Saturday, February 19, 2000
New JK Multiplayer Level: DeathCrater - Kedri
File: DeathCrater
Author: JLaw
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a fairly large multiplayer level based around the crater of a volcano. A control room arched across the crater allows players to induce eruptions, and falling into the crater creates varied launches into the sky. The gravity is a little lower than normal in this level.
New JK MOD: Jack Burton Multiplayer Skin - Kedri
File: Jack Burton Multiplayer Skin
Author: RA_Valiant
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a skin based on the trash talking, gun slingin', wizard killing, wise cracking truck driver known as Jack Burton. This character is from the movie Big Trouble in Little China. I think that Kurt Russell's performance in that movie should earn that character a skin.
New Review at Tosche Station - darkjedi86
Well, Tosche Station has reviewed our pal Ryan's level, Imperial Siege on Derra IV. It seems that everyone is releasing this review like a chain reaction! I sense a conspiracy!
Fan Fiction - Brian
With all the posts our Interactive Story Board gets, there's bound to be some fiction authors among the Massassi visitors. Watto's Junkyard posts Star Wars related fan fiction (visit them for the submission instructions). Just today they posted two great stories. The Other, by Mary Baugh, and A Secret Allegiance, by John Goldsmith. Be sure to check it out if you're into reading/writing fan fiction.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Burn the Witch - Kedri
File: Burn the Witch
Author: Mike "LikWid" Watson
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Burn the Witch is what you might call a "man against the world" type of mod, a bit of a reverse KFY. The game starts out like any other, except that all the players look like Puritans and they can't use the lightsaber or non-neutral Force powers. When a player gets killed, things start getting interesting. That player becomes the Witch, who can only use the "Broom" weapon, which is a lot like the lightsaber except that the secondary fire is not a double swing, but rather allows you to fly instead. The Witch can use all Force powers.

Being the Witch is a BAD THING.

You lose a large number of points for becoming the Witch. You also lose 1 point for getting killed, and 2 points for a suicide when you are the Witch. To stop from being the Witch, kill one of the Hunters. He becomes the Witch, you become a Hunter. And the cycle continues.

Burn the Witch is currently set up to be played on all the basic JK multiplayer levels. Included in the zip are the files necessary to make your own Burn the Witch levels.

P.S. Neither LikWid nor Ultipla Productions condones the burning of witches. No real witches were harmed in the creation of this mod.
New JK MOD: Catachan Jungle Fighter - Kedri
File: Catachan Jungle Fighter
Author: Vindicare
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This patch will replace Kyle with a Catachan Jungle Fighter from Warhammer 40k. The Jungle Fighter is armed with a laser pistol and a laser rifle. He can also flip. Enjoy!
New MotS Single Player Level: The Return of the Sith - Kedri
File: The Return of the Sith
Author: DoubleD
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: The first in a four-level series for MotS. In this one you must make your way to your ship.
Level Contest Deadline Pushed Back - Kedri
This was mentioned on the Discussion Board: in case you might've overlooked it, it might interest you to know that the deadline for the Massassi Level Contest has been pushed from February 29 to March 5. Wow, I can hear the collective sigh of relief from here. Alright, just 'cause you've got some elbow room now doesn't mean you get to slack off! *cracks whip* Get to it!

