Tuesday, August 3, 1999
JK Army TC Screenshots - Brian
The JK Army TC has posted a bunch of new screenshots that show off their new skins and weapons.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Deathmatch Arena - Brian
File: Deathmatch Arena
Author: GH_SE1_Dengar
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Designed for 2-4 players in mind, Deathmatch Arena is a very spacious and lag-free level. I have tried to create a very good level for battles, without the interference of traps, and so forth. I hope I have pleased gunners with this level.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Impulse Station - Brian
File: Impulse Station
Author: LOP_Jimanatore
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a medium sized multiplayer level set in an Imperial salvage facility, It consists of 5 main areas, the salvage yard, A smallish loading area, A hangar, A power control station, and the rooftop (if you can find it). Plenty of guns and traps with cameras. All the areas are interconnected by thrust tubes, so getting around is fast, should make for a high frag rate game for 3 to 5 players.
New MotS Multiplayer Level: Dagobah - Brian
File: Dagobah
Author: Ajay Huff
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a Multiplayer version of the Dagobah level of the Star Wars Trilogy Total Conversion (yes, I have decided to include Dagobah after all). It isn't very big, but has very good sniper points, and you can check out Luke's X-wing as well as Yoda's hut. The final version for the TC will be single player, but for the preview it's MP. I've been told that the level feels like it came from the Empire Strikes Back, and I hope everyone else thniks so. E-mail me with any comments or questions.
New JK MOD: Super Jedi V1.1 - Brian
File: Super Jedi V1.1
Author: Ryan Pulham
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a patch I made modifying the weapons and force powers. Most of the weapons were modified with unlimited ammo, faster firing, and different types of shots. The force powers also use half the mana, except for force lightning, which uses none.
New MotS Single Player Level: The Hidden Imperial Base - Slug
File: The Hidden Imperial Base
Author: Mark Brown
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: You must infiltrate an arms facility where a Super Star Destroyer has been commissioned and set off a self destruct process. New Mats, 3dos and more.
New MotS Multiplayer Level: Dark_Ralecus_Training - Slug
File: Dark_Ralecus_Training
Author: Dark Ralecus
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This level is very small and very basic, my first attempt. It is a basic training level for sabers, force, and guns. It consists of 3 main rooms, all specializing in at least one of those techniques. This level can handle 32 players, but is designed for 2-8. Since there is not much graphic detail it should have fast gameplay.
New JK MOD: MadMaul 3 - Slug
File: MadMaul 3
Author: Mark Todd and Sith apprentice NeTook
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: 1.Replaces Kyle with Darth Maul. His skin changes when you switch sabers. 2 blades=Duel skin,1 blade=sith cloak
2.Force push is added with a new key (replaces blinding)
3.new cog gives you force powers and you always have saber
4.no more jumping,Maul Now FLIPS!
5.Do multiple flips by pressing Force jump in air he does ALOT more too,such as the camera angle change,this is a MUST HAVE! See readme in the file for Full list of abilities
New MotS Multiplayer Level: Battle Ground Jedi for Mots - Slug
File: Battle Ground Jedi for Mots
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: It's Battle Ground Jedi converted to mots! There's a guns version and saber version included in the goo. Its awesome for sniping.
OD-34 - Slug
OD-34 has a nice screenshot of the Temple On Yavin 4, by Ryan. Head on over there and check it out.
Monday, August 2, 1999
Star Wars Trilogy TC Screenshots - Brian
The Star Wars Trilogy TC has posted a bunch of new screenshots on their screenshots page - as always, they look really good.
6000 Block Status - Brian
I'm taking another opportunity to plug my upcoming level, 6000 Block. The sabers-only version has entered beta-testing over at the Jedi Knight Beta Testing Group. Only things left are some cogs which are being worked on by Hideki (you know, the author of the lightstaff mod) and the weapons placement. Here are a couple of screenshots: [Screenshot 1] [Screenshot 2].
