Sunday, July 11, 1999
RAV Screenshots and Re-Design - Brian
The Requiem A Verito page has posted 4 new screenshots. It also has a slick new re-design. Thanks Jeff for the news.
Please Bear With Us - Brian
The site is about to go through a major change which should greatly improve our service. All downloads will work properly, the page will load more quickly, the forums will be managed better and the updates will increase. More on this later...

On another note, we will soon be needing another one or two news posters. We only want serious, dedicated people who will update every day (or close to it). Only apply if your spelling and grammar skills are excellent. If accepted to this volunteer position, you will be posting news, levels, 3do's, prefabs, and anything else that pops up around here. Knowledge of html is desired. If interested, please email me.
Saturday, July 10, 1999
New JK Multiplayer Level: NJF Bowlarama - Slug
File: NJF Bowlarama
Author: NJF_Chewie
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a medium sized level i made for my clan set in a bowling alley. This is only my second proper level ever, so be kind! It is made for both guns and sabers, with a few traps in there aswell. With four players, it can get pretty frenzied!
New Jedi Knight 3dO: - Slug
Author: FlyDuDe
Description: Jedi Knight: A jail door with bars-made for "The Rock" which is the level I am currently working on. For more information on "The Rock" go to
TPM TC Screenshots - Brian
The Phantom Menace TC has posted two new screenshots of their new weapons. These things look amazing: [Screenshot 1] [Screenshot 2].
Rites of Xanthus Info - Brian
The VC Alliance has posted some new screenshots of levels and skins, as well as some new sounds. This can all be found on their Rites of Xanthus page.
Friday, July 9, 1999
Star wars trilogy TC - EvanC
A sad thing I found on the message board:
The Star Wars Trilogy Total Conversion is on the verge of cancellation. Why you may ask? The reason is I can't find any committed editors who can create what I'm looking for. I've ended up working on a majority of the levels myself (right now, I am creating 4 of the levels). If I don't get any help soon, I'm going to have to give up.
This is directly from The Star wars TC's website. They are desperatly in need of DEDICATED editors. This project is one that many people were looking forward to. If you think you can put in a bit of work for this TC then I urge you to go to the site and sign up.
Pipe tutorial - EvanC
I've just finished a tutorial on making pipes. It contains two techniques you may find usefull when creating pipe architechture. Take a look and be sure to send me some feedback.
New JK MOD: TPM TC Preview (Skinpack) - Kedri
File: TPM TC Preview (Skinpack)
Author: Sebulba (HOV)
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a preview of the TPM TC at HOV (not the one for MotS or the one made by Ben). It is a skinpack contaning all of Al MacDonald's Episode 1 skins except the jedi duel Qui Gon. I corrected the Senate Amidala skin so now she has the face of Amidala. The skinpack includes a Qui Gon Jinn skin that acutally has long hair. The skins are made by Al MacDonald, Marc Sauvé and Phoenix Scarab.
New JK MOD: Ninja - Kedri
File: Ninja
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This mod does the following: changes the Kyle skin to a Ninja skin, gives you a Kick Attack, and will give you the ability to amputate the torso and head of stormtroopers.
The Sector - Brian
The Sector is a new editing group showing off sounds and screenshots from their upcoming mod, The Soul of Glaa Sáfie. A very interesting thing, their cutscene artist is none other that George Atef, who is also doing cutscenes for Saberworks.
Jumpin' Saint Juniper! - Kedri
Okay, he must be on a mission or something. RSS_LightSide has submitted his third consecutive prefab, a non-textured sphere with a support beam coming up from the center. Thanks as always to RSS_Lightside for sending in the file.
New MotS MOD: MP AI Synced - Kedri
File: MP AI Synced
Author: Nightmare
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is the real thing! No more demos, no more waiting for a full version, you can now have your own AI people for MP and they will be synced! I'll probably write up a tutorial on using it sometime soon, too. Included are both the Client and Server Cogs, and the mots.tpl file with the templates for the AI characters. The only problem is, it only works for MotS. I will come out with a JK version, I promise, but probably not for a couple weeks. In the meantime, enjoy and work on your co-op levels!
DCM #30 - Brian
Al has released volume 30 of his Star Wars comic strip, Diary of a Crazed Mimbanite.
Thursday, July 8, 1999
Franchise Studios - Slug
Franchise Studios has updated with a screenshot of their level based on the old roman forum..
Slug'z Werd - Slug
Wuz up ya'll? Ya'llz gotsta be emailin' that Bri phoo and tellin' him dat "Werd" articlez are kewl!
New JK MOD: Space Soldiers 3 mp beta - Slug
File: Space Soldiers 3 mp beta
Author: SavageX
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is the first (beta) level of the Space Soldiers 3 Mp pack. This level is a beta so remember that some things in this level will change in the final. This level may have bugs so please email them at to report them. This level is the "Ruins of L.A." which was been invaded by the Thornosapeons.
Got Milk? - Slug
Fuurgh's at it again, this time the 'lucky' subject of his "Got Milk?" spoofs is none other but me.. Head on over to Jedilegacy to see the ad..
25 Medieval Textures - Brian
R.U.S.T., the most popular Quake-oriented editing site, has announced that Graphtallica has released 25 new textures for free download. They're in .gif format, and can either be browsed online or downloaded.
Catching Up - Brian
I've got a ton of mods and levels in my inbox that I will try to get posted today. Been very busy lately, which is the reason they didn't get posted right away. Keep checking back!
