yoda's Addons - Brian
All the JK sites (,, OD34) have been posting about Yoda's Addons and I didn't want to feel left out. They have reviews of Detention Center, SKQ (QBert Mod), Waterslide CTF, and others. Be sure to check them out.
Saturday, February 27, 1999
Fun3DO Version 0.2 Beta - Slug
I got an email yesterday from Dr0id with great news that Fun3DO version 0.2 is out!
Fun3DO is a program that will let you import meshes from various 3D file formats and then compose them into one Jedi Knight 3DO file. It will also handle texturing and face/mesh properties. It is not a complete 3DO modeling program. Fun3DO will also be able to import meshes from Jed with textures, properties etc.
Download Url:
Turbolaser - Slug
Taalo sent in a 3do of a turbolaser battery. It works with both JK and MotS. Thanks for the file Taalo.
Bakkuda - Slug
We received some screenshots of the upcoming level taking place from a stormtrooper's pov by JudoKast. As always, if you have screenshots of an upcoming level of yours, we'll post 'em.
Interviews & More at the Command Chamber - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has updated with two new interviews and a new featured level. The interviews concern two levels that are currently under development: Harjassk Diplomacy and Temple on Yavin IV. You can also take a look at the featured level, A Jedi's Quest, to get the latest story information and screenshots. Another review and an updated feature are on the way, so visit the site frequently.
New tutorial - EvanC
Just uploaded a new tutorial, this one's about making rivers. It's actually an old one that was never uploaded.Read it here or go to the tutorial page.
Thursday, February 25, 1999
I am a god unto 3dos! - Slug
What are you looking at? It's true! Well, if you take a look at the 3do section you'll notice a change.. Every single last one, all 105 of 'em, have been hand-checked and labeled as either for JK, MotS, or JK/MotS, aaaaaand what CMP they use. Sure, it drove me to insanity, but it was worth it! This explains why I haven't been making many updates as of late - I've just been too sick of massassi from this thing, but I'm back :) Oh, and from now on, 3dos won't be posted unless it is specified what game(s) it's for and what CMP it uses.
2 new 3dos - Slug
The first 3do is from Ventrue_Vannula. It's a skiff, like the ones from the battle over the sarlaac. The other is a tv from DC_HunterX. Thanks for the files guys.
WaveSkimmer - Slug
Buck_Mulligan sent in a 3do of a waveskimmer. It's a troop transport used in attacks from the water. Thanks for the file Buck. The file can also be found on his home page.
Wednesday, February 24, 1999
Thanks! - Brian
I was browsing the Jump Point and clicked on "Top Rated" and guess what came up? The Ratings Page listed us as number 1 - I'd like to thank all those that voted on that little thingy I posted on the news the other day (if you don't know what I'm talking about, scroll down a bit and you'll see a little form).
New Animated Mat: Rain - Brian
Vannula sent in a new Rain .mat. It's animated, looks pretty cool, check out a screenshot if you're interested. I don't have time to add it to the mat section, but I will when things settle down.
Clan World Tournament - Brian
Saw on Jedi Nights that Clan World Tournament is sponsoring a Tournament that will consist of one on one sabers and one on one no force.
Slow Updates... - Brian
Stuff going on at the job so the rest of the week may be slow in updates from me. I will do my best but I just got switched to working some incredible hours, so I just wanted to let you know. That said, don't expect a quick reply to any email either.
Tuesday, February 23, 1999
Wheel of Time Screenshots - Brian
Okay, okay, not JK related, but a lot of the people who like Star Wars/JK are also into Fantasy novels and such. If you haven't read the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, click "disconnect," walk to the book store, and buy the first one. After reading it, check out the new screenshots posted at the Wheel of Time homepage. This is a game, based on the books, and built on the Unreal Engine.
Updated JED Editing FAQ - Brian
Farrax has done some updating to our Editing FAQ, so take a look. This is a work in progress, so if a question isn't on there, feel free to send it. Otherwise, we are all adding questions as we have time, etc, so it should be a good resource once it gets filled out.
MotS Textures List - Brian
Rob has sent in an updated Textures List for MotS. Basically it breaks the texture list down into categories. Also, you should take his advice with his "recommended" textures - my favorite JK texture of all time (in MotS as well) is listed: 00fstud1.mat.
LoonyGames: 2D Artwork Tutorial - Brian
I was browsing Telefragged's new design (in case you didn't know, TF hosts, who in turn hosts us), and came across news about the new issue of LoonyGames, and online gaming magazine. They posted a new 2D Artwork Tutorial - it looks great, so check it out. This tutorial concentrates on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
More Loony: How Did They Do That? - Brian
LoonyGames also posted this piece entitled How'd They Do That?. This issue covers outdoor terrain rendering (touches on Unreal, Quake, Tribes - no JK that I saw but a very interesting article).
Monday, February 22, 1999
Official Clan Hosting - Brian
Got the word from Spart today, and here is what he had to say:
Today we're introducing a new hosting program at JN -- Clan Hosting. JN is now hosting JK / MotS & other SW / LEC related clans. If you are a clan webmaster and want to join send an email to Spart. Also, be sure to read the hosting page. Here's a small list of some of the benefits:

- URL - web address
- Publicity - hosting at Jedi Nights / Clan Hosting provides exposure for your site
- 5 mb of web space
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Par File Tutorial - Brian
After posting the .par file below, a few people have been asking how to make them. Darkness Falls posted a tutorial on .par files a while back. Unfortunately, the images are broken. I fixed it up and have posted it, so if you're interested, check out the .par file tutorial. It's written by our own EvanC...
Snow .par File - Brian
BoBo Fett sent us this Snow .Par file a while ago, but our MISC page has been un-updatable. Now that it's fixed, the file is posted - sorry for the delay. Anyway, it's a .par (particle) file you can use in your level to simulate snow! Check out the screenshot if you're interested.