Enjoying some quality time under that rock? Haven't heard about the Level Contest? Well, it looks like you've got some time to do something about it now. Mosey on down to the Level Contest Page and take a gander at all the contest info you need.
Friday, February 18, 2000
New Force Commander Info - Brian
The Official Force Commander Site updated today with a ton of new stuff. They have a flash intro movie, a new gameplay movie, 14 new screenshots and a bunch of new information. They are also now accepting pre-orders. This game looks awesome, expect a Massassi Network Force Commander Site within a couple of days (we've been working on this bad-boy for a while now!) - brought to you by KOP_Shiny, Kiramin, Kedri, and myself. Big thanks to Jabbafett for the heads-up.
Call for Help - blujay
I don't usually post personal things here but this is very important to me and my friends. KOP_Cyan56 and his wife just had a baby this afternoon, but the baby suddenly developed heart murmurs and a breating rate of 100 times a minute. She was flown to Kansas City, Missouri where she is currently in stable condition. But Cyan and his son are at home getting no sleep and need all the support they can get. Please visit the KOP Web site and read the e-mail he sent me. They would also very much appreciate any e-mail. His address is Thank you.
The Slug Hath Returneth Again - Slug
... And all it took was a complete format which has left me crippled.. I lost all the levels I had in my inbox I'm afraid, so if your level didn't get posted, send it again. In addition, if you have me on your ICQ list, send me a message so I can re-add you. I'll try to get back on track guys, sorry about this mess.
Contest Deadline Approaches... - Brian
Just a reminder, the 2nd Massassi Level Contest deadline is very soon. Hopefully everyone is planning time to fire off their level to the Jedi Knight Beta Testing Group.
Watto's Junkyard - Brian
More Star Wars movie-related stuff... Watto's Junkyard has posted a new poll - "Who should be Anakin Skywalker in Episode 2?" They've also go official word on the status of EP1 on DVD, more casting info for the "real" Anakin Skywalker, and a bunch of new artwork. Click Dangit!
New JK Multiplayer Level: TripleH - Brian
File: TripleH
Author: Cowboy
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a fast and furious level made up of three H's placed on top of each other. There are two elevators, one is to be used with caution. Also a ramp and stacked boxes provide access to upper levels. Good size with many corridors to aid in fast paced action.

The Empire has dug into an old Jedi Knight's cave while building. This has meant the death of many Storm Troopers and Dark Jedi. Now the place is left unfinished and thus sets the stage for great battles between light and dark. But beware if you enter the temple as a Dark Jedi as none have survived.
New JK Single Player Level: Space Station XIII - Brian
File: Space Station XIII
Author: Adam McEnroe
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: The New Republic has sent Kyle on an urgent mission to destroy the most powerful Freighters. However, the New Republic and Kyle did not know that the Dark Jedi Jerec has survived and is the general of the convoy. Kyle must hurry for time is short and 8t88 has created plans for the 3rd Death Star.
New JK Multiplayer Level: The Town Of The Temple of Ni - Brian
File: The Town Of The Temple of Ni
Author: FoManchu
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Cults is a small town which now lies in ruins. An Imperial attack was somehow stopped by a strange force that inhabited the temple of Ni, some say it was luck while others say it was the Botherhood Of Ni. With sniping points, traps, pits and an imperial outpost this has all you need for a great deathmatch. Recommended for 3-4 players.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Metropolis - Brian
File: Metropolis
Author: LoC_Spiral
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: As you walk around this level you will notice that there is no life. The reason will surface after you discover Sector 2 of Metropolis 3. 2-4 players.
New Review at Hyperview - darkjedi86
Hyperview has updated with a review of Imperial Siege on Derra IV by Ryan. If you haven't noticed, Imperial Siege on Derra IV is the current Level of the Week here, so go see what Hyperview says about it!
Thursday, February 17, 2000
New JK MOD: Guns and Such Beta 1 - Brian
File: Guns and Such Beta 1
Author: GuNbOy
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: An MP mod for Jedi Knight that has 6 new weapons, skins, and sabers. The guns are: beretta 92 pistol, M-4 assault rifle(zoom), flamethrower, rocketlauncher, grenade launcher, and plasma rifle. This is a beta so email me about any bugs you find, but don't tell me about the ones described in the readme file.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Old Republic Base - Brian
File: Old Republic Base
Author: RA_Morthe_HaP
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is my third official level, Old Republic Base, its a huge in Empire Night Club style. Traps, cameras, and other 1000 cool things, its great for 3+ people to play! Hope you enjoy playing as I enjoyed making it, only 60KB =)
New JK Multiplayer Level: WWF Warzone - Brian
File: WWF Warzone
Author: Mantissa
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This level is exactly what it says, WWF Warzone. The Titan-Tron, the ring... it's all there! Many weapons for the gunners as well as great places for saber duels! There are a few secrets and traps for you to figure out! Since it is a somewhat bigger level it is best for more than 2 players.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Jedi Training Center - Brian
File: Jedi Training Center
Author: Ziggs Warrior
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a small sabers level for 2-4 people. It is a test level for a larger one coming out soon.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Concussion Heaven - Brian
File: Concussion Heaven
Author: _Game_Cleric_
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: I made this level because I am sick of people always saying "I wish there were more concussion rifless around." So I made a level that has tons of concussions. There are 4 secrets, so you may want to play it by yourself first. This level is intended for 2-4 players.
New Review at Tosche Station - darkjedi86
The Tosche Station has updated with a new review of Scither Temple, which received a score of 84. Go pay Tosche Station a visit now!
New Review at Absolute Jedi - darkjedi86
Well, Absolute Jedi has a new review of JK Museum. Head on over and check it out!
Forums Back Online! - Brian
Well, it took a long time (you try downloading and re-uploading 150 megs worth of files!), but the forums are back online. They seem to be ULTRA-fast compared to when they were on our server (the processor just isn't fast enough for the heavy CGI usage). Anyway, you can now access the forums by visiting the new IP address: We will subdomain them out as soon as our DNS server starts working again...

