Monday, May 10, 1999
*sigh*... - Slug
Bad news about E3 (nothing *that* terrible, but more than a little frustrating) at The Outpost..
JkEdit 2.08/1.45 - Slug
The new versions of JkEdit are now available at the JkEdit Homepage.
Version 2.08/1.45 of JkEdit contain some new features:
  • The Create Elevator function has been improved
  • Improved test mode (Scroll Lock) of the Perspective View
Version 2.08/1.45 of JkEdit contains a few bug fixes:
  • Sometimes the collision detection algorithm would fail
  • Small white dots could be noticed at corners and edges
  • The Error dialog did not repaired cog files correctly
Adjoining Tutorial Updated - Brian
While answering a post on our editing board, I noticed that our adjoining tutorial was very outdated, and very confusing. So, for all you new editors out there, I have updated it. As always, you can get to it on the tutorials page, or click on the following link.
Jedi Nights Re-Design - Brian
Jedi Nights has re-designed their site - it looks awesome (as always). Spart's looking for comments, you can always leave them at the kick-arse Jedi Nights Forums.
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Tusken Proving Grounds - Staff
File: Tusken Proving Grounds
Author: Tee
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Tusken Proving Grounds, Jedi Knight Multiplayer Saber level (nf/ff). Set somwhere in the middle of the Tattooine dessert, these hidden caves are used by young Tusken warriors eager to prove they are 'hard' enough. Watch your step!
New Level: MotS Multiplayer: Spice Storage Facility - Staff
File: Spice Storage Facility
Author: Robert
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a large level (I think): it's good for 3-4 players. It is an Imperial Spice Storage Facility, and it has three main sections: The Tank Room: this room has 4 large tanks that you can slide down. The Docking Bay: this is a large open air room that has a Heavy Lifter Shuttle in it. The Train Station Room: this is also a big room, it has 4 tracks intended for hover trains so they can ship spice in and out. Use the cameras to find the other players, it works well.
Adding Hotkeys Tutorial - Kedri
Hell Raiser sent us a sweet tutorial on adding up to 15 more items, force powers or weapons without replacing a single thing in Jedi Knight. Just checked it out myself and it works like a charm! Thanks for sending in the tutorial, 'Raiser.
Sunday, May 9, 1999
New MotS Level at the Command Chamber - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted a new single player Mysteries of the Sith level entitled "Escape From Ramses Hed." This is actually the second part of the well-known "Clone Menace" series by SavageX. Be sure to visit the site and download. Also, I decided to extend the site poll for a few days to give more people a chance to respond, so go vote for which upcoming SP series you think will be the best.
New Level: JK Multiplayer: EurekaVC - Staff
File: EurekaVC
Author: JoA_EZ_Targett
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is my first level, so nothing real fancy. It has alot of walkthru walls, so I suggest exploring it offline to learn the layout. It's primarily a gun level but has areas suitable for sabres. It is designed for 2-4(up to 8 in an IP game) players and can be used with or without force. It is a medium size level, a pair of .wav files in the bar area accounts for the large size of the level file. You don't have to worry about getting lost and not finding any targets here. - Slug
Saw alot of talk about video cards on the message boards, so I decided to throw out a link to the best hardware site on the web, You can't get much better prices, and their bundles absolutely rock (just ordered myself a celeron 300 guaranteed to overclock to 475, an abit BM6 mobo, and *insert drum roll* a 32 meg TNT2 from LeadTek.. All for $439 - you just can't beat that price)
Last Stand Productions - Slug
I saw over at The Outpost that one of their hosted sites, Last Stand Productions has posted some cool new concept art for their upcoming TC, so head on over there and check it out.
Holocron Screenshots - Brian announced that Holocron Editing has released two new screenshots. These bad boys actually show off some decent (decent, mind you, not spectacular) architecture (and actually, Justin, they look pretty good at the computer I'm at right now, we'll see what happens when I get to my real machine...). If that confused anyone, go read Justin's post over at Holocron (you have to go there anyway to look at the screens, right?).
Saturday, May 8, 1999
Notes on the Post Below - Brian
I was reading through the Level Design slideshow, and I noticed that if you look at the TEXT ONLY version, you get to read tons of notes that just don't show up on the grahical version - I highly recommend taking a look at the text version. You will have to switch back to the graphical version to see some sketches and stuff, but other than that, the text version is the way to go.
Nihilistic Slides - Brian reports that Nihilistic Software has posted 3 slideshow presentations that were shown at the March GDC. They are entitled "Using Java as an Embedded Game Scripting Language," "Game Programming for Windows," and of paticular interest to yours truly, "Understanding Level Design." Remember, the founding folks of Nihilistic are the people who brought you Jedi Knight, so heed their words! Comments, as always, are welcome on the message boards.
Vampire Preview - Brian
Bluesnews also announced that IGN PC has released a Preview of Nihilistic's upcoming game, Vampire, The Masquerade. Get a load of some of those screenshots - people, this is how architecture is supposed to be!
New Level: JK Multiplayer: A Sadistic Place - Staff
File: A Sadistic Place
Author: Element_Greven
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A level I made quite a long time ago. Recently, due to all the square boxes.. I figured this one was at least a bit better than those. Its an abandoned mine area (yes secret entrances, dumb walkthru walls B) ). Also, the entire focus tends to revolve around gray floor in the middle.
Architecture Ideas - Brian
Maybe I'd better coin this as "architecture idea day." - But anyhow, if you are looking for some killer ideas to make your latest level rock, be sure to check out the Official Star Wars Locations Site. It has tons of shots of every area in all the movies (including Episode 1). Some of my favorites are Cloud City, Theed Palace, and The Coruscant Docking Bay.
While We're At It... - Brian also has a pretty good selection of Episode 1 Pictures that can help you get motivated and create some awesome architecture.

