Monday, April 26, 1999
New Level - Slug
Fortunately for Dorkus Malorkus, his level is available at his homepage. It's called Alien.
Someone stole our ftp! - Slug
Bleech.. Well, it would seem that something is wrong with telefragged's ('s host) ftp server.. I've only talked to Nijaan of the spaceport, but he says he can't access his ftp directory and neither can we - I assume it's the same with every site.. What this means is that we can't post any new levels until this is fixed.. The second we do get it up and running, levels will flow like fountains.. On an unrelated note, I think Bri somehow sent me his sickness over the net.. I'm not sure how he pulled it off, but I'll figure it out..
X-Wing Alliance - Brian
I received a couple of emails regarding my post about X-Wing Alliance yesterday. It seems all my problems can be solved by pressing the "O" key (target nearest objective). I'm going to give it another go within the next week -- so please, if you based your decision on whether or not to buy it on what I said, I suggest you reconsider.
Sick - Brian
I got pretty sick yesterday, and it's continuing over to today, so I'm going to take a day off from updating. Hopefully some of the other staff members can get those levels posted (received 4, yes 4, today).
Sunday, April 25, 1999
New Panels at Al's - Slug
Al has made 2 new panels at his Diary Of A Crazed Mimbanite page.. Cliff's X-Wing and Dingus's DIE Fighter
Saberworks - Brian
Saberworks has once again updated with some screenshots. - Brian got a really awesome looking new design. It loads a lot faster, but when are these people going to learn that if you want a site to load fastest, you cannot put the news in a table. For you non-html literate, to render a table, the browser has to download the whole thing, and *then* render it. On the other hand, you can put it like Massassi does - it displays the news text as it's downloading.
Advanced Architecture Tutorial Status - Brian
As mentioned a few days ago, I'm working on an advanced architecture tutorial. Unfortunately, I'm having to re-write the first half due to a bug (read: I messed up). Hopefully it will be out by Friday (taking all the screenshots that go along with this tutorial take the most time). Just to let you know, it will cover a really cool pipe junction, as well as different techniques for creating framerate-friendly architecture that is very detailed and pleasing to the eye.
CIH Virus - Brian
On a side note, a virus called CIH is scheduled to strike tomorrow. Bascially it sits in your computers memory until a certain date, then fries your Bios. I *strongly* suggest you download the CIH checker to see if your computer is infected. Symantec (makers of Norton Anti-Virus) has a program that lets you detect the virus. If you have it, you'll have to download the anti-virus software to kill it.
Etc. - Brian
I'm not very happy with X-Wing Alliance. I finished the first level, which was okay, but then the second level was straight lame. You sit in the gunner position of this freighter ship (which is almost exactly like the Falcon) and shoot crates. You don't get to pilot the ship, you just shoot crates. So I shot all the crates in sight, and my console was targetting crates that were off the screen. However, the pilot wouldn't move the ship so I could see them. I don't know how LEC can release this game -- 1. It's just like the latest 3d versions of X-Wing, TIE Fighter, and X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter. 2. It's buggy (the scripted sequences don't work right most of the time). 3. Once you're playing a mission, if you fail an objective, it won't tell you -- so you end up having to finish the rest of the mission, but then it tells you that you failed and you have to start over. 4. The targetting system is way off -- I really think there should be a key to target your next objective -- at least that way you'd know *what* you were supposed to be doing. Anyway, I hope I didn't anger any fans of the game, but those are my opinions.

If anyone remembers ol' 8t88, who was with me when I first started this site, I talked to him a bit yesterday evening. He said that he was working on some Half-Life editing projects (no pages though). I still don't understand why (any idiot can edit with Worldcraft), but he promised that he'd port his level over to JK if he ever got it finished (I'm not holding my breath).

Happy Sunday everyone, have a great week.
Saturday, April 24, 1999
JED Beta .93 - Slug
Word on the street has it that some guy named Alexei Novikov has released a program called "JED Beta .93".. It's apparently some sort of editing program, you can pick it up here. The new version contains the following additions and bug fixes..

  • Fixed a bug in extracting .COG from GOB/GOOs when you try to edit a .COG that's in the game's GOB/GOO files.
  • You can now change the CMP used as palette when you view a 3DO in Resource Picker.
  • Added an option to hide things/lights when not in thing/light mode.
  • Holding "Ctrl" and "Alt" while dragging objects now limits its transformation to one grid axis. Use "Ctrl+Alt+Z" (press Z while dragging) to toggle between snapping to X and Y grid axis.
  • You can now manipulate shapes (prefabs) - import them from sectors and delete them.