Doors Tutorial - Slug
Found an old tutorial I wrote awhile back on my HD.. It's a basic tutorial on creating doors. I decided to upload it, thinking maybe my method of creating doors, and my way of wording the tutorial might be easier for some people to understand then the current one we have here (and vice versa I'm sure, some people will find the other one easier)..
[download it]
Shaft Updated - Can you dig it? - Slug
The shaft skin posted here earlier today has been updated to include a missing mat.. Thought I had uploaded the correct version, guess not..
New JK Multiplayer Level: The Jedi's Haven - Slug
File: The Jedi's Haven
Author: Mark728
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: The Jedi's Haven is a medium sized multiplayer level,intended for 4 players. It has 3 main sections. It has a good variaty of weapons and power-ups and 2 sniper points. As you can now most likely tell, I am absoululely terrible at writing these description things, so all i can tell you is that 2 people gave it a 90% when testing it so give it a shot.
New JK MOD: John Shaft - Slug
File: John Shaft
Author: Elliot Boutin, AKA Mehab4
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a Jedi Knight mod that replaces the default character with 70's supercop John Shaft. It includes a new saber for Shaft and makes the pedestrians talk "Shaft speak" to you, using movie dialogue. Enjoy!
Lilguy's Battle Droid - Slug
Lilguy has updated his Battle Droid Project Page with 3 new screenshots. The project's shaping up really well - Can't wait..
Sunday, August 1, 1999
An Interesting thread.. - Slug
Pax is creating a new skin pack that consists of not only new skins, but new models as well. You can see some pics from it at this thread.
New Jedi Knight 3dO: n1_zy.zip - Slug
Author: Zymotico
File: n1_zy.zip
Description: Jedi Knight: An N-1 Starfighter
Tessera Screens - Slug
Jepman sends word that the site for the Tessera Offensive has been updated with some new screens. Looks like it's shaping up to be a great project.
Etc.. - Slug
Sorry about the lack of updates around here - Hopefully things'll pick up soon.. Saw the Blair Witch Project last night - Good movie, but I'm not quite sure why everybody is saying it's so scary.. Guess I'm missing something.. And the camerawork, while I know is supposed to be 'realistic', really just gave me a headache.. A drunken chimp coulda handled the camera more smoothly.. Anyways, I personally liked the movie (great end, even though nobody else in the theater seemed to think so.. There was a unanimous cry of dissaproval from the rest of the audience)..
Saturday, July 31, 1999
Idea Database - EvanC
Commander told me about this, sounds like a good idea:
The Imperial Command Center has made an Idea Database section on the site. What is it? It is a place on the site where you can go if you need ideas for SP JK/MOTS levels. If you want to make a SP level and are having trouble coming up with a story or ideas then this is the place to go. Anybody can Submit ideas and stories to us. So, if you ever need help on ideas for a SP level then go to the Imperial Command Center and read or submit a story or ideas.
New JK Multiplayer Level: NK_Hideout - Slug
File: NK_Hideout
Author: NK_Midnight
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Fairly small level for 2-4 players. Outdoor level with caves, a house, and a tower with plenty of sniping opportunities.
New Review Site - Slug
PedHead has started up a new level review site, The Wampa's Cave. Next time you're submitting a level, send it his way as well - Everyone can use some constructive criticism, and the added exposure for your level is a pretty good bonus..
Friday, July 30, 1999
DCM #32 - Slug
Alright, so we're the last site to post it, but, Al MacDonald has apparently gotten over his wrist injury, and has churned out another great strip of Diary Of A Crazed Mimbanite. Gotta love this one..
New JK MOD: Red and PinkFlame Saber - Slug
File: Red and PinkFlame Saber
Author: Vindicare
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This patch will replace the default green saber with a red and pink flame one. Enjoy.
New JK MOD: Complete Maul - Slug
File: Complete Maul
Author: Vindicare
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This patch will turn you into A Darth Maul from the Phantom Menace. Maul has a double bladed saber that looks awful in 1st person so when duelling switch to 3rd person view for best results. Maul has his own sounds and he also use force push. Enjoy.
Fett's List - Slug
Outpost D-34 has scooped up EvanC's site, 'Fett's List', and given it a home at their site.. Fett's list keeps on growing, and now has quite a few bios - Great to see that it's a success.
