Saturday, November 20, 1999
Fett's list updates - EvanC
I've just updated Fett's list with a new biography. You'll also find biographies of over 50 other people in the JK community. Please, feel free to submit your own too, just follow the instructions at the site.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Hillside Battle - Slug
File: Hillside Battle
Author: Jake
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Sabers only deathmatch. VERY small. Basically just a wide open space for fighting. First released level.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Battle In The Hold - Slug
File: Battle In The Hold
Author: Daz Saddington
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Smallish sabers level set in an imperial hold. supports 8, but best with 4 players.
New MotS Single Player Level: Birth of a Mercenary Chapter 1 - Slug
File: Birth of a Mercenary Chapter 1
Author: Anthony Piggott
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Birth of a Mercenary tells the story of how Kyle Katarn became the Mercenary that we all know from Dark Forces!
New JK Multiplayer Level: Midnight Arena - Slug
File: Midnight Arena
Author: Nebula
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Contains two levels, one for saber dueling, and another for guns. Both are considerably fast-paced, featuring a smooth flow, rich atmosphere, and multiple locations ideal for all kinds of combat and tactics. Well suited to anywhere from 2 to 8 players.
Indy Petition - Slug
Been meaning to post about this for awhile, but kept forgetting. There's a thread over at the Indy's Inferno boards petitioning for the legalization of Indy editing. Go throw in your voice, and try to get LEC's legal division to lighten up a bit..
J-Files on the Move - Kedri
Shiny over at The J-Files, a great repository of JK-related levels and mods, wrote about a week ago letting us know their site was moving to another server. The move's been a bit bumpy, which is why I hesitated posting the announcement throughout the week. However, I've just checked out the site and things seem to be going smoother now. So when you've got the time head over and have a look at their new digs at
New PathFinder Plugin at - Kedri
This may be old news, but earlier this week The Code Alliance posted a new plugin for JED called PathFinder, created by BigBosskMan. Their write-up says it best:
PathFinder is a plugin which allows you to quickly and easily create complex movement paths for actors in JK/MotS. For example, you have a city level, and to enhance the level, you would add civilians walking around, or in an Imperial Base, have troopers patrolling the perimeter. PathFinder does all the hard work for you, including creating new cogs. Lots of options too. Tutorial included.
You can download the plugin at their JediKnight/Plugins page.
Friday, November 19, 1999
New Screenshots at Mainframe - Takimoto
I got this news from Cipher over at MainFrame. They're the boys handling the Matrix TC. And from the looks of their screenshots, it looks to be pretty cool. Here's what he had to say:
Uploaded a picture of our Morpheus skin and 3 new (better) pictures of Neo to replace the old ones! We've also updated the weapons and skills descriptions page. It's looking good... especially all the wee odds and ends we've got planned.
Prince TC - Takimoto
I got the following news from Prince_Yackman:
Hello, This is Prince_Yackman I would like to announce the releasing of the Prince TC around Thanksgiving. It is going to be better than Spork. In it is a poison gun, saber to a sword, thermal detonators are an axe, and there are much more things. It is much like the MidEvil mod because the same maker made it.. Or at least most of it . I am adding the extra great touches... and It is a lot nicer and smoother and not as.. messed up.
I haven't played it yet, so I can't say whether it's better than Spork. I'm assuming this is a clan associated mod. I just hope it's not related to the artist Prince! Well, he didn't really give me any links or anything, so I'm assuming he'll let us know when it's available for download. Then we can all party like it's 1999 (pun intended).
New Reviews at Tosche Station - Takimoto
Tosche Station has posted some new reviews. Some of the better ones include Midnight Arena (a guns and sabers version) and A Restless Town During Tourist Season (a really phat saber level). No, Nebula and NorthChaos aren't paying me to plug their levels, they're just worth the download (The levels silly, not the authors. As of yet, it's physically impossible to download a person). So go check 'em out and don't forget to send in your levels to be reviewed too!
Force Commander Interview - Brian
Not JK, but this is another Star Wars game I've been looking forward to. If you don't know, Force Commander is a 3d real time strategy game following the original trilogy of movies. There is a killer interview with Garry Gaber, project leader, over at Here's a snip.
I know there are two campaigns on offer, one for the Rebel Alliance and another for the Empire. Will there be some kind of random map generator or are you sticking solely with the campaign?

