Thursday, September 2, 1999
Millennium: New Design - Brian
How ironic is this? I found out on Jedi Legacy that our hosted site, Millennium, got a re-design. Actually, it's more of a new color scheme, but it looks pretty good.
New JK MOD: Sailor Moon Preview Pack - Slug
File: Sailor Moon Preview Pack
Author: Mark Warner ( AVPMarine )
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Description: This is a Preview of my Upcoming Sailor Moon Mod this mod has:
3 Inner Scouts Plus 1 Villan.
4 New Sabers.
The Ablity to do Front Flips and Back Flips.
Your Force does not Run out so fast.
Im looking for an Experiencen't 3do Maker to help me with Sailor Moon's Hair and the other scouts as well, and im looking for someone who knows how how to make Snd/sound files, if so please Email me.
Spork Shots - Slug
Saw over at JL that a couple sites are currently showing pictures from the updated version of spork.. Head on over there for some links, and more info..
War for the Republic Screens - Brian
The War for the Republic TC is back on track. They have uploaded their character page, and sent us two pretty cool screens (one of R2 and 3PO, and one of some new mats and statues: [Screenshot 1] [Screenshot 2].
IS: New Skin Screenshot - Brian
Irrelevant Skins, our hosted skin site, has updated with a new skin screenshot (redneck) for their upcoming skin pack, ISP (Irrelevant Skin Pack).
Millennium: New Cog Section - Brian
Millennium, our hosted cog site, has updated with a new cog section. It discusses the GetSenderRef() & GetSourceRef verbs, and how they react to different situations.
Wednesday, September 1, 1999
New JK Multiplayer Level: Battle Ground Mercenary Pack - Slug
File: Battle Ground Mercenary Pack
Author: UMD_bearm007 , Barrington Morgan
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a nice mutliplayer level set on BGJ and Has been expanded. And guns have been added to this level. The level has been expanded for More MP use and is alot better than Canyon Oasis. Thank you for listening.
Author: Xizor and Vigor
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: a skin pack of 54 skins based on the Old Republic, Rebel Alliance and the New Republic. Most skins are centered around the Rebel Alliance hence the packs name REBELLION. this pack is designed for multiplayer and most are good to just look at(eg. Han Solo) and the pack contains 3 new snd files and 4 modified personalities.
New MotS Multiplayer Level: MOTS Training Facility - Slug
File: MOTS Training Facility
Author: Stawzie
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This level was made by Stawzie for the MOTS clan, it has many traps, and secrets. There is also a puzzle where u have to hit a certain switch, hit the worng one....and die! The right one...well you'll find out. It is good for about 4 people, more or less. It is fun with any number. One caution, when C-Rifle seeking u go...beware of Vornskrs! Also there is a secret that if u find it, it will give you every force power. Many floors and bridges can be turned on and off, for lots of fun!
New JK Single Player Level: Escape from Imperial Base - Slug
File: Escape from Imperial Base
Author: Rogue Leader
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: While on a patrol mission, Kyle is shot down and captured by a hidden Imperial Outpost. Finding himself in a cell, he must escape so he can warn the New Republic about this Imperial Outpost.
Arc Hammer Screenshots - Brian
Outpost D-34 announced that their excellent hosted site, The Arc Hammer has posted a project page (including a bunch of screens) for their upcoming level, Emperor's Reach IV.
Big Star Wars Pack Screenshots - Brian
Sebulba has posted a bunch of screenshots of his upcoming skin pack, Big Star Wars Pack. It attempts to get all the high quality Star Wars skins together in one giant skin pack (similar to Big Fluffy Pack, only with a purely Star Wars feel to it). We will post the actual pack when it is finished, enjoy the screenshots.
New Diary of a Crazed Mimbanite - Brian
Matt Kade, of Jedi Nights, let me know that Al's Diary of a Crazed Mimbanite has been updated with #34. This is a Star Wars parody comic strip, for those of you who don't know.
Imperial Cantina Screenshots - Brian
Commander let me know that the Imperial Cantina has updated with some new screenshots of one of their upcoming levels.
