Thursday, September 9, 1999
More JKBTG Extra - Slug
Looks like I overlooked some other tidbits of news from JKBTG Extras yesterday. In addition to the level preview, they've also posted a guide for Battle On The Outer Rim 1, and an interview with Juztyn.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Jedi Tower 2000 - Kedri
File: Jedi Tower 2000
Author: CWE_Darth_Opie
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: A re-work of Jedi Tower. Access to bottom of canyon, reactor core with thrust sectors, numerous cameras and traps and a choice between guns or sabers.
JKBTG Extras - Slug
You'll notice we've added another hosted site to our list, JKBTG Extras. It's a subsidiary of the JK Beta Testing Group, and offers level previews, guides, and interviews with editors. They've gotten off to a good start, posting a preview of Juztyn's upcoming level. I saw a very early version of this level, and believe me when I say, it's gonna be very cool..
ORS Review - Slug
OD-34 reports that their hosted site, The Tinfoil Hat, has posted a review of One Rebel's Sacrifice.
Episode 1 Battle Droid Screens - Brian
Lilguy has posted some updated screenshots of his upcoming Battle Droid 3do/enemy. They're looking amazing, be sure to take a look...
Big Fluffy Pack 2.1 Released - Brian
The JK Multiplayer Addon Group (JKMAG) has released Version 2.1 of their popular skin pack, BFP. This pack is for JK only - a MotS version is not available. To install it, you will also need a copy of BFP 2.

Their pages have some notes about download problems, so we have mirrored the files locally: [BFP 2] [BFP 2.1].

Thanks to [-=nds-mentat=-] who let us know about the release.
Vangilis Station Hosted @ The Outpost - Brian
Captain Ramen of Outpost D-34 let me know that they have just released their newest hosted site.
Many of you may know level editor Matthew Pate from such levels as Harjassk Diplomacy 1 and Harjassk Diplomacy 2. He has moved his site - Vangilis Station - to Outpost D-34. Stay tuned for screenshots of his latest project, incidentally named 'Vangilis Station.' Feel free to welcome them by leaving a message on their message board.
Irrelevant Skins News - Slug
Our hosted site, Irrelevant Skins just posted a screenshot of a new skin, one of those Intel Bunny People.
JKBTG News - Slug
Another one of our hosted sites has updated - The JK Beta Testing Group put up a new submit page, with some more complete instructions then they had before. This should help ensure that your level gets tested, and not lost in somebody's inbox.
Wednesday, September 8, 1999
The Spaceport - Slug
According to OD-34, The Spaceport's recent dismal turnout on a poll has prompted Chemelion to consider closing down the site.. Hop over there and be sure to tell 'em not to close their doors..
New JK MOD: Star Trek Deep Space 9 - Slug
File: Star Trek Deep Space 9
Author: Elcor A'lish
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This Skinpack contains skins of all the senior officers on the federation station Deep Space 9. get it!
A Jedi's Journey - Brian
A Jedi's Journey, an upcoming JK mod, has moved to their new host, In celebration, they have sent us two new screenshots: [Screenshot 1] [Screenshot 2].
Episode 1 3do's - Brian
Outpost D-34 announced that Zymotico's Realm has released two new EP1 3do's. First is the Sith Speeder and second is the Droid Blaster.
Legacy of the Jedi Ad - Brian
Ripped this straight from the home of Spork, Jedi Legacy. I thought this ad for their upcoming LOTJ update was killer, so here it is.
Blastech 3do: Celphi - Brian
Jedi Legacy also released a 3do from their hosted editing site, Blastech Industries.