Neither. We're providing players with an opportunity to engage in skirmish mode, meaning they'll compete against up to three computer players. They'll be able to pick from any of the single player scenarios in addition to several specific multiplayer arenas.
Site/Staff Status - Brian
It's with great frustration that I put another one of these messages up. We've been having some "behind-the-scenes" server problems lately, and they've been taking most of my energy to take care of. This is the reason why I haven't gotten back to all of you who sent in staff applications. Rest assured, when all of these things get taken care of, I will contact all of you with my decision (which isn't made yet). Thanks for being patient.
Thursday, November 18, 1999
New MotS Level at TACC - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted a new Mysteries of the Sith level entitled "Bossk's Revenge" by Sir Gerry and Lou Graziani. Drop by the site to check out the screens, plot information and to download.
Accessing JL - Slug
Well, the address is still defunct, but you can access JL by using Hurrah!
[Update: Not 5 minutes after posting this, the address is now working for me. It may not be for everyone though, so if you're having troubles, just use the IP.
New JK Single Player Level: Home - Slug
File: Home
Author: Rob Smith
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a single player level from scratch, my first one. I hope you lot out there who have been editing since 97 are kind.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Temple of the Sith Dead - Slug
File: Temple of the Sith Dead
Author: Cozad1
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a medium size multiplayer level set on an asteroid in space. It consists of 5 major fighting areas that are all connected in one way or another. The actual temple was designed for guns and sabers. I tried to make it scary at first but as I worked, I decided to make it more comical. There are several switches for dettraps and turrettrap cogs. There are also secret walls and elevators that go to good sniper points. I made an attempt at the eerie NOT the sacreligious. I hope that it works. I spent about six months on it.
New JK MOD: Re - Bound - Slug
File: Re - Bound
Author: x_SubHuman_x
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: You and many others have been snatched from your homeworld. Taken under power to compete in the Emperor's newest blood sport... Re-Bound. Armed with only a super modified blaster and grapping hook, your lightsaber and your wits you must survive or die for the pleasure of millions of observers - You have no choice so ready yourself, the Galaxy is watching...
This conversion has been designed with tactics and team play in mind - therefore you will find that there is NO force to rely on - you will have to use your skills with the grappling hook and brains to out manouver your opponents, whilst all the time trying not to shoot yourself with that rather powerfull weapon... after all the name of the game is Re-bound.
1 thing - follow the installation instructions included - you need to fool patch commander a little but it aint too cleaver so you wont find it hard - lol
New MotS Multiplayer Level: Sabers Pad - Slug
File: Sabers Pad
Author: GI_Hal
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: My first level, so don't expect anything too fancy. It's a fairly small, fairly basic sabers level with No Force and Full Force versions included. I think you'll like it, but if not: Don't play it!
New JK Multiplayer Level: Rebel Base at Bimplo Gada - Slug
File: Rebel Base at Bimplo Gada
Author: SotF_JK_DT and CWE_DarthOpie
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Multiplayer Level for JK with lots o' traps and places to hide. Plenty of ammo weapons, and space. Download and give it a try.
New JK/MotS 3do: Staff
Author: Chemelion
View: Screenshot
Description: I was just playing around in JED, and constructed a few 3dos of ancient middle-aged type swords.
New JK/MotS 3do: Staff
Author: DrkJedi82
View: Screenshot
Description: This is a Dodonna RZ-1101 starfighter. It is a similar model to the A-wing but never released for military use.
New MotS 3do: Staff
Author: Light Staff
View: Screenshot
Description: This is a small table I made for a Mos Eiesly house that I am using in my level.
Jedi Knight Centre Message Boards - Slug
Got this email today from Paul..
The Jedi Knight Centre has added a new Message Board which does not require you to register, so I hope more people start to use the New Message Board. Well what are you waiting for? Go on, visit it!
Wednesday, November 17, 1999
New Level at the Command Chamber - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted a new Mysteries of the Sith single player level for your gaming enjoyment. The level, "Yug'rin & Zak Part 1" by David McHale, brings back the main character of the Yug'rin series as he begins a new adventure. The zip file and level screenshots are available at the site.
Tosche Station News - Takimoto
I just got this from Talon over at Tosche Station:
Things are reallly cooking here at Tosche Station. We have had several levels submitted to us and our reviewers are in the process of putting out several reivews. If you havn't stoped by Tosche Station yet then your missing out! We have a really specail Level exclusive coming up that no one should miss!
4 New Tutorials - Slug
I'd like to pretend that today was just a huge day, and tons of people submitted tutorials, but the honest truth is they've been building up in my inbox for awhile.. Whoops.. In any case, here they are..