Ryan's What!? - Brian
I'm sorry, but I must make this post. Everyone, please email Ryan, of Jedi Nights and tell him to stop making a fool out of himself with his "Ryan's Werd" posts! Those things are ridiculous. I sent a couple of emails, but they got returned, maybe you guys will have better luck. - Brian
I just wanted to let everyone know that Cali-Girl, of has released her latest gaming site, As you can guess, it's based on the upcoming Nihilistic game, Vampire, The Masquerade - Redemption.
Dark Forces MP Add-On: Version 1.0 for MotS - Brian
Got an email from the creators of this mod:
The Coruscant's Research Facility has finished the Dark Forces Multiplayer Add On Version 1.0 for MOTS. Version 1.0 features:
  • New Character clases: Commandos, Droid, Dark Trooper and Jedi
  • Version 1.0 of the At-St skin
  • Droids availables: Probe Droid, R2D2, etc
  • The Dark Troopers can fly
  • Darth Maul enhaced skin, now looks more real
  • A new Darth Vader with sounds
  • New characters: Admiral Daala, Veers, Chewbacca, Jedi Leia, etc
  • More alien players as a Reeyee
RAV Shots - Brian
The Requiem A Verito page has posted a ton of new screenshots for your viewing pleasure. here's the email, with a few of the shots listed below (if you like those, be sure to visit the RAV page for more).
The Reqiem A Verito project has released some new screenshots of the level currently under development. The level is currently over 1/2 done and should be completed by the end of the year. These high resolution screenshots show the resort entrance, some resort rooms, an overhead walkway, and the stair to an ocean vista.
[Screenshot 1] [Screenshot 2] [Screenshot 3]
Wednesday, July 7, 1999
Still More LSP Screens - Staff
Last Stand Productions has three more screenshots of their upcoming mod, Death From Above: [Screenshot 1] [Screenshot 2] [Screenshot 3].
Andromeda Editing Network - Brian
Got an email:
Like assorted gaming news coming at you @ 450 mph in no particular order? Like editing? Check out the ANE Network ...not just cause you want to, but because I'm telling you to. Fabio loves With time, you will too.

Although not too filled to that brim with content right now, news comes daily with a minimum of ten posts. Check out our tutorials, plug your site in the link database, or send us your grandma's meetloaf recipies. Good, clean, fun.
I have to plug this site since they use the links script that I released! Anyway, the site looks great, hopefully they'll do well in the editing market.
Tecnical Difficulties - Brian
Our 3do update script is on the fritz. I have no idea what happened, but I am looking into it. We have a backup with all 3do's on it, so don't worry, they should all be back up in a few days. I apologize for any inconvenience.
New Jedi Knight 3dO: - Kedri
Author: NJF_PolyMorph
Description: Jedi Knight: This is a skin of what a human-kell dragon hybrid would look like.
Prefab? Oh wait, he played bass for the Ramones... - Kedri
RSS_LightSide, inspired by the patron saint of prefabs (I believe it's Saint Juniper), has released another prefab, one he calls 2 Ways. He explains:
This is a prefab designed to make life easier. Adjoining can be annoying, but if you want a small level without the complicated work of adjoining, this is the prefab for you! This prefab is a room with 2 hallways connected to 2 other rooms; you can put your own wall pattern up, put in some 3DOs, then just save and you will have a cool, fast and furious level.
Thanks to LightSide for sending in the file.
Tuesday, July 6, 1999
LSP got a sight! - Farrax
My my my, how I love puns. Anyway. Here's the dope from Captain Ramen himself, the loverboy of Mars.
I surprised myself today when I got the laser aimer to work. Plus, I got the .44 Destroyer and the M-157 DMR completed.
Get it? The sight is the rifle, the other sight is these screens. Enjoy, eat up, or something. [Screenshot 1] [Screenshot 2] [Screenshot 3]
New JK MOD: Expanded Universe Skins - Kedri
File: Expanded Universe Skins
Author: Hoth_Rebel
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Skin patch of Dark Luke, Clone Emperor, etc... for multiplayer use. These skins were made by Al McDonald and then converted to GOB by Hoth_Rebel.
Prefab? Didn't he play with the Cardinals? - Kedri
It's time to brush the dust off this often overlooked section of the site and add another prefab to the lot. RSS_LightSide sent in a SkyDome Prefab in JED format, saving many would-be dome-building JK editors a good deal of time. Thanks to LightSide for keeping the prefab torch lit and sending in the file.
New MotS 3dO: - Kedri
Author: Matthew Pate
Description: MotS: This is a Sith Interceptor for MotS.
[Screenshot] [Screenshot2]
New MotS 3dO: - Kedri
Author: Matthew Pate
Description: MotS: This is a Flash Speeder for MotS.
[Screenshot] [Screenshot2]
Monday, July 5, 1999
Interviews - Brian
The JK Beta Testing Group has posted 5 interviews with various level authors in their downloads section...
New JK Multiplayer Level: Warfare - Slug
File: Warfare
Author: TSM_Zuljin
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a small multiplayer level set in an abandoned temple. However, some troops have been left behind and the is a door being blocked by rocks from one of the walls, find the door and you get a prize :). This is my first level and there really is no point to it, just to have fun. Even though it is small, it is meant for 4 or more players.
Level Preview - Slug
Pedhead has posted 15 screenshots of his upcoming level at his homepage. It's looking good, so check it out..