Thanks to Ramen of The Outpost for that little bit of news..
New Screenshot of the Week - Ryan
A new screenshot of the week has been posted at the Command Chamber. If any DF/JK/MotS authors would like their level screenshots posted in the coming weeks, drop by the site and submit them.
Lighting Tutorial - Slug
Jake Troxell sent in a great, easy to understand tutorial on lighting. It goes over the 3 basic types of lighting, and when/how to use them. Big thanks to Jake and Farrax (who contributed to and html'ed the tutorial)
New 3do: Millennium Falcon - Kedri
Yep, GoZ Studios has made a 3do of the Millennium Falcon from Episode IV, A New Hope. It'll work in either JK or MotS, and should work in any colormap. Thanks to SpaceBoy for sending in the file.
Saberworks Screenshots - Brian
Saberworks posted the second set of screenshots (in their series of 7). Check them out on their Level 4 Screenshots Page. I suppose I forgot to mention this yesterday, but these screenshots are all "pre-lighting" - meaning that lighting hasn't been implemented yet.
Holocron: Voting Booth - Brian
Outpost D-34 announced that Holocron Editing has updated their Voting Booth. The question asks "from where do you get your JK and MotS news?" Massassi is lagging behind, so come on Massassians, show your support!
Eye of the Storm - Brian
Holocron Editing also announced the fact that the final version of Quib Mask's (that's one of their members) mod, Eye of the Storm, has been released. It's a huge weapons pack, so if you're afraid of the download time, check out the Information Page. All files are available over at the Eye of the Storm page.
Friday, April 23, 1999
Clan World Network Chat - Brian
The Clan World Network is having a "meet the staff" chat. Head on over to, port: 6667 (with your favorite IRC program), and join channel: #CWT. The chat will be 3 pm Pacific (6 Eastern) tomorrow (Saturday) and will last as long as it's hopping.
Reviews, Features & Levels at the Command Chamber - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted an arsenal of new content. This update includes Jedi Knight and MotS reviews, level features and screenshots, new single player levels for download, as well the usual assortment of other SP gaming news.
JkEdit 2.07 and 1.44 - Slug
Ole Thomasen has released new versions of JkEdit, available at the JkEdit Homepage. Here's what he had to say.
Version 2.07/1.44 of JkEdit contain some new features:
  • Highly improved frame rate
  • Highly improved test mode (Scroll Lock) of the Perspective View
  • Improved Hidden Sector Removal functionality
  • The performance of the Error Dialog checking has been improved
  • The File Manager has been improved
  • Rendering of transparent surfaces has been improved
Version 2.07/1.44 of JkEdit contains a few important bug fixes:
  • Sometimes the perspective orientation could be lost in Scroll Lock mode
  • Sometimes 3DO objects would disappear when moving them
Manowar 3 Review - Brian
Outpost D-34 announced that SHAFT has reviewed Manowar 3. Excellent mod, go check out the review.
Saberworks: New Screenshots for a Week - Brian
Saberworks, the editing group working on (among other things) Pride of the Empire, has announced that they will be releasing two screenshots a day for the next 7 days. Actually, it was me who announced that over there, since it's my level. Anyway, you can take a look at the screenshots over at their page, or go directly to the Level 4 Screenshots Page.

Just some notes on the progress of POTE: We have lost some members, but things continue to progress (at an increasing pace lately). Unfortunately, we will not have 7 SP levels at release time. This is due to the fact that more than half of our level designers quit without finishing their levels. Never fear, however, we have at least 4 full-length SP levels almost completed, with a small boss-type level forthcoming. Right now we are in the process of revising some of the story, as well as getting the cutscenes in order (we *will* have fully computer animated SMK cutscenes, modelled by our kick-butt modeller, \/\/ing |\|ut). Soon we will need a full cast of voice actors for the dialog, so watch the Saberworks site (as well as this one) for the announcement. Thanks everyone for being patient with us!
Last Stand Productions - Brian
Last Stand Productions has just announced that all future releases will be for Mysteries of the Sith only. This is due to the fact that MotS has more options available to the editors (eweb, colored lighting, etc). Don't fret though, I've seen the plans: all weapons will be replaced, so we don't have to sweat those crappy MotS weapons (seeker, carbonite gun, I mean come on). Perhaps you will remember Death From Above II: Special Viagra Edition - which was LSP's last release. I must say that DFA2 is still my favorite weapons addon pack ever released. I have also had the pleasure of checking out some of the level work Ramen (leader of the pack) is working on -- it kicks. I'll post some screenshots here once Ramen sends me some.
Speaking of Screenshots - Brian
Justin0 of Holocron Editing posted a Screenshot on our Discussion Board. No word on what it's of yet, but it does look pretty awesome.
Forums - Brian
Just a quick plug for some of the community message boards that have been seeing some action. Our host, Jedi Nights, has recently added some new forums. They're really cool (way better than that crappy ubb board that I'm so sick of) so check them out:

Also, Outpost D-34 has opened their forums (quite a while ago, but they rock - all the good elements of our wwwboard style with the registration benefits of UBB). Check those bad-boy's out as well:
Etc. - Brian
Yes, as was pointed out on the message boards yesterday, I did type the date wrong. Anyway, it's not worth the trouble of changing it now. I picked up X-Wing Alliance at Staples for $30.00. It's exactly the same as X-Wing and TIE Fighter (I haven't played X-Wing Vs. TIE Fighter yet). I don't see what the fuss is about -- sure the graphics are cool, but if you pick up the X-Wing collector's series, you get the same 3d graphics anyway. I'll play through some levels later on and see if it gets any better.

Matthew Pate, of The Harjassk Diplomacy and The Command Chamber sent an email in regarding yesterday's announcement of EP1 titles:
Recently at Massassi, Brian wondered what an episode 1 game, called the gungan frontier, was about. I read somewhere that it was another lucas learning title, although what the exact nature of the gameplay is, i'm not sure. I hope this helps, anyway.
On one hand, I'm glad they didn't name a shooter something weak like "gungan frontier," but on the other hand, I really want another Star Wars game that's comparable to JK. Come on LEC, announce a First Person Shooter already!
Thursday, April 21, 1999
More from Al - Slug
Diary Of a Crazed Mimbanite has been updated with 2 more strips - hilarious stuff as always..
Episode 1 Games - Brian
I got an email from Spart, of Jedi Nights regarding the release dates of the new Episode 1 games. This is from an employee of Best Buy.
PlayStation - 5/20/99 - The Phantom Menace - $44.99 - SKU: 3649500
PC - 5/29/99 - Episode 1: The Gungan Frontier - $29.99 - SKU: 3611336
PC - 5/29/99 - The Phantom Menace - $44.99 - SKU: 3611345
PC - 5/29/99 - Episode 1: Racer - $44.99 - SKU: 3611354
PC - 6/25/99 - Episode 1: Insider's Guide - $29.99 - SKU: 3651346
PC - 10/30/99 - Force Commander - $49.99 - SKU: 3440191
I wonder what that Gungan Frontier is?
Beta Testing Group - Brian
If you have a project and are wanting some good beta-testers to find any lingering bugs, you may want to check out The Jedi Knight Beta Testing Group. They will test anything for JK or MotS.
Wednesday, April 21, 1999
Clan Tournament - Brian
The Clan League is sponsoring a Jedi Knight Sabers 1 on 1 tournament Saturday May 1, 199 at 1:30 PM EST. It will take place on the Zone. Space is limited so go sign up at
Tuesday, April 20, 1999
Level Design Article - Brian
R.U.S.T. brought my attention to an article over on Gamasutra. The article is entitled Beginning Level Design, Part 1: Level Design Theory. I haven't had the chance to read the whole thing yet, but the first couple of pages are really good - take a look.
Upcoming Tutorial - Brian
I am working my way through an advanced architecture tutorial, I should have it done by the end of the week. I have 90% of the text written (it's a loooong one) - all I have left is a few paragraph's and the screenshots to go with it. Why am I posting this? We haven't had a tutorial or article around here in quite a while, and I just wanted to let everyone know that we're not done yet! I hope this helps people with getting some good architecture out there. Remember, before you release a level, make sure there isn't a square, boring room in it -- it's just not worth it, and people don't much like to play boxy levels like that.
Monday, April 19, 1999
Command Center hits 40000 - Justin0
Congratulations to the Admirals Command Center for hitting 40000 today! I'm sure everyone would like to thank Ryan for just over 7 months of Single Player goodness. Keep up the good work over there, and plug holocron more often :)
Go get in line! - Justin0
Yessir! Anyone who's a real Star Wars fan should be reading this on a portable computer. According the 2nd trailer, Star Wars: Episode 1 should be released exactly one month from now. Of course, I'm not crazy enough to stand in line for a month, so I'll be waiting until a week before release to stake my claim to a section of the sidewalk.
New Star Wars First Person Shooter - Brian
Even though JK isn't a true 'First Person Shooter' (due to the inclusion of the 3rd person view), I'm going to use it for lack of a better word. Anyway, I, along with others in the community, were disheartened by the fact that LEC didn't announce an FPS with the crop of TPM games. I have 3 words: There's Still Hope. Why do I say this? Here is a quote out of the most recent issue of Computer Gaming World:
In addition to the two Star Wars Episode 1 games featured in this feature, three more unannounced titles should ship by year's end.
That's all it said, but how could LEC abandon all the loyal fans of the Dark Forces series? I don't believe they can. First of all, back shortly after the release of Mysteries of the Sith, in an interview with one of LEC's employees, it was said that they were not going to do another sequel to Dark Forces, but that they were working on another FPS. Please LEC, give us dedicated servers! I'll keep everyone posted if I find out any more info -- keep your fingers crossed.
Goldeneye TC: Screenshot - Brian
The Goldeneye TC has posted a screenshot of their opening cutscene. It looks pretty good, go check it out if you're a Bond fan.
3do Studio Status - Brian
If anyone remembers, Qad! had been working on a project called 3do Studio. The page hadn't been updated in a long time, so I decided to fire off an email to him. Here is what I got in reply:
After several months ( i was out of Spain ), I restarted the project. As i'm rewriting all, it will take some time to reach the old status, but at least, it's about 300% faster and reliable than the previous project.

