Saturday, January 15, 2000
New JK Multiplayer Level: Rush - DeathMatch II - Kedri
File: Rush - DeathMatch II
Author: DotF_Lightside
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Ladies and gentlemen, WELCOME to the BEST level I have EVER made. New sounds, NEW cogs, NEW 3dos, and a NEW look. The secret downstairs basement is where the real fun is.... too bad no one will find it, since it's in SUCH an easy spot to locate, in the *hint* 'SABERS' arena room. OOPS!! There are THREE (3) different arenas in this level, all for seperate minds..... first, the MAIN (deathmatch) arena. Next, comes the saber arena, and THEN there is the SNIPER arena. There is also a fun room, bathrooms, bar, and a meeting hall (by bar, sort of a lounge). Neither heavy nor light in weapons/items, very nicely done, I thought. Good for a little more than 8 players. For saberists, and gunners. NICE lighting, PLUS music in some rooms, with the great abundance of nice graphical stuff!! My BEST work yet, and acclaimed GREAT by many people. This is the NEW standard at which many levels should be made...for BOTH saberists, and gunners. Have fun everyone.
New JK MOD: Cyborg - Kedri
File: Cyborg
Author: KnightSpider
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a single player skin that replaces Kyle with a cyborg. The cyborg's mats are a combination of all three phases of the dark trooper. The cyborg's face is of my own design. This skin also works with Spork1.2. This is my first skin, so give it a try.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Two Towers o' Death - Kedri
File: Two Towers o' Death
Author: JST_Raichu_8
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a small multiplayer level with two towers and lots of traps.
New Level at the Command Chamber - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted a new level for your playing enjoyment. The level, "Dark Tide I: Wasteland Survivor" is available for download at the site.
Millennium Updates - blujay
Hideki has updated Millennium with some more screenshots of his sniper pack and also updated his Junk page.
Friday, January 14, 2000
New JK Multiplayer Level: Force Warrior's Ant Hill Outpost - Kedri
File: Force Warrior's Ant Hill Outpost
Author: FW_anty_kryste
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a multilevel outpost buried in the middle of nowhere. The level consists of basically five rooms and a series of tunnels connecting them. Sounds exciting, huh? Well, I hope you'll find it more interesting once you are inside. Highlights, I suppose, would be the top room and the bottom room in terms of structure design, although I seemed to have pushed the envelope a bit much on the bottom room. The framerate in the bottom room only can be a little slow, but nothing too serious. This level is designed for both saberists and gunners alike. It is also an excellent level for MOW2. Only one warning: if you don't use Force then don't use this level. Force is an absolute MUST and that is VERY intentional. Happy hunting.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Catacombs - Kedri
File: Catacombs
Author: Prosect
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Catacombs is a medium-sized level with a hangar, a pool area complete with diving board and lawn chairs and, of course, catacombs. It favors the Light Side players as far as Force Powers go, but a Dark Jedi should have no problem holding his own.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Imperial Training Facility - Kedri
File: Imperial Training Facility
Author: Dark Editor
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a medium-to-large JK multiplayer designed best for guns, but it's also fun with sabers. Hidden deep in the Bespin system, this level is best for 2-4 players. The level has a big hangar with 3 floors and a small cantina. It also has some crates and a big underground water channel. It's got lots of concussion rifles and railguns.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Small Town - Kedri
File: Small Town
Author: Lt_Greywolf
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a small multiplayer level made for sabers and the smaller guns. That means no Conc Rifle, Rail Gun, or Det's. It's the first level I've made without concentrating on detail too much, but it's still very high quality. A Red Squadron Production.
New Levels at the Command Chamber - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted three new levels in preperation of reviewing them over the coming days. They are: "Alert Red," "Death From Above Demo," and "Staging Area." Most of the levels were submitted during the holiday and have now been oficially added to the site's level archive. A huge amount of content has been posted in the last 3-4 days, so be sure to check out the site for your daily dose of single player gaming.
Thursday, January 13, 2000
New Reviews at Hyperview - Kedri
This came down the JK Wire from the gang at Hyperview:
Hyperview has posted new reviews for the levels
  • Bossk's Revenge (MotS SP)
  • Chaos Keep (JK MP)
  • Midnight Arena (JK MP)
We are still looking for new webmasters to help us out so anyone who is interested should go here for more information.
PlanetGaming Update - blujay
Omnesolis sent word that PlanetGaming has updated for the new year with a new site design. They also have a preview of the new Star Wars Playstation game, Star Wars: Power Battles.
M3D's New Preview - blujay
Monolithic Illusions has a preview of Egosoft's X: Beyond the Frontier. The preview includes some information on the game, along with five exclusive screenshots. A full review of the game will be available soon after it is released in the US.
Wednesday, January 12, 2000
Bri Is A Filthy, Filthy Liar - Slug
Just a quick note - We're toying with ideas other than DM for the level contest, so don't go trying to get a jump start or anything..
It's That Time Again... - Brian
What exactly am I talking about? Another Jedi Knight Multiplayer (deathmatch only) level contest! Slug's on it, details are on the way (check back in the morning)...
Main Page Problem - blujay
Sorry about the main page being that green color and going generally haywire. We had a file upload problem but it is fixed now. Thanks for your patience.
Featured Level & Review @ TACC - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has updated with a new review of the level "Assault on Dantooine," as well as a level feature. The updated feature for the SWTTC level "Echo Base" includes new screenshots and information on the status of the level. More reviews, levels, and an interview are coming soon, so be sure to check out the site frequently.
New MotS Multiplayer Level: Waterways - Kedri
File: Waterways
Author: Sarn Cadrill
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a multiplayer level with a two main rooms connected by a series of underwater passageways. It is good for fast and furious battles because of its small size.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Re-Bound 2 - Kedri
File: Re-Bound 2
Author: x_SubHuman_x
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: The Emperor's latest bloodsport. Individuals are thrust into a magnetically sealed arena with only their saber, grappling hook, modified blaster and their wits to help them survive. Will you have what it takes to become the Re-Bound champion and win your freedom? You had better perform well, Jedi. The Galaxy is watching...
New Cutscene Actor Tutorial - Kedri
Violata sent in a new tutorial that describes the process of creating an actor for a cutscene in MotS from a skin. Very easy to follow. Thanks go to Violata for the contribution.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Morpheus - Kedri
File: Morpheus
Author: bug
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Bounce from building to building as you battle high above the city. Just step on a jump pad and it will launch you into the air. All the floors in the level have been flagged so you won't take any damage from falling. Most of the weapons have been modified, so this level should provide some fast and furious gameplay.
Saving Screens Was Never This Popular... - Kedri
In recent days (scroll down) we've been mentioning work on a screensaver featuring screenshots from Jedi Knight. Well, Dudeman, webmaster at JK Advance, dropped us a line this morning, wanting everyone to know he'd already created a JK Screensaver a couple months ago. Everyone should feel free to download it at his site (Note: the file size is just shy of 5MB).
Tuesday, January 11, 2000
New at Tosche - Tosche
Tosche Station has a new reivew of PMM and PKL Spaceport up. Also today we have put all the reviewed levels and MODs on our server for faster and easier downloading.
IS Updates - Brian
Our killer hosted skin site, IS: Irrelevant Skins, has posted a screenshot of their new Dick Clark skin. You can check it out at the bottom of their Irrelevant Skin Pack page.
Chronicles: New E-Zine - Brian
Jedi Legacy reports that Arby is going through with his E-Zine (mentioned a few days ago). Entitled Chronicles, they are now taking applications for staff members. Anyone with good writing skills, I strongly suggest you apply. Arby's last E-Zine, Darkness Falls, was a huge success during it's prime.
Hyperview Reviews - Brian
Hyperview posted a new review of Bossk's Revenge, giving it a very respectable 4 out of 5 stars.
JK Screensaver Project Hits a Snag - Kedri
Whoops. I found this at the bottom of the stack of mail. It has to do with the JK Screensaver Mike Starr's working on (check out Friday's news):
Like a mailoc in the shadows, Murphy's Law strikes when you least expect it. For some reason, my e-mail program is glitching up right now, and I can't recieve any attached files. I will do my best to meet the deadline, but for now just hold onto your JK and MotS pics.