If you can't tell, I'm doing my best to encourage level authors to stop creating BOXES and releasing them. The JK engine is capable of so much more -- if you lack the KNOWLEDGE to create interesting architecture, try our tutorials section and the message board. If you lack ideas, try some of the sites listed before and after this post. Please stop releasing boxes.
Etc. - Brian
Which brings me to my next point... So far, we have posted every level that was submitted to us. I am seriously considering screening levels before we post them. My fear is this: we may scare level authors into not submitting levels, or people will stop editing because we are basically the only site left that distributes levels (hurry up OD-34!). What is the solution? How do we force people into at least trying to create some architecture? If you have any ideas, please post them on the discussion board.

By the way, playing some of the recently released MP levels has inspired me to create a sequel to my old level, 5600 Block. I started it the day before yesterday, and it should be done this weekend (done and out to beta testers, that is). If you would like to sign up for beta-testing, please leave your email address on the Discussion Board under this message. Standard MP levels are extremely easy to create once you have an idea. People are falling off JK due to the lack of quality levels to play - please, for the sake of the JK Community, quit releasing crap! Just because it's the first level you completed doesn't mean you should release it! If you have any questions on how to make architecture, please ask on the message board, or email me, or icq me, I'll help you learn. Just quit releasing boxes (have I said that enough yet?).
Episode 1 Architecture Article - Brian
Check out Star Wars Architecture, an article on The Mining Company that discusses the architecture of the old Star Wars as well as that of the new. This is a great article to get ideas from for your level projects. I just have to post this picture of a kick-arse spire.
Sound Editing - Brian
Just dug up some info for you sound savvy editors out there. You may remember our Filtering Sounds Tutorial that teaches how to make that oh-so-awesome Storm Trooper voice effect. If that caught your interest, check out The Sound Studio. The Sound Studio is a sound site that caters to mod makers (not specifically for any one game). Anyway, they have couple of really good tutorials, including a very basic one that can introduce you to the tools of the trade.
Eye of the Storm 5 - Brian
The MotS Mod Eye of the Storm version 5 has been released. This is a pretty rockin' mod, check out some Screenshots if you're hesitant. I yanked this news from one of the Jedi Nights Forums.
Friday, May 7, 1999
New Level: JK Multiplayer: EM Oasis - Staff
File: EM Oasis
Author: Luke Skywalker
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is another new Canyon Oasis mod. This time this mod is focused on level gameplay rather than architexture. There are more bridges that were built so that no more "Campers" and easier access to more power weapons. There are more weapons and ammo to balance the gameplay, to prevent "An expert used all guns to bully weaker players". Now this level has enough Concussion rifles for you. The level is retextured. Also features another saber only version of the level that is included in the same gob file.
New Level Reviews at the Command Chamber - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has updated with two new Mysteries of the Sith level reviews for your reading enjoyment. Additionally, "Final Battle" has been posted for download. This week's poll is coming to an end, so be sure to visit the site to vote for your favorite upcoming single player series. Another review, interviews and hopefully some level features are in the works, so visit frequently!
Class Creator and Mod Maker - Brian
I just wanted to give a shout to Dark Knight, designer and creator of Class Creator, and ModMaker. If you haven't heard of these yet, check it out:
Class Creator:
Class Creator lets you easily create new MP classes for Mysteries of the Sith. It has a very easy to use graphical user interface, so creating new classes is a breeze.

