Sunday, August 22, 1999
Fett's list updates - EvanC
Fett's list is updated with a new biography. If you have anything to do with JK/MOTs then you can have your biography up there as well. Just follow the submiting instructions at the site and send in your bio!
Jedi Knight Humor - Slug
Mark Starbuck has setup a webpage which houses some Jedi Knight humor, and soon will be home to level reviews, so next time you submit a level to us, send it his way too - Admit it, you could use the critique :)
Darth Maul TC: Go Vote - Brian
The Darth Maul TC is conducting a poll. They have been running a logo contest, and now they want to know which ones you think should be rotated on their pages... Make your voice heard, go vote.
Jedi Knight Guide - RCWilliams
JediKnight.Net recently posted a link to Lion's Jedi Knight Guide. It has some interesting multi-player techniques that aren't fully utilized by newbies.
New JK MOD: Sith Sabers Skin Pack S.E. - Brian
File: Sith Sabers Skin Pack S.E.
Author: Dean Bedson
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Upgraded Sith Sabers patch. The upgrade includes:
  • Supports the Original Skins, Phantom Menace Skins, Return of the Jedi Skins, plus a few more.
  • New saber handle models that minimize sithsaber blade see-though.
  • Still supports the original Lightsaber now giving you a choice of which type of saber to use.
  • Added new hotkey for Sithsaber (which is now the eleventh weapon) also supports nextweapon key rotation.
  • Can toggle between single and double bladed with the Sithsaber.
  • Both sabers can now be used in Single-player games.
  • Now works for CTF games.
  • Six new saber colors added:
    • Black
    • Brilliant Red
    • Dark Blue
    • Dark Green
    • White
    • Gray
New JK Multiplayer Level: MiB Headquarters - Brian
File: MiB Headquarters
Author: Mib_Agent_v
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This level is a good 2-4 player level because there is plenty of ammo and enough room to fire your weapons. The level is based on the movie Men In Black.
Chat Room - Brian
After having it up for a couple of weeks, it is apparent that are chat room isn't being used. I am thinking of taking it down (which wouldn't be a terrible loss since nobody uses it). Any feedback welcome on the forums.
Complete Sounds List - Brian
We received a complete sounds list from Matthew Pate, creator of The Harjassk Diplomacy. Here's the description:
This is a text file that I created that could be useful for SP level editors. It has a description of what all the speech sound files in JK/MotS are. This can be used for scripted events, cutscenes, or just when you enter a certain sector. The next version will have the sounds for the major characters (JK Kyle, MotS Kyle, MotS Mara) divided up into sections (locked messages, snide comments, item messages etc).
Saturday, August 21, 1999
New JK MOD: Master Skywalker - Brian
File: Master Skywalker
Author: Exar Kun
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This mod lets you play as Luke Skywalker in his Tatooine gear. He has a blue lightsaber, new lightsaber blocks, his Empire Strikes Back pistol, and a grappling hook. He can use all the force powers without needing mana. When you use the IR Goggles you also activate your anti-gravity boots that let you fly. And of course, Luke can flip!
Battle of Toprawa II - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted a new Mysteries of the Sith single player level entitled "Battle of Toprawa II," by Antilles. Visit the site to see some screenshots and to download.
Ghost Skin Tutorial - Brian
Saw over at that Force Lair has released some cool translucent skins, and along with that, a tutorial discussing how it was done.
New Level Features - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted three new level features for Burning Pride, Search for Leia, and Search for Revenge. Three new reviews will also be posted shortly. Also, be sure to drop by the new Command Chamber Forums to take part in the discussions there.
New JK MOD: TPM Obi Wan - Slug
File: TPM Obi Wan
Author: Vindicare
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This patch will replace Kyle with Obi Wan Kenobi from the Phantom Menace. Obi Wan has lots of new abilities which include. Flip and kick skills (pretty much standard these days) The Force Air Jump Force Heal All powers also his mana recharges quicker. He has his own saber and saber handle. Also his fists are the same as 3rd person view. Enjoy!
New JK MOD: Sephiroth From FF7 - Slug
File: Sephiroth From FF7
Author: Vindicare
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This patch will replace Kyle with Sephiroth from FFVII .Sephiroth has his Masamune Blade, Sword like sounds his own sounds, Masamune saber handle, The ability to flip and kick, Improved mana regeneration, Force Healing now heals his shields and you can now do multiple Force jumps whilst still in the air. Sephiroth has added blade combos which include a 5 slash run and a quicker mighty slash sephiroth will almost always block laser blasts that are fired at him whilst he is armed with the Masamune. Also Sephiroth has correctly coloured fists on all the weapons and in 3rd person view. Enjoy!
Zymotico's 3dos - Slug
Zymotico's homepage has been updated with some great new 3dos of the Federation Droid Fighter. One is in flying mode, and the other is in walking mode, and is actually a new type of enemy.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Imperial City: Seat Of The Dark Empire - Slug
File: Imperial City: Seat Of The Dark Empire
Author: Deathstar4
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This multiplayer clan map takes place in the heart of Coruscant, the imperial city, during the rebel invasion depicted in dark empire. Neat traps are implemented, and since there is a little synched AI this map can be played either coop for a little training or deathmatch. Rumor has it that during the invasion the empire may have employed certain bounty hunters as mercenaries...
New MotS Multiplayer Level: Hoth Rebel Base - Slug
File: Hoth Rebel Base
Author: Jason Adank
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a mulitplayer level at Echobase on the ice planet of Hoth. There is the classic hangar, the sickbay, and many other familiar sites to enjoy while death matching. This level is intended for 2-4 players and requires a Pentium 200 w/3D card or higher.
Friday, August 20, 1999
Plan Files @ JK Finger - Brian
As you can see, we've added our listing of .plan files (from JK Finger) to the top of the page. These .plan files allow prominent (or once prominent) members of the JK community to post what's on their mind, current developments, etc. We used to have this implemented on our old domain, but it was turned off by the host (Telefragged). I had just forgotten about it until I saw that Jedi Nights had added one to their page. Thanks to Matt Kade over at JN for sending me the script...
New JK MOD: Black and White Saber - Slug
File: Black and White Saber
Author: Vindicare
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This patch replaces the normal Green Saber with A Black and white saber with a cool fizzing affect on the inside Enjoy!
Obi-Wan Info - Brian
JediNet Software has released some more news regarding Lucasarts' upcoming shooter, Obi-Wan.
Our very reliable source inside LucasArts has acquired even more information on Episode I: Obi-Wan. He has the following information to pass on:
LucasArts is still anticipating a first-half 2000 release date for the game. Further, we're expecting to formally unveil the game to the media in early 2000, not September 1999.