Blastech 3do

You can grab it over at or Blastech. This 3do was also submitted to us, so when our 3do section comes back online, it will be in our archives.
Level Contest Reminder + Screenshots - Brian
A little over a week left, make sure to get your levels in! LoneGrayWolf posted some screenshots of his contest level over on our forums. They look great, all the levels so far do. Speaking of the forums... they're ultra-active, so if you want to get in on some JK (or otherwise) discussion, please feel free. We do require registration, but this is only so we can effectively moderate. We will not sell (or even use) your email address for anything other than moderating the forums (if you still don't feel comfortable, take a minute to get a free account with Hotmail or something).
ORS Install Problems? - Brian
C@rni, author of the One Rebel's Sacrifice levels, posted a note over on our forums with a link to a page that will help you if you are having problems getting the series up and running.
Slow Day Yesterday... - Brian
On my part anyway. I've been working on our review section the past couple of days. That coupled with a hectic work schedule kept me from updating as much as I wanted. No worries, though, things are back on track.
New Joke Stuff - Brian
Outpost D-34 posted a ton of news yesterday (and I was slacking, so the good stuff will be posted here today). Their hosted site, Droid's Stuff, has posted a new screenshot of the upcoming 3do editor, Joke. Head over to the Outpost or Droid's Stuff to check it out.
Fett's List Updated - Brian
The Outpost also announced that one of their other hosted sites, Fett's List, has been updated. Fett's list has biographies of editors that are active in the JK Community.
GoZ Updated - Brian
Guess who? Outpost D-34 (told you they were busy yesterday) announced that GoZ Studios has been updated with some new comic character screens (here's one courtesy of the Outpost) as well as a new 3do. The new 3do is the The Otona YT-2000. Speaking of 3do's... our 3do section has been out of commission for a while (IE: there haven't been any updates), but that should be remedied soon. We have been saving up all the 3do's, so don't worry, your submissions aren't lost.
Glow Saber Alpha Gob - Brian
Van Shourt let us know that the Glowsaber mod is back in production (after finals week for the main guy). They have posted a gobbed alpha (so it will work with patch commander - but it's the same saber as before) over at Ceres Systems.
Latest DCM + New Skin Pack - Brian
Al's 3do's has been updated with DCM #36 (Star Wars parody comic strip) as well as a new skin pack called "Future Cops." The new pack includes skins/3do's for Robocop, a reworked movie Dredd and a cop from The Fifth Element.
Huge New Mat Pack - Brian
Pot-Head, formerly of Saberworks has released a new mat pack over at, our files server (the link points directly to the file). It's all on the 06Baron CMP, but they can be converted easily.
Millennium - Slug
Our hosted site, Millennium, has updated their cog verb list, and put up a small page that lists the ones they're still trying to figure out.. If you know much about cogs, head over there and try to lend a helping hand.
Tuesday, September 7, 1999
Alexei Speaks - Slug
Old news (from the 4th), but I failed to mention it earlier.. Alexei has updated his finger with a little bit of JED info.. Think of it this way, my lateness in reporting this just means that JED is even closer then Alexei says in his plan..
The Arc Hammer - Slug
David McHale's site, The Arc Hammer has nearly hit the 10k visitors mark.. It's been updated with some news, and a chance to sign up for a beta test of Emperor's Reach IV.
New JK Single Player Level: Yun and Kyle vs. the Darkjedi - Slug
File: Yun and Kyle vs. the Darkjedi
Author: SRA_sqmagellan
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a re-make of the Last Battle with Jerec in JK, but in this version Yun survived his encounter with Sarris and will join Kyle to defeat the ultimate evil! Feature include: a new costume for both Kyle and Yun and a new Force, Impel, which all Jedi have (even Kyle; and no Extra stuff is needed! Play like a normal level. Replaces Pull.)
New JK MOD: Star Trek The Next Generation v1.1 - Slug
File: Star Trek The Next Generation v1.1
Author: Elcor A'lish
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: The re-release of my my old skinpack it has had the mats improved and now all the skins look better.
Tribal Outpost - Slug
Not exactly JK related, but OD-34 related.. Got this email from Rike..
Introducing the Tribal Outpost, the premier site in the STARSIEGE: Tribes editing commmunity. We are a new website dedicated to promoting and aiding scripters, mappers and all editors alike both new and experienced from our website curently located here at Here at the Outpost, we are dedicated to the community, and helping it out as best as we can by providing a basis through our numerous resources and features from which great projects can be developped and played.