ModMaker consists of several programs that will make your editing easier: CogEd is a program that eases the process of creating new cogs. Some of the features currently implemented in CogED is a list of all the cog functions, a function parameter listing, find/replace & match brace commands, and the CogWizard. JKStringsEd is a program that lets you easily edit the values of jkstrings.uni This allows you to change the text present throughout JK or MotS. ModelsDatEd lets you edit which 3do and snd files to make available for your classes.
If any of these sound like they'll help you, go check out their pages.
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Hoth Wars - Staff
File: Hoth Wars
Author: HothRebel
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a JK multiplayer level which takes place in the aftermath of the battle of Hoth at Echo Base. Contains new character skins by Al McDonald placed in the file, so no patches are needed. Also contains optional AI which is controlled by a switch so they're available if you want to add to the fun.
New Jedi Knight 3dO: - Kedri
Author: SavageX
Description: Jedi Knight: Escort shuttlecraft.
High-Res Drazen Isle Screenshot - Brian
Jeff Walters posted a very high-res Drazen Isle screenshot on our discussion board. Be sure to check it out (this is an amazing level).
Saberworks Screenshots - EvanC
Saberworks has been updating with lots of screenshots recently.Go check them out.
Thursday, May 6, 1999
New Level: MotS Multiplayer: Battle in the Rockies - Staff
File: Battle in the Rockies
Author: SavageX
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a 3 level pack called the Battle in the Rockies. It consist of a canyon map, snow map, and a map at night. It takes at a base thats generates energy from a river in the canyon. This level is intended for 4-6 players.
Star Wars Trilogy TC Release Dates - Brian
I got a message from Ajay Huff, of the Star Wars Trilogy TC, on the planned release dates:
We have decided that on May 21st only the A New Hope levels will be released. Three weeks after that, The Empire Strikes Back will come out, and three weeks after that, Return of the Jedi. The exact dates are June 11 for ESB and July 2 for RotJ.
New Level: MotS Multiplayer: Nebulon B Frigate - Staff
File: Nebulon B Frigate
Author: Sotj_RED_XIII
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Small Multiplayer Level of the hanger of a Nebulon B frigate. A few traps, and some AI to get in your way. I do not recommend playing this level if you don't have a P6 class processor. It can get really laggy on slower machines.
Basic Texture Tutorial - Brian
Quake 3 Center has posted a tutorial entitled Introduction to Texture Making. It doesn't show you how to make a texture, rather, it discusses how to theme all the textures for your levels, rather than having a "funhouse."
Wednesday, May 5, 1999
OK OK OK - Farrax
That 'Malastarian Temple' stuff was a... joke. Yup. Highlight the posts if you want more info, I added more stuff to other posts as well. So stop emailing Brian already! I already revealed this on the Discussion Board... why do I have to say it here?
E3 goodness - Farrax
Just got this from Captain Ramen over at Outpost D-34:
I am happy to annouce @Eł (yes that's the name), the official Outpost D-34 Eł webpage. So far, there's not much there, but that's because it hasn't started yet! D'oh! As you know, BrianL and I will be attending next week's expo. Expect lots of pictures and interviews.