New TC Article - Brian
Merlin submitted an excellent article on TC's. TC stands for Total Conversion, which is the process of changing practically every aspect of the original game (Jedi Knight) into something new. The article discusses the pro's and con's of TC creation, as well as all the hard work required to actually get one done. I strongly suggest reading this article if you are thinking about starting or joining a TC.
The Darth Maul TC: Screenshots - IRN_Baker_JKD
The Darth Maul TC has some really cool screenshots of an N-1 starfighter, done by the fabulous Tee, Queen Amidala's ship (wireframe), and a new Obi Wan skin. [Screenshot1][Screenshot2][Screenshot3]
Tuesday, August 31, 1999
GlowSpork Screenshot - Brian
Outpost D-34 has a "screenshot of the day" up that shows off the upcoming GlowSpork saber. GlowSpork is a combination of and updated Legacy of the Jedi and a new technique for making realistic looking sabers (inspired by GlowSaber).
IS: Irrelevant Skins Update - Brian
Our hosted skins site, Irrelevant Skins has updated with Version 2 of their X-Wing Alliance Skin Pack. They've also posted screenshots of Che Guevera and Blacula (these are both for their non-Star Wars skin pack). On another note, one of the sections over there, the Think Tank, is a repository for skin ideas. If you are a skinner, and would like to contribute to the upcoming IS Skin Pack, feel free to create the skins there and submit them to Mehab4.
Millennium: Cog Verbs Updated - Brian
Millennium has once again updated their Cog Verbs List - this list covers a bunch of cog verbs that aren't listed in the JKSpecs (the list is getting filled out nicely, it's nice to see someone testing out these functions).
Encounter at Lacit IV Screenshots - Brian
Andy Raposo submitted some screens of his upcoming SP level, Encounter at Lacit IV. It's going to be for Mysteries of the Sith.
The governing council of Lacit IV lies defeated at the hands of Darth B'kai and an Imperial occupation seems imminent. Mara, you must diffuse the situation before the number of casualties rises any higher.
[Screenshot 1] [Screenshot 2]
Narra: A Slave's Tale Part 2 Screenshots - Brian
Received some screenshots from Deathstar4 showing off his upcoming level. Here is the description, followed by the shots.
Here are some shots of Narra: A Slave's Tale Part 2 (the storm trooper without the helmet is davin felth, who you play as for a good portion of the level). I spent a while taking these (had to get to different parts in the level) and I think I came out with some pretty cool pics. Anyway, these pics were chosen carefully so they don't ruin anything about the level. Expect the level to come out in about 5 days.
[Screenshot 1] [Screenshot 2] [Screenshot 3]
Etc. - Brian
A bit of a late start today, but no worries, things are going strong. Our review script is taking a lot longer than I had forseen, but it is coming along well, shouldn't be too long now.
Monday, August 30, 1999
New Single Player Levels at TACC - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted two new Jedi Knight single player levels: Escape from Imperial Base and Narra: A Slave's Tale Part 1. The review of Battle of Toprawa II should be posted soon, so keep an eye out for that also. Until then, visit the site and the forums.
New JK CTF Level: SavageX's CTF - Slug
File: SavageX's CTF
Author: SavageX
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is the first CTF level I made. Its about the size of "Arena of dark and light". Both bases are identical so navigation isn't hard. All teammates are spawned to the resupply room where all the players of that team can resupply on all the weapons, health, and shields. Also features concussion turrets for both teams.
New JK MOD: Vindicare's single Player Saber Pack - Slug
File: Vindicare's single Player Saber Pack
Author: Vindicare
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This pack contains 9 single player sabers includin a green lava lamp saber, a red shaded saber, a grey fizzing saber and a black assassin saber they all replce the default green saber. Enjoy!
New JK MOD: Sephiroth MP - Slug
File: Sephiroth MP
Author: Vindicare
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: After an enourmas response to my original Sephiroth I decided that I would comply to many peoples request and realease it for Multiplayer so here it is. This patch will add Sephiroth from FFVII to the Multiplay menu The Masasumne Blade is also accesable from the sabers menu Sephiroth has a number of abilities Sword like sounds his own sounds, Masamune saber handle, The ability to flip and kick, Improved mana regeneration, Force Healing now heals his shields and you can now do multiple Force jumps whilst still in the air. Sephiroth has added blade combos which include a 5 slash run and a quicker mighty slash Sephiroth will almost always block laser blasts that are fired at him whilst he is armed with the Masamune. Also Sephiroth has correctly coloured fists on all the weapons and in 3rd person view.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Guyver Oasis - Slug
File: Guyver Oasis
Author: Guyver__1
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is the first of the remakes of the original JK levels for multiplayer to be revisted by the Guyver Clan. The Oasis now has a lot more traps and new weapons.