I will update the homepage with some info about the actual status.
This is some great news, we'll keep everyone updated on the status of 3do Studio.
Clan World Tourney - Brian
Formerly Clan World Tourney, hosted by Jedi Nights, they've moved on to bigger and better things. You can read the Press Release - Basically, they've started covering tons of different games, yanked a bunch of domains, and moved over to You can read the full article by clicking on the Press Release link above.

Congrats to Element_God, founder and webmaster.
Sunday, April 18, 1999
Dark Forces Article - Brian reports that 3DGN has posted an Article looking back on Dark Forces 1. Pretty interesting read, and thanks to Jedi Nights where I actually saw the news (they gave credit to, so I'm obliged to).
Screenshots & Features at the Command Chamber - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has updated with new screenshots for the "Mos Eisley Spaceport" and "Jedi's Quest" featured levels. In addition to the features, be sure to take a look at this week's level screenshot, as it is quite interesting. A review of the MotS level "Force Training on Coruscant" is coming soon, so visit the site frequently to keep an eye out for it.
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Eiesly - Staff
File: Eiesly
Author: Commander
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: A good level for long range shooting or saber duels.
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Cliff Hangar - Staff
File: Cliff Hangar
Author: ThreeDee
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: A relatively small multiplayer level, consisting of a huge abyss, at the top of which is a hangar. Many good places to snipe from, hide or place proximity mines. With more than 4 players, it will probably get a little crowded. Be light of foot when dueling around the cliff, or you may just go crunch. A 3D accelerator is reccomended, as the transparency slows down machines that lack them.
New Holocron Screenshots - Brian
Justin0, of Holocron Editing alerted me to two new screenshots. These are both of Level 1: [Screenshot1] [Screenshot2].
Saturday, April 17, 1999
RPG Battle Engine - Slug
Palithius has updated his RPG Battle Engine page with some screenshots of the engine in action, and some info about the project.. Looks very interesting, so give it a look..
Saberworks in need of actor - EvanC
I just noticed over at Saberworks that they are in need of someone to play the part of Janus the stormtrooper. Go over to the site for more details.
Imperial Siege on Derra IV: Exclusive Screenshots - Brian
Ryan, of the Admiral's Command Chamber sent me a couple of screenshots of his upcoming level pack, Imperial Siege on Derra IV. If you guys don't remember, I posted two screenshots a while ago. You can take a look at the old ones here: [Old Screenshot1] [Old Screenshot2]. Now, here are the two new ones: [New Screenshot1] [New Screenshot2]. I've played this level, and so far, it's got the best architecture I've ever seen in any level, LEC or not.
Sandcrawer Productions Screenshots - Brian
Outpost D-34 reported that Sandcrawler Productions has updated with two new screenshots of a K-wing fighter they're working on: [Screenshot1] [Screenshot2].
More Mimbanite Goodness - Slug
Al Macdonald has once again updated his great comic strip, Diary of a Crazed Mimbanite.. In addition to 2 new entries, he's made the entire series viewable online..
New Level: JK MODs: Kir Kanos - Staff
File: Kir Kanos
Author: Elcor A'lish
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Play as Kir Kanos from the Crimson Empire Comics in single player. Includes imperial guard staff courtesy of Hideki
Fun3DO Version 0.4 Beta - Slug
Fun3DO version 0.4 Beta has been released.
Fun3DO is a program that will let you import meshes from various 3D file formats and then compose them into one Jedi Knight 3DO file. It also handles texturing and face/mesh properties. It is not a complete 3DO modeling program. Fun3DO is also able to import meshes from Jed with textures, properties etc.
Download Url:
Beta Testing Group - Brian
Got an email from Slade about a group of beta testers he's put together. If you need your level/mod tested (and I suggest everyone do this), contact his group (via the above email address) and they'll test it out for you. I urge all editors to take this seriously, it's terrible to see a level full of bugs when it could have been excellent.
Holocron Screenshots - Brian
Outpost D-34 announced that Holocron Editing has posted two new screenshots: [Screenshot1] [Screenshot2]. They look pretty amazing, as do all of their screenshots. The second screenshot is using their custom camera angle modification, looks pretty cool.