New Jedi Knight 3dO: - Slug
Author: REZ
Description: Jedi Knight: A Earth Wishing Well. Realsed by Popular Demand! - 03house.cmp
New MotS 3dO: xwingnogear - Slug
Author: Luke Thomas
File: xwingnogear
Description: MotS: An x-wing with no landing gear, and the s-foils closed.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Gravity Control A-93 - Brian
File: Gravity Control A-93
Author: JDawg
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a small Lightsaber combat level which takes place around a gravity control unit within an orbital space station. It is designed for about 3 players max, and is circular in design to keep people moving and hopefully the gameplay exciting. For more info please look over the readme included with this level.
Outpost D-34 Problems - Brian
No doubt some of you have noticed that Outpost D-34 has been down for a while now. This is due to some horrendous server problems on account of their host. Hopefully these will get cleared up soon, we'll keep you posted.
Derra IV Screenshots - Brian
Ryan (see below post) is pretty humble when it comes to plugging his work. If you've seen screenshots for Imperial Siege on Derra IV you will know it's one of the top levels in production. The architecture is just amazing (I've actually had the chance to play it). So, I decided to plug his shots again (he posted two, but I will only post one of them here, you'll have to go to The Command Chamber for the other one).

New Level Reviews and Screenshots - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted two new reveiws for the Mysteries of the Sith levels "Dark Ties" and "Imperial Justice." Three more reviews are coming soon, so visit frequently. In addition, two screenshots from the upcoming Jedi Knight SP level "Imperial Siege on Derra IV" have been posted for you viewing enjoyment. Last but not least, anyone interested in having their single player level featured at the Command Chamber should visit the site for more information.
Sunday, July 4, 1999
Things I really should know.. - Slug
This is really something I shouldn't be so late on finding out, but it'd seem that Evan has posted some screenshots of wingnut's awesome cutscenes at Saberworks..
My little jawa.. - Slug
Well, ok, so it's the jawa I snagged from the droid works demo and made to work in JK.. In any case, here's some screenshots of my little guy in action.. This is proof that saberworks is indeed still moving forward (My level is within days of completion)
[screenshot1] [screenshot2] [screenshot3] [screenshot4]
New JK Multiplayer Level: Jedi 4th of July! - Slug
File: Jedi 4th of July!
Author: Anime_Shinji
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Happy 4th of July, for those of you who can't or don't want to enjoy fireworks, I've slap together this small level complete with a fireworks show, and the option to set off your own fireworks using various modified weapons so have a happy 4th of July. This isn't really much of a multiplayer level but just for people to gather and have a fun and safe 4th of July.
Realistic Canyons Tutorial - Justin0
At the request of a couple friends, I've compiled a tutorial on creating cool, realistic looking, playable canyons. Check out that tutorial here and then browse through our other 50+ tutorials here. You can leave comments concerning any of the tutorials on our Discussion Board. Have fun.
New JK MOD: Men In Black With The Ray Bans - Slug
File: Men In Black With The Ray Bans
Author: Pheonix_Scarab
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Hi Pheonix_Scarab again I think you users will like this skin better,it is Men In Black With the Ray Bans.
New JK MOD: Boba Fett Armor - Slug
File: Boba Fett Armor
Author: Mark Todd
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is the first thing I have ever made,It is a suit that not only makes you Boba Fett,it gives you his suits powers. I made it from some of the stuff I'v DL and decided that none of them were acurate ! I talked to my freind who knows all about fett so I could make this. This has all weapons his armor always has other than his viro blade and a bunch of other daggars and the poison dart launcher.
New JK MOD: Complete Battle Droid - Brian
File: Complete Battle Droid
Author: Vindicare
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This patch will replace Kyle with a Battle Droid from the Phantom Menace. This patch includes a saber and sounds.
New JK MOD: Black & White Saber - Brian
File: Black & White Saber
Author: Vindicare
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This patch will replace the default green saber with a black and white saber.
New JK MOD: Spawn - Brian
File: Spawn
Author: Vindicare
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A patch that changes the default kyle skin into Spawn from the film. He has his own saber and sounds. Enjoy!
Happy 4th of July - Brian
American Independence... such a great thing, isn't it? It was over 200 years ago that we... uh... enough of this stuff, have fun shooting off fireworks.
Saturday, July 3, 1999
Battle Droid Page - Slug
A project I'm personally looking forward to seeing finished up, Lilguy's Battle Droid has been updated with a couple screenshots of the progress.. It's looking great so far..
Project Rome - Slug
The site for Franchise Studios, makers of Project Rome, has been updated with screenshots of the upcoming mod.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Death Valley - Slug
File: Death Valley
Author: PC_Masquerade
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A small sabers level, open but at the same time claustrophobic. Death can strike from all sides, so watch your back... and for that matter, your feet, hands, head... just watch out.
New JK MOD: Sabers - Slug
File: Sabers
Author: RVD0013
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Gives you six different saber colors to choose from for use in JK Single Player, This is my first and i plan on making many more things so enjoy.
Queen Amidala Skin Updated - Brian
The Queen Amidala Skin that was posted yesterday has been updated (fixed a broken mat or something). Just scroll down to download it (links point to the new file).
Friday, July 2, 1999
Last Stand Productions - Slug
Ramen just sent me over to the Last Stand Productions page, where 3 new screenshots have been posted.. Good stuff, so head on over.
New JK MOD: Queen Amidala Skin - Slug
File: Queen Amidala Skin
Author: Pheonix_Scarab
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Ski of Queen Amidala in that red dress thing she wears at the beginning of The Phantom Menace.