JN Interview - Slug
Got this email from Spartacus..
I've just posted my interview with VC Viper (of the VC Alliance). The interview is pretty interesting and has some info about the mods VC Alliance are working on as well as a few other topics. You can read it here.

Also, you can read through all the (old) interviews I've done on the Interviews Index page
MSN Internet Gaming Zone: Re-Design - IRN_Baker_JKD
The MSN Internet Gaming Zone incurred three hours of downtime this morning because it was upgrading its current files to a new and better MSN Internet Gaming Zone. The MSN Internet Gaming Zone is home to the exciting and most popular gaming community, Jedi Knight. Their new site has tons of new features and a whole new re-site design along with common bug fixes. Head on over, to check it out.
Remnants of The Empire: Screenshots - IRN_Baker_JKD
I have these cool screenshots from the Massassi Forums, of Remnants of The Empire, by SavageX. I think all you level editors should take a look at these amazing pics to get an idea of what it takes to make a great level. [Screenshot1][Screenshot2][Screenshot3][Screenshot4]
Sunday, August 29, 1999
New MotS Multiplayer Level: Pirate Outpost (TSE) - Slug
File: Pirate Outpost (TSE)
Author: TSE_ctsketch
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Alarge level, with lots of traps, tricks, secrets explosives and fun. Good frame rate and very creative, its a rest stop for pirates and travelers built and tested by TSE. You'll never get bored.
New JK MOD: Darth Jarr - Slug
File: Darth Jarr
Author: Deathstar4
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Ever read PCXL? Ever read about Darth Jarr? Well, now you can play as this twisted creature of the sith! This contains a Darth Jarr 3do and mats.
GoZ Studios - IRN_Baker_JKD
I got this news from Outpost D-34:
GoZ Studios has uploaded a month's worth of news today (don't ask). They're realeasing another skin pack soon, with 51 skins. They will include some very amazing comic (both DC and Marvel) skins: Wolverine, Superman. They have more, including: Magneto, The Flash, and Captain America. All are top notch, so check em out.
Neon Genesis Evangelion - IRN_Baker_JKD
Weird name, right? Neon Genesis Evangelion is a new MP level/MOD being made by Ugg_Boot(author of PuppetJedi). It is set on a city type scene in Tokyo and other big cities. It features new weapons and some amazing architecture. Check their Neon Genesis Evangelion Homepage to see some screenshots and more info on the MOD itself. Thanks for the news, Jedi Legacy. Heres what Ugg_Boot has to say:
I've posted some shots from my new MP level, because they are so damn awful I don't want them on my hard drive anymore.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Load Up Oasis - Brian
File: Load Up Oasis
Author: NJO_BaT_mAn
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a completely different kind of Oasis mod. You start off in a circular room and load up so you have full armour, bacta, and ammo. Once you are done loading you teleport into the game. Every time you die you are sent back to a room where you can quickly load up and rejoin the game again at full health. The only problem is that there is no shields or health in the Oasis part of the level. There is plenty of ammo in the level, though. Think of this as a different style of Ji Oasis.
Etc. - Brian
The dates on our levels/mods page have been broken since we moved to the new domain, I finally fixed those this morning. Any problems, please let me know. Also, you may have noticed that I enlarged the font in the sidebar. I have been getting a ton of complaints that it was too small, so hopefully this will work out. I did my best to make it so people didn't get a scrollbar in 800x600, but if you get one, email me and I will try to get it fixed. Needs Staff Members - Brian and the Lucasgames Network are looking for new staff members. If you're interested in helping them out, go over to and read their requirements.
Cog Verb List Updated - Brian
Millennium, our hosted cog site, has updated their Cog Verb List. The list explains cog functions that aren't included in the JKSpecs.