Fixing Skin Textures by GuNbOy
Perfect Spheres And Domes by Matt The Hutt
Player Action by Obsidian
Regional Damage by Captain Ramen

Big thanks to all the authors, and sorry for the delay in some of your cases.
A Triumphant Return - Slug
Just when I thought the withdrawal would finish me off, OD-34 has returned! It was loading pretty slowly, but that may have just been on my end.. Alas, no sign of JL returning yet..
Indy News - Brian
Gotta give our network site some exposure eh? We have some juicy tidbits this morning... First of all, some killer console commands (secrets, cheats, whatever) - try "makemeapirate" for a killer surprise. A full list can be found over at Indy's Inferno. The other thing is a link to an interview with one of the games creators. A lot of good info (and info on why they don't have MP). Check Indy's Inferno for all the latest Indy Junk. Oh, and while you're at it, go participate in the Indy Forums:
Tuesday, November 16, 1999
Bakura Transfer Station Cogs - Kedri
Raynar, who recently released the MP level Bakura Transfer Station (check out yesterday's news below in case you missed it) has also released a whole slew of COG scripts implemented in the level, all client/server. Among the bunch are an improved version of the Code Alliance's Detonator Trap, Forcefields, and Open Doors. Jump over to our MP COGs section and have a look!

Also, in a brazen gesture of generosity, Raynar's released the JED source code for Bakura Transfer Station, which you can download from his site at Wow. Many, many thanks to Raynar.

New Jedi Knight Review Site: Tosche Station - Takimoto
I'm please to announce a new Jedi Knight review site is open and ready for business. There are several reviews up for reading, and more on the way. It looks to be a high quality site, run by some editors who know what they're doing. How do I know? Oh yeah, I'm workin' there. Anyways, here's the shameless plug Tosche Station. By the way, if you didn't know, this is also the name of my latest level, so if you don't have it, go get it.
Target Reticule Tutorial - Kedri
Obsidian wrote up a nifty tutorial on the COG intimately involved with the target reticule that appears when using certain force powers. Obsidian recommends you have a firm grasp of how COG works before diving into this one. The tutorial's zip file includes a copy of the COG in question, which you can download from our Tutorials Page. Many thanks to Obsidian.
Killer Screens - Brian
Ryan of The Admiral's Command Chamber posted some killer screenshots over on the Command Chamber Forums. They're of his upcoming SP series, Imperial Siege on Derra IV.
IS Subdomain - Brian
Was able to finish another move this morning, so our killer hosted skin site, Irrelevant Skins, has moved to a new subdomain:
JK Depot Opens - Brian
Well it's not really an opening, but more of a move. JKBTG Extra's have shaken the grasp of their vile oppressors and changed their name to the JK Depot. They have also moved to a subdomain (which is what all our active hosted sites will be doing sometime soon): Look forward to a lot more content from them in the upcoming weeks.
Monday, November 15, 1999
New JK MOD: Clint Eastwood Weapons Pack - Kedri
File: Clint Eastwood Weapons Pack
Author: LOTJ_Shockwave
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: The Clint Eastwood Weapons Modification turns the normal Jedi Knight weapons into powerful hand held cannons that Clint himself would lust over. Everytime you select a different weapon Clint makes a well thought out comment. Lay 20 mines in 3 seconds or blast your freinds into oblivion with a repeater that fires concussion bullets. Dirty Harry would be proud to own this fine package of brute force weapons.
Skin Contest Deadline and Other Shenanigans at IS - Kedri
Mehab4 checked in with a weekend update from our hosted site, Irrelevant Skins:
Well, I finally updated my site after a few turbulent weeks of technical shenanigans and the like. I've whipped up a few skins and Dash Rendar donated a skater model. You should check it out, if only to make me happy. Also, my extras page is brimming with unnecessary, crappy mini-movies such as"3 Dead Communist Leaders vs. Matt Lauer" and John Shaft in "The Man." You can read up on it here. On another note, the skin contest I am putting on is going to end on Monday, so send them in! My email is temporarily changed to Anyway, that's my story. So until next time, don't do anything I wouldn't do.
Hmm... I wonder if asking for a CAT scan to be taken would be out of the question...
New JK Multiplayer Level: Bakura Transfer Station - Kedri
File: Bakura Transfer Station
Author: Scott Le Brun (Raynar)
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Placed after the Battle of Bakura. An Imperial transfer station with landing platform, underground warehouse and support vehicles located in a canyon. Large level for 4-8 players (supports 12). All the weapons are there, with some nifty traps and puzzles to work out. New things never seen before in multiplayer - Tie-Bomber flybys, throwable exploding fuel tanks and much more. All cogs have been written in client-server to reduce lag. There are also a few secrets, but none of those stupid fake walls!
Prophetic Mail - Kedri
This came in from the guys over at Prophecy Editing:
Prophecy Editing has set up E-mail Services for the public. Features include:
  • Web based email accounts at
  • Unlimited Mail
  • Address Book
  • Changable reply to email address
  • Notification of emails Via Icq and Email
  • A safe Mode for veiwing html messages
  • Spell checker
  • And a signature to be tacked on the end of any messages
You'll find the info on signing up for mail at the foot of their main page.
Sunday, November 14, 1999
New MotS Multiplayer Level: Smuggler's Encampment - Slug
File: Smuggler's Encampment
Author: _KeiranHalcyon_
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a medium sized level that has three gorge-like areas, a hangar bay, a small cantina, and a few alcoves and other rooms. There are no doors in the level because which will cut some lag and would be fun with personalities play. It is my first level, but its pretty well constructed and should be fun for any number of players.
New & Updated Level Features - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted two new and updated level features for your reading pleasure. Both features have new plot information and screenshots, so be sure to check them out.
New Network Site: Indy's Inferno - Brian
That's right! The newest site in the Massassi Network has it's grand opening today. Indy's Inferno is a site dedicated to everything Indiana Jones (and more specifically, the newest computer game, Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine). On the site now you can find a ton of information about the game, a walkthrough of the recently released demo, an official Indy's Inferno desktop background (it's killer), as well as more Indy news than you can shake a stick at.