Thursday, July 29, 1999
Going Home - Brian
Okay, tomorrow is when I leave beautiful Washington State to go back to my home in California. The trip usually takes a couple of days, but I'm stopping by Mangore's place (Mangore is only one of the best JK editors alive today...) Friday night. I should be back online and updating by Monday evening, and the move to the new server should be complete by next weekend (not this weekend). See you all later, thanks for the support, 400,000, whoa!
Escape From Jabba Screenshots - Brian
WD_Death posted some awesome new screenshots of his upcoming level, Escape From Jabba, over on our discussion board.
RPD Screenshots - Brian
Outatime sent in 3 screenshots of his upcoming level, RPD: [Screenshot 1] [Screenshot 2] [Screenshot 3].
More Screenshots - Brian
JFC_Mega_Bite also posted some new screenshots over at his site. The level is called ProdFour, and it looks to be coming along very well.
New MotS Single Player Level: Meeting at Balfor - Kedri
File: Meeting at Balfor
Author: Michael Chastant
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is Episode 1 of the "Terror on the Rim" series I am creating. Mara travels to Balfor to obtain information from a New Republic courier only to find the planet is under attack by the Empire. This is the first of my levels I have felt was good enough to release. I hope you enjoy it.
Massassi Hits 400K!! - Kedri
It was none other than JediLegacy's own Acinonyx that became lucky visitor #400,000 at the Massassi Temple, sometime late last night:
This site is getting enough hits to make my head spin, and believe me when I say it'll only be getting better! Stay tuned, and thanks to visitors #1 to #399,999 for getting the site to where it's at today.
Wednesday, July 28, 1999
New JK MOD: Backflip - Slug
File: Backflip
Author: Will
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: I knocked out a backflip key file for Jedi Knight and Mots (works on both). Jumping vertically up or backward does a slightly different jump (a partial section of the key), but doing the same with a force jump will do a full backflip. Does the same thing when jumping sideways if going slightly backward. The flip is visible in third person mode, but in first person there's no noticable difference to a regular jump and you still fire forwards in mid-air, so its only to look cool really.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Lightsaber Training Grounds -
File: Lightsaber Training Grounds
Author: Son Of Blood a.k.a. SkaCore
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A small JK sabers only level based on Battle Ground Jedi. A few hard to get power-ups makes it a interesting match. Recommended for 4-8 players. Great for clan wars/ practices. Visit the Sons Of Blood - http://www.angelfire.com/vt/sobjk.
JN News - Slug
Spartacus sends word of some news about a couple o' hosted sites on JN.
--new hosted site at JN Jedi Nights is proud to announce our newest hosted site - The Dragon BallZ TC. Here's the goods:

Our page is a spot for a total conversion for Jedi Knight based on the cartoon series Dragon Ball Z. It's going to feature great new cogs, tons of skins and five or more new single player and multiplayer levels with tons of space for fighting. There will be no weapons involved, only huge powers like energy blasts. Characters will all fly and kick too.

Sounds great to me, head on over to the DBZTC site for more info.


The Admirals Command Chamber has passed the 100,000 hit mark. The Command Chamber is the best place for JK & MotS level reviews and this is shown by the type of following the site has. Congradulations to Ryan (head webmaster) for his hard work and success.
Big Congratulations to Command Chamber - Glad to see such a great site thriving.
Speak's Fantrabulous Magical Mystery Saber Pack - Slug
Well, at least that's what I think it should be called.. In any case, Speak has posted some new screenshots and info about his currently un-named saber mod at Jedi Legacy..
ORS Trouble - Slug
Normally I don't post help wanted ads, but this is a mod that I'm looking forward to very much, and would hate to see die.. C@rni sent this email my way..
One Rebel's Sacrifice is a truly rare occurrence-unlike countless editing groups, ORS has actually released something. ORS technically is not a TC: it has been the work of one person: me, Jeremy Dooley. However, there are several things I will never be. I will never be a fan of mosquitoes or flesh wounds, nor will I ever be a good cogger. Therefore, this is a plea: I desperately need a cogger. If I don't, the project will will scrapped. 9 levels, a ton of new enemies, 6 new weapons, and a great story to boot; all of it will never be able to see the light of day. If you are an accomplished cogger, please contact me at carni@planetjedi.com. If you would like to learn more about the project, please visit http://planetjedi.com/ors. Also on the screenshots page are 5 new screenshots of level 8.
Tuesday, July 27, 1999
Level Design Article - Brian
Gamasutra.com has published one chapter from a recently released book on designing computer games. The chapter is entitled Secrets of the Sages: Level Design. It discusses various aspects of level design with a bunch of industry veterans...
Etc. - Brian
I wanted to let everyone know that I know about the download problems. The JN/Telefragged ftp server is getting worse and worse. It took me about 20 tries to get some things to start downloading. That's not acceptable anymore. I would like to let everyone know that we will soon be moving to a new server. The new server should fix all the download problems (with a guaranteed 99.5% uptime). This move should happen in about a weeks time. All that's left to move is the tutorials and the download section (which may present a problem, but we're working on it). Again, sorry for any inconvenience, but things should smooth out very soon.

I haven't been updating lately because I've been dog-sick for about a week. It seems to be going away, so things should be back to normal soon. Currently, I'm on vacation in the Seattle area, I will be back home in California in about a week...
Monday, July 26, 1999
New Interview, Feature & Screens - Staff
The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted a new interview with editor Chris Hill concerning his upcoming level "The Lost Fortress." In addition, a new level feature with screenshots and plot information for the "Jedi Academy Trilogy" has been posted. Last but not least, there are several "Mechanics of the Force" screens at the site for your viewing pleasure.
New MotS Multiplayer Level: DockingBay - Slug
File: DockingBay
Author: TK594
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is my first level so be nice. It is made up of teleporters and what not. A few bridges and ships as well. This is the best level I ever made.
New JK Multiplayer Level: A Space Oddity - Slug
File: A Space Oddity
Author: Jason Holguin
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a Jedi Knight multiplayer level that takes place up in the clouds. It has open air water tubes that connect to free floating structures. There are a few traps for you to take your opposition out with, but be careful with the c-rifle trap or you'll take yourself out too.
When will he learn? - Slug
Evan really should know by now that he's allowed to use this site for shameless plugging.. Looks like I'll have to do it for him.. He's got a cool new site out that allows editors to give a bit of info about themselves, called Fett's List. Cool idea, and open to any editors - So share your life story with the world, and let it be known just how big a freak you really are..
Jedi Legacy - Slug
Jedi Legacy has posted some hilarious stuff today, from pissed off ewoks and jawas to Maul's angry letter to the makers of his double bladed saber.. Head over there for some laughs..
Shadow Of Katarn - Slug
Well, this is just an sp level that REZ had on his hd from awhile ago.. I didn't use the level script, because there was no readme attached to this file, no way of knowing who made it.. If anyone can identify the author, please do.. Anyways, it's a fun little sp level..
New JK Singleplayer Level: Narra: A Slave's Tale- Part 1 - Slug
File: Narra: A Slave's Tale- Part 1
Author: Deathstar4
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is the first part in an ongoing series that chronicals the freeing of a slave and her subsequent discovery of who she really is. This level is set on an imperial B class frigate, and along the way Narra the Slave will meet up with both friend and foe, and even attempt to excapt revenge upon her ex-master. Cutscenes and special cogs are implented.
Franchise Studios - Slug
Got this email today from The Franchise..
Franchise Studios, in preparing for a site move, is holding a contest. First, whoever is the 1000th and 1050th visitor will win a preview pack of our upcoming Rome thing. Also, whoever can come up with a good name for the Rome project will win a preview pack as well.
Also at the site are some screenshots of two new weapons. One is of a mace, and another is of a newer axe. Both look very well. Head on over to Franchise Studios to take a look and submit an entry. Thanks
Sunday, July 25, 1999
New Levels, Reviews & Interview - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted an arsenal of new files and reviews. There are three new levels, entitled TPM: Full Battle, Dead Reckoning, and Darth Vader versus Obi-Wan. In addition to the levels, there are new reviews for your reading pleasure for the following levels: Vader's Journey, Emperor's Reach III, Obi-Wan's Escape, and Hidden Imperial Base. Also posted was an interview with SavageX, of Remnants of the Empire fame. More reviews are coming very soon, so be sure to visit the site frequently.
New JK MOD: Sithsabers Skin Pack 2.0 Final - Kedri
File: Sithsabers Skin Pack 2.0 Final
Author: Dean Bedson
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: It's a Sithsabers patch. New features include:

  • Supports the Original Skins, Phantom Menace Skins, Return of the Jedi Skins, plus a few more.
  • New saber handle models (by Darth Haun) that minimize sithsaber blade see-through.
  • Still supports the original lightsaber, now giving you a choice of which type of saber to use.
  • Added new hotkey for Sithsaber (which is now the eleventh weapon); also supports nextweapon key rotation.
  • Can toggle between single and double bladed with the Sithsaber.
  • Both sabers can now be used in single-player games.
  • Now works for CTF games.

    Author's note: This patch has been beta-tested over at Slade's Beta Tester's Site and came back with a 5 Star rating.
  • New JK Multiplayer Level: Outpost - Kedri
    File: Outpost
    Author: Chris Davis
    Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
    Description: A small Imperial outpost (ostensibly) for 2-6 players. Hangar bay, dimly lit tunnels, and a large battle area incorporating midair platforms (FULL force jump required!), catwalks, and a huge tank of water... (ever tried to lightsaber duel underwater?) Pretty well balanced weapons, not TOO much health/shielding make for some hot action.
    New JK Single Player Level: Dead Reckoning - Kedri
    File: Dead Reckoning
    Author: Christian Garris
    Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
    Description: This is a relatively large single-player level for Jedi Knight. It takes place in a spaceport largely deserted by the Empire after the destruction of the second Death Star. Your mission is to find a way into the part of the facility still under Imperial control.
    New JK MOD: Reptile - Kedri
    File: Reptile
    Author: Vindicare
    Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
    Description: This patch will replace Kyle with Reptile from Mortal Kombat. Reptile has his own saber and Force powers. The force powers replace Force Healing and Force Jump. Now Reptile can do multiple jumps whilst still in the air and can heal not only himself but his shields as well. He has added saber combos so he can now do a five-slash run and a faster, less damaging swing. Reptile can also kick and all of the orginal weapons have been made more powerful and damaging. Also Reptile's mana recharges quicker.
    New JK Multiplayer Level: Cavern - Kedri
    File: Cavern
    Author: Jedi_Lord_Fiend
    Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
    Description: This is a small level set in the caves of an old asteroid mining station. It has plenty of guns, a few traps, and a few secrets. It would be good for 3 or 4 players.
    Polls at Outpost D-34 - Kedri
    This came in from Captain Ramen, HTML'ed and ready to go:
    Outpost D-34 has opened up its polling station. The current vote is 'The Project I'm most looking forward to is...' So head on over to Outpost D-34 and rock the vote.

    If you have any suggestions for a poll by all means submit them.
    What are you still doing here? Go vote!
    New Jed Tutor - Kedri
    Andy Raposo let us know about a new self-extracting/self-installing tutorial program he created for using the Jed Level Editor. It's quite good for newbie editors and looks pretty thorough.
    Name: Jed Tutor | Size: 573k | Server: The Massassi Temple | Download
    Thanks go to Andy.
    New JK MOD: Resident Evil Skins - Kedri
    File: Resident Evil Skins
    Author: Andy Raposo
    Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
    Description: Four skins based on characters in Capcom's "Resident Evil 2" game. They are Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield, a zombie, and Brion Irons (police chief).
    New JK MOD: Violent J - Kedri
    File: Violent J
    Author: Andy Raposo
    Screenshots: No Screenshots
    Description: This is Violent J from the funny rap group Insane Clown Posse.