Currently we offer things like tutorials, articles, forums, a .plan project tracker service, a Tribes technical specs info project, but we are set to grow and expand rapidly! The Outpost is driven by the community and its members, and that's why we're looking for news, tutorials, articles, new prefabs, textures, scripts, missions, mods, and just about everything else, so that we can help share and distribute the vast knowledge and skills within the community, and make it a better place. If you've got something you'd like to submit, please don't hesitate to do so! We accept and post practically everything that gets sent our way. We're very interested in news of project updates, and we're shameless in plugging cool projects! It's a great way to promote your mod, mission, script or whatever.

Be sure to check us out, we promise not to dissapoint!
Well, they promise not to dissapoint, can't get a much better guarantee then that - Head on over, and lodge all dissapointments with Rike..
New JK Multiplayer Level: Jedi Well Spring - Slug
File: Jedi Well Spring
Author: Flatspin
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A multiplayer deathmatch level set on a distant planet where the Imperials have found a jedi temple with a well spring of Life that restores health, they're pumping it dry for trooper rations. Look for 4 secrets, 2 secret ways to the top of the waterfall and 2 others. Intended for 3-6 players.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Canyon Pit - Slug
File: Canyon Pit
Author: StitcheS
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: It is a canyon like place with a pit in the middle. Sounds plain, yes, but once you play it. You WILL change your mind!
Level Update - Slug
Commander has updated his level, Hunt on Tatooine to fix a few bugs..
Monday, September 6, 1999
Editors Section Fixed - Brian
I apologize for any inconvenience. Our editors links were broken (the files have moved to a different server). They have no been fixed, so if you were trying to download Jed or Puppet Jedi, please re-load (or refresh) the page and try again.
New MotS Single Player Level: One Rebel's Sacrifice (1-9) - Slug
File: One Rebel's Sacrifice (1-9)
Author: C@rni
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Carni Yooled was born on the planet Rosetta into a very privileged lifestyle. His father was the king of that prosperous planet, and a war hero from the Clone Wars. His father never said much about his adventures-instead Carni learned them from history books and other Clone war vets that sat on his fathers counsel. Carni traveled all over that world with his father and brother on official business. Rosetta was a large planet, and 90% of it was covered in water. Orbiting Rosetta was the massive Orbital Defense Matrix Platform known as the the ODeMP. The ODeMp was built after the clone wars as a protective device, but then fell into disrepair and became a sort of orbital Nar Shadda. After the clone wars, Rosetta isolated itself from all other galactic affairs, and became a haven for every type of person-criminal and non. Then, on Carniís 15th birthday a emissary from the rebellion arrived to speak with his father. The rebellion was in trouble and needed supplies. Carniís father reluctantly agreed. He did not want to see the rebellion die, however the stories that passing spacers told about the Empire were tales of ruthlessness. Rosetta soon started supplying the rebels with ships. It turned out to be a great mistake. In only a matter of time, the Empire learned of this and had a good excuse to make this planet pay. Rosetta was once one of the greatest military powers in the galaxy-but with outdated weaponry and the orbital platform unusable, Rosetta fell. Just before the invasion, Carni's father put him on a transport to the planet Alderaan His sister, who had married into the royal family would take care of him. As soon as the transport arrived, Carni immediately went to find anyone that could get him involved in the rebellion. The Empire would pay.
More Command Chamber News - Slug
Saw over at The Command Chamber that the third episode of ORS has been released.. Head on over there to pick the file up.. About 7 megs, but a fun set of levels..
New JK MOD: Mr. T - Slug
File: Mr. T
Author: Jay
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This Mod will allow you to play Jedi Knights as the ultimate 70's hard man B.A. Baracuss, Mr. T the brute force behind the A-Team complete with chains and a lot of 'Bad Attitude'.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Hunt on Tatooine - Slug
File: Hunt on Tatooine
Author: Commander
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a preview of my SP level converted into Multiplayer, it's based on Tatooine, its got some weapons in it. This is a fairly big Jedi Knight MultiPlayer level, good for 4-8 players.
The Tinfoil Hat - Slug
lol.. Great new site open at OD-34, spawned from some bizarre news posts.. Here's what Ramen had to say..
Outpost D-34 presents a new hosted site, The Tinfoil Hat: "We're gonna have boat loads of content for you, including reviews (movies, video games, etc), exposťs, and interviews. These 'interviews' are the main focus of the site. Look out soon for an 'interview' of Spart, grand muckmuck of Jedi Nights." Currently they have an exposť of the Gordon Farcus incident and two reviews - Chill Factor and Dragon Ball Z.
The Matrix - Slug
The Matrix has just gotten some hosting from Quoth the Galvatron:
The Matrix, home to the Pred Pack and Pokemon PC, Has moved to with some New shots from the first level of Pokemon. There are about 13 new shots showing off a bunch of places and trainers. Soon there will be images of Mankey and Pikachu so please come on by.
Level Contest Reminder - Brian
Just a reminder that there are 9 days left until the contest is closed to submissions, so make sure you are ready.