I put in a new poll to coincide with next week's conferrence. 'What non Star Wars game would you most like to see Eł info on?' I will follow the results of the poll, so vote.

There you have it! He's going, lucky him. Man, this E3 is going to be big, and not just because of all the cool Valve/Sierra stuff there. (I like Half-Life, and it's mods, and Team Fortress, and... you get the point. Lotta stuff there, if any of you Malastarian Temple reader want to send reports back, just do it! Note that I do not plan on changing the name anytime soon. This is simply a joke that will continue unitl everyone is sick of it. Haha!
Star Wars Parody comics - Farrax
Acinonyx pointed out to me a very cool SW parody comic strip: The Adventures of Mayberry Melonpool!. Very funny stuff, check it out. (Just for the record, I do not send this kind of thing around by email. Thank you.)
More EP1 stuff - Farrax
Spotted on Shark Extreme: A preview of the new TPM adventure game, titled... Episode 1: The Phantom Menace! Sheesh, talk about lame naming systems. (Guy 1: "That TPM was really hard!" Guy 2: "You idiot, it was rated PG. There was nothing that would make anyone hard!" Guy 1: "The game, you moron!" *slap fest ensues*) See, bad LucasArts!

Anyway, the URL to that preview is

'Naboo Defense' for $39.99 - Farrax
And it's shipping now! The only catch? It's for real life. Bummer. If you still want to check it out, go to this URL. It looks like it's a laser tag thinging, except it's Star Wars! Whee! (No, I'm not going to buy it. I already have a shopping cart with over $100 worth of books/comics at already, *sigh*. WHY DOES GEORGE HAVE TO SPIN THIS MARKETING MACHINE UP?? WHY MUST I SPEND THIS MONEY?? The trials of a dedicated fan...
A reminder - Farrax
The Phantom Menace is showing in some theaters as I type this. Rumor is that select few are being allowed to watch it, then the film is destroyed. Check TheForce.Net for more details, the story is here.

I might also remind you that TPM will be out to the public in exactly 2 weeks. That's rigth kiddies, 14 days. If you take a lot of sleeping pills, it'll go faster, right? (Actually, if you did that, you'd become a candadite for the Darwin Awards

This just in... - Farrax
The Massassi Temple, in preparing for TPM, has officially renamed itself the 'Malastarian Temple'. Why? Because that is one of the aliens in EP1! Of course! We'll get around to changing the logo someday. Note that everything that I just said was completely false. Be prepared!
Humor - Farrax
In the same vein: The Darwin Awards! Beware, if you are easily shocked/offended/etc, to NOT visit this site! It contains people removing themselves from the gene pool, either by death or castration. I think it's funny. You may not. You have been warned.
Link of the Decade - Brian
This is not JK/MotS/Gaming/Star Wars related. However, I do think most of the readers will find it funny, check out your state at:
Test Results - Brian
Well, if you read down a post or two, you'll notice that we've implemented our new 3do script. It worked almost flawlessly, but if you'll notice, the link to the screenshot doesn't work. I've fixed the script, but not that one news post. You can check out a screenshot of that 3do right here.
New Jedi Knight 3do: - Brian
Author: Brian Lozier
Description: Jedi Knight: A door jam 3do similar to the one already in JK, but with new textures and a back (the original one has no back).
Testing - Brian
Please bear with me as I test our new and improved 3do Update script. I will be posting a 3do for download, but if the links and such don't work, please try back later (I'm working on getting the script working right, it was working perfectly in the test bed, but when moving over, some of the paths could still be wrong). If everything seems to be working okay, please ignore this post.
Tuesday, May 4, 1999
New tutorial - Farrax
Hey, it's a new tutorial by none other than myself. Fast Sloped Walls is the name, and it's short but sweet. Read it!
Dave Barry - Farrax
Warning: The following has nothing to do with Star Wars games. You have been warned.

I admit it -- I love Dave Barry. I have read every book that he has put out (emited, I should say). I have laughed at (almost) all his jokes. Now, I also love Star Wars. Combine the two, and you have... Dave Barry's latest column! Also, be sure to read the rest of Dave Barry's columns online, available right here.