As long as I'm here, a few notes on submissions. Make sure to include a name and any info to go with it, such as a title or clan affiliation (i.e. Cyber Monkey of the Ewok Death Squad). Also, try to change the PCX file to a BMP or JPG/JPEG if possible. I don't know how it will function with PCX files. Next, please use the best resolution possible for your pics, just for overall quality. Don't worry about it fitting, the screensaver will have a "fit to screen" feature. Finally, multiple pics from the same author are fine, just keep it within reason.

I'll put up another post when everything is working again, so keep working on those pics!
Monday, January 10, 2000
New Level & Preview @ TACC - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has updated with a new Dark Forces level entitled "Raven Base." In addition, a preview of Scape Goat's upcoming level "Discovery at Ironfort" has also been posted. This level looks to be very good - the preview is definitely worth a read. A review of "Assault on Dantooine" will be posted tomorrow, so be sure to check out the site to keep updated on the new single player content.

Lastly, the Command Chamber is looking to add some more featured levels to its growing collection. If you're working on a single player level and would like to set up a feature, please contact Ryan for more information.
Review at Tosche - Tosche
We have another Review at Tosche Station. It is of the JK MP saber level Tusken Proving Grounds. It got a excellent rating of 93 and is worth checking out. We have also passed our first 10,000 hits! Most importantly we are starting to run short on levels to review again. Authors please give your levels the advertisment they deserve and submit your work for us to review.
Mainframe Editing Updates - Kedri
This news may be a bit old to some of you, but Springer over at Mainframe Editing dropped us a line to tell us he's posted a promo movie for his upcoming Matrix TC. The promo looks mighty sweet (make sure you've got Macromedia's Flash plugin installed). A new discussion forum has also been set up just recently at the site, so drop by when you've got a chance and let him know what you think.
New 3do Tutorial at Zy's Realm - Kedri
Zymotico sent us word yesterday about a new 3do tutorial he's posted at his website on how to build Gasgano's racer pod engines. While he says it's not 100% complete, it looks like he's covered enough to get something going. You can find his website at
If You're Having Problems With the Forums... - Brian
I have seen a couple of messages on this site and others that some people are having problems accessing the forums. However, nobody has told me exactly what the problem is, so I can't even look into it! The forums ( work fine for me, both at home at at work. I know most people can get to them since the message posting is still going strong. However, since a few of you are having problems, I want to fix the problem. It seems to have started when we moved over to the subdomain (rather than the IP address). What I need is the following information (please email it to me:

  • The address in your URL bar (cut and paste, please).
  • The name of your ISP if it's a national one.
  • The exact error message you are getting (IE USERS: Please go to Tools/Internet Options/Advanced and UNCHECK "Show friendly HTTP error messages" - This will ensure that you're actually seeing the error, rather than Microsoft's "friendly" version of it).
  • Whether or not you can access the following URLS: and
  • What browser and browser version you are using.
  • What operating system you are using (Win95/98/NT/Etc).

Responses to this (by those parties that are having problems) would be extremely helpful in figuring out what the problem is.
Realistic Looking Stars - blujay
Snootle posted on the Showcase forum a great way to make realistic looking stars, which is so simple that evidently most editors don't think of it. Take a look...
Millennium Updates - Kedri
Hideki's been updating his Millennium site with a vengeance lately! Along with posting news on a new gun 3D model he's working on, you'll find he's revised his entire Projects Page to include all his works, including the stuff relegated to the poorly-named Junk Page. While you're there you can read up on his latest production, the Sniper Pack Project. Why don't you drop by the site and have a look.
New E-Zine Possibility - Slug
Chills I tells ya, I got chills.. Arby, over at Jedi Legacy is thinking of starting up an E-Zine, similar to the last one he ran, Darkness Falls. An E-zine, if you haven't heard of it, is basically an online magazine, a monthly deal, packed with cool articles (Check my personal favorite, loonygames).. He's looking for people who would like to see this come to fruition, and people who would like to help, so hop on over to JL and get the skinny..
Sunday, January 9, 2000
New Reviews at Tosche - Tosche
We two new reviews today at Tosche Station. First is the JK MP level Dark Citidal by Tee. The other is of the JK Weapons MOD Kaboom. Come check them out and we still could use some more levels to review. I also want to give a big thanks to Brian for letting us post news here!
New Level & Review @ TACC - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has updated with a new level entitled "The Force Works in Mystrious Ways" and a review of the level "Home: Pirates Attack." In addition, a preview of the upcoming level "Discovery at Ironfort" and a review of the level "Assault Fortress Dantooine" are going to be posted tomorrow, so be sure to visit the site and drop by the forums.
Smacker FAQ - Brian
UGG_Boot, from over at The Code Alliance, was kind enough to submit a tutorial/faq on Smacker. If you don't know, Smacker is the video compression tool used to create the cutscenes in Jedi Knight (not MotS). Anyway, take a look at the FAQ. While you're into the Smacker mood, best take a look at the Smacker tutorial that was posted a long time ago over at Darkness Falls.
Tosche Reviews - Brian
Tosche Station keeps pumping out the reviews - but they're getting short on levels. Level/Mod authors: please submit your level to them! All it takes is filling out a short web based form. I've also set up a Tosche account here at Massassi, so hopefully they'll start updating the news here when they post reviews.
Another LEC Departure... - Brian
Jedi Legacy has the low-down on yet another departure from LEC. Another high-profile one, at that. As you (probably) already know, there was a mass-exodus from LEC after JK and MotS were released (some formed Nihilistic Software, some formed Infinite Machine). Since then, there have been a few more... And now this. As Speak says... "Hmmmm." Who is it? Check Jedi Legacy!
Game Planet Jedi Knight - Brian
Well, it's official. The J-Files have closed down and been replaced by Game Planet Jedi Knight. Still has tons of levels and Natalie Portman pics, so go check 'em out. Shiny has been telling me about this for a while, but a tip of the hat to Jedi Legacy for the tip-off that it's officially opened...