As is the case with all our sites, we forsee our forums becoming a major hub for the Indy community. So if you feel like it, stop buy and post a note!

Without further delay, here are the relevant URL's!

Submit News Page Updated - Takimoto
This news isn't too groundbreaking. It's just a heads-up FYI to let all you good law abiding citizens of Massassi know that the Submit News Page has been updated. Instead of mailing each of us individually, you can just send it to, and it will automatically forward to all of us. Please continue to send all levels/mods to
Saturday, November 13, 1999
New JK Multiplayer Level: Action - Slug
File: Action
Author: AndyL
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a collection of 5 small levels. They're designed for fast gameplay with 2-4 players. They were created with gameplay in mind and not with looks so they're not to fancy visually.
Hosted Sites List - Brian
I think pretty much everyone's DNS has gone through, so you should be accessing the site now by going to Because of that, I've updated the hosted sites list so they only show the current locations (not the ones on the old server). All the hosted sites that don't have a full domain should soon be getting sub-domains, so they will change yet again in the near future.

Welcome abourd Command Chamber! If you haven't checked out their new forums, please do so:
JKBTG Extras Chat Now! (4:00 PM PST) - Brian
Just a reminder to everyone wanting to have a chat with some JK addon level developers (including Nebula, creator of many killer levels) that the chat is going on NOW! Fire up your IRC program (mIRC is great) and point it to:

Channel: #JKDepot
JK MP Level: Bakura Transfer Station - Takimoto
Jedi Nights reported this news. A new level entitled Bakura Transfer Station has been released. It's by Scott Le Brun (Raynar). You can get it from his website here: Raynar's Jedi Knight Workshop.
Placed after the Battle of Bakura. An Imperial transfer station with landing platform, underground warehouse and support vehicles located in a canyon. Large level for 4-8 players (supports 12) All the weapons are there, with some nifty traps and puzzles to work out. New things never seen before in multiplayer - Tie Bomber flybys, throwable exploding fuel tanks and much more. All cogs have been written in client-server to reduce lag. There are also a few secrets, but none of those stupid fake walls!
Non-JK related: Wheel of Time Demo - Takimoto
For those of you who are anticipating this game, the demo has been released (73.4MB). You can get it from The Wheel of Time Website. It's pretty cool. It's got some of the smoothest water effects I've ever seen. If you don't already know about this game, it's based on the Unreal engine and is pretty trippy. You play the part of a young wizard and can use various spells and weapons along your way. I'd say the gameplay is comparable to Thief, in that you don't want to try to run and gun your way through everything.
Indy Demo Walkthrough - Slug
Not quite JK, but considering the amount of people on our boards who have played the demo, I think this info is pretty relevant. Seems that UGG_Boot, being the lazy guy that he is, has been slacking off on his Puppet Jedi development long enough to play the Indy demo, and even went so far as to spend his precious time writing a walkthrough for it. While I'm deeply dissapointed in UGG's lack of work ethic, I'm pretty impressed by the walkthrough - It's comprehensive and easy to read. So, if you're one of the idiots like me, who have been struggling with the demo, head over there..
TACC's New Digs - Slug
The boys at The Admiral's Command Chamber have gotten themselves a pretty new domain name at Here's the official statement from Ryan.
It gives me great pleasure to announce the opening of The Admiral's Command Chamber at its new domain, This move will allow us to expand and provide even better coverage for Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith single player gaming. Currently, here are some of the many great features of the new and improved Command Chamber:
  • Over 100 reviews of Dark Forces, Jedi Knight and MotS levels
  • The level archive, complete with screenshots and plot info for more than 100 levels
  • Interviews with people from around the community
  • A growing articles section providing useful information about levels and editing
  • New forums for discussion of levels and reviews
  • Features and Previews of upcoming single player levels
We're looking forward to some great things, so update your bookmarks and links to and visit now. Today we have four new JK and MotS level reviews, a new MotS SP level series to download, as well as a new article about level design. More content is in the works, so visit frequently to take part in all the great things to come.
Congrats to Ryan on the new setup, and good luck with future endeavors.
Friday, November 12, 1999
New MotS Multiplayer Level: Soy Farm - Kedri
File: Soy Farm
Author: JOTS_MAX & JOTS_Mst3k
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A remake of the "Bespin Mining Station" from JK. Much of the level has been changed. Soy Farm was made to give a fair chance for all personalities in MotS and not to favor any certain personality. There are two versions of the level: one for Full Force and one for personalities. The two versions differ mostly in item placement: weapons, ammo, etc. Enjoy.
New Reviews at Absolute Jedi - Takimoto
Three new reviews have been posted at Absolute Jedi. The 3 reviews are City Night, A Restless Town During Tourist Season (long name, but really cool level, I recommend it), and The Phantom Menace: Final Battle. So, why are you still here? Go read the reviews!
Absolute Jedi Poll - Takimoto
Absolute Jedi is running a poll asking if you'll still play Jedi Knight when Obi-Wan is released. Go cast your vote, and see what the rest of the Jedi Knight community thinks about this upcoming game.
Thursday, November 11, 1999
Lord Maul Q2 Skin - Takimoto
This isn't Jedi Knight related, but no Quake2 playing Star Wars fan should be without this skin. It's so tight! Lord Maul's animations really capture the feel of the movie. I could go on and on, but I won't. Just go read about it at Quake2 PMP. It's in the model of the week section. Make sure to download the Lord Maul skin, and not the Darth Maul skin because they're made by different authors.
JKBTG Extras - Slug
Got this email from Dragonfly, of JKBTG Extras.
JKBTG Extras will be holding a scheduled chat this Saturday night on irc. Our guest will be Nebula. It will be at 6pm central time, 5 pm Mountain time.
Channels: #JKDepot-main
Hope to see you all there.
webmaster of JKBTG Extras
New Staff Member - Takimoto
Hello y'all. Takimoto here. Brian was gracious enough to let me join the ranks of the few and the proud here at Massassi. I hope to continue the proud tradition of providing quality tutorials and Star Wars news. I'll do my best to bring you up to date news, as well as new editing techniques. Sorry to sound all sappy and stuff, but I'm getting a bit misty-eyed just thinking about all the good times that lay ahead. For more information about me, and to download some of my levels visit my webpage here (shameless plug).
New JK Multiplayer Level: The Sunken City - Slug
File: The Sunken City
Author: D_B_ZDaRkVeGiTa
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This a small city which was flooded by a torential storm. It is a saber level. Except for one concusion rifle, Which I hid for myself incase of desperate times. This is a low lag level with little problems.
New JK Multiplayer Level: DLC_Imperial_Fortress - Slug
File: DLC_Imperial_Fortress
Author: DLC_Jedi_Master
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a large multiplayer level set on a far moon of Yavin 4. The members of The Dark Lotus Clan have taken control of an abandoned Imperial Fortress, and is using it for training. I suggest that this level be played with a lot of people, but 2-4 is also fun. Many hidden areas, but a few texturing flaws because it's my first, but it's great gameplay.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Imperial StarBase - Slug
File: Imperial StarBase
Author: Nicholas Loudon
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A medium-sized mp level set on a starbase with a couple traps. There are ugs and droids scattered about, and plenty of TIE's. It doesn't have many guns scattered, so a jedi will be better off here.
New MotS Multiplayer Level: Pirate Outpost on Yavin IV - Slug
File: Pirate Outpost on Yavin IV
Author: DSS_Darth
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is an average multiplayer level. A few basic traps, and a Vornskr pit. It has plenty of weapons, and ammo, shields, health, etc.
New MotS Multiplayer Level: Tosche Station - Slug
File: Tosche Station
Author: Takimoto
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: It promises to be a fast a furious map to play on. I recommend 3 or 4 people. This and Industrial Deathmatch will be included in the final version of The Face of Death as well as several other multiplayer levels I've got in the mix. Consider this a sneak peek of things to come. Visit my website and email me your feedback.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Chaos Keep - Slug
File: Chaos Keep
Author: Tee
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Fairly Large JKMP Guns level in a ye olde castle type setting. A 3D card is essential, as this level is quite detailed in the architecture department.
New Review @ Wampa's Cave - Brian
The Wampa's Cave has posted a review of Water Treatment Plant, a new level released by Chemelion (he runs The Spaceport, if I remember correctly).
Spaceport Reviews - Brian
Speaking of the Spaceport, they have posted a couple of new reviews as well. This time they cover Ancient Valley Catacombs and SGC Saber Shaft.
Glowsaber Emulator - Brian
Whoop, forgot to post this when the email came in. Glowsaber has released their Glowsaber Emulator. What exactly is it?
This version does not have any of the graphical glow enhancements, but was made primarily so that people who don't like the glow in glowsaber will be able to play in Glowsaber games on the zone. Other benefits include the ability to switch colors in game and the flip.
A Review of... Mara Jade? - Brian
That's right... a review of a character. Pretty strange, but it makes more sense when you see where it was posted. Anyway, Jedi Nights announced that has posted a review of Mara Jade. Interesting to see how she stacks up against others like Lara Croft.
MotS Level Designer Interview - Brian
Wow, while browsing the above mentioned site, I noticed that they had posted an interview with Ryan Koffman, "Senior Level Designer, co author of the Sith script, and contributing designer for Mysteries of the Sith." Pretty good read, here's a quote:
Mara Jade was actually not our first choice for Mysteries of the Sith (MOTS). One original design called for each mission being assigned to a different bounty hunter, with each successive mission tying into the one previous. When we decided that might be too disorienting for the player, we wanted to settle on one character. The problem with Kyle Katarn was that DF 2: Jedi Knight (JK) left him too powerful, in a way.
Outpost D-34 and Jedi Legacy - Brian
No doubt a lot of people have noticed that Outpost D-34 and Jedi Legacy are not accessible. Well, they're in the process of moving to a new server, so should be back online any day now.
Wednesday, November 10, 1999
Indy Demo! - Brian
Avault has the demo! That's right, a playable demo of Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. It's about 35 megs, but I'm sure it's worth it.
Indiana Jones Screens - Brian
Due to the delay of one of our upcoming network sites (hint, hint), I am posting some Indy news up here. If you don't like it, bugger off! Anyway, GameFan has posted 15 new screenshots of the gold master of Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine. It's the JK Engine with colored lighting, full 32 bit color, and a ton of other tweaks.
Homeworld Review (Non-JK) - Brian
Wow, 2 non-JK headlines in one day, what's this site coming to? Promised my pal over at Monolithic Illusions that I would announce his Homeworld Review. Homeworld is a recently released "3D real-time space strategy game" that apparently really rocks. It garnered a 9.6 out of 10! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.
Tuesday, November 9, 1999
Absolute Updates - Kedri
From the guys at Absolute Jedi:
Absolute Jedi has ton of new reviews, including the long awaited Remnants of the Empire! Also Absolute Jedi has a new Finger Server, a new news system, and a new reviewer: darkjedi86! So go head on over and join the experience!
Spaceport Review - Brian
The Spaceport has posted another review, this time of Dark Valley.
Staff Applications - Brian
Wow, I received a lot more quality applications than usual, hopefully this means we will fare well. Expect an announcement and reply emails by this weekend. Deadline for submitting apps is tonight at midnight. Basically, if it's in my box when I wake up in the morning, it will be accepted. Anything later than that will be canned, so don't bother.