    New JK MOD: Eversor Assassin - Kedri
    File: Eversor Assassin
    Author: Vindicare
    Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
    Description: This patch replaces the default Kyle with an Eversor Assassin from Warhammer 40K. It includes a saber, sounds, weapons and Force powers. The weapons are not mine but I used the best selection of various weapons available. The Force powers allow the Eversor to kill with a look and to do as many Force Jumps as you like repeatedly whilst still in the air. The saber is a lightning saber, which has not appeared before. Also, the Eversor has new saber combos that it can do, most notably a five-slash run. Enjoy!
    New JK MOD: Qui Gon Jinn - Kedri
    File: Qui Gon Jinn
    Author: Vindicare
    Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
    Description: This patch replaces the default Kyle with Qui Gon Jinn from The Phantom Menace. Saber's included. Enjoy!
    TPM Hits $400 million! - Kedri
    I saw this on TheForce.net:
    Fox made the following Official Press Statement: July 24, 1999 -- "Star Wars: Episode 1 -- The Phantom Menace" today topped the $400 million mark in domestic box-office gross, it was announced by Tom Sherak, chairman of 20th Century Fox Domestic Film Group. The new chapter in George Lucas' epic saga is now the third-highest-grossing film domestically of all time, passing "E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial"'s $399.8 million figure. "The Phantom Menace" has also taken the No. 2 spot in domestic box office for an initial release, behind "Titanic." On its way to reaching this landmark number, "The Phantom Menace" has broken nearly every box-office record, including: highest opening day and highest single-day box office of all time; top opening 5-day figure; best non-holiday weekend gross; and reaching $100 million, $200 million and $300 million faster than any film in history.
    Very cool.
    FTP Services Restored - Kedri
    Alright, it seems everything's kosher with the FTP server now. Here come the posts...
    Saturday, July 24, 1999
    Houston, you know the drill... - Kedri
    Okay, the only reason I wrote that bit below was so that I could post some levels and mods under today's date. Now I'm seeing our lovely, delicate FTP server isn't responding. Great. Once it's up and running there'll be some new JK candy for you guys. Hold tight until then. Thanks.
    So... how's it going? - Kedri
    I just got last month's issue of Spin yesterday... here's a piece of advice: don't ever subscribe to magazines over the phone. Anyway, they've got this article about a weekend LANparty that was thrown in some hotel in California, and unless they were hamming it up for the Spin reporters, it sounded like a kickin' blast. For the unenlightened, a LANparty is an organized event, usually in some convention center, where you supply the computer (and food and 10 or 15 bucks), and they supply the high-speed local area network for you to hook up to. The result: massively multiplayer games like Quake 2 and JK, and most recently Tribes, without any lag of any kind. Nirvana. Sound cool? Head over to www.lanparty.com and see if a party's coming your way soon.
    Friday, July 23, 1999
    New Jedi Knight Levels - Ryan
    The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted two new single player levels for your gaming enjoyment. The levels "Search for Jan Ors" and "Obi-Wan's Escape" are available for downlod at the site. Another interview, as well as some level reviews will be posted over the next few days, so be sure to visit frequently.
    New MotS Multiplayer Level: Fightplatform -
    File: Fightplatform
    Author: Hawk335
    Screenshots: No Screenshots
    Description: It is a Level with a Platform in space with a pit around it.It is for fast quick fights. U cant run up there beacuse of the space. It is a level for 2 players(more might be to much).I recomend force Push because of the pit around it. This level only took 10 mins to make and it my first level.
    New JK MOD: Blaster Shotgun - Slug
    File: Blaster Shotgun
    Author: Vertigo
    Screenshots: No Screenshots
    Description: This GOB replaces the Thermal Detenators with a Blaster Shotgun. Which works like a normal shotgun but instead of bullets, it fires various blaster bolts.
    New JK MOD: Black and Yellow Flame Saber - Slug
    File: Black and Yellow Flame Saber
    Author: Vindicare
    Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
    Description: This patch will turn your default green saber into a Black and Yellow Flame Saber. Enjoy!