Factoid - Farrax
You can play the Jedi Knight and MotS CDs in your CD player! They contain remixed version of the classic Star Wars music. (Duh.) Note: this will only be informative to those that do not have their CD hooked up to the sound card. Like me.
Duel of the Fates video - Farrax
I was one of the people who managed to get a copy of the Duel of the Fates MP3 before it was pulled off TF.N. I loved it; this is in contrast to most of the people at Jedi Legacy, who I still insist should get their heads examined. Anyway, the official video of DotF is up at -- .grab it, if you're not downloading the new trailers.
'Commercials' for TPM - Farrax
You remember what Lucasfilm said after releasing the second trailer? 'We won't be showing anything more in theaters from the film until its release date.' Many people, myself included, assumed this meant that we could see nothing more of the film until then. But no! Fox/Apple have released a set of 'trailers' (called commercials, but hey, what's the difference?). I spotted this on a article:
Looking to continue riding the latest wave of Star Wars hype, Apple Computer said today that four new TV commercials are available only with its popular QuickTime multimedia technology.

The new trailers, set to air today, portray various characters from Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace and are expected to generate huge interest online and off. In addition to the commercials, Apple will make available on its site a music video from Sony that contains cuts from the film's soundtrack.

Bah. I'm downloading as we speak, if you're not looking for this stuff, don't follow this link to the site. (If you do get it, you should get QuickTime 4.0 from instead of from apple, since they have an anal downloading system.)

Poster Art - Farrax
Like the posters of the orginal movie? So do I. I just found the website of the artist who did them, Drew Struzan. It's up at, wouldn't you know it. Very awesome stuff there, though; the orginal movie posters, as well as a lot of the book covers for the Star Wars novels. Check it out!
More artsy stuff - Farrax
Just a quick little plug for Dave Dorman, now that I've looked at Drew Struzan's stuff; Dave does most of the covers for Star Wars comics, and he's gotten quite good at it. (Understatement city, there.) Prepare to be amazed.

Gungan Frontier Demo! - Farrax
This just in! LucasArt's site has updated with a demo! If you want a peek at an TPM game, get this now. Even if it is a Lucas Learning title.
Denver Celebration - Farrax
Well, as you probably know, there was a Star Wars huge celebration in Denver. Big, trendsetter, and all that. Those of us who didn't go (I'm betting that means 99% of the people reading this) were green with envy, but we got to check out,'s coverage of the event. If you haven't looked at that page yet, do. It's full of good stuff about Star Wars. Plus, spoilers are whited-out! You have nothing to lose!
Ten posts? - Farrax
Yup. Farrax is back! (Yeah, yeah, yeah. So I just filled this one in because I wanted one more post. Sue me.)
HellNasis Productions - Brian
HellNasis Productions is a Jedi Knight site home to a new mod in production called Jedi Knight Freeze Tag. It's a mod based around, yup, freeze tag. However that won't be the only thing going on. Once Jedi Knight Freeze Tag is finished, other projects will be started. Head on over to HellNasis Productions and read up on it. Also, if anyone is interested in helping with anything, please read the site for further information.
Monday, May 3, 1999
New Level: MotS MODs: Luke Hand - Staff
File: Luke Hand
Author: Merlin
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This patch was created to compliment Episode VI: Return of the Jedi: Final Battle and Final Battle: Lethal Edition. You don't have to have this patch to run these levels. It was created for completeness and to keep with the what was in the movie. It will make Luke's right hand gloved in both first and third player veiw when you use your fists or lightsaber.
New Level: MotS Single Player: Final Battle: Lethal Edition - Staff
File: Final Battle: Lethal Edition
Author: Merlin
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This level is based on the Multiplayer emperor's throne room with a few modifications to better fit with the movie. This level is based on my other level Episode VI: Return of the Jedi for those who want a harder challenge. Here you again play as Luke Skywalker and again you fight Darth Vader. But now the Death Star is in the process of exploding! If you don't beat him quickly you may both die!
New Level: MotS Single Player: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi: Final Battle - Staff
File: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi: Final Battle
Author: Merlin
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This level is based on the Multiplayer emperor's throne room with a few modifications to better fit with the movie. You play as Luke Skywalker as you battle your grip using lightsaber throwing father Darth Vader! Once he is defeated get ready for the next challenge.
New Level: JK Multiplayer: JoAsis - Staff
File: JoAsis
Author: JoA_Shad0hawK & JoA_EZ_Targett
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: this oasis modification features photographic mats of real stone and grass, colored lighting(NOT from MOTS) added sectors, and of course...more ammo
5 Saberworks Screenshots - Brian
Saberworks has posted 5 new screenshots of level 4 of their mod, Pride of the Empire. You can check them out on the Level 4 Screenshots Page.
New Tutorial: Advanced Architecture: Part 1 - Brian
I finally got the techniques described in the tutorial to work (well, it was always working, I just didn't have the right wording/pictures to explain it correctly). Warning: this tutorial is meant for more experienced Jed users. It teaches you how to create a really cool pipe junction using perfect polygons and the snap-to vertex function.
[Create This!]