I have personally beta-tested the first level (I think it was the first level), and it was pretty amazing, this is one of the editing groups out there that actually have some great stuff going on.
Friday, April 16, 1999
New Screenshots - Brian
Outpost D-34 has news about two editing groups updating with screenshots:
Zelda TC: Vote - Brian
The Zelda TC is having a vote on whether they should release their beta pack to the public. Let them know what you think on their Message Board.
Thursday, April 15, 1999
New Level: JK Single Player: Legends of the Force: Darth Maul vs. Qui-Gon Jinn - Staff
File: Legends of the Force: Darth Maul vs. Qui-Gon Jinn
Author: BoBo Fett
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: A small saber duel level where you play as Qui-Gon Jinn defending the Republic against an evil Sith Lord, Darth Maul.
Editing Mailing List - Slug
Got this email today from Raynar
I have set up a mailing list called JK-Editing for discussing all editing aspects of the game; levels, cogs, skins, mats, everything. To join send an email to with 'subscribe jk-editing' in the message itself.
Another 100k - Slug
Wow, we've hit another 100k, in much less time then it took to hit the first 100k.. Huge thanks to all the visitors who've made it possible.
Level Preview Screenshot - Slug
Anime_Shinji sent in a screenshot from his upcoming level, Imperial Power Plant.
Tuesday, April 13, 1999
Back - Brian
Well, my trip got cut short, so I'm back about a week early. Thanks to Slug and the rest of the staff for keeping up on the news (what little there was). JK news has been in a slump lately, I see, but I guarantee that JK/MotS editing will be around at least until another Star Wars first person shooter comes out.
Vader Enemy - Slug
Merlin sent in a new enemy for MotS, Darth Vader. Here's what he had to say (merlin that is, not vader)..
This is a new Darth Vader enemy. He has ambient breathing. He uses two force powers, Force Grip which he uses quite often, and Force Saber Throw! He says "If you will not join me then you will meet your destiny!" and then throws his lightsaber at you! Unfourtunatly I couldn't make the saber go directly back to him and have him make use of it (partially because he moves and might miss the returning saber and partially because I couldn't make him take the saber back (I think I may have found a way to fix this and will send in a second version if I can make it work). If you attack him while his saber is still gone he will punch you hard. This is a Mots only enemy.
Monday, April 12, 1999
Crazed Mimbanite - Slug
Yesterday Al MacDonald released 2 more editions to his hilarious star wars parody comic strip, Diary Of A Crazed Mimbanite. Great stuff as always..
Sunday, April 11, 1999
Level Screenshots - Slug
BoSsK sent us the url of his webpage earlier today that contains info about his upcoming level. There are still some broken links on the page, but you can find some screenshots of the level by clicking on "levels" and then "Bossk's revenge".. It's looking pretty good so far.
3do update - Slug
The 3do pack that was submitted by DarthFader the other day has been updated. The original version was missing some mats. Thanks for the update Fader.
JkEdit 2.06 and JkEdit 1.43 - Slug
Ole Thomasen has released new versions of JkEdit, here's what he had to say..
There are new versions of JkEdit 2.06 and JkEdit 1.43 available at

Versions 2.06/1.43 of JkEdit contain some new features:
  • The Extrude command has been enhanced with a hidden sector option
  • The collision detection algorithm has been improved
  • Highly improved keyboard and mouse control of the Perspective View
  • New defaults for the Create Switch dialog
  • New Surface Flag
Versions 2.06/1.43 of JkEdit contain a few important bug fixes:
  • Resizing the window in non-stretch mode did not work properly
  • The Help Tutorialís and Help Faqís URLís were wrong
The Command Chamber - Ryan
There have been a ton of updates at The Admiral's Command Chamber. The new content includes three new reviews: Hidden Enemies (DF), Dark Emperor (JK), and Boc's Survival (MotS). In addition, a feature has been set up for the Force Assassins level series (MotS). And for all you Dark Forces fans out there, an updated version of Beyond Glory has been posted. Be sure to visit the the site now to check out the new stuff, as well as to get your daily dose of single player gaming.
Saturday, April 10, 1999
PuppetJedi has gone Opensource! - Slug
As somewhat of a bet, Alexei Novikov has made PuppetJedi, his key editing program, opensource. Basically, it means he's given out the source code, and everyone is free to modify it - here's what he had to say..
Avaiable at:

Here are the terms of its use:

You may modify/use/derive programs from this source code as you see fit as long as
  • You distribute any of the programs derived from it for free.
  • You clearly state that you used PuppetJedi source code as a base and give me (Alexei Novikov) credit.
Also read Licence.txt included in the ZIP file.
Alright all you programmers out there, get to work! I personally believe in opensource, lets see how it works out..
Late, but oh well.. - Slug
I noticed at The Outpost that Al Macdonald updated his Diary Of a Crazed Mimbanite. Hilarious stuff, check it out..
Friday, April 9, 1999
RBF is a God Unto Cogging - Slug
I dunno what he did, but apparently it's true..
'Oly Crap! - Slug
Message board resident (I swear, he gets his mail forwarded there), JM, just sent in a huge mat pack containing 84 textures, all using the 01narsh.cmp. Thanks much for the file JM
New Level: JK Multiplayer: An Old Village On Earth - Staff
File: An Old Village On Earth
Author: Luke Skywalker
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a small multiplayer level set on an old village on the planet Earth. It consists of 4 houses and a very small school. This level has both sabers and guns version. Official author's home page is
Editing Board Operational - Ryan
I just finished repairs on the editing board, so feel free to get back to your editing discussions at any time.
Mission to the Core Worlds - Kedri
Dino Delucchi dropped us a line on his current MotS project, Mission to the Core Worlds. Visiting the MttCW website will fill you in on the story behind this original, six-level, single-player episode, with a few screenshots to boot. Dino's also looking for a few good men (and women) to beta-test the levels completed so far, so cruise on over to his site if you're interested.
Thursday, April 8, 1999
Etc. 2 - The Aftermath - Slug
Reparations to the board will commence soon, RBF sent me a nice little progy that displays what those little asteriks in password boxes are hiding (I'm not gonna mention that the progy was infected with win95.cih *cough*), so I just sent the password off to Ryan, and he's gonna get to work on it (he'd *better*, or I won't ever let him fix our boards again - that'll show him..) Wow, I've solved the board problem without doing any work of my own.. I amaze myself..
Tile Mat - Slug
Just received a new mat of a checkered floor from REZ. Thanks for the file as always REZ.
A whole lotta 3dos - Slug
DarthFader sent in a big 3do pack containing 14 3dos and a mat.. They're all things you would find in a modern office area. Thanks much for the files Fader.
New Level: JK MODs: Star-Trek TNG Skinpack - Staff
File: Star-Trek TNG Skinpack
Author: Elcor A'lish
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Play multiplayer as all your favorite Star-Trek next generation characters. (including Worf)
Etc.. - Slug
First off, the message boards.. This is just one big cluster*#@%.. Ryan, from the command chamber agreed to help me out, just one catch - he needs the FTP pass, something I don't have (I typed it in CuteFTP once, where it's stored as nothing more then asteriks then I lost the email that contained the password..).. Until another staff member emails me the password, we're kinda screwed.. Until then, just use the discussion board (not review board) for your editing questions..

Secondly, the lack of news updates.. Obviously we take some credit for this, but the fact is there just isn't much news out there right now.. None gets sent to us, and apparently none gets sent to other JK sites either, as most of their news posts are about XWA (d'oh!). I also always feel weird about taking news from other sites considering most people who come here go to and/or anyways (why shove the same old news down everyone's throats?) Anyways, there's our excuse :) We will keep trying to find news though of course, and will as usual post stuff sent to us as promptly as possible.
Tuesday, April 6, 1999
Too much lightsabre stuff? - Justin0
I was surfing around at lunch today and I stumbled upon this interesting site dedicated to bringing you every single nit-picky thing about lightsabres and lightsabre battling. I suggest that if you are going to visit it, you set aside an hour or two to read everything.
Jedinights Forums - Justin0
In case you havenít noticed yet, has opened up a large forum section dedicated to becoming your one (and only) stop for forum fun. The Admirals Command Center, Holocron Editing and Rites of Xanthus are some of the latest additions to the already large forum index. Check it out!
Holocron Editing - Justin0
*Whew!* After adding those other two updates I felt it was time to plug my own site. Holocron Editing has updated their site (here I go with multiple personalities again) with 5 new screenshots from JMís level, 5 new screenshots from their latest weapon 3do's, and 5 new excuses for not updating over the weekend. Keep checking back at Holocron everyday for the latest news pertaining their exciting TC! *Shameless plug, it was. I'm sorry.*
New Level: JK Multiplayer: The Funky Box Of Death and Abandonded Land Pad - Staff
File: The Funky Box Of Death and Abandonded Land Pad
Author: Matthew Zacharias
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: The first level is basically what the title states - a box of death containing only the powerful and explosive weapons. The reason it is funky is beacuse it has a funk song in it for the background music. The funk song was completely composed and recorded on a 4-track by me and my friend. Abandonded Land Pad is a SABERS ONLY level. It's set at an abandonded space land pad floating in space. The land pad has now been turned into a giant junk heap floating in water beneath it. Tons of obsticals to jump around on! Have fun!
Hilarious stuff from Al - Slug
Al Macdonald updated his page today with a great comic strip thing that he's been doing. You can get it from
Ultipla Skins - Slug
The onslaught of pictures from Ultipla's upcoming Loony Toons Skinpack continues over at Jedi Legacy. The latest pic is of Elmer Fudd.
Monday, April 5, 1999
New Level: JK MODs: La_Reina's SkinZ - Staff
File: La_Reina's SkinZ
Author: Monica_Jedi
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Three new multiplayer skins- a female Jedi Knight (Jk's very first barefoot skin!), a female in mandalorian armor (w/o helmet), and a female in stormtropper armor (w/o helmet). All area accompanied by a new .snd file that offers new (in multiplayer) sounds derived from the civilian woman sounds in JK, as well as a sampled taunt by the author.
New Loonygames - Slug
Just saw the new loonygames is out. As always, a good read (although, there's only 2 new articles this time around)
Outpost Boards up and in full swing! - Rieekan
Yea! Check it out, after many, many months in the making, the brand spanking new Outpost D-34 Community Discussonn Forums are at long-last up and running! And, if I may say so myself, they're quite cool. We're already hosting an assortment of message boards for various groups, such as Zelda TC, Sam 'n Max Project, Last Stand Productions, the National Star Wars League, Imperial Center with more to come soon. Anyways, they're very cool so enjoy!