On another note, if you're interested in the upcoming Indiana Jones game, Wheel of Time, or any non-JK Star Wars game (X-Wing series, Rogue Squadron, EP1 Games, etc), have the qualifications listed in yesterdays news, and really want to get to work ASAP on some content pages, drop me an email: No, this isn't specifically for Massassi, it's for something much bigger.
Darth Maul TC In Need Of Help - Statto
The Darth Maul TC has annonced that they are in need of some level editors and coggers to help with thier production. If you think you can help out, I'm sure they would appreciate it.
They have also recently released a MotS multiplayer demo.
Hosted Sites List - Brian
As you can see, we've added a "click" option next to each hosted site. The "click" option points to the sites on the new server (by IP address) in case you can't access the old ones (the domain is in the process of moving over, and some people have been having problems).
Yashimara Open Source - Slug
I've decided to make the materials from my saberworks level, Yashimara Spaceport, open source. I simply don't enjoy working on the level anymore, and won't ever finish it. I figured it'd be a shame to let everything go to waste though, so here it is. All files may be used by editors in their own levels, other than the .jkl. It was only released because I have no use for it, and didn't feel like just deleting it and pretending it never happened.. 2000+ sectors of work tend to hold some fond memories :)
Monday, November 8, 1999
A Rant - Slug
Meant to append this to my last post, but I forgot. Didn't feel like editing the news file (and don't have the password to access it anyways), so here we go..