New MotS 3dO: - Slug
Author: TSE_ctsketch
Description: MotS: It looks more like one of the prequel transports but shaped differently, its bus sized.
New JK MOD: Dark Dingus - Kedri
File: Dark Dingus
Author: Anime_Shinji
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: The father of Cliff Nerfherder, Dingus was drawn to the darkside. He serves the Emperor but his bucket makes him vulnerable (being his only weak spot), for when Dingus dies of a saber attack his bucket will fall off and roll away. Remember when battling against a powerful Sith Lord like Dingus, AIM FOR THE BUCKET!!
New MotS MOD: Terminator Skin - Kedri
File: Terminator Skin
Author: The Skinning Pip
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a terminator skin; not the greatest because of colour restraints, but it's not all that bad. I like it any way. This one will be going into the Pipscol2 (I'm making it for JK as well) along with the Superman one I made yesterday (gee, maybe I should change my name to the Mad Skinnier... tell me what you think and email me).
New JK MOD: Arwflash's Lightsaber Pack - Kedri
File: Arwflash's Lightsaber Pack
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This JK mod comes with two lightsabers. One is called the Lead'n'Energy Saber and it is gray with a fiery core. The second one is called the Arctic Jedi Saber. It is an icy blue with a cool see-through effect.
Rites of Xanthus Screenshots - Brian
The VC Alliance has posted some more screenshots. Both are of their latest level, Xanthus Keep. To see them, head over to their Rites of Xanthus page.
Thursday, July 1, 1999
New JK & MotS Preview Levels - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted two new single player preview levels for your playing enjoyment. The available preview versions highlight the upcoming full versions of "Kyle's Crusade" by author Big_G2 and "Leeza's Destiny 3" by author SavageX. Visit the site to download, and also to check for some new reviews which are coming soon.
New MotS MOD: Superman - Slug
File: Superman
Author: The Skinning Pip
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a new skin for mysteris of the sith multipayer, it has bpf2 support as well for all those people that love that patch, its superman that actually looks like him (suit and symbol mostly) this is my second skin and will be added to Pipscol2 when i make more skins, keep an eye out for Pipscol2 it should be done some time in the next month, if any one wants to send me some skins that they would like me to add to it i will be happy to.
New JK MOD: WitchBlade MP Skin Pack - Slug
File: WitchBlade MP Skin Pack
Author: Thrawn
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Here are 4 new skins based on the comic book Witchblade. They are Witchblade, Darkness, Ian Nottingham, and Ken Irons. Each skin was made by a different person (I made 1 of them). They have all the files needed for playing them right after download. Also in the attachments I sent in is a picture of all 4 characters together in 1 group shot. I hope everyone enjoys them.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Forbidden Grounds - Slug
File: JK Multiplayer Level
Author: Demon_Nightmare
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A medium sized multiplayer level for Jedi Knight designed in a rocky atmosphere. This level provides a high-action environment as uneven ground, limited walking space up above the ground and closed-in tunnels all combine for an exciting match.
New JK MOD: Darth Maul at Home - Slug
File: Darth Maul at Home
Author: Lord Dupre
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a small multiplayer mod that adds a new skin: Maul at home. He's wearing a funny t-shirt. Also included is Hideki's lightstaff patch, all setup for the new skin.
New JK MOD: Jedi Knight News Network - Slug
File: Jedi Knight News Network
Author: Lt Greywolf
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: JKNN - Jedi Knight News Network is a JK SP level that brings news to you about levels, TC's, and other StarWars news. This is a demo so its short and Please tell me what you think about it!
Battle Droid Page - Brian
Lilguy, who has been working on some battle droid enemies, has put up a project page with a screenshot and info on when it will be available to editors.
Wednesday, June 30, 1999
Day Old News... (Non-JK Related) - Slug
Forgot to mention this yesterday, but my favorite comic strip, Penny Arcade, now has it's own website at, where else? Great comic, and now a great site..
New JK Multiplayer Level: TSM_Free for all - Slug
File: TSM_Free for all
Author: Stephen Hutchinson/TSM_Davin
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is my third attempt at a level so far everyone in my clan has liked the other 2 levels I made so i thought I'd send this in to you guys hoping it will get posted, but the level is 2/8 player game it is a penal colony with escape tunnels and traps and a few suprises. Its good for both guns and sabers.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Drazhar Spaceport - Kedri
File: Drazhar Spaceport
Author: AOTS_Ares
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A medium sized level (I guess) located on a spaceport by the name of Drazhar (who would've thunk it). It's got guns (that's always good), a catwalk down yonder for a saber duelin' (I like sabers), and lots of teleporters to get you from point A to point B, and occasionally, point C. And the buttons, can't forget the buttons, everybody likes buttons. Give me your input on this level seeing as how it's my first.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Bar and Grill - Slug
File: Bar and Grill
Author: TTR_Lord
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a perfect level for the guns/saber type. LOTS OF SECRETS, use map to discover them, many multiplayer AI, yes i did say multiplayer.
New DCM - Slug
Al MacDonald's page has been updated with DCM #29. He also complimented a "Got Milk?" spoof based on him, available at JediLegacy.
New Jedi Knight 3dO: - Slug
Author: REZ
Description: Jedi Knight: An American Flag, On a Flag pole. To celebrate Independence Day. Uses uicolormap.cmp, also works in MotS.
Saber Duel Faq - Kedri
Athendos sent in an FAQ that basically discusses the tactics used in saber duels. Useful for newbies but informative for experts at the same time. He added that the FAQ's "sort of small so people can read it fast and not get bored of it." Always a good thing, I say. Thanks to Athendos.

Massassi Note: the FAQ is formatted in MS Word.

New JK Multiplayer Level: Hall of Sabers - Kedri
File: Hall of Sabers
Author: DrkJedi82
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a small multiplayer level designed with the Internet Gaming Zone in mind. It is intended for 2-4 players. This level is based in a small, two-room-temple-like area with an "outside" area. There is one little sniper area and one small suprise.
New Email Address - Brian, my email forwarder, has been losing emails right and left. If you've emailed me in the last week or so, and I haven't posted your news, levels, etc, please email it again, but this time, use my new address: Sorry for the inconvenience...
New JK Multiplayer Level: Evil Empire: Imperial Rest Area - Brian
File: Evil Empire: Imperial Rest Area
Author: nds-mentat
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This level is set on a remote, but not an entirely secret Imperial Rest Area. Its a very basic level, but has heart. This is only my second level, but the first edition to a level pack I have planned called, "Evil Empire." I'm eager to get some feedback. If it sucks tell me why, or if it is great, also tell me. Hopefully this will help me to become a greater editor. "May The Force Be With You."
Outpost D-34 DNS - Brian
Outpost D-34 is on its way to a new server, so if the DNS doesn't work for you (as is the case with me), don't sweat it, they'll be back online shortly.
Code Alliance News - Brian has announced that the Code Alliance (makers of numerous editing programs, including Jed) has gained a member. Here are the goods:
The members of Code Alliance are pleased to welcome aboard our newest member Craig Urquhart aka UGG_Boot. Quite a few people know of Craigs work from the many Jed plugins and his recent changes to Puppet Jedi. From all of us: WELCOME ABOARD Craig.
And Ugg_Boot had some words:
"Thanks to the guys at DarkJedi for letting me on board. As the new rookie I'll be cleaning out the bins and filling the Coke machine for a while but I hope to find some time to do version 0.6 of Puppet Jedi, and maybe a few more plugins! I also plan on help out as much as I can with their future projects...can't say too much for now, DarkJedi is a bit like Area 51 ;)"
JK Editing Ring - Brian also announced that Dark Empire Editing has started a new Jedi Knight Editing Ring.
Phantom Menace TC - Brian
I don't know if this has been announced before, but the Phantom Menace TC has posted some great screenshots. A lot of them are skins for the various EP1 characters, but my favorite has to be this battletank.
Tuesday, June 29, 1999
Great new lightstaff keys - Slug
Who woulda thought Speak, of all people, would do something constructive? In a surprise move, he's created some really cool new keys for the double bladed saber (lightstaff..whatever), they aren't done just yet, but you can see some cool screens at JediLegacy.
Jedi Dojo Update - Slug
Tee has updated his level, Jedi Dojo to fix a flaw (You now start with a bryar).
JK Level Guides - Brian
The JK Beta Testing Group has released some JK MP level guides in their downloads section. Thanks Command Chamber for the news...
Thank You - Brian
I just wanted to thank everyone for visiting this site. If you haven't noticed the counter, we've almost doubled are hits since last month. We've been getting well over a thousand hits a day for a while now, and recently, we reached our highest day ever with over 3800 hits! If you want to check out the stats (this is for the main page only), click here.

I also want to thank all the news staff (other than me, only two post consistently). This site wouldn't be what it is without Slug and Kedri's constant updating. Also a thanks to the other staff members who have posted now and again.

Finally, I'd like to thank everyone who's ever written a tutorial, submitted a 3do, level, mat, cog, etc, or answered a post on the message boards. Without you people, this site would be nothing.

Don't worry, I'm not closing the site down or anything (although that did sound like a farewell message eh?), I just suddenly had the urge to thank everyone.
New JK MOD: Kick v.01 - Kedri
File: Kick v.01
Author: The Vertigo
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is an update made to the Kick Mod, a small mod that lets you kick things, based on the Mad Maul mod. It works in MP unlike Mad Maul, so you can kick your friends. Now it actually causes damage.
New JK MOD: Jar Jar Binks - Brian
File: Jar Jar Binks
Author: Vindicare
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This patch will replace Kyle with jar Jar binks from the Phantom Menace. He has his own sounds and Saber and looks rather nice in 3rd person view mode. Enjoy!
New JK Multiplayer Level: Imperial Shopping Mall - Brian
File: Imperial Shopping Mall
Author: Scipio
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a four story mall with lots of rooms, like shops, bathrooms, hallways, elevators, etc. Also, there is a ventilation system that connects the floors. Best played with no force or force level 2(although there are force surges in the level).
Diary of a Crazed Mimbanite #28 - Brian
Jedi Legacy and Outpost D-34 announced that DCM #28 has been released...
Monday, June 28, 1999
ORS Screens - Slug
C@rni informed me of 5 new screenshots at the homepage of his mots project, One Rebel's Sacrifice. The new level is shaping up nicely..
New JK Multiplayer Level: The Caves Of Tatooine - Kedri
File: The Caves Of Tatooine
Author: Matt Billie
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A medium-sized JK level with a lot of tricks, traps, and some unique fighting enviromnents. Two large underground bunkers provide great teamplay and the overall darkness makes it look and feel like the caves of Tatooine. All guns and most powerups can be found inside and outside of the locked bunkers. That's it in a nutshell... so go download it and give it to all your cronies...