On a slightly different note, Outpost is also going through some rough times right now, especially with a server that seems to continuously refuse to work properly, which has all but stopped the addition of new sites. new features, etc. However I'm sorting through all the problems as I can, and soon we'll be running at full capacity with tons and tons of cool stuff, with a new (working) server in the near future so stick around.

Dark Forces is still alive??? Hoochie Mamma!!! - Puke Dogwalker
Here's an update from the Admiral's Command Chamber
The Command Chamber is proud to present two new Jedi Knight and Dark Forces level reviews for your reading enjoyment. In addition to these two levels, reviews of "Dark Emperor" and "Boc's Survival" are coming within a few days. Here are the specs for the latest reviews: Review of Jedi Search 2: Imperial Ship D600 | Author: Ryan Briggs Download (792 KB) | Reviewer: EMambu | Game: Jedi Knight Review of Reunion II | Author: John Johnson Download (1.18 MB) | Reviewer: EMambu | Game: Dark Forces Note: This is not an update of the original "Reunion". Rather, itís a whole new level thatís based upon the same plot.
*sigh*.. - Slug
Sorry about the severe lack of updates yesterday guys.. I didn't have much computer time yesterday.. Just a good thing Justin filled in for me.. *checks the news*.. Wait, no he didn't.. nevermind.. Anyways, don't expect any news today, obviously it being Easter, and me being a catholic only in the deal for the holidays where I get candy or presents, I won't be here today..
Saturday, April 3, 1999
RoX Screens - Slug
I saw over at JN that theRites Of Xanthus page has been updated with screenshots. So head on over and take a look, it's coming along great.
Friday, April 2, 1999
JkEdit 2.05 and JkEdit 1.42 - Slug
Ole Thomasen has announced the new JkEdit versions, here's what he had to say.
There is a new version of JkEdit 2.05 and JkEdit 1.42 available at

Version 2.05/1.42 of JkEdit contain some new features:
  • A new Create Switch command
  • Rendering of transparent surfaces has been improved
  • Improved collision detection by using ray picking

Version 2.05/1.42 of JkEdit contains several important bug fixes:
  • The vertex colors for Mots were wrong
  • The Create Elevator had a wrong elevator object
  • The Unlink command did not properly update the involved sectors
  • Pitch, Yaw, and Roll was not always correct calculated
  • 3DO collision detection did not work properly
New Level: JK MODs: i_ate_a_frip's skin pack - Staff
File: i_ate_a_frip's skin pack
Author: i_ate_a_frip
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is my first skin pack. It contains three skins (some quite weird): - BLOODY YUN: yun with a bloody face - HEADS: a bunch of floating heads - DISEMBOWLED KYLE: Katarn's body parts in a jiberish mess
New Level Reviews at the Command Chamber - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted two new Jedi Knight and Dark Forces reviews. In addition to the new reviews, the Kyle's Crusade level feature has been updated with new story information and screenshots. More reviews including "Boc's Survival" and "Dark Emperor" are on the way, so be sure to visit the site frequently.
I'd like to... - Slug
...Extend a big thanks to all of you who fell for the prank.. From about 5:30 till 9:00 we were just sitting in #cantina_cloud laughing our asses off.. Thanks much :)
Level Screenshots - Slug
_PeD_HeAd has posted some screenshots of his upcoming level at his homepage. Thanks for the info PeD.
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Jawa Dwelling SE - Staff
File: Jawa Dwelling SE
Author: Red_0005
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A New and improved version of Jawa Dwelling, more traps, secrets, etc. Also added replicas of Oasis and BGJ hidden in level.
HAHA - Justin0
The Drazen Isle hoax was unveiled just a few minutes ago! Check out this amazing confession straight from our very own review board.
Thursday, April 1, 1999
There is a god!! - Slug
The day has finally come! Jeff Walters, the drunken aussie who was never expected to finish his level, has released his long-awaited (and I mean loooong) Drazen Isle! I'll use the pretty little level form later, gotta go play this bad boy first!
Cantina Prefab - Slug
Our very own Puke Dogwalker sent in (yes, sent in - he's too lazy to post it himself! ;) a cantina prefab. It's textured for mots, but you can always retexture it for JK. Thanks for the file Puke..
It steers! It zooms! It's a Camera! - Kedri
Nightmare just sent us a modification of the MP cameras cog from MOTS, and as he points out, it's changed quite a bit:

  • You can steer the camera around with the arrow keys (full 360 degree vision)
  • You can zoom in and out with the jump and crouch keys (.5x to 16x)
  • It can print a UNI string instead of a plain camera number so you can give a brief description of the room you're looking at
  • You can't shoot anymore while using the camera (quite painful if you had a conc)
  • It can handle up to four viewpanels, so you don't need a seperate cog for every viewpanel
See the cog header for more detailed infomation on implementing the cog in your level.
He also mentions that the cog will only work in MOTS. Thanks for the file, Nightmare.
Wednesday, March 31, 1999
LEC Interview - Slug
I saw over at that Next Generation has posted an interview with Director of Sales and Marketing for LucasArts, Mary Bihr. It provides a few shreds of info about the upcoming games.
New Level: MotS Single Player: Boc's Survival - Staff
File: Boc's Survival
Author: Lou Graziani, Sir Gerry, Tom Smallwood, Stooba
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Kyle has learned that Boc may have survived their previous battle, and must travel to the Twi'lek home planet, Ryloth, to see if the rumors are true.
Updated FAQ - Slug
I updated the FAQ with some info sent in by Milhouse about tinting sectors. Thanks for the info Milhouse.
Tuesday, March 30, 1999
Ack! - Justin0
I just read Puke Dogwalkers post (the one concerning the new Mara Jade: Identity Crisis section) below, and I thought I'd clarify it. The new section has been created by us at Holocron Editing, not Just had to clarify that and remind Puke to always use blockquote and a gray font when quoting people :)
Predator Enemy - Slug
Kell Dragon sent in a new enemy. It's a Predator (from the movie: Predator), that fights hand to hand. Thanks for the file Kell.
Important JediNights Update - Puke Dogwalker
JediNights has created a section dedicated to Mara Jade: Identinty Crisis. I bet it's pretty cool. This is what Justin0 has to say about it:
Hello everyone, Justin0 here from Holocron Editing. We've just added a major new section to the site, based around our exciting new MOD, Mara Jade, Identity Crisis. If you fully explore this new section then you'll find 9 interesting new screen shots from Level 1, a picture of our new Mara skin, and lots of cool facts about our project. We've also pledged to update this section frequently, so check back often!
Loonygames - Slug
Just noticed that the new installment of loonygames has been released. Loonygames, for those of you who don't know, is an e-zine that covers basically the development of various games, with articles written by the big dogs of the business. Seldom JK related, but always a good read for people interested in the gaming business..
Monday, March 29, 1999
Hello Good Dudes! - Puke Dogwalker
I, Puke Dogwalker, have been chosen as the new dude to handle the Massassi's news. Since BrianL is gone for a month, I can silently conquer this site (manacial laughter) Just kidding. Anyway, in case you're interested, I'm going to be updating not just JK related stuff, but about certain game engines that are out and free on the Internet. I've realized recently that many people are expressing the loss of faith of the game engine on the discussion board (heck, we might have to make another message board for whining about our game engine). I'll also be posting about new games from LucasArts, and of course, The Phantom Menace. I wish a very happy time for all of us at the Massassi, and May the Pork be with you!
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Planet Britt Tour - Staff
File: Planet Britt Tour
Author: Chris Felder
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a set of five Jedi Knight Multiplayer levels located on Planet Britt. You will fight in an underground shipping facility, an Imperial outpost, a canyon, an old Jedi temple, and an abondoned packaging plant.

For complete descriptions of each level, screenshots, and all of the secrets, please visit
Meetings Were Never Quite Like This - Kedri
Home_Slice just sent in a custom 3do of a nifty conference table for JK, complete with embedded computer screens. Thanks for the file 'Slice.