IS: New Skin Screenshot - Brian
IS: Irrelevant Skins, one of our hosted sites, has posted a screenshot of their upcoming Speed Racer skin. Check it out and let Mehab4 know what you think. It can be found on their IS project page.
New JK MOD: Saber Teritary fire V1.0a - Slug
File: Saber Teritary fire V1.0a
Author: IJN_Friz
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This Patch adds a third option for firing your current weapon, at the moment I have only set one new fire option and that is the Saber which has a new fire animation that I call saber arc. Thats all for now folks. Credits: Thanks Hideki for the idea and Speak telling me about markers.
Rebellion Skin Pack Screenshots - Brian
A couple of members of the Darth Maul TC are working on a skinpack entitled Rebellion. It will feature 54 new skins, two of which are pictured here: [Screenshot 1] [Screenshot 2].
New JK Multiplayer Level: Frag Fest - Slug
File: Frag Fest
Author: SHaRKY_TeK
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This multiplayer level is made of an outside and inside area. They are connected by several underwater tunnels and some hallways. This level is not to big, but good for a 2-4 player fast action fragging!
New Tracker - Slug
Old news, but I saw over at OD-34 that the Spaceport has posted a tracker for BoShek's upcoming level.
Massassi Chat - Slug
For those of you who've been wanting to use our chat, but could never find anyone in it, come on in tonight at about 7 PM (cst).. I'll be there, and I'll try to scare up some other fools to get in there.. No specific chat topic, just trying to get the place jump started.. The #jedinights chat last night was a relative success, pretty crowded channel, some familiar faces like spart, and other webmasters/editors, and pretty good conversation ('cept for that whole op war thing.. blech)
TPM Walkthrough Part VI - IRN_Baker_JKD
I snagged this bit from JediKnight.Net: has a substantial Episode 1: Phantom Menace Walkthrough. It's currently up to Part VI and posting Fridays at one episode per week. We have added the walkthrough to our Episode I: Phantom Menace section for future references.
Saturday, August 28, 1999
News From Spartacus - Slug
Got this email from the man at JN..
new hosted site @ JN - The Saber Source - is our newest hosted site @ JN. I think the thing that most sets apart a Jedi (physically) is the lightsaber he or she uses, so having a site dedicated to this 'coolest of all weapons' is a great idea. The Saber Source will keep you up to date on all the latest LightSaber related happenings in Jedi Knight & MotS community (including some very cool mods).
Jedi Chat Tonight - Brian
A late post, but a bunch of webmasters from various JK sites are in chat. If you'd like to join us, either fire up IRC (server:, channel: #jedinights), or head over to for a web based client.
JEDi Reviews - Brian
JEDi, an MP level review site, has posted 3 new MP level reviews, and one level preview. The reviewed levels are Inst's Stank Attic, Derelict Ship/Engineering, and Forbidden Grounds. The preview is Pirate Outpost.
Time Travel Oasis FAQ - Brian
Outatime, creator of the recently released Time Travel Oasis, sent us a FAQ (411k) that includes some screenshots to help you find the time travel switches in the level...
New Hosted Site: Irrelevant Skins (IS) - Brian
The Massassi Temple would like to welcome aboard its newest hosted site, IS: Irrelevant Skins. Mehab4 (webmaster over there) is the author of the recently released X-Wing Alliance Skin Pack, as well as some Shaft skins. The site includes screenshots of upcoming work, skin ideas, and info on the progress of their Irrelevant Skin Pack.

News for today includes two screenshots of the half-digested Boba Fett skin (you knew he survived the Sarlaac, right?).
Level Contest Reminder - Brian
Just a reminder, the level contest ends on September 15, which is just a little over 2 weeks away. We've received 2 pretty good early entries (they were actually sent in right after we opened the contest). I'm looking forward to seeing all these levels, so don't forget!
SkinTek Boss Screenshots - Brian
Loka Hask of SkinTek, an editing group working on a mod called Queen of the Empire, sent in some awesome screenshots of one of the bosses in the mod. Check these out: [Screenshot 1] [Screeshot 2].