Development for the game is proceeding quite well and we continue to anticipate a great deal of enthusiasm from the media and game players when we show Obi-Wan for the first time early next year.
I guess all of the anxious gamers that were looking for a preview next month will just have to wait until the year 2000.
Showdown - Slug
Looks like a few people have taken SavageX's Jedi Kombat post and built off of it.. Showdown is a new JK mod which will allow you to play a mortal combat-type game in JK. It features new moves, new skins (including everyone's favorite slug, tho I haven't a clue what I'll look like in-game), and some cool new features.. The site has some more in-depth info, and screenshots..
Enhancement Pack 2.0 Released - Brian
Millennium, our hosted cog site, has released Enhancement Pack 2.0. The original was very well received back when it was released, and this one promises to be much better. Go on over to Millennium to download it. After that, be sure to stop by our Forums and let us know what you think (this paticular topic should go on the review board...).
3do Site - Brian
The Realm of Zymotico, the page that has been showing off screens of the upcoming EP1 3do's (Droid Federation Fighter and the Naboo Starfighter) has been updated with a new look. Also, the page says that the new Trade Federation Droid Fighter 3do will be released very soon.
Command Chamber Screenshots - Brian
The Command Chamber has released some new screenshots of the upcoming SP level, Search for Leia.
Etc. - Brian
The news has slowed down a bit the past 2 days, but don't worry, things are hotter than ever here at Massassi. I have been working on a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff, including our upcoming level review section. It should be up and running starting Monday.