Drazen FAQ - Brian
I posted an Unofficial Drazen Isle FAQ on Saturday, but apparently I uploaded the wrong file (still can't figure out how that happened). Anyway, here's a link to Outpost D-34's:
Unofficial Drazen FAQ | 6.8k | Outpost D-34 (http) | Download
Note that it's in Microsoft Word format, so unless you have Word, you're out of luck... News - Brian has posted a ton of news, including some prequel skins and some levels. Just a note in case you guys don't visit there every day...
Etc. - Brian
Vampire Central got a slick updated look thanks to Trail of
Sunday, June 27, 1999
Updated Spirit Ben patch - Fourwood
Ryan Fisher sent in an updated Spirit Ben patch that lets people use it without updating their models.dat file.
Cheap Voodoo 2's - Brian
For all you people that have been holding off on getting a 3d card... now may be your chance. Speak, of Jedi Legacy, pointed out an awesome deal where you can get a factory refurbished Voodoo 2 from Creative Labs for $50!. It comes with a year long warranty, so no worries there. It's a great 3d card for any system (unless you have something better, that is).
New JK MOD: Camouflage Suit - Slug
File: Camouflage Suit
Author: Tom Solo
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This skin makes Kyle look like a transparent ninja. With absorb you can turn the camouflage off, then you will have a jungle-predator like skin. To turn the camouflage on simply activate the fieldlight !
New JK MOD: Mines On The Fly - Slug
File: Mines On The Fly
Author: Chef Friz
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This patch gives you the ability to lay Sequence Charges w/o lowering your other weapon of choice, You have to set a hotkey, in the options, for this to work properly. Thanks to the work of Dean Bedson, and others for showing me how do to do hotkey thing.
New JK MOD: Sp Mad Maul v1.5 - Kedri
File: Sp Mad Maul v1.5
Author: Sith Apprentice Netook
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Version 2 of the first Mad Maul. Added by demand of the people: a button that toggles one saber blade or two, as well as which Darth Maul skin is to be played. Also changes the saber handle to look like an actual lightstaff. All else is the same as before. Still got the Force Kick & amputations!!!!!
Saturday, June 26, 1999
Holocron Screenshots - Brian
Outpost D-34 announced that Holocron Editing has posted 3 new screenshots...
JkEdit Versions 2.52/1.52 - Brian
There are new versions of Jkedit available at the JkEdit Homepage.
New Features:
  • New Select Color Map command
  • Improved test mode (Scroll Lock) for animation of neon signs.
  • Improved test mode (Scroll Lock) for animation of 3DO’s.
Bug Fixes:
  • Usage of roll, yaw, and pitch in Rendering of 3DO’s were not always correct.
With these new versions, ALL registered users of JkEdit will need a new User ID. Please record your Site Code as found in the Options dialog (Registration tab), and email it, including your full name and email address. Also, please take a look at Registering in the Help system.
New JK MOD: Pipscol - Slug
File: Pipscol
Author: the skinning pip
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: this is a small patch of skins, one is spiderman(realy venom) and the other is spirit ben from episode 5 and 6. im not the one who made the skins but i thought i would gob them for those people who dont like to have to add the 3do, mats and misc folderst to there rescorce dir just to get them to work for a short time. the file name is pipcol this is vol1 soon ill be releasing vol2 with some other skins along with some of my own made ones.
Links Section - Brian
Due to security and admin problems with the old links script, I have programmed a new one. Unfortunately, the data couldn't be converted over, so please re-add any links you feel should be there (JK/Star Wars related only). Please only place links in the appropriate categories. All links not in the appropriate category will be deleted. We have also added a section for clans, so if you have a clan, feel free to add it. You can access the links section by using the appropriate link in the sidebar.
Unofficial Drazen Isle FAQ - Brian
bArLeY submitted an Unofficial Drazen Isle FAQ that talks about how to find the numerous treasures and such in Jeff Walter's latest, Drazen Isle.
Rites of Xanthus Screenshots - Brian
Once again, the VC Alliance has posted four new screenshots of one of their MP levels. This looks pretty awesome, I'll post two here, but go check out their Rites of Xanthus page for the others. Screenshot 1 looks like a pirate ship sailing the high seas, while Screenshot 2 looks like the inside of a similar ship.
Etc. - Brian
Looks like I've been losing a few emails since I've been using Yahoo web based email... so if you've sent some news/files and they haven't been posted, feel free to re-submit them...
Friday, June 25, 1999
Matt and the Mechanics - Kedri
Let's face it: the screenshots sent in with Mechanics of the Force Level 1 down below aren't going to win any awards, and at a whopping 4.5 Megs of a download, most people are going to need a little more convincing. So Matt Chapman hooked us up with some links to his Screenshots Page, as well as to the Main MotF Page. It's been updated to include info on his current project, MotF Level 2.
New JK MOD: Kick - Kedri
File: Kick
Author: The Vertigo
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a small mod that lets you kick things, based on the Mad Maul mod. It works in MP unlike Mad Maul, so now you can kick your friends. Simple but fun.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Duel Of The Fates S.E. - Kedri
File: Duel Of The Fates S.E.
Author: Hoth Rebel
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is the updated version of the multiplayer Duel of the Fates Level. It is now much bigger than the original and includes guns placed in the hangar/palace area - designed for roleplay. I rebuilt about 90 percent of the level to be more accurate and to scale with the movie, changed a few things which really improved the framerate, and added more Ep1 skins which replace some of the regular skins.