Note: The readme.txt file states that JED won't look for your .par file when it gobs, and there are instructions on how to get it to work right. Read the readme: it has all the info you need to add the template and get this thing up and running (not too complex, but if you don't read the readme, it will be more complicated than it has to be).

On another note, my inbox is now empty. If you submitted something that didn't get posted, you should send it again because I don't have it.
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Jawa Dwelling (Updated) - Staff
File: Jawa Dwelling (Updated)
Author: Red_0005
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a medium sized level based on the Sandcrawler from ANH. Players can walk around many rooms inside the sandcrawler. The are a few traps and secret areas. The level is more suited to a minimum of 4 players due to its size.

Author's Note:
This is my first level as I have only been level making for around 4 weeks, so there may be a few gliches/bugs. This level took me around 2 weeks to complete. This is not the final release of the level (95% complete), I have submitted it because I played it with a couple of other players and they said it was good enough as it is. I will submit a more polished version once complete.

If you go to one of the corners on the outside, you will be lifted up about 1000 meters to a platform. From there, you can jump off and survive. You must land in pool on top of the sandcrawler or in front of it. Good for a sky dive. Some people seem to enjoy that sort of thing.
New Level: MotS Multiplayer: Rakkis Imperial Base - Staff
File: Rakkis Imperial Base
Author: Rakkis (SMC)
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a fairly small multiplayer level for MotS. It represents a small imperial base. It is built for fast gameplay as it is a small level and has some large weapons and turrets. This level is the first one I have publicly released.
New Level Feature at the Command Chamber - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted a new feature of the Jedi Knight level, Kyle's Crusade. For screenshots and complete story information, be sure to visit the Command Chamber.
CMP and PAL Files - Brian
Vannula sent in this file that holds all the CMP files (extracted from Jedi Knight) as well as the associated PAL files for Paint Shop Pro. Why would anyone download these? So you don't have to bother converting all your CMP files over when you are making mats, skins, etc.
Cog Tutorial - Brian
The JkEdit Homepage has a tutorial outlining the conveyer cog. Not editor specific, so Jed users wanting some help on cog should take a look at this.
Skins Tutorial - Brian
The JkEdit Homepage also has a skins tutorial online. Perhaps users who were confused with ours will find it helpful. I don't know how long these two have been up, I was just browsing their page and noticed the new ones that were posted.
More News On The Way - Brian
As soon as I can make it out of the office, I can get back to my computer and post all the files that are piling up in my inbox...
New Texture Pack - Brian announced that The Texture Studio has released their sixth texture pack with 50 new textures. You will, as always, have to convert the bmp's to .mat's. Unfortunately, the webmaster of The Texture Studio is taking a month (or longer) break from releasing textures. Don't despair though, with six texture packs up for download, you should be able to find something you can use.
Alexei Novikov Plan Update - Brian
Since our finger tracking script is still messed up, I will let you know that Alexei Novikov, of The Code Alliance has updated his plan file about the next version of ReconDroid.
Command Chamber: 20k - Brian
Our buds over at the Command Chamber busted over 20,000 hits the other day (now they're up to 22,000, so doing very well) -- congrats to the best SP review site on the 'net (ever seen quake/quake2/unreal level review sites? Oh man, what a waste of time..). Now if only they'd start reviewing MP levels eh?
I'm Gonna Get Flamed For This - Brian
Sharky Extreme posts a review of the Ati Rage Fury, a kickin' new 2d/3d card. This baby costs about $180 (US) and has 32 megs of ram on it. Just as fast as a RivaTNT/Voodoo2, but supports 32 bit color - and fast (doesn't take the hit like the Riva when jumping up in color depth). What does this mean to you? Well nothing, JK/MOTS doesn't support 32 bit color... But it's still a rad card - if you have been holding off, take a look. Don't rush in yet, though, beacase the Voodoo3 and the RivaTNT 2 are just around the corner (decisions, decisions).
Jump Point - Brian has re-launched their link index called The Jump Point. It's a great index of links. Unfortunately, the Massassi description isn't all that, and I received returned mail from the guy when trying to change it... we shall wait and see. Anyway, do you like this site? If so, help us out by using this rating form (hope it works :-):
Goldeneye TC Screenshots - Brian
The Goldeneye TC has posted some new screenshots of the complex level as well as their Trevelyn skin.
Ouch. - Brian
I apologize for the lack of updates over the weekend. I had some other stuff going on and couldn't make it to the computer for any amount of time. No worries, though, things should start to pick back up. Isn't it funny how I always have more time to update during the week?
Saturday, February 20, 1999
A whole helluva lot of 3dos - Slug
Well, I've been neglecting my inbox for a couple days now, and it's finally caught up to me.. Ventrue_Vannula sent in 2 new 3dos, one of a mirr ship, and a really nice looking X-Wing. We got a golden sword by Kalen, a TimberWolf mech from Mechwarrior 2 by SavageX, a launch arm for TIEs by GOD_Tazman_GOD, and a shuttle by Felber. Thanks for the 3dos all of you guys, and apologies to those who waited for awhile to have their 3dos posted.
[mirr screenshot]
[X-Wing screenshot]
[gold sword screenshot]
[TimberWolf screenshot]
[launch arm screenshot]
[shuttle screenshot]
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Jawa Dwelling - Staff
File: Jawa Dwelling
Author: Red_0005
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A level that takes place in and around a Jawa Sandcrawler.
Army TC Screenshots - Brian
Outpost D-34 reports that the HOV Editing Group has posted new screenshots of their snow ranger (scroll to the bottom of the screenshots page).