I am also looking for someone who is very good at artwork and specifically site design. We have a few things planned for the future, and we will need a few new site designs. These have to be professional quality, no frames sites that load quickly and have room to expand. A tough job, but I think it will be well worth it. If you have what it takes, please send an email listing URL's where we can take a look at some examples of some of your work.
Thursday, August 19, 1999
Screens of A Slave's Tale 2 - Farrax
Deathstar4 posted new screenshots of his upcoming level, Narra: A Slave's Tale Part 2- Mon Calamari Revelation. Yes, it's a long title, but you'll survive. Trudge on over and take a look at these...
[Screenshot 1] [Screenshot 2]
New Tracker - Farrax
Noticed that the The Spaceport posted a new tracker today. 'CTF Battlegrounds'. Looks like another site from the "glory days" is starting to become active again, and that can be only a good thing.
Also at the Spaceport... - Farrax
New screens of the 'GoldenEye TC'... the new pic up is the Golden Gun. Looks to be in a pretty preliminary state.
Command Chamber: New Forums - Brian
The Admiral's Command Chamber, the top Single Player level site, has just gotten a new set of forums. You can check them out here:
Alexei Speaks - Slug
Alexei has updated his finger plan with a bit of news about the new JED (who here can say "leak reduction"?)..
New Level Reviews - Brian
The Wampa's Cave has posted two new MP level reviews, one of Asteroid Temple, and the other of Empire Night Club.
C.O.R.E. Releases Weapons Pack - Brian
Jedi Nights has announced that their hosted editing group, C.O.R.E. has released their Arsenal Pack. It is basically a weapons pack designed to make the weapons more playable and balanced. You can grab it from their Arsenal Page.
Rites of Xanthus Screenshots - Brian
The VC Alliance has posted some new screenshots of their Rites of Xanthus TC.
Wednesday, August 18, 1999
New Review/Posting Site - RCWilliams
Echo Base, a new site to submit your levels and mods to opened up. They also feature reviews. Stop by and look around.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Temple Of Ishraa - Slug
File: Temple Of Ishraa
Author: NJF_Chewie (Stuart Coggins)
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a small multiplayer level set in The Temple Of Ishraa, set on the planet of yadda yadda yadda....... It's a small saber only level for NF or FF. It consists of a main room with a small fountain/pool thing in the middle with seperate rooms for really good saber fights.
Adventures of Jan Ors - Brian
The Adventures of Jan Ors is a new page dedicated to a new level series. There are a ton of screenshots posted, as well as info and a downloadable level.
Jedi Temple - Brian
The Jedi Temple is a site you can visit to read a ton of reviews on various patches and mods that have been released for JK and MotS.
Star Wars Trilogy TC Screens - Brian
Outpost D-34 announced yesterday that the The Star Wars Trilogy TC has posted some new screenshots of their Echo Base level. These look awesome, so if Classic Star Wars is your gig, be sure to head on over there.
RAV Screens - Brian
Outpost D-34 also announced that their hosted site, Requiem, the Ascension has updated with some new screenshots.
Jedi Nights: New Hosted Site - Brian
Jedi Nights, our former host, has aquired a new hosted site. The Starcraft to Star Wars TC is a group that is going to make the ever-popular RTS game, Starcraft, into a Star Wars theme. Just as a sample, here's a screen of one of their units.

Storage Building
Tuesday, August 17, 1999
Droid Fighter Screens - RCWilliams
Zymotico's page was updated today with a new screen of his Trade Federation Droid Fighter in walk mode. It also includes some information on its limited release to TC creators.
New poll at Outpost-D34 - Fourwood
More great HTML-ized news from Ramen over at Outpost D-34. They now have a new poll. Here's the info and the results from the last poll:
The first polling session is over. To the question, The Project I'm most looking forward to is, 122 of you responded:
1. The Phantom Menace TC - 42.62%
2. Star Wars Trilogy TC - 19.67%
3. Death From Above - 15.57%
4. Mara Jade: Identity Crisis - 9.02%
5. Pride of the Empire - 7.38%
6. Vortex to Darkness - 5.74%

Thanks to everyone that participated.

The next poll is up and running. The new question is: I think that Anakin in Episode 2 would be best portrayed by.. Head on over to the site and vote.