Anyway, check out the tutorial and let me know what you think on the discussion board. It can also be downloaded on the tutorials page. Thanks goes to Farrax for helping me out with the html and reading it over multiple times for me.

On another note, this is only part of what I wanted the whole tutorial to be. It was getting extremely long with the next part, so I decided to release this now, adding other parts as they get done. Part 2 will discuss merging techniques while building some pillars.
E3 - Brian
As I may or may not have mentioned before, Captain Ramen and I are going to be attending E3 this year. I just found out that my good bro Mangore Kiramin (formerly of Saberworks) is going to be joining us, as well as Alexei Novikov. I must say, this trip is going to rock.
Sunday, May 2, 1999
The Skywalkers - Brian
What would you get if George Lucas and Matt Groening worked together on a project? Perhaps something like this. The Skywalkers is a paper cut animation parody based on the Simpsons main opening credits animated for a school project. This, as well as other animation stuff (not necessarily having to do with Star Wars), can be found at Cirrus Epic Creations.
New DCM - Slug
I saw over at The Outpost that Al MacDonald has once again updated Diaries of a Crazed Mimbanite with 2 great new strips (14 in particular is one of the best so far).
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Jedi's High School - Staff
File: Jedi's High School
Author: PeD_HeAd
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This a Jedi Knight level that is like a High School without classrooms, Chalkboards, gym with bleachers and a basketball hoop, lockers, faculty room, dressing room, outside, bathrooms.
Phantom Menace Screenshots - Brian announced that has released some new Screenshots of The Phantom Menace. Great place to get ideas for new levels/skins/enemies...
Jedi Nights Screenshot of the Day - Brian
Jedi Nights has re-opened their Screenshot of the Day feature. No new screenshot yet, but start submitting them again so it can get updated.
Saturday, May 1, 1999
The Command Chamber - Ryan
Last week's visitor poll at the Command Chamber has ended, so visit the site to check out the final results. In addition, this week's question has been posted: Which SP series will be best? Pride of the Empire, MJ: Identity Crisis, or the Star Wars Trilogy decide - go vote! A new screenshot of the week has also been posted, along with two new single player levels for download. Reviews are on the way, so stay tuned.
Slave 1 - Slug
GoZ Studios have sent in another great 3do - this time, it's Boba Fett's personal ship, The Slave 1. Very cool stuff, thanks for the 3do GoZ.
The Waiting Game... - Justin0
Want to run out and stand in the dark, dank, cold line with a hundred other Star Wars diehards, but can't find the time to do it? Then you need someone to wait in line for you, and thanks to that's possible... well, sorta. Run over to the Waiting Game and adopt yourself a virtual pal. He'll do all the waiting for you and all you have to do is visit him every few days and feed 'im. Of course, if you want to get closer to the front of the line you can always play games with him to increase him coolness, or buy him some awsome gifts... Anyhow, if you really wanna wait in line, and you have a job to keep or school to go to, then I suggest you try this out. It's fun! Woohoo! My guy has moved up to 1085/1736! I'll be at the front of the line in no time!
New Jed Help File Released - Brian
The Code Alliance has released a new version of the Jed Help File. There is an English and a German version - both can be downloaded by clicking on the above link.
Holocron Screenshots - Brian
Holocron Editing has just updated with 4 raging new screenshots. Literally, raging. These things rock, so check them out.
Saberworks Screenshots - Brian
Saberworks has once again updated with some new screenshots. There's not much more I can say about these things other than "Go look at them."
E3 - Brian
I just got confirmation that Captain Ramen (from Outpost D-34) and I will be going to E3! We have some normal passes, but Aristotle of hooked us up with some Press Passes. Expect a full report with all the gory details on the new Star Wars games (if they have a booth!).
The Phantom Menace Soundtrack - Brian is selling pre-orders for the Episode 1 soundtrack! The CD only costs $11.49! Here's a little snippet of the review it got:
John Williams' new "Phantom Menace" score thunders with the same pitch-perfect heroism that marked his earlier work for the "Star Wars" series. Once again Williams (with the London Symphony Orchestra) links the spirit of previous "Star Wars" soundtracks to a refined anthem that echoes the movie's mythological saga.