Iron Knights Base: Screenshots - IRN_Baker_JKD
I uploaded four new screenshots of my upcoming level, entitled IRON KNIGHTS: BASE. The new level features a switch that when activated changes up to ten IRN official skins. The screenshots show off some neat architecture for a fast paced MP game. Any suggestions or feedback can be posted on the Forums. [Screenshot1][Screenshot2][Screenshot3][Screenshot4] - Slug
For those of you who don't visit our boards often, I figured I'd give ya this link.. Tee has just posted an absolutely beautiful pic of his battle droid 3do.. Just amazing, keep up the great work Tee..
Friday, August 27, 1999
Sith Speeder Screenshots - Brian
Zymotico's Realm yesterday posted some killer screenshots of his Sith Speeder. When you get to his page, click on the previews link and you can check it out. Also, you can now download Darth Maul's Recon/Probe droid and put it into your level as a new enemy.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Time Travel Oasis - Slug
File: Time Travel Oasis
Author: Outatime
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This level is canyon oasis modified so the player feels like they are actually traveling though time. A player pushes a switch and they are transported to oasis's good future, bad future, or present. Music is included as well
New JK Multiplayer Level: Outer Rim Base - Slug
File: Outer Rim Base
Author: Padawan_Mike
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This level takes place on an Imperial base in an Outer Rim System. It is loaded with guns. It is also slightly similiar to Canyon Oasis but it isn't a normal Oasis clone. In fact, it isn't a clone at all. This level was developed completely from scratch
The Realm of Zymotico: Battle Droid Blaster - IRN_Baker_JKD
The Realm of Zymotico has updated with one new screenshot of their new 3do: Battle Droid Blaster. It looks very impressive and professional. Check it out:

Battle Droid Blaster, MATless.
Episode 1 Battle Droid - Brian
The Battle Droid page has been updated with a new screenshot of the run key (animation), as well as info on the release...
Etc. - Brian
For some reason, Slug and I have been getting a ton of editing questions over email lately. I would just like to (once again) remind everyone that we can not (and will not) answer editing questions over email. Running this site causes us to get tons of email every day, and we don't have time to update the site, answer all the valid emails (hosting questions, support for our current hosted sites, news questions, site issues, etc), answer questions on the editing forum and answer editing emails. Most of the time, the answers can easily be found in the FAQ, the Basics, or the Tutorials. Please don't email us editing questions. We answer as many as we can over on the forum. That's the best place to get help anyway - there are people who visit the forums that are a lot more experienced than we are.

Just noticed that we are about to pass half a million hits on the main page here... thanks to all who visit us, I'm glad you feel this is a valuable resource. We will do our best to keep it that way.

Some news on staff members... you will notice a few new faces around here, welcome to Statto, Baker, and RCWilliams - their help should allow me to take some time to finish up our review section (it's coming along, slowly, but surely), as well as get the 3do section up and running again.

If you will remember, however, we used to have a very reliable newsmaster named Kedri - he took a vacation, but had some family problems while he was home, so has been a bit delayed. We expect him back, but we just don't know when.
Holocron Goes Bigtime - IRN_Baker_JKD
Here's an interesting news clip from JediNights:
Our hosted site - Holocron Editing - has moved to a new sub domain, they're now at, please update your bookmarks! To go along with the new URL they have a sweet ass design by Ryan of The Admiral's Command Chamber. They also have some new sections, screenshots and more so head on over to check it all out.
Thursday, August 26, 1999
Showdown Shots Fixed - Brian
Looks like I goofed when I uploaded them, so if you scroll down, the screenshots of the Showdown mod should be fixed.

Please: if something like this happens again, someone email me so I can get them fixed right away. Slug tells me it was posted on the forums, but I don't always get a chance to check them on a regular basis (at least, not as regular as I'd like) - so do me a favor, email me next time there's a mistake...
Looks like the JK TPM Mod is still going ahead, got some screenshots from Sebulba(HOV)..
[Screen 1] [Screen 2] [Screen 3]
JN Poll - Slug
Got this little piece of news from Matt Kade..
Jedi Nights now has a poll system which I just set up. Look at the top for the link to it. Enjoy! voting.