Head on over and check it out.
New JED soon! - Slug
Pardon the drool on my chin, but Pax, of JL stumbled across a message on the boards about the new JED, with some very cool features.. Head on over to JL, or DJ (You have a choice - don't you feel special?) to get the full list of new features and bug fixes..
Particle Saber Fixed - Brian
For some reason the zip was corrupted, it has now been fixed, sorry for any inconvenience.
Screens & Levels at the Command Chamber - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has updated with some new level screenshots from the Mysteries of the Sith level "The Empire Strikes Back: Echo Base" by Earl Dalton. Also, about 20 older MotS SP levels have been officially added to the Level Archive. Though that represents only about 25% of the levels available at the Command Chamber, additions to the archive will continue frequently until every level is indexed. For those who don't know, the level archive is a large deposit of single player levels with screenshots, story information, downloads, and more. A few reviews are coming soon, so be sure to visit the site to keep up to date.
New JK MOD: Austin Powers - Slug
File: Austin Powers
Author: Ancient__Night
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Beat your friends down as Austin Powers, Internation Man of Mystery. Complete with sounds. YEAH BABY YEAH!
New JK MOD: Particle Saber - Brian
File: Particle Saber
Author: GuNbOy
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Replaces the green, blue, purple, red and yellow sabers with partical sabers of the same color. For those who think that this is a cheap copy of glowsaber, I thought of making this before I heard of glow sabers. It should give you glowfreks somthing to play with till it comes out.
Millennium - Slug
Our hosted site, Millenium, has been keeping busy posting tutorials and their forums are jumping, so it's no surprise that they've hit the 1k mark since opening day. Couldn't of happened to a more deserving site.. Well, maybe a cancer research site, or a site devoted to preaching the evils of destroying the dodo bird, but, you get my point..
Spork Review - Slug
Continuing with the trend of saber news today, Yoda's Addons has posted a review of Spork (I really have to wonder why speak bothered giving it a name other then spork..), along with putting up some message boards and a finger page.. Thanks to for that news..
Art Of The Lightsaber - Slug
Ugh.. What a mess - For those you who haven't noticed on the boards, it would seem that Fardreamer is giving up on Art Of The Lightsaber, due to some ugly competition, theft, accusations, and other not-so-fun things.. Dont let him give up though, head on over to the forums at Sandcrawler Productions and let them know just how much we've been looking forward to the mod.. I'd hate to see such a promising mod go down the drain due to the idiocy of a handful of people..
Another Catwalk Tutorial - Slug
I guess we have some fans of catwalks out there, 2 tutorials in 2 days.. Bulworth has sent in a tutorial for making slightly more advanced catwalks.. Thanks to both tutorial authors for their contributions (I failed to thank SL_Ric_Olie yesterday)
Glowsaber Alpha Released - Brian
The Glowsaber Page has released an alpha of their project. If you don't know what Glowsaber is, scroll down and look at the screenshots posted the other day...
Speaking of Glowsaber... - Brian
Due to some friction with the original author of glowsaber, Jedi Legacy has been working on one as well. You can see some screenshots over there...
Monday, August 16, 1999
TPM TC Upated With New Screens - RCWilliams
As was announced on Jedi Lecacy, the TPM Total Conversion posted some new screen shots today.
Kyle doing the YMCA dance... - Farrax
I saw that SavageX posted this on the forums, and it was just too good to pass up.
You read that right ... here's a gif of Kyle doing the ymca dance! Maybe next time I'll make him do disco!

Kyle doing the YMCA dance [GIF, 31k]