Like the prequel which recounts the story of Anakin Skywalker, who becomes Darth Vader, Williams' score takes its listener back to an earlier era, like a pre-industrial hymn. Along the way, Williams refits previous Star Wars themes, so the dedicated enthusiast will hear small reminders of old tunes accompanying the new.

"Anakin's Theme" for instance, embodies a sweet and gentle sampling of the familiar "Imperial March." Track 11's underlying theme, "Kids at Play" requires a skilled ear to recall a young "Star Wars" Luke Skywalker looking off into the distance, staring at the setting suns of his home planet, embracing his destiny, and yearning to find his place in the galaxy.
Be sure to Pick it Up if you're interested.
Jedi Dreams - Brian
I found this link on our message board, but Jedi Dreams looks like a good start as a new editing site. They have a bunch of stuff already released (3do's, levels, a par), including a new "almost-finished" TPM skin-pack.
Mechanics of the Force Screenshots - Brian
The Mechanics of the Force page has been updated with some new screenshots.
Etc. - Brian
I started this day on the news a bit early - I'm going to be working another night shift, so I won't get a chance to post this in the morning like I had planned. Also, they had me working 12 hour night-shifts the past couple of nights, so I didn't get to update (argh!). Anyway, back on shedule, so the news should be flowing again.

On another note, that darn advanced architecture tutorial just hasn't been completed yet. Farrax helped me out with some html and more info on it, but I still have to work through the system one more time to make sure it works. I also have half the screenshots to finish up -- hopefully I'll be able to get it out this weekend.
Friday, April 30, 1999
Congrats to Holocron - Slug
Holocron Editing has surpassed the 10,000 mark (and without the help of his friends - believe me, he tried to recruit an entire channel of people ;) Big milestone, especially for an editing group site, congrats to Justin and the crew..
Thursday, April 29, 1999
New DCM - Slug
Al MacDonald has once again updated DCM with another strip..
Saberworks Screenshots - Brian
Saberworks has posted two sets of new screenshots again today.
Wednesday, April 28, 1999
Command Chamber Poll - Ryan
This week's visitor poll at the Command Chamber is nearing conclusion. Visit the site to vote or check out the current results. Voting ends on Saturday!
UnForgiving Update - Slug
The recently released level, UnForgiving, has been updated to fix some bugs - pick up the new version at the original download link (few posts down)
Cog Tutorial - Slug
Rishka wrote up a really great cog tutorial for beginners.. It's very basic and describes the absolute bare bones of cogs.. Very easy to understand (this coming from a 100% complete cog-illiterate fool)..
GoZ Updates - Slug
GoZ Studios has updated 4 of the 3dos they have sent to us in the past - The B-Wing, Corellian Corvette, The Outrider, and The Empire Strikes Back Millenium Falcon. All of the changes simply make the 3dos compatible with any colormap. The 3dos are, as they have always been, available for download from the 3do section. A great thing for them to take the time to do, big thanks GoZ.
Saberworks: New Screenshots (Again) - Brian
Saberworks updated with another batch of screenshots (2nd time today). Check them out on the Level 4 Screenshots Page.
Skin Deep - Brian
Jedi Nights, our host, has announced their newest hosted site, Skin Deep. Skin Deep is a small group of editors that created, you guessed it, skins. They've already got 4 posted, so go check them out.
Al's Diary - Brian
Outpost D-34 announced that Al's Diary of a Crazed Mimbanite has been updated again. These things are ultra-funny, so if you haven't checked them out yet, please do so.
Clan World League - Brian
Got an email:
The Clan World League is proud to announce New Leagues in the following games: Jedi Knight Sabers, Star Craft, Rainbow 6, Quake 2, Half Life, and Starseige Tribes. The League consists of 12 weeks plus play-offs. Each league had individual rules as well as general rules to be followed. Please read them thoroughly before signing up. In addition to leagues the Clan World Ladder is getting huge. Don't miss your chance to get a great rank. Sign up and play on team and single player ladders. These ladders are not restricted to clans only. And our databases are backed up daily!! Any Questions or comments email me. Thanks!
Lots of Levels - Brian
Our FTP server is back online, so we got all those levels posted. If you sent in a level that hasn't been posted, please re-send it. Our files were moved to another FTP server (same address, though), which *should* prove faster and more reliable than the old one. Hope this helps out some of the problems people have been having when trying to download our files.