All threads and users were saved, but obviously I can't test out every single file. If you have a problem logging in, registering, whatever, please don't hesitate to email me. BIG thanks to for hosting the forums for us.
Forums on the Move - Brian
I'm in the process of moving the forums, please bear with me. Watch this space for updates...
Wednesday, February 16, 2000
New Reviews at Tosche Station - darkjedi86
Well, Tosche Station has updated with three Jedi Knight Multiplayer reviews. The reviews include Jundland Waste, Shadow's Keep, and Asteriod Arena. Pay Tosche Station a visit and see these new reviews today!
Derra IV Review @ TACC - Ryan
The Admiral's Commnd Chamber has updated with a new review for the Jedi Knight level "Imperial Siege on Derra IV." A couple of other reviews should be posted over the coming days, so be sure to check out the site for your daily dose of single player goodness.
Millennium Updates - blujay
Hideki has updated Millennium with a tough new Cog quiz. He'll be away for a few weeks, so you have some time to formulate your answer.
Vampire: The Masquerade - Brian
Just an update... If you don't know, Nihilistic Software is a game developer formed of a bunch of people that quit Lucasarts after Jedi Knight was released. They have been working hard on a new game called Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption. After getting to play the game at last years E3 Expo, I created a site based on this yet-to-be-released 3d role-playing game. You can check it out by visiting While I personally haven't done much work on PV lately, the rest of the staff have been working hard to keep everything updated. Recently, we've had a surge of Vampire related news (probably due to the fact that it's close to being released). Be sure to check out PV for all the latest news, screenshots and information on this killer game!