-- SavageX

New JK MOD: Sephiroth - Slug
File: Sephiroth
Author: Giga Clash (Mark Todd)
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Makes kyle into Sephiroth from Final Fantasy and he has a Sword instead of a light saber. he has 2 new weapons,he punches force destruction,and a new thermal detonator that can shoot a VERY high energy blast of destruction for 2nd fire,and concussion bolts for 1st fire. Hold down for it to go fast.he has force confuse (replaces throw) wich flips an enemy around,fun in Multiplayer.He has a better,Rapid kick (Faster). he flips (like everything I do these days) and he air jumps (once again). better,faster mana regenration too (again) and he flys by using IR goggels (be sure to grab some or do cheat code 'Wamprat')
Fett's List Updated - RCWilliams
Three more biographies were added to Fett's List.
Catwalks Tutorial - Slug
SL_Ric_Olie submitted a new tutorial on creating catwalks in your level. Like our beams, and outdoor buildings tutorials, it should help give an understanding of JK's negative space architecture..
New JK MOD: RE Skins - Slug
File: RE Skins
Author: Squall
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: JK Skin Patch. Contain skins from the Resident Evil series. They are Chris from Resident Evil, Jill(RE: Nemisis), Clare(RE2), Leon(RE2), and Irons(RE2). This is pretty much like a skin demo for our upcoming RE TC.
Art of the Lightsaber Screens - RCWilliams
The upcoming Art of the Lightsaber mod has updated their page with new screen shots and move info. Also, the Glow Saber and Art of the Lightsaber projects are merging to create the supreme lightsaber mod. (Insert evil laugh here.)
Holocron Editing Shots - Statto
Holocron Editing has posted some more screenshots of their hopefully soon to be released level.
Absolon Editing Screens - Brian
Absolon Editing has posted some new screenshots showing off one of their upcoming levels...
New Reviews - Brian
Abandoned Jedi has posted two new level reviews, Lakinis Tower and Four Pillars.
Jedi Knight Archives - Brian
The Jedi Knight Archives is another place you can send your level if you want it to be seen by a lot of people...
Imperial Cantina Shots - Brian
The Imperial Cantina has posted 7 new screenshots... and promise that their screenshots page will be revamped for faster viewing (soon).
Sunday, August 15, 1999
New JK Multiplayer Level: Pit Of Death - Slug
File: Pit Of Death
Author: Bounty Maul and Ghaleon
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a small 2-4 person shoot them up level. you cant run out of ammo except for maybe a rail detator. The level has one major trap i'll give you a clue. The 3rd block up. There is another secret one clue. Look by the dead body and in there serch the walls. Its a FUN level. hope you live long.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Lakinis Tower - Slug
File: Lakinis Tower
Author: Tee
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: small(ish) MP level set in a wealthy Theed citizens private residence. Contains a new n1 3do.
New MotS Multiplayer Level: Assassin's Hideout - Slug
File: Assassin's Hideout
Author: Obiwan_3
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is my first level and it's relatively small and simple. It consists of 4 main rooms with several smaller rooms branching off. There are a few fake walls that lead to hidden rooms designed for sniping. There is an area in one the the main rooms with some catwalks above the ground designed for sabers. There are a few booby traps so be on the look out for rooms that look suspiciousy too good to be true. It hopefully should be very smooth running level due to its small size and simplicity.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Four Pillars - Slug
File: Four Pillars
Author: Adam Chalkley (aka Killer Bee)
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a small simple multiplayer level set somewhere. It consists of a few sectors, some textures and some things, all thrown together in Jed, mixed for about for 5 days, then carefully removed, gobbed and brought to you with stupidity. The result? A level that plays like Canyon Oasis, only with more fighting.
New MotS Single Player Level: Battle on the Outter Rim part 2 - Slug
File: Battle on the Outter Rim part 2
Author: EvanC
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a single level that continues the story of Battle on the Outter Rim part. It is set in the CorusCo fuel refinery.
MSN Gaming Zone Update on the Way - Statto
There is a new version of the Zone in the works, with a Beta version released recently. It is a lot more user friendly than the old Zone and involves a few downloads, but well worth checking out! All the current games (including Jedi Knight of course) are fully supported, as are old Zone accounts.
Imperial Cantina Screenshots - Statto
The Imperial Cantina has released even more screenshots of their upcoming level.
Upcoming Star Wars Games - Brian
Jedi Legacy swiped this from JediNet Software. News about upcoming SW games.
Hello all, GhentZ from the Literature section here! At the SW panel on Friday the 13th at the San Diego Comic Con, some LucasArts product news was announced. According to W. Haden Blackman, the writer for the Behind the Magic, Insider's Guide, and The Phantom Menace computer programs and game, as well as the author of the upcoming Episode I Technical Journal, this is the current schedule for upcoming LucasArts releases:

The Phantom Menace for Playstation in September 1999
Racer to iMac in early October 1999
Obi-Wan for PC in the first half of 2000
Force Commander in late fall 1999
Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine in late fall 1999

He went on to say that "We have several other games in development . . . a number of them are Episode I-related and others speak to Star Wars in general."