New JK Single Player Level: The Adventures of Jan Ors - Brian
File: The Adventures of Jan Ors
Author: jensyx
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Jan Ors, the heroine of Jedi Knight, wakes up in a cell and has no idea where she is. She must find out where she is and get out.
New JK MOD: James Hetfield Single Player Skin - Brian
File: James Hetfield Single Player Skin
Author: Stephen Parnell A.K.A. SRZ_SeBuLBa
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is My first skin ever, it is based on the lead singer of Metallica James Hetfield. I plan on making a skinpack of the whole band as a millenium project (this is a start).
X-Wing Alliance Skin Pack - Brian
The IS Skin Page has released a skin pack based on X-Wing Alliance.
The X-Wing Alliance Skin Pack V 1.0 contains a total of five Jedi Knight skins from the computer game X-Wing Alliance. Among the featured are Aeron, Tomaas, Emon, Galin, and Antan Azzameen.
Thanks mehab4 for the news...
Showdown Screenshots - Brian
I received some screenshots of the upcoming Showdown Mod. These things look really cool, check 'em out: [Screenshot 1] [Screenshot 2] [Screenshot 3].

As well as the screenshots, we have a small development update - if you check their page, most of the progress meters are at or above 90%, all fighter portraits are there, and beta v2 just went into beta testing.
The Imperial Detention Center - IRN_Baker_JKD
I got this from Outpost D-34:
The Imperial Detention Center has created a project page for their upcoming multiplayer extravaganza, Neon Genesis Evangelon. There are 12 swank screenshots in all. Here are two for your enjoyment: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2. Expect this mod sometime next month.
Thanks for the news Ramen!
JEDi Review - IRN_Baker_JKD
Jedi Nights has just released news of their newly hosted site, JEDi Reviews. The site exists to rate and review all MP (NOT SP) levels for Jedi Knight and MotS. To take full advantage of this, go visit the site and submit your MP levels.
Wednesday, August 25, 1999
JkEdit v2.56 and v1.56 - IRN_Baker_JKD
Author Ole Thomasen of JKEdit has just released JkEdit v2.56 (for DirectX 6.1 - 1267 Kb) and v1.56 (for JkEdit Editor for DirextX 5.0 - 1267 Kb). Heres what Ole has to say about it:
Version 2.56 and 1.56 of JkEdit contains some new features:
  • A new 3DO Editing mode
  • A new Save As option for saving a level as a 3DO object

  • Version 2.56 and 1.56 of JkEdit contains a few bug fixes:
  • Surfaces were not always updated correctly
  • Darth Maul TC Logo Contest Over - IRN_Baker_JKD
    I got this from Matt Kade over at The Darth Maul TC. A few weeks ago The Darth Maul TC held a logo contest which, alot of people participated, and today it is officially over. Remember that the winners were chosen by how many votes they got on a poll, which the public voted on.
    The Winners are:
  • #1 By: Sir Real 35 13.78 %
  • #3 by: Nick Jade 45 17.72 %
  • #10 by : Sluggo 40 15.75 %
  • #12 by : ThreeDee 42 16.54 %
  • #13 by: Brett "UkeNuke" Bojduj 20 7.87 %
  • Server Outage - Brian
    Got contacted by our server administrators, we have a scheduled outage (they're moving it to a new location) Friday morning between midnight and 5am (central time). Just wanted to let everyone know so I didn't get a huge flood of emails (I probably will anyway, but oh well). It shouldn't be out that full amount of time, but the downtime will occur in that time period.
    Etc. - Brian
    As you can see, I finally filled that blank spot at the top of the page. Hopefully it will be of use to those of you that are primarily interested in our levels...

    Also, you have probably noticed the banners that have popped up around the site. We are now part of the UGO network (click the hand up there to visit their games page). UGO is a huge network of mostly gaming sites, although they have recently expanded into other areas. It should get us some more exposure, as well as help us out with server space, so it's a good deal all around. Questions, comments? Email me.
    Pirate Outpost Shots - Slug
    Not to be confused with Spud's mots mp level, "Pirate Outpost", TSE_ctsketch has started his own level of the same type and name, and he's sharing some screenshots with us..