Also, there has been some confusion about the types of levels we are accepting. We are only accepting standard deathmatch levels for this contest. No CTF or other mods are allowed. For the rest of the rules, please follow the link at the top of the news page.
Command Chamber News - Brian
The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted a new single player review for the level entitled "Battle of Toprawa II." Additionally, about 20 single player Jedi Knight levels have been added to the archive, bringing the current total of SP levels available for download to 53. Look for new level reviews, an article and more MotS additions to the level archive in the next few days. Thanks Ryan for the news.
Sunday, September 5, 1999
Basic Cogging Part 2 - Brian
Millennium has updated with part 2 of their basic cogging tutorial series...
IS Update: Sultan of Funk - Brian
Our hosted skin site, Irrelevant Skins has updated with a new skin screenshot, Sultan of Funk.
New MotS Multiplayer Level: Platform xq5 - Brian
File: Platform xq5
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: It's a platform like the ones from the game TIE Fighter... There are 2 cargo bays, one hanger bay, 1 cantina complete with robot toss asides and some trooper quarters... A couple of them don't like you barging in on them so watch out! There's also a reactor and plenty of traps.
New MotS Multiplayer Level: Chorax Smuggler Depot - Brian
File: Chorax Smuggler Depot
Author: JOTS_Mst3k
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Being a small level, Chorax should provide some speedy gameplay and destructive fun, with the soldier personality in particular. Every weapon, save seeking rail charges and the carbomite gun, can be found, which adds to the ferocity of the level. There is basically one large major battle zone split into two halves (a top and bottom floor, separated by a large staircase, reminiscent of "Cargo Ship"), but the rest of the level is tight and narrow. Two dangerous one-way cave areas reward a player with a concussion rifle, but it is very easy to become trapped if another player dominates the higher ground. And finally, items are plentiful, thus playing with vast amounts of players is encouraged.

Chorax Smuggler Depot was originally released in May of 1999, but many changes have been made and this revision will be the final.
Frontier Creature Creation - Brian
Got an email about a killer new site called Frontier Creature Creation. Here is the description:
The goal of Frontier Creature Creation is to provide a single source for your JK/MotS enemy needs. We will be creating new enemies from scratch and exploring the limits of the JK engine. (We will be doing a lot of non-humans.) Everything that can be edited for new enemies will be: 3do's, key's, textures, pup/ai/cog, snd's & wav's, templates, everything. We will also provide help for new enemy editors and hope to provide a mini-community of JK enemy editors and specialists (those that specialize in one aspect of enemy creation) in which we can share ideas and experience and help solve each others problems. We would appreciate all help we can get, especially experienced editors in cog, 3do's, texturing, and keying, as this site is for you.
Looks like they will also have some tutorials, as the first one is already released (check their tutorials page). Not hard to figure out what it teaches, "How to Create a new Enemy."
Glowsaber Update - Brian
Ceres Systems has posted the alpha of glowsaber for download. Here's what's going on with the original glowsaber page.
The glowsaber page has not been updated due to the fact that the lead programmer, Jamontoast, is taking finals in school.
This is a great mod, I highly suggest visiting the page linked above and trying it out.
One Rebel's Sacrifice - Brian
One Rebel's Sacrifice is a level series created by Jeremy 'C@rni' Dooley. We received word from C@rni about new features, and a solid release date. Check it out:
  • 9 levels with an engaging storyline, the largest JK/MOTS project ever completed.
  • 4 new weapons, for a total of 20.
  • Scores of new enemies.
  • A year and a half in production.
  • To be released this Labor Day, Monday.
You can also check out a bunch of screenshots that show off levels 1-9.
New JK Site - Statto
The J-Files have just opened their doors as a new depository for all things Jedi Knight including levels, conversions, and patches. It's run by a few friends of mine and well worth checking out.
Spork Bug Captions - Statto
A few days back I posted a rather hilarious screenshot of a bug in Spork. Thanks for all the captions guys, the best were:
Lightsaber? Are you sure thats not a growth on the side of your neck?
The ancient Jedi art of Ear piercing
Thanks again for all the submissions.
New JK MOD: Skinners Star Wars Skin Pack - Brian
File: Skinners Star Wars Skin Pack
Author: Red
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is an old pack of 74 various Star Wars skins that the editing group Skinners made at one point in time. These skins are now public domain for use in any groups projects, etc. If you have any questions please E-Mail Red at
New JK MOD: Advanced Grapple Mod - Brian
File: Advanced Grapple Mod
Author: Hemi Cuda
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: The Advanced Grapple Mod is, well, a grapple hook that is useable in single and multiplayer games. It has a faster travel velocity than most other grapple hooks, and works much the same as the grapple found in the excellent SPORK patch. Also included are new grapple sounds made specifically for this kind of mod, so no more boring JK sounds. Read the ReadMe.txt inside for more details.
Etc. - Brian
Just bumping the news up a day so I can test our updated levels script...
Saturday, September 4, 1999
Files Section Move Successful - Brian
This should be transparent, but all of our zip files have moved to a new server (thus reducing the amount of load on our current server, plus freeing up space for other stuff). If you find any problems, let me know.
Star Wars Trilogy TC: New Forum - Brian
I don't usually post editing group news unless there is new progress posted (in the form of screenshots, usually). However, since the Star Wars Trilogy TC has already released some levels and a ton of screens, I thought this would be appropriate to post. Anyway, they've just been hooked up with a new forum thanks to Outpost D-34. The reason I mention this is that forums are, in my opinion, one of the reasons the JK community has been around so long. So, if you're interested, drop by and post a note or two.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Jedi's Lair - Slug
File: Jedi's Lair
Author: cyyrix
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Jedi's Lair is an octagonal level. The lower level consists of many guns and a large arena to fight. The upper levels are designated for saber fighting, thus the arena is smaller. WATCH YOUR FIRST STEP!
New MotS Multiplayer Level: Corouscant Jedi Knight Council Tower - Slug
File: Corouscant Jedi Knight Council Tower
Author: Ironman
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a Mots Sabers Only level based off the Jedi Knight Council scene in TPM. It is made up of three different sections:Council Room, Training Room, and Duel Area with 2 balconies. The level has view of Coruscant sky Scrapers and buildings.
New JK Multiplayer Level: King of the Tower - Slug
File: King of the Tower
Author: Ares
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This level is designed to be used with the Manowars, or Rogue Squadron Patches. The goal, (Hence the name) is to capture the Tower (Ok, its not really a tower, its really a suspended box, but "King of the suspended box" dosent sound that good.),and hold it. I tried to make a cog that gave the player points for staying in it, but it never worked. Its a pretty big level that should be good for any number of players
New JK Multiplayer Level: Sub's Jedi Basement - Slug
File: Sub's Jedi Basement
Author: x_SubHuman_x
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a medium to large MP level that depicts a spacer trading station complete with landing pads, garbage pit and LOTS of secrets and traps! The level is designed for 2 - 4 players and relies on more stratagy than most JK levels due to the trap and teleporter placement. I wrote the level with my website in mind ( which is also called Sub's Jedi Basement - my level is how i would visualise really being at my site.
Millennium Updates - Brian
Our hosted Cog site, Millennium has been very busy lately. Here's a rundown:

  • Enhancement Pack 2.1 - Fixes a long standing "crash at startup" bug (this bug affected non-3d card users only). If you haven't been able to check out this pack yet, go download the new version.
  • Beginners Cog Tutorial - That's right, a cog tutorial aimed at the non-cogger. Hope this helps some people out.
  • Site Map - A site map has been added to the page.
  • Cog Verbs Updated - Hideki is always adding new verbs to the cog verb list, so if this is your thing, be sure to check them out.
TPM TC Screenshots - Brian
Outpost D-34 announced that the Phantom Menace TC has updated with 3 new screenshots.
Destroyer Droid Screens - Brian
Outpost D-34 also announced that The Realm of Zymotico has posted a new screenshot of their upcoming Destroyer Droid 3do. As with all their 3do's, it looks amazing.
Glowsaber Screen - Brian
Outpost D-34 has a killer screenshot up. It advertises the upcoming glowsaber mod (we posted some screens a while back, this glowsaber is awesome).
New Tutorial: Circular Outdoor Architecture - Brian
Jkior, of Jkior Level Productions, submitted an incredible new tutorial on creating circular outdoor architecture. It builds upon the perfect polygons and perfect pipes tutorials, so I suggest you take a look at those first. Anyway, a huge thanks to Jkior for this tutorial (I can't wait to get working on an MP level with this technique).
Jkior Level Productions: New Screenshots - Brian
Jkior Level Productions has posted some new screenshots of the upcoming level, Kionvor Hydro Plant. Update: Upon closer examination, this page seem to be down. However, I emailed Jkior and hopefully it will be up shortly, so I'll leave the link up.
Irrelevant Skins Update - Brian
Our hosted skin site, Irrelevant Skins, has updated with news of their newest skin, Disco Man. It will be released in their upcoming skin pack, Irrelevant Skin Pack (screenshot available on the ISP page).
Friday, September 3, 1999
Outpost Happenings - Slug
Captain Ramen (Cap'N crunch's long lost son), of OD-34 sent out a little email today, all pre-HTMLized and everything..
Outpost D-34's latest poll, 'I think that Anakin in Episode 2 would be best portrayed by...' is closed and the results are in. Matt Damon, a last minute edition, won first place with 35.45% of the vote. The aging Arnold Schwarzenegger got second place with 28.04%. The diminuative Webster got thrid with 12.17%. Jake Lloyd recieved fourth (11.64%), that kid from 'Sixth Sense got fifth (%9.52), and, thankfully, Leonardo DiCaprio got sixth (%3.17). 189 of you voted.

The next poll is up: 'The multiplayer project I'm most looking forward to is...' Head on over to the site and vote!

In other site updates, Outpost D-34 updated it's news script. The end user shouldn't notice much except for a faster loading time.

Finally, Outpost D-34 will launch two new sites shortly. Stay tuned for more.
Can I just add that I'm very dissapointed in all of you for not voting for webster? I don't care about the fact that he's not the same race as Anakin.. He's got spunk, and that's what really matters!
New JK Multiplayer Level: AMMO Oasis - Slug
File: AMMO Oasis
Author: =[OR]=WaRTorN
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is another Oasis modification, I'll added lots more ammo, and some revives to compensate for the extra ammo. This level is intended for very intense, lots of dieing, breath taking gameplay!
New JK MOD: Kevin 'Red' Enser - Slug
File: Kevin 'Red' Enser
Author: Kevin 'Red' Enser
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: What could be swanker than playing Jedi Knight (sp) as Kevin 'Red' Enser? Nothing! This mod lets uses play as the cowman himself. Awe yeah I know you want to!
New JK Multiplayer Level: DM_ARENA - Slug
Author: bug
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a multiplayer level consisting of several several well lighted rooms joined by dark hallways. All of the weapons are placed throughout the level. It is a great level for 2 - 4 players.
Red's Skin - Slug
Ever wonder what Red, formerly of the Skinners, looks like? Yeah.. me neither, but despite the overwhelming lack of interest, according to OD-34, Red has forged ahead and created a skin in his own image.. Head on over to OD34 to get a sneak peek at the skin..
Updates at Al's- Slug
Al MacDonald is back to work on his comics, releasing at his site today, 1 new DCM (#35), and File 3 of the Gundark Machine.. Thanks to for the news...