Hmmm, if I had to speculate, I'd say that there's a flight-sim in there somewhere. I'd sure love an N-1 fighter game! :-D He could not comment on the titles in development, but we were assured that they would be lots of fun. Mr. Blackman also stated that since development kits had not yet been given to LucasArts by Dolphin's (Nintendo) and Dreamcast's (Sega) makers, they had no works in progress on those platforms as of now.
I really look forward to Obi-Wan and Force Commander...
New Co-op Screens - Brian
Nebula, author of the recently release MP Co-op level, Theft on Nar Shaddaa, has posted some new screenshots of the upcoming sequel level. You can check them out on our forums.
Massassi Goes International - Brian
I am very pleased to announce one of our new Staff members. Statto joins us from Australia as one of our new news and file masters. Hopefully our new members (more are still coming) will ease the burden from me so I can concentrate on new features for the site rather than the news.
Glowsaber Mod - Brian
I got some screenshots in the mail of an upcoming mod called Glowsaber. The idea is to make the Lightsabers in Jedi Knight look more like the ones in the movies. Anyway, I saw the screenshots and I was very amazed. So amazed in fact, that I thought they were fakes. So, I emailed the author, asked him for a sample, and the next day, I had one on my box. This thing is amazing! Anyway, you can check out a before and after, or the complete color set.

And just to show that these are not fake, I took some screens for your viewing pleasure.

One more note, this requires a decent 3d card to get the effect (I tested it on a Voodoo 2 and a Riva TNT and it looked great).
Outpost D-34 Hosts The Arc Hammer - Brian
Got an email from Ramen over at
Outpost D-34 is proud to announce that The Arc Hammer has joined our network of hosted sites. The Arc Hammer is home to David McHale's best work (Yug'rins' Missions, Dark Legion, and The Emperor's reach). Be on the lookout for more cool levels, like Emperor's Reach IV.
New Millennium Cog Tutorials - Brian
Millennium, our hosted Cog site, has been updated with two new tutorials. One covers how to reduce lines in your cog scripts, and the other discusses crashing elements. Be sure to visit Millennium for all your Cogging needs (that sounded like a television commercial, eh?).
Saturday, August 14, 1999
Imperial Cantina Screenshots - Brian
The Imperial Cantina has posted some new screenshots of their upcoming level. They promise to post a few a night for the next week or so...
Art of the Lightsaber Updated - Brian
Fardreamer has updated his Art of the Lightsaber page with some new screenshots of the upcoming swivel attack (they look pretty awesome).
New Staff Members - Brian
Remember about a month ago we put out a call for new staff members. I have finally been able to go through the emails and answer the ones that sounded the best. No official word yet on who it will be, but if you applied, and haven't recieved a response, I'm sorry, but this time, you were not chosen. Anyway, watch for the new staff members within a week or two. Note: this is for news staff, not review staff. We still have positions open for level reviewers (as mentioned below).
Star Wars Trilogy TC Screenshot - Brian
Outpost D-34 announced that the Star Wars Trilogy TC has updated with a new shot of one of their upcoming new keyframes.
Massassi Review Site - Brian
Our upcoming review site design is complete. Thanks to Farrax for all the work on that. I have to finish scripting it, and after that, we will start posting level reviews. So far, I have quite a few people who will be doing reviews for us, but I would like to have more. If you would like to volunteer, please send in your application. I'd like to get a pretty big team together so the reviewing burden isn't left to just a few people.
Non-JK, But Still Worthwhile - Brian
Got an email from the fine folks over at Basically, they're holding some pretty cool online (IRC) chats soon. Here is the info:
On August 22nd (Sunday) at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (6 PM Montain, 5 PM Pacific, 1 AM GMT) Aaron Allston (author of Xwing #5-7,9), will be on #moseisley for a nice sweet chat about our favorite topic, STARWARS. He'll be answering questions about his current books as well as past works.

And on August 29th (Sunday) at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (6 PM Montain, 5 PM Pacific, 1 AM GMT) Ann Crispins (author of The Paradise Snare, The Hutt Gambit, and Rebel Dawn (The Han Solo Trilogy)) will be on #moseisley ALSO for an online chat about Star Wars.
Millennium News - Brian
Our hosted cog site, Millennium, has posted a ton of news. Here's a quick breakdown:
  • Hideki and Maheda are now doing Cog requests.
  • The sidebar has been re-designed and is now Netscape Friendly (sorry for any inconvenience - Hideki).
  • The projects page has been updated with new screenshots of Hideki's upcoming mod, Enhance 2.
Etc. - Brian
Our 3do section is still backed up. We do, however, still have all submitted 3do's. We hope to get this section up and running any time now, thanks for being patient.