Why oh why do people send in level descriptions with attrocious spelling and grammar? If you want to use 2nd grade english in your message board posts, fine - I'm not gonna beat a dead horse here.. But c'mon.. Have some pride in your work, pimp it to the best of your abilities. Make up a snazzy background story for the level, or at the very least use proper grammar when describing it. I wouldn't touch some of these levels with a 10 foot stick because of their descriptions.. If you can't take the time to describe your level nicely, what are the chances that you put a lot of work into the level itself?

If you wish to reply to this post, use this thread - I would personally love to get some insight from the other side - Reasons why people don't put any effort into these things, etc..

And one last thing.. Capitalize when you refer to yourself as "I"! You'd think some people have serious self esteem issues, not deserving of capitalization or something :)
And The Slug Did Returneth - Slug
For the 3 or 4 of you who noticed my absence, I've been away for a few days in Maryland for a wedding. 4 solid days of partying. I can't quite describe the family that my cousin married into, but I can give an example. At 2 in the morning in a private dining room at a hotel, one of the groom's brothers got up on a table, and one of the other brothers tried to pull the table cloth out from under him. It didn't work. These were grown men, and this little incident is really only the tip of the iceberg.. They were an exhausting group of people to hang out with (I dare you to name another family that dropped their pants at a wedding reception, wearing identical boxers, and danced to the song "Shout".), but they were hilarious.

I've posted 6 or 7 levels today, and have 7 more to post - I can't post them for now because of server troubles (I don't have the password needed to access the server where screenshots are uploaded - all 7 levels are ones with screenshots). I've got 3 3dos to post as well, and will get them later.
New MotS MOD: Golden Sword - Slug
File: Golden Sword
Author: Sheltonator
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This Mod will change your lightsaber into a Golden Sword. The saber included is clear so there is nothing sticking out of the sword.
New JK MOD: Force Phantom - Slug
File: Force Phantom
Author: Morgan Crofter
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Replaces Force throw. Slowly deminishes mana until it is gone. then you are visible and not able to walk through walls. does not cause lag.
New JK MOD: Slow Mo 1.0 - Slug
File: Slow Mo 1.0
Author: Mo Limit
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This patch when activated will add a sort of slow motion effect to your player. You will seem lightless and your bullets will move slower in the air.
New JK Multiplayer Level: City Night - Slug
File: City Night
Author: DotF_Lightside
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a level I consider to be VERY fun with 3 players.. It is meant for 5 players at most, but should be played with 3-4. This is for guns, but SPORK sabering is very fun here too.. And I'm a GUNNER!! This has NO additional lag to it what-so-ever. There are 3 warpers in this level on a wall.. I suggest you find them to get to the sniping places faster.
New JK Multiplayer Level: SGC_SaberShaft - Slug
File: SGC_SaberShaft
Author: Tim Maynard (a.k.a. SGC_Morpheus)
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: A small arena-type saber level, set on a platform inside a power station, above a pool of molten lava.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Dark Tower - Slug
File: Dark Tower
Author: bug
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: A not too big level for 2 - 8 players. Sabers only. The heating system in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant is older than everyone except Yoda. Instead of shelling out millions of credits to have it replaced, the Jedi built winter homes throughout the hotter planets in the galaxy. A comfortable 75 degrees at night, this tower was one of the more popular winter homes.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Jedi Knight Tower - Slug
File: Jedi Knight Tower
Author: bug
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Another Jedi winter home, due to the unrelyability of the heating system in the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. All guns, best for 2-4 players. I released this level a while ago for the contest, but it never got posted for some reason. A big tower, don't jump off when you are on the roof!
New JK MOD: Dark Lords of the Sith - Brian
File: Dark Lords of the Sith
Author: Jedi Jay
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Play in multiplayer as the character from the cover of Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi-Dark Lords of the Sith.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Light 1 - Brian
File: Light 1
Author: DotF_Lightside
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: 13 level pack, includes DotF Oasis, the Compound and Night Bases, among others.
Poll Update - Brian
We posted a few days ago about a poll over at Vader is leading by a hair, so if you didn't vote last time, go vote now! Thanks to all who sent updates on this matter...
JK Tourney - Brian
Element_God over at let us know that they will be having a Zone-endorsed JK tournamnet. Check out the info:
We are proud to announce the BIGGEST Jedi Knight Tournament in 3 months. We are hosting a Zone Endorsed Jedi Knight Sabers No Force 1 on 1 for Tuesday, November 16th at 8:00 PM EST. No pre-sign ups necessary, just show up and read the rules!
Holocron Stuff - Brian
Juztyn, leader of Holocron Editing and our resident slacker, made a huge update. Included are notes on the fate of his levels and the groups SP Mod, Mara Jade: Identity Crisis. He's also posted 3 screenshots of his upcoming level, After Endor, a lost cause.
Watto's What? - Brian
Our only affiliate (more like a network site, actually), Watto's Junkyard, has been updating like mad lately. They've posted a bunch of toy and book reviews (the Star Wars novels rock) as well as a huge profile of Boba Fett. Pretty much anything you ever wanted to know about Boba Fett can be found there (did you know that 3 seperate people played Boba Fett?).
Spaceport Review - Brian
The Spaceport has posted a review of Saber-Dueling Arenas.
Site/Server News - Brian
I know everyone is getting tired of seeing these posts, but I think it's good to let you know what's going on behind the scenes if it affects you. Anyway, the domain transfer went through yesterday so within a couple of days you should be able to access the site by going to our domain, There may be a bit of dropped email due to the nature of DNS.