    [screen1] [screen2]
    New MotS Multiplayer Level: Inst's stank attic - Slug
    File: Inst's stank attic
    Author: DIK_Instigator
    Screenshots: No Screenshots
    Description: This level has all the elements that I can see make a level successful- The gameplay is fast and furious, there is no opportunity to camp, the framerate is good, the weapons well distributed, etc. The level has a few traps and 2 secret walls, one which holds the concussion rifle. Also, the revive pack is right in the middle of a detonater trap. The level is based on a cluttered attic. (sounds dumb hehe)
    New & Updated Level Features - Ryan
    The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted five new and updated level features. The features have screenshots and plot information for upcoming single player levels. Any other SP author that would like to have a level feature set up should visit the site for more information. Lastly, keep an eye out for a review of "Battle of Toprawa II" sometime in the near future.
    RoX Almost Ready.... - Statto
    Received this in an email today:
    As rox releases on Monday we are in a bind....anyone who has a medieval skin, and would like it to be included in the RoX TC..send it to is something nice to help promote anyone elses work out there..Better hurry..we need them this weekend!
    TPM TC Screenshots - Brian
    BOSsK, leader of the Phantom Menace TC has posted some killer screenshots over on the TPM TC forum.
    Destroyer Droid 3do Screenshot - Brian
    Zymatico's Realm, the site that released those killer Droid Federation Fighter 3do's, has released a screenshot their Destroyer Droid 3do. It looks amazing, can't wait to see this thing released. He's also released a screenshot of his completed Darth Maul Probe/Recon droid, and promises to release it if there's enough interest...
    Tuesday, August 24, 1999
    New JK MOD: Fork Thrower - RCWilliams
    File: Fork Thrower
    Author: RCWilliams
    Screenshots: No Screenshots
    Description: This patch replaces Force Destruction with a fork, so it looks like you're throwing the fork ala "Mystery Men". Keep an eye out for Future "Mystery Men" mods.
    New DF, JK & MotS Level Reviews - Ryan
    The Admiral's Command Chamber has updated with three new reviews for Dark Forces, Jedi Knight, and Mysteries of the Sith. The reviews are for The Jungles of Caldoun, The Search for Jan Ors, and Battle on the Outer Rim Part II. In addition to the reviews, four or five new and updated features should be posted later today or tomorrow. If you're looking for some SP levels to play, be sure to drop by the site and browse through the ever-growing archive of single player levels. By the time the archive is fully updated (it's only 1/3 done at the moment) there will be 90+ SP levels available, each with screenshots and plot information for viewing before you download.
    Imperial Siege on Derra IV - Slug
    Wow - Got a beta of this upcoming level by Ryan of the Command Chamber, the other day, and really.. Wow is all there is to say.. A nearly flawless level that ranks right up there with LEC's.. Got some nice screens for you to linger over while you wait for the level to be released. (Just for clarification - You don't play as a glowsaber-weilding indiana jones - Those are the mods I personally run in sp)

    I Found This Cool Thing! - IRN_Baker_JKD
    I found this over at Ed Bain's Gallery, which is hosted by TheForce. Ed Bain made this digital cartoon parody called R2-Detour, if you have a cable modem than more power to yah, its 5 megs and you need quicktime to view it. The cartoon is about r2d2 trying to get away from an r2d2 dressed up as maul with his lightsaber. R2D2 is constantly running away from darthmaul r2d2 so thus, R2-Detour, its a hilarious movie/cartoon. The ending is preety funny, guranteed to brighten up your day. Also Ed's gallery is home to alot of StarWars/Jedi Knight parody comic strips, so be sure to check it out. Thanks Ed!
    JK Anti-Racism: Take a Stand! - IRN_Baker_JKD
    This morning I was surfing for news and I bumped into Jedi Legacy. They have news about their newly hosted site, JK Anti-Racism Online Struggle. If you may not have known, The Zone is one of the most popular online gaming sites for Jedi Knight, and its familiar to find some little punks yelling out racial slurs, and most sysops I know don't really care or don't find a solid reason for taking action. This is where the AROS (Anti Racist Online Struggle) comes in. Their site helps to fight and prevent racism on the zone which is everly common by exposing racists on their list. So if you want to take a stand about this than visit the AROS and give them your support. A lot of prominent editors have joined in the fight like Jeff Walters, etc, etc. Now its your turn.
    Comedy Corner - Statto
    This is a screenshot of a bug in Spork that I reckon is just too funny not to share. It is not tampered with or doctored in way, it's just an amusing bug.

    Captions anyone? Send them my way, and I'll hopefully post the best ones soon.

    Jkior Level Productions - Brian
    Jkior Level Productions is dedicated to Jkior's work. He's posted a bunch of screenshots as well as a hydro-plant 3do pack.
    BOSsK's Revenge Screenshots - Brian
    BOSsK has posted 4 screenshots of his upcoming level, BOSsK's Revenge, over on our discussion forum. They look really good, so be sure to take a look.
    Showdown Info - Brian
    Showdown, the only JK martial arts mod, has updated with a new screen (a character named Ani), and some info (it went into beta testing)...
    New JK Multiplayer Level: Blue Rain - Brian
    File: Blue Rain
    Author: Bulworth
    Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
    Description: This level is a pretty large level with a lot of ammo. It has a nice "Mother Nature" look to it. There's a large waterfall in the middle of the level. It's somewhat similar to oasis but it's not an oasis mod... There is also a new wav of a hawk to add a wilderness effect to the level... All you R6 players will recognize this wav from the level "Road Ambush"...

    Note: This version fixes previous colormap problems (purple textures). To learn more, please visit Absolon Editing.
    New JK MOD: Dc Talk Skins - Slug
    File: Dc Talk Skins
    Author: JFC_tal
    Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
    Description: New multiplayer skins that are from dc talk. They include Michael Tait, Kevin Max Smith, and Toby McKeehan. Enjoy!
    New JK MOD: Ice Saber - Slug
    File: Ice Saber
    Author: ZhaDuhk
    Screenshots: No Screenshots
    Description: This is a small saber patch I made one day when learning JK editing. It looks like its been chipped from ice. Really cool, really simple.
    Spaceport Reviews - Slug
    I saw over at JN.Com that their hosted site, The Spaceport, has posted 2 new level reviews - Four Pillars, and Outer Rim: Part 2, by our very own Evan.. Head on over to JN for the full scoop..
    Monday, August 23, 1999
    Ramen is lazy! - Slug
    At least, according to his .plan.. Head on over to OD-34 and see what he has to say about LSP in his .plan..
    Star Craft to Star Wars TC - IRN_Baker_JKD
    The StarCraft to Star Wars TC has posted -9- new screenshots of there TC. The screenshots look amazing considering that Jedi Knight is a first person shooter and Star Craft is more of a strategy/rpg game, so to merge these two games together is like smores...hehe you know the marshmellows and chocolate, anyways the TC starts out with the feel of Star Craft and has three races: New Republic, Empire, and Smugglers. So far the TC looks good, go check them out.
    Absolon Editing: Blue Rain - Brian
    Absolon Editing has released what looks to be it's first MP level, Blue Rain. I took a look at it and it's not bad, not bad at all. Has the Canyon Oasis feel. Anyway, we generally have a policy of not posting levels unless we are sent a copy with all the required info, but I expect that soon, so there's no harm in announcing it until then...
    Cog Verb List - Brian
    Millennium, our hosted cog site, has been keeping a list of cog verbs that aren't covered in the JKSpecs (see sidebar). As he gets them figured out, the list is updated, so if cogs are your thing, be sure to go take a look.
    Weapons Template Tutorial @ Millennium - Brian
    Millennium has also updated with a new tutorial (this was a couple of days ago, but I think it slipped through the cracks here over the weekend). It teaches how to make new projectiles work in MP games.
    Chewbacca Mini-Series Details. - IRN_Baker_JKD
    Arrrgg, another Monday, oh well, I snagged this over from, Heres the details:
    "Newsarama reports that the four-issue Chewbacca mini-series due next year. We reported earlier that it would be written by Darco (Vadar's Quest) McCann. The mini-series will be four chapters "spanning Chewie's entire life, each chapter will be illustrated by different artists, including Igor Kordey and Edvin Biukovic, with Sean Phillips providing the covers."
    Hear that?! LONG LIVE WOOKIES!