Why do we have such a long post about a non-JK related title? Simple! Most of the team working on Vampire used to work at Lucasarts, and all of them had a huge part in creating Jedi Knight.
Levels - Brian
As you can probably tell, we haven't posted any new levels in about 2 weeks. I have a few downloaded to my HD, but I think Slug has the majority of them. I will talk to him and see if we can't get those posted soon. I apologize for the delay, look for things to pick up starting today.
Tuesday, February 15, 2000
New Review at Absolute Jedi - darkjedi86
Absolute Jedi has a new review of Jedi Lords of Coruscant which was done by Slaiby. So head on over to Absolute Jedi and check it out!
Depot Updates - blujay
This one got lost in the "inbox black hole" for about a week.  (c;  Dragonfly sent in this news:
The JK Depot has updated and opened our latest mailbag! Thanks to all who sent in mail! Our current topic is, "What do you think of the MPG?" You can send all mail to We have also recently added a guide to the JK MP level, Starbase Training.
JK World Updates - blujay
David Wehle sent word that he's updated his JK site, JK World.
Jedi Hideout Updates - blujay
Vindicare also has updated The Jedi Hideout.
Spawn TC Updates - blujay
Vindicare sent word that the Spawn TC news site has been updated.
Elyas's Updates - blujay
Elyas Machera sent in news that he's updated his JK site.
Valentine's Day, 2000
Outpost D-34 Launches Outpost Finger - darkjedi86
Found this over at Outpost D-34. Here's what Captain Ramen has to say:
Outpost Finger is here! It's been 10 days since I started revamping the finger script by Glazed. It's done. Finito. And it's available to anyone that wants one. There are a few new features, including a UBB style token system, a new sorting system, a swank .plan request form, and more. For those of you that had Outpost Finger .plan accounts before Y2K, please sign up again. I'll be sending out a mass email reminding you to do so. Head on over to Outpost Finger and get your .plan today.
Sounds cool, and remember the Outpost Finger is open to anybody, so go check it out!
Happy Valentine's Day! - darkjedi86
Well, I'd just like to take this time to wish you all a very happy Valentine's Day! I'm not sure how Valentine's Day will affect you, but it's going to affect me with a headache and a sugar overload today from all that candy! Have a nice day!
The Phantom Menace Walkthrough - darkjedi86
Found this over at JediKnight.Net:
Gordon over at Star Wars Gamer just sent word regarding that they have just completed their walkthrough for The Phantom Menace. This walkthrough has complete instructions for completing every level.
Thanks, JediKnight.Net!
Spriteworks - blujay
Posse alerted me to this great site called Spriteworks. They have a large collection of royalty-free sprites for use in any computer project, including games, and a large collection of free sounds suitable for levels or mods. It's definitely worth checking out.
Sunday, February 13, 2000
Leeza's Destiny 2.0 Preview at SCC - darkjedi86
SavageX's Command Center has updated its Leeza's Destiny section. Here's what SavageX has to say:
Just posted a preview (a section, not a demo) of Leeza's Destiny 2.0 where you can scope out the latest look of Leeza and her new grapple hook. This new grapple has a cable now so it "looks" like a hook, not a floating spike =). Just go to preview section in Leeza's project section to see. Leeza now wears a blue coat and pants, not the ugly purple she had before.
I must admit that I found this over at OutpostD-34. Thanks OD-34!
New Featured Level at TACC - darkjedi86
The Admiral's Command Chamber has a new featured level, Birth of a Mercenary 2. So go pay The Admiral's Command Chamber a visit!
KnightSpider's New Jedi Knight Page - darkjedi86
Got the following news from KnightSpider.
I have opened a new web site called KnightSpider's Den. One of the pages in my site is dedicated to Jedi Knight. My files consist of single player skins for Jedi Knight such as Cyberknights, Robocop, Cyborg Alpha, Cyborg, and the Prototype. Come check it all out at KnightSpider's Den!

Note: The Jedi Knight page is the only page up right now, the others will be up soon.
Hyperview Updates - blujay
Hyperview has posted new reviews of The Search for Leia and One Rebel's Sacrifice. Both sound good, especially One Rebel's Sacrifice, so go check them out.
SpriteBuilder Released - blujay
BoBo Fett sent in this news:
SpriteBuilder version 1.00 beta has been released on the Jedi Dreams Web page. SpriteBuilder is a utility for Jedi Knight add-on creators. Sprites in JK are just simple text files that tell the game what texture to display and also has information such as type, width, height, geo, light, tex, etc. SpriteBuilder will help you correctly set the width and height setting for the sprite with a visual display along with options to set all information needed for your new sprite. Other features include: saving mats as bitmaps and JPEGs; a template creator; and a tutorial in the help file.
Forums - Brian
Well, the discussion board was down last night for some strange reason. It's back up now. Remember, however, that it will be taken down tonight (late) for the move to a different server. All the messages and users will be moved, too, so don't worry.
Discussion Forum Problems - blujay
We are currently having some problems with the discussion forum. We are investigating as I write this. Please bear with us. Thanks.
Not Going Out of Town - blujay
Well plans have changed and I'm not going out of town. So I'll be here.  (c;