Other than that, you may have noticed a few service interruptions... our new server has got some quirks we're trying to work though. Hopefully these will be fully resolved soon. Big thanks to Kedri for hooking us up with a 15meg OS patch...
Where are the Levels? - Brian
I've got 19 (count 'em, 19) levels in my inbox. I will be posting them today (was going to get to them all this morning but my connection is flaking). Slug has been gone for the weekend and Kedri's "fat pipe" has suddenly become thin. Expect the levels back on a regular basis when Slug gets back...
Help Wanted - Brian
Yep, you read that right. In case you haven't noticed, things have slowed down considerably over the past two weeks. There are many, many reasons for this (and no, most of them aren't the usual "real life" excuses). We've been having so many server problems you wouldn't believe. We were basically kicked off our last server for using too much bandwidth (you people download a lot of levels!). So, we were forced to move to this dedicated server, which seems a lot faster overall.

Anyway, that's beside the point. I'm looking for a few DEDICATED people to help us out with posting news, files, etc. We are not interested in someone who can't update nearly every day. We need people who can not only check their email box for news, but also scour all the other JK/Star Wars sites out there for news (on a daily basis).

If you are going to apply, make sure you have excellent spelling and grammar skills. You will also need some basic knowledge in HTML and FTP. Note: We are not looking for web designers, we are looking for news and filemasters only. You won't be redesigning any sites, so if that's your only interest, please do not apply (I only mention this because every time we put a "help wanted" call out there, I get a ton of people telling me how great they are at flash and javascript and how they have all these great ideas for turning Massassi into the next multi-media sensation).

If you are ultra-interested in the JK community, really want to get involved, and are dedicated enough to stick around, please drop me an email: I will respond to each email, so if you do not get a response within one week, assume your mail didn't come through and send another one! Since we are in the middle of the domain transfer, there will no doubt be some dropped email.
Saturday, November 6, 1999
New JK MOD: Big Star Wars Pack - Staff
File: Big Star Wars Pack
Author: Sebulba(HOV)
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A huge skin pack containing 240 quality star wars only skins from these authors: Jepman, Skywalker, Al McDonald, Marc Sauvé, Sebulba(HOV), Ak_Slade, NJO_TIMEWOLF, Sir Greedo, Gamerx64, Magnum. It also includes a corrected version of the GOZ blastech pistol, with better point of view and matting, and new sabers, made by Vega and myself. If anyone has Star Wars skins, send them my way and they will be included in BSWP 2. The blastech is only a new 3do to fit the star wars universe, nothing else has changed from the normal pistol. Enjoy. News - Brian, the folks responsible for most of the JK Editing programs out there, have posted a couple of new sites! Check it:

  • The DF3DODXF Project - An editor for Dark Forces 3do files. Stealth has already posted a screenshot.
  • FreeDXF - The purpose of this site is to keep a pubic record of the development of FreeDXF - a FreeSpace2 POF file generator. Who knows what a POF file is, but it seems it's just a model for Freespace2. Check out a screenshot.

The domain is in the process of transferring, so you may still have to use their IP address to access the site: