Monday August 10, 1998
Looking for members! - Overkill
The The Daemon Project is looking for new members, Brian Lozier said I never updated, I said their's nothing to update...nothing gets sent to me, he told me to make I am. The Daemon Project is an editing team the leader, Overkill (me), is in need of editors. Some experience is required considering all of the people in the group so far are, shall we say, "elite." EXP: Visionguy, PSXPat Sir_Griflet Scoot and many more, a few others are thinking right now. The page is here If you decide to join contact me here thanx
Sunday August 9, 1998
Cogs Galore -
The Cog Archives have been opened. There's already a good amount of cogs ready for download, but if you have a good custom cog that you think would help other people, send it in. Thanks to Pele and the Code Alliance for giving us so many great cogs to get the archives started with.
Friendly Actors Tutorial - Brian
The Friendly Actors Tutorial shows you how to take an enemy and turn him into a friendly player, helping you along in your level. Thanks goes to Fourwood, who will be joining our permanent staff.
Saturday, August 8, 1998
Text Output Cog Tutorial - Brian
This tutorial isn't "new" per se, as we've posted news on it a few times in the past. The good news is that it's finally html'd, and has earned a permanent place at our site. Look forward to more of MastaJedi's cog tutorials soon. There was one posted recently, and should be in html format anytime. You can view the tutorial here. Thanks MastaJedi.
Dark Forces Exploding Barrels - Brian
Jason "Dak" Burton has sent in a new 3do/object to add to your levels. Remember those exploding barrels from the original Dark Forces? Now you can use them (well, a COPY of them) in your JK/MotS Levels. They are on the 3do page.
Friday, August 7, 1998
Weapons tutorial - EvanC
I just finished part 1 of the weapons tutorial. This one just teaches you how to make new models for the weapons. View it here.
Thursday, August 6, 1998
Stormtrooper Voices Tutorial - Brian
Are you tired of the generic storm trooper voices that come with JK and MotS? Are you interested in making your own recorded wavs sound like storm troopers for use in your addon levels? Now you can! Tobbi Dala has written a tutorial on just that. You can view it here. It's not up on the tutorials page yet, but it will be this weekend. If you'd like to download the zip, you can, here.
Wednesday, August 5, 1998
Cog Archive + Massassi!? - Brian
Well, it looks official, as you can see from the last news post. The Cog Archive will soon be merging with Massassi. What does that mean for you? It's a place where you can quickly download common cogs, as well as an archive of CUSTOM downloadable cogs submitted by cog authors. I've been promised a pack of cogs from Pele ( anyone?), as well as some from other cog authors, like our own Rishka. Anyway, look for the section to be up by this weekend.
The Basics: Lesson 3 - Brian
I have completed Lesson 3 of our basic editing techniques section. This section will soon be a complete introduction to JK Level editing. Originally, our basic editing section was just a series of short tutorials that showed how to accomplish certain tasks. The new format and content, however, will be a step by step guide to creating a level, covering just about everything that needs to be done. Let me know what you think.
New Tutorials - Brian
We have 3 more tutorials being prepped for posting, one on Anti-Grav Tubes, one on MotS-Style Cutscenes (yep, another one), and another on some cog verbs. The first two are being put through our QA department (a spelling and grammar check) and the third was submitted in .doc format, so is being converted to HTML. If you'd like to download the cog one, read the next post. Expect them to be up by the end of the week.
MotS Cog Tutorial - Brian
As mentioned above, we have a tutorial on interpreting and modifying player actions in MotS. What does that mean?
In MotS, any COG can analyze, define, disable, enable or otherwise manipulate the messages that are sent by the user, from peripherals like the keyboard and mouse, to the game. For example, a cog that is set up this way can determine when the player is moving, firing, when an item is used, when the camera mode is switched - even when the autosave function is used, and disable these messages or modify their outcome.
As of now, this is in .rtf format, which can be read using WordPad, or just about any other decent word processor. It can be downloaded here.
JkEdit Version 1.14 - EvanC
The JkEdit Homepage has released version 1.14. Here is the info:
Version 1.14 of JkEdit has some new features since version 1.13:
  • You can now Split a surface multiple times by multiple selected grid nodes
  • The Extrude Surface function has been enhanced when connecting to opposite surface
  • The Files in Level dialog has been enhanced to add material files to your level
  • You can now use JkEdit on a minimum Jedi Knight/Mots installation
Version 1.14 of JkEdit has some bug fixes since version 1.13:
  • Some times a crash could occur when using the Test Level command
  • The Cogs in Level dialog would not allow viewing of custom added cog files
JkEdit Tutorials - Brian
The JkEdit Homepage has a bunch of tutorials on using JkEdit. They cover glass, doors, elevators, (all the common stuff), as well as some other really cool things. Like what? Well, JkEdit has an awesome feature for making rooms at the end of hallways (expand), as well as some REALLY easy tools to create awesome shaped hallways/doors without cleaving. Check them out.
Code Alliance: Jed Tips - Brian reports that The Code Alliance has updated their Jed Tips. Check them out here.
JK Editing Academy Moves - Brian has gone and gotten themselves a decent editing site (finally). They now host The JK Editing Academy. They have some great tutorials, information, and files, so go check them out.
Elements of Deathmatch Style - Brian
R.U.S.T., also a 3d game editing site, reports that there is a tutorial on DeathMatch Mapping. It is entitled Elements of Deathmatch Map Style, and can be found here. It's a great article.
Ship Cogs Zip File Fixed (hopefully) - Brian
I've gotten a few emails about the ship cogs file being corrupted. I have re-uploaded them, so the file should work now. Let me know if there are any more problems.
Sunday, August 2, 1998
JED Beta .81 - Red
DarkJedi.Com just released JED Beta .81. This version fixes many of .80's bugs. Hey, it's JED.. pick it up :-)
Saturday, August 1, 1998
Another tutorial - EvanC
I've just wrote a tutorial on how to add text messages to the screen. I've also gone a little bit into basic cog so all you beginners out there that want to learn a bit of cog might want to check it out.
Wednesday, July 29, 1998
New Tutorial/Reference - Brian
GMS_Slug has finished his guide to templates. This is not really a tutorial, but more of a reference for templates. It first discusses parent templates and their uses, then defines all the templates used in JK. This is a great piece of work, and can be found here. I haven't decided on a permanent place for it, so if you have any ideas, be sure to post them on the message board.
Making character sounds - Evan C
Finshed a simple sound tutorial. It should teach you how to make your own character sounds for enemies or the player. Take a look in the tutorials section.
Two More Tutorials Coming Tomorrow - Brian
Check back tomorrow (or later on tonight) for two more tutorials. One is by Rishka on cog verbs/usage that are similar to the C language. It is a basic introduction to programming in COG. Also another Cog tutorial on player animations (I think). Anyway, check back later!
Custom 3do Page Up - Brian
Yep, it's finally here. We have posted the tree 3do's created by Nahaku, as well as the 3do's created by Dak for his Seige at Vol Kanst level. Remember, if you have any custom 3do's you will allow others to use in their levels, please submit them! There is a link on the sidebar, or you can view it here.
Prefabs Page Up - Brian
Not much to say, it's there, please send in some prefabs! All we have so far are those pipes by Dak (they are awesome if you are making pipes, you can always scale them!). It's on the sidebar.
Links Fixed - Brian
I *think* I fixed all the problem links (like the Cutscenes one). If you find another, please let me know. I know there was a corrupt zip file, but I don't remember which it was. If you know, please email me.
Editing Groups Page Updated - Brian
I have updated ALL the editing groups that responded, so if your group isn't udpated yet, please send me another email to make sure I get it! The page can be found on the sidebar, or you can click here.
Sunday, July 26, 1998
Sponsored Site: The Streets of Coruscant - Brian
The Massassi Temple now sponsors The Streets of Coruscant. What does this mean? Basically TSoC is another site that is dedicated to bringing the works of editors to the rest of the community. They provide us with the great service of tracking our levels/projects/mods, therefore helping to hype up our releases. Thanks, Nij, and good luck!
Prefabs, 3do's, and Cogs Oh My! - Brian
Most of you have probably seen the level by Dak called Siege at Vol Kanst. It is, in my opinion, the best SP level released to date. Anyway, he has a great web page set up with some cool resources for you to download. As stated earlier, he had those prefab pipes. He has also released all the custom 3do's he used in his level, along with the exploding vents. All this and more can be found at Dak's House Of Wonders. I have also added his page to our links section.
Manowar 3 Tracker - Brian
The Streets of Coruscant has started a tracker for Manowar 3 (for MotS). I have been working on a level for it, so go check out the info here.
More Massassi Services - Brian
In an ongoing effort to be the BEST editing site out there, we have decided to offer a few more services. If you have any custom 3do's, cogs, enemies, skins, etc, that you would like to share with the community, please send them my way. We will have pages that allow users to download these and use them in their levels.
New Button! - Brian
Inpheaux Skifyre has provided us with a small button for use when linking to us. When we get something better, we will certainly replace it, but we've been without for so long that anything looks good! You can find it at the top of the page.
Skinners Editing Information - Brian
The Skinners have once again posted some new lists that will help you out in your editing. Here you go:
Also, they have posted a version of the Cog Specs not released by Code Alliance. Take a gander at those here.
Editing Groups Page Updated - Brian
I have updated the Editing Groups Page with all the information I have received so far. If you sent me an email, and your entry hasn't been updated, please post on the message board. My email server CRASHED last night due to a power failure, so everything sent to me after about 6pm pacific is probably gone forever. I have yet to be able to check my email today, so please use the message board.
Levels Anyone? - Brian
The Jedi Knight Outpost has been updating again, and if you're in the mood to download some levels, they now have over 180 for JK and over 50 for MotS! Yeah this isn't editing related, but it's cool anyway. They also moved to their new server/domain
Friday, July 24, 1998
Attention All Editing Groups! - Brian
I have created a page dedicated to you guys. This is the deal, The Massassi Temple will now start covering editing group news. This DOES NOT mean we'll post every little thing, but when you post new screenshots, make a significant addition to your site, or other major type updates, we will report it.

Why? Well I don't think the editing groups get enough coverage. What do you have to do? First off, visit out Editing Groups page. Once there, make sure your group is listed. If it's NOT, please email me with the url of the page. Next, submit a paragraph long description of your editing group. This can be changed once per month by emailing me.

Finally, when you update, send me an email and I will get the news up as soon as possible. When you submit news, please make the email as brief as possible, while still being brief. Please provide FULL urls to each thing you are submitting, along with the full url of your page, EVERY time. This will help me in making prompt updates.
JkEdit Version 1.11 Released - Brian
Ole Thompson has been at it again adding features and bug fixes to his JK level editor. Here's the list:
New features since version 1.10:
  • A new Errors dialog for level diagnostics
  • A new Light Mode option for texture lightning
  • New spin buttons on the Vertex Property panel
Bug fixes since version 1.10:
  • Some times a crash could occur when unlinking a single selected vertex
Be sure to visit the JkEdit Homepage for news, information, and download links.
Skinners: Mat List - Brian
This has obviously been around for a while, but since we recently posted the skinning tutorial, I thought I'd let you guys know that The Skinners have a comprehensive Mat List that lists all the mats used in every character 3do. Very helpful for skinning.
Thursday, July 23, 1998
Cool New Skins Tutorial - hedge
I've been meaning to put this up for a while (see below). It is an excellent tutorial from CosmoDNA on making new skins, complete with some artistic tips and suggestions for color choices, and a list of must-have's for any skin artist. You can check it out on the tutorials page.
Message Board Archives - hedge
Remember when the message board got archived a while back? Well it's finally up on the files page. You can also get it here.
Busier than a traffic cop at the Indy 500... - hedge
Man why does everything have to happen at once? I got a temp job helping a friend remodel a living room. I find out I have to finish my final paper in English a week early. Infiltrate gets released, and I got to start workin' on the MotS version. Ugh. And when I finally do get some free car breaks, and I gotta fix it. Then there's that whole massive summer thunderstorm thing, limiting my computer uptime.

Suffice it to say, I've been workin harder than a Department store Santa on Christmas Eve. After this weekend, the Summer Session ends, and I'll have some more time since I won't have any classes (for a while....). Don't count me out just yet...

The Streets of Coruscant: Project Trackers - Brian
The Streets of Coruscant is a site that tracks projects by project groups or people. First of all, you have to meet Nijaan, who is the webmaster. He can set you up with a tracker that is updated as often as you send him info. Be warned though, this isn't for just any editor -- it's for the projects that really stand out. So, if you think your project has what it takes, go on over there and set up a tracker.
The Vault: New Reviews - Brian
Our buds over at The Vault have posted a slew of new level reviews. Please make their site a daily visit. When starting the site, 8t88 and myself (and now inph) were trying to provide an alternative to Hyperview, which had become the Microsoft of level reviews. I think Inph has done a great job over there, and I think things will start picking up as more reviewers get involved.
3D Games: Terms and Concepts Explained - Brian
I saw over on 3dNews that VoodooNation has posted an awesome article explaining 3d concepts and terms. Also they go into the history of all the main chipsets. It's a great read, and should help some people understand more of what they're doing in JK editing (and how much processing power it takes).
Jed 0.81 Status + Happy Birthday to Alex - Brian
According to Alexei Novikov's .plan, he has turned 25 today! Congrats Alex. Also, he left an update about the status of Jed 0.81. Here is the full deal so you don't have to click away.
Forgot to mention - JED0.81 has entered beta-testing two days ago. So it should be out pretty soon. No major changes since 0.8, but bug fixes and minor improvements and additions. But a lot of them.

Ah, and another thing - I have a birthday today. I'm turning 25. Oh, where did the years go? It isn't fun to be an old man :-).
One of these days I'm going to get my hands on one of his beta's ;-)
Historical Update: Tutorials Section Fixed - Brian
Well, I know I was quitting, but after things hadn't been updated in 11 days, I didn't want to see the site die. So yeah, after my 11 day break, I guess I'm back. Hedge has been busy (I guess), Evan is in FIJI (lucky fool), and I don't have a clue where Overkill is. If they want, they can still help out (I know Evan will, but Hedge is busy with other projects).

Now for the reason I started this post -- I have fixed the tutorials section, which has moved all of our tutorials over to the ftp server, and also added all the missing tutorials. We now have a grand total of 33 tutorials in that section! Another *should* be added tonight, on skinning -- it is a great tutorial, so keep your eyes open for it. Expect more updates from me!

Oh, yeah, I'm also going to do another edition of my curving pipes tutorial -- old boy Jon Clark and my bud Pot-Head showed me a cool way to get more rounded curves -- it's a bit less exact, but it looks rad in the end :-)
Added Links - Brian
If you notice on the sidebar, I have added links to both the JkEdit Section and The Vault, our sponsored level review site.

Also, back by popular demand (okay no demand, I just realized the link was gone), our Links section is back up. We will be adding more, but of note today is the addition of Inside3d, which was one of the first sites to post info on JK. There are direct links to their JK info on the links page. They have their own version of the cog specs, along with sound specs and tutorials on AI, Force Powers, and creating a jetpack. Thanks goes to Jolts[GS] for that info.
Sunday, July 12, 1998
Bookmark Alert!! - hedge
Everybody Please update your bookmarks!! We've moved to Thanks to Spart and TeleFragged for making this possible.
More Movin' - hedge
We're in the process of moving all our downloadable files to the JediNights FTP Server, so please be patient with us for a couple of days. Thanks.
Thursday, July 9, 1998
Going away - EvanC
I'll be away for 10 days so if you have an urgent editing question don't send it to me. If you have a not so urgent question then send me an email and I'll answer it when I get back.
New Newsmaster - Overkill
Hi, My name is Overkill and I'm the new newsmaster. I just wanted all of you to know. Salutations and best wishes to everyone, I'm sure I'l have a great time working and updating here, thank you.
New tutorial - hedge
Antony Espindola has just sent me a new tutorial on making MotS-style cutscenes with cog. He makes it sound not too complicated. Maybe even I could do it!! Hmm....
Wednesday, July 8, 1998
Syntax highlighting for cog - hedge
There is a really nice text/hex editor out there called UltraEdit. It supports syntax highlighting of up to 10 different languages, and I've made a little wordfile that highlights cog syntax. I based it on the verb list from the CogRef program by dr0id and the JK Unoffical Specs by the Code Alliance. If anyone out there uses UltraEdit to write their cog you might wanna pick this up.
Monday, July 6, 1998
Cleanup, asile 7 - hedge
I archived the news. It was taking quite a while to load on my slow modem. If you've missed something over the past few days, you can check the archived news.
Another new tutorial - hedge
Red from the Skinners has sent me a short tutorial on checking your skins for colormap problems. You know, that pink stuff (not pepto bismol hee hee) that shows up sometimes. It's in the tutorials section.
New tutorial - EvanC
BrianL has just sent me a tutorial he wrote. It teaches you how to make curving pipes in your level. This tutorial was made mainly for JED users. Like always, the tutorial is in the tutorial section.