New MotS Multiplayer Level: Duel Of The Fates S.E. - Kedri
File: Duel Of The Fates S.E.
Author: Hoth Rebel
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is the updated version of the multiplayer Duel of the Fates Level. It is now much bigger than the original and includes guns placed in the hangar/palace area - designed for roleplay. I rebuilt about 90 percent of the level to be more accurate and to scale with the movie, changed a few things which really improved the framerate, and added more Ep1 skins which replace some of the regular skins.
New JK Single Player Level: Mechanics of the Force Level 1 - Kedri
File: Mechanics of the Force Level 1
Author: Matt Chapman
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is the final version of MotF Level 1. I finally fixed the weird keyframe problem in the final cutscene and have corrected some of the fatal crash errors. Six months of beta testing still couldn't solve all of the bugs. I believe this is as good as it's gonna get, which isn't all that bad. I know that sounds lame but this was my first level and I'd like to move on, y'know?
New JK Multiplayer Level: LoC Oasis - Brian
File: LoC Oasis
Author: LoC_Erazer, LoC_Junk_Man
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: BGJ SE attatched to an enlarged Canyon Oasis with many hiding and sniping places. Not only are these two already great levels expanded but also improved in many ways. Bottom line: this is not the average oasis clone.
3do Studio Axed - Brian
I don't know if this has been announced yet (or whether anyone knew), but I was browsing the hosted sites, and found this farewell message from the author of 3do Studio. Sad to see another project bite the dust. Just goes to show, if you are working on an important project (be it programming, levels, artwork, whatever, back it up!
Etc. - Brian
Blackmail is a new site hosted on R.U.S.T. that displays the first works of now professional level designers... pretty interesting stuff. Saw that on Blue's News.
Rites of Xanthus Screenshots - Brian
Got word that the VC Alliance has posted two new screenshots. Since they obliged me and made them level screenshots this time, I'll link them right here: [Screenshot1] [Screenshot2].
Thursday, June 24, 1999
New JK Multiplayer Level: Saber Battle on Naboo - Kedri
File: Saber Battle on Naboo
Author: Joshua
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is supposed to be a level similar to the lightsaber duel at the end of Episode I. It is my first level and I thought that that part of the movie was so neat, I just had to make a level based on it for Jedi Knight. I may revise it if I get enough feedback to do so, by including Episode I skins in the level, so that people without the Episode I patches can play as ObiWan QuiGon, Darth Maul, etc.
TPM TC News - Slug
Got an email from BOSsK..
Here's some news+screenshots on the Phantom Menace TC. We plan to release every level as it comes out, and maybe some our 3dos too. Right now we're mostly working on 3dos and enemies.
Reactor Update - Slug
TSE_ctsketch has updated the reactor 3do he sent in yesterday.. The new version isn't inverted like the old one..
The Spaceport - Slug
Neb and Nij's old site, The Spaceport has re-opened, minus Nij, but plus a new guy, Chemelion.. The site features reviews, and trackers for upcoming projects..
Rogue Squadron CTF - Slug
The Rogue Squadron CTF has been updated to include 5 levels..
New JK MOD: Mad Maul - Kedri
File: Mad Maul
Author: Sith Aprrentice Netook
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Small mod that lets you play as Darth Maul. It contains both the DM skins. Lightsaber out = the Duel Skin & any other weapon and the cloak. Mod adds the first (my own original, not stolen from the Rites of Xanthus) Kick Attack. Force Push replaces Blinding, and all you need are stars for Force Pull to use it. Also lets you amputate the head off of the Imp Officer, Imp Commando, and Basic St, and you can cut the arms off of the Imp Commando and St as well.
Wednesday, June 23, 1999
New MotS 3dO: - Slug
Author: TSE_ctsketch
Description: MotS: A masssive Deathstar reacor for decoration.
New JK Multiplayer Level: NK Base - Slug
File: NK Base
Author: NK_Xcalibur
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This level's setting is in a planetary base. It consists of a main hangar, sewer system, bunk rooms, hangar control, conference room, landing pad, and an outside viewing/dining area. A few secrets, so look closely. Designed mainly for guns play. This is my first level, so its not overly impressive. I'm makin another one that'll be better.
New MotS MOD: Lightstaff - MotS - Version 2 - Brian
File: Lightstaff - MotS - Version 2
Author: Hideki
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Upgrade Features:
  • Both blades can be seen by any people in multiplayer game.
  • Blades will not go off the handle when idling.
  • Supports all the original skins.
  • Includes Jedi(Darth Maul, Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi)
  • Dark Kyle, Dark Mara and Sith Statues have a lightstaff equipped.
  • Can toggle between single and double bladed.
New JK MOD: Lightstaff - JK - Version 2 - Brian
File: Lightstaff - JK - Version 2
Author: Hideki
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Upgrade Features:
  • Both blades can be seen by any people in multiplayer game.
  • Blades will not go off the handle when idling.
  • Supports all the original skins.
  • Includes Jedi(Darth Maul, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke
Lightsaber Tutorial (Not JK) - Brian announced that the Star Wars Modelling Alliance has released a tutorial on Creating Lightsabers with Truespace.
Patch Commander 4.0 - Brian
Cali-Girl of sent in some news:
Michael B. Klein of the Patch Commander has released version 4.0 final (1092 KB). Here are some details from Michael:

It's been a really long time, but I've finally cleaned up some problems with the 4.0 Beta. The final version has been uploaded, along with new docs, questions, and a whole lot of opinionated commentary. This is the end of development for the foreseeable future. There's an explanation on the homepage.