On a seperate note: tons of people have been asking on the review board, "Where can I get this level that you guys are talking about?" Well, in case some of you didn't know, all of the levels that are posted in our news are stored in our Level Database. You can access this database by clicking the Levels/Mods link on the sidebar.
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Imperial Power Plant - Staff
File: Imperial Power Plant
Author: Anime_Shinji
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A level set on a power plant with a snowy surface. It's a rather large level and best played with 4 or more players. There are plenty of vents and traps to play around with.
New Level: MotS Multiplayer: UnForgiving - Staff
File: UnForgiving
Author: LoneGrayWolf
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: It is a mid-size MOTS level for 4 players. The first level features three water falls, assorted rooms and a 30 second drop. The second level is the same as above without the 30 second drop. It does contain AI. You can get or lose points by fighting them. The Bossk is worth five points, Gran are three points, Trooper are two points, (Rancor, Dianoga, and Mailoc are one points), and you lose one point and power for harming the Ugnaught.
New Level: MotS Single Player: Streets of Mos Eisley - Staff
File: Streets of Mos Eisley
Author: Nebula
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a somewhat small single player level that showcases an innovative style of gameplay and puts you in the armor of an imperial stormtrooper hunting down an escaping criminal.

Nebula's Link: Solar Wind Productions
New Level: JK Multiplayer: Alien - Staff
File: Alien
Author: Dorkus Malorkus
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Mysterious level - Loads of secrets and surprises, including teleport pads. 12 months in the making, this is a defient must have for every Jedi Knight gamer!
New Level: MotS Single Player: Force Training on Coruscant - Staff
File: Force Training on Coruscant
Author: David McHale
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: First level in the new Emperors Reach series: "Force Training on Coruscant" You play a Dark Jedi who has to complete various tasks for Darth Vader. Improved JK Dark Troopers, including ones with sabers!

Homepage: The Arc Hammer
Saberworks shots - EvanC
New screenshots have been posted at Saberworks. There will be more added often so check back daily.
Tuesday, April 27, 1999
2 new 3dos - Slug
The first is by GoZ Studios, it's the Millenium Falcon from The Empire Strikes Back.. Great to see GoZ releasing stuff again - was afraid we'd lost 'em :) The second is a 3do of a cool little interceptor craft called a hornet by Paladin. Thanks for the 3dos guys (they'll be added to the 3do section once the gods on high see fit to grant us use of our ftp directory again.. *sigh*)
Saberworks screens - EvanC
Shame about Brian and Slug. Hope they get better soon. Anyway, I've uploaded a project page to the Saberworks site for my SP project, Battle on the Outer Rim. There are a couple of screenshots and I will be putting some more up daily(or as often as possible). Head over to Saberworks to find out more.