    I hate Bri... - Slug
    So there I was, ready to post screenshots of my upcoming level, Centrifuge, and then I see Bri's screenshots.. Makin' me look bad.. Bah.. Bah I say.. In any case, here are some screenshots of, as I said earlier, my upcoming level, Centrifuge.. Like alot of Quake maps, it was built for flow and functionality more then aesthetic values - But I like to think that it's not exactly ugly..
    [screenshot1] [screenshot2] [screenshot3] [screenshot4]
    New JK Multiplayer Level: Shinra Oasis 2 - Kedri
    File: Shinra Oasis 2
    Author: SRA_Rufus
    Screenshots: No Screenshots
    Description: This level is a modified version of the Canyon Oasis with a Final Fantasy 7 theme! Whether you've heard of Final Fantasy 7 or not, you'll love this level! Uses new sound, new cogs, new 3do's, mats, and tons of traps. Take control of two separate command stations and battle it out with your opponents. Rufus and Tseng from Final Fantasy 7 will appear in this to attack you at various times, so beware!
    Search for the Storm Bringer - Brian
    The Spaceport has posted a new tracker with info on Search for the Storm Bringer, a new SP level in the works.
    New Screens @ NOTD - Brian
    Nature of the Darkside, a new editing group, has posted some new screens. A few guns and a few levels... all of which can be found in their gameshots section.
    New JK Multiplayer Level: NK Gunning Grounds - Kedri
    File: NK Gunning Grounds
    Author: NK_Batman
    Screenshots: Screenshot 1
    Description: This level is a remake of a level called Conc Heaven that I made a while ago under the name of MTS_mat. The whole level has been retextured plus there are a few changes in the architecture. The level is now an official NK level and is a definite must have for pro gunners.
    Imperial Detention Center - Brian
    The Imperial Detention Center, home of Ugg_Boot, author of many plugins and the recently released Puppet Jedi, has moved over to Outpost D-34. That new OD-34 design looks awesome if you ask me...
    Thursday, July 22, 1999
    New Interview at the Command Chamber - Ryan
    The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted the first of three upcoming interviews with various level authors working on Dark Forces, Jedi Knight and MotS levels. The first interview, with DF editor Kevin Buscemi, discusses past levels, as well as the upcoming "Discovery at Ironfort." Drop by the site to read the interview.
    6000 Block Screenshots - Brian
    I had a few extra moments, so I did a little work on my upcoming MP level, 6000 Block. I thought I'd post some screenshots here in case anyone's interested what a Massassi webmaster can do. Let me know what you think over on the discussion board. Click: [Screenshot 1] [Screenshot 2] [Screenshot 3].
    New JK Multiplayer Level: Bespin Terminal - Kedri
    File: Bespin Terminal
    Author: Jeff Adams
    Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
    Description: This is a small multiplayer level for JK. It is set in a anti-grav tram terminal on the outer rim of Cloud City on Bespin. It is designed for 2-4 players. Has a variety of weapons and a few traps.
    Conveyor Belt Tutorial - Kedri
    REZ submitted a great tutorial on creating conveyor belts: It covers the cog, mats, basic cleaving and adding sound. Many pictures included. Thanks go to REZ for creating and submitting the tutorial.

    Also, new screenshots have been posted at REZ's website for the current project, Mercenaries Fate. Make sure to check 'em out.
    Updated AI Synched - Kedri
    Nightmare sent in the latest on Synchronized AI:
    This is version 0.5 of AIS. New features list:

    • punching close-range attack
    • seeking routine so the AI will follow a patrol route and look for targets
    • the AI follows a player on its team who activates it and help out
    • the AI can have limited lives (mainly for co-op)
    • the AI can spawn when an adjoin is crossed rather than at startup (so they don't cause lag until the players are in the area in co-op levels)
    • the AI can be made a 'sentry' AI, so it won't follow targets away from its area
    • other minor improvements

    This file includes both JK and MOTS versions; they function identically, except that the MOTS one is C/S. This is for MP only. I plan to release a version for pedestrians soon, as well as write up a tutorial on using AIS in the near future.
    Thanks go to Nightmare for the great work.