What's New in Version 4.0?

  • Switch between Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith modes without restarting
  • Patch Repository window for viewing, downloading, and installing patches from specially-designed web sites
  • Automatic unzipping and installation of zipped patches
  • Download and install a patch simply by dragging a link from a web browser
  • Improved conflict logic, as well as the option to display all conflicts or only conflicts involving active patches
  • Completely redesigned "Create GOB" window that allows replacing files and property information within existing GOB files.
  • Quicker Patch List refresh
  • New Explorer-like button bars and menus
Tuesday, June 22, 1999
New JK MOD: Rogue Squadron CTF - Slug
File: Rogue Squadron CTF
Author: TAZZ & Ben
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: The ultimate Jedi Knight total conversion based on the legendary Rogue Squadron with an all new cast of characters, powerful new weapons, more useful force powers and more technologically advanced items.
Revised 3dO: - Kedri
SpaceBoy over at GoZ Studios has updated his Y-Wing 3do, which he writes, "had a fatal flaw. It showed up in the game as the default 3do." This has now been fixed. The old .zip file has been replaced with this new one, so make sure you download it again if you plan on using it.
New Jedi Knight 3dO: - Kedri
Author: Hell Raiser
Description: Jedi Knight: I have made a new double-bladed saber handle. It looks like the one from the pic on, I have no idea what it's called, I think it might be Exar Kun's? Oh whatever. It can work with the Double Saber Skin Pack cuz that's what it's based off of, just a new saber handle. Oh, also included are the original Jedi Knight MP skins modified so that you don't have to re-edit your MP characters.
[Screenshot] [Screenshot2]
Monday, June 21, 1999
New MotS Single Player Level: Leeza Haynes: Dark Past - Brian
File: : Leeza Haynes: Dark Past
Author: SavageX
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This level takes place before Leeza's destiny. When Leeza Haynes was captured by the Imperials, she was sent to the Emperor to be forced to tell the location of one of the rebels' bases. Will she tell or will she give you life to defend the Rebel Alliance?
JK Centre Moved - Brian
Thanks to Jedi Nights for this news... JK Centre has moved to a new location at:
Drazen DCM - Brian announced that there's a Drazen Isle Crazed Mimbanite...
New Finger Server... - Brian
For all you webmaster types... there's a new version of the Finger Server out... It's the same finger server uses.
Rites of Xanthus Screens - Brian
The VC Alliance has posted some new screenshots. The first is a few of their new weapons, and the second is of their new kick attack.
Sunday, June 20, 1999
Beta Testing Group - Brian
The Admiral's Command Chamber announced that the Jedi Knight Beta Testing Group has moved to a new address: They are a group of people who'll beta-test any level/mod for JK/MotS - I highly recommend taking advantage of them...
Outpost D-34: New Poll - Brian
Outpost D-34 has posted a new poll asking whether they should bring Jar Jar Binks back for the next prequel film...
Etc. - Brian
In regards to Tribes 2, not JK... I got a chance to play Tribes 2 at E3 - talk about an amazing game. Anyway, there's a petition out asking the developers to release a Linux version... even if you don't currently use Linux, it's a good way to garner support for an O/S other than Microshaft Winblows...
Saturday, June 19, 1999
Command Chamber Re-Design - Brian
A couple of late updates this afternoon... The Command Chamber has been completely re-designed. It looks great, be sure to head on over there and check it out. What is the Command Chamber you ask? Well, it's only the best Single-Player JK/Mots/DF level review site out there.
Star Wars Fan Day - Brian
A little late, but somehow I missed this one. Today is Star Wars Fan Day - go show your support by watching the movie again today. I think that Episode 1 will easily beat out Titanic -- it's been a month and we're already halfway there! Check out this page that breaks it down. Fans Unite!
New JK Multiplayer Level: Drazen Isle - Brian
File: Drazen Isle
Author: Jeff Walters
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Talk about being a long time coming. After waaaaaay too long, Drazen Isle (JK MP level) is finally released. I only have one thing to add and it's very important -> read the level's accompanying documentation and map before playing. The level is very big and very complex, if you don't check out the doc/map before playing you'll likely be completely lost and/or completely thrashed by any opponent who actually *has* read them. Also note the level is mainly aimed at relatively high-end PC's.

Webmaster's Note: Thanks to Outpost D-34 for the screenshots.
Puppet Jedi - Brian announced that a new vesion of Puppet Jedi has been released. A while back, Alexei Novikov (of the The Code Alliance) released the source code of Puppet Jedi at the suggestion of some people on his message board. The new Puppet Jedi's core was written by Alexie Novikov, but all the new features (listed below) have been added by Ugg_Boot, author of many Jed Plugins. Here is the info that posted:
Puppet Jedi v0.5, the first keyframe editor for JK/MOTS, is now availiable. Finally, JK/MOTS editors have a user-friendly keyframe editor. Keyframes are what allow characters to run, jump and fight. Originally developed by Alexei Novikov as a keyframe viewer, it now sports these new features:
  • JED style resource picker.
  • Movement and rotation of 3DO nodes using the mouse.
  • Function to display the path travelled by a node.
  • Keyframe summary, for editing the entry frame numbers.
  • AutoCopy function, for quicker editing of node positions and angles.
  • Help manual and tutorial.
  • KEY saving.
Author: Craig "UggBoot" Urquhart