Saturday, April 22, 2000
Get Your FREE Email! - Brian
I am very pleased to announce the public release of Massassi's free web-based email system. This allows you to sign up for a free email address. It's very similar to Hotmail or Yahoo!Mail. For more information and details on signing up, please visit

Important Notes: To sign up, you are asked to provide some personal information. We at Massassi will never use this information for anything. That said, I strongly encourage you NOT to fill in the "real" information. If you don't want spam, do yourself a favor and click the "don't contact me" options when registering!

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to email me.
Out of Town - darkjedi86
Well, I would say that I'm going out of town, but that would be a lie. I am, as of right now, on vacation, and should be back Monday. Now then, don't cry! I'll be back in a few days! :)
Various Updates - Brian
Rike has been helping out a bit lately. We've finally added a real list of cheats to the JK info section (sidebar). He also went through the links section weeding out broken links. Thanks Rike.
Force Commander Outpost - Brian
FC Outpost has been updated with a downloads section (demo, movies, etc) as well as a new poll. As always, they've also got a ton of FC news, so stop by...
Free Massassi Email? - Brian
Interested? I hope so. Kedri is finalizing the design for our free email site, so it should be released this weekend. Questions? Comments? Click Here.
Friday, April 21, 2000
Going Out of Town - blujay
Just wanted to let you all know in case you e-mail me and wonder why there's no reply...I'm going out of town Sunday and will be back around the middle of the week. So until I get back, replies and etc. may be delayed. See you all next week!
Updated Level Link - Takimoto
As promised earlier, I've uploaded my JK multiplayer level Crown Stronghold to the Massassi server now, which should solve the download problem for those of you who were unable to get the other link to work. The new one is here - (161kb).
Rbots: Public Release of First JK Bot - Brian
This is some very tasty news that we overlooked the past couple of days. Anyway, here it is. Raynar (with the help of others on the editing forum, I believe) has posted the first public release of Rbots, a bot mod for JK. I'll let him explain it.
What is Rbots?
Rbots is a project to create a 'bot' for Jedi Knight. A bot is a computer controlled player for multiplayer games. It should react and play just like a human player - it has health, shields, limited ammo & weapons and when it dies it will 'respawn' to allow the game to continue. Multiple bots will battle amongst themselves as well as any number of human players.

Just unzip the gob file to your JK episode directory. Fire up JK and load Rbots from your multiplayer levels list. Host the game like any other multiplayer game.

What do you want me to do?
This version as it stands is still very rough and is released only to get some feedback on how the bot works. Just play with it and let me know what you think. Keep in mind there is still a huge amount work that needs to be done, and it's no where near completion.
Here's some more information on the features...
Moves around the entire level
Picks up powerups & weapons
Selects the best weapon available depending on ammo
Respawns at random locations
Supports up to 8 different bots in the one game
Creates backpacks for both bots & player
Attacks the player & other bots ruthlessly

Still to do * Lightsaber doesn't work
* Some Force powers still don't work - only reacts to grip/pull/deadly sight working at the moment
* Force power attacks - (light or dark side)
* Bot skips across the surface of water, if target is on the other side
* Picking up powerups still not perfect
* Doesn't seek powerups
* Develop a better target selection scheme to stop the bots fighting against each other continuously
* Scoring system
* Bots still occasionally get stuck and won't move
Anyway, this sounds like a killer project, so go download the release and leave some feedback by clicking here.
New 3do Tutorial - Brian
The Realm of Zymotico has posted a new tutorial on making pivot joints on your custom models. Great read if you're into it. Check their tutorials section.
Thursday, April 20, 2000
New JK Multiplayer Level: The AlieNations Level Pack - Kedri
File: The AlieNations Level Pack
Author: Elyas Machera
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: A pack of three levels based on three different locations on the planet Fuk'ilat. Each level appeals to different tastes; The Capital appeals to those who like long and hard battles with powerful weapons such as the rail detonator and concussion rifles. The Army Base appeals to those who like battles in smaller arenas where it's easy to find your foe, but there is no concussion rifle here. The last, The Plaza, appeals to those who like fast, hard battles with powerful guns and plenty of Force powerups. All levels have been thoroughly tested for gameplay to ensure smooth sailing.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Cat and Mouse - Kedri
File: Cat and Mouse
Author: Jonathon "Scipio" Risser
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A shadowy labyrinth spawned by catwalks. You can either hang out up top and content yourself by sniping, or venture down below in search of the good stuff! This level is meant for 3+ players with No Force (jump ruins it!!). Read the text file before playing, it helps.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Star Light Fight 2 - Kedri
File: Star Light Fight 2
Author: TDJ_Radice
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: It is a symmetrical canyon color coated on both sides (red and gold) for team play. It can also be used for training on guns and or sabers. There is a large pipe going up through the middle of the canyon which leads to a saber dueling place. Also a sewer system was added for fast and furious escapes. Have Fun :)
New MotS Multiplayer Level: NicOasis - Kedri
File: NicOasis
Author: __NiCoDeMuS__
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: For the lovers of Oasis from JK, the ones with a passion for C rifle action. I created this level for NF/FF/Neutral Force Gunning. Made for 2-4 people, there's plenty of guns and ammo throughout the level to go around.
New JK MOD: The Madaventor Saber Pack - Kedri
File: The Madaventor Saber Pack
Author: MaDaVentor
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: A compilation of over 35 lightsabers for Jedi Knight, all of which have been created by me, MaDaVentor. Lots of people love these sabers, and I thought you might too. There is no patch required. Just run the install program, and have it install to your default Jedi Knight Directory, e.g. C:\program files\lucasarts\jedi knight\. Thank you very much for your interest in the MaDaVentor SaBeR PaCk. Important: you need to have BFP 2.1 to use this mod.
Millennium On Fire! - darkjedi86
Millennium is on fire with updates! Here's what Hideki, the head penguin over at Millennium emailed us bums:
I just placed a new poll about Sniper Arena, uploaded some new screenshots for the Sniper Arena, and added a new cog quiz! All in all, Millennium is hot today!
Indeed it is hot, so pay Millennium a visit!
New JK MP Level - Crown Stronghold - Takimoto
Hey y'all. Takimoto here. Long time no see. Just wanted to let you know that I've released my latest level. It's Jedi Knight multiplayer designed with all you no force guns fanatics in mind. It takes place in a castle type fortress, hence the name. I started it because I was procrastinating writing a History paper. It was basically practice for my sequel to Cathedral, due out later this summer. I hope you like it! For now, you can get it here - (161kb). I'll upload it to some faster servers later today.
Wednesday, April 19, 2000
Counter-Terrorism TC - blujay
The Counter-Terrorism TC site is up and has quite a few screenshots on it, so check it out.
Magician TC Opens Site - blujay
SJD_Rydeman just showed me the new Magician TC Web site. Their HUD looks great. Be sure to check it out.
More MPG Updates - blujay
NorthChaos let me know that MPG has updated with some new stuff, including the Spork Level Pack, and the beloved Jedi Ball 2. So let's go get some JB2 games going folks!
A Fond Farewell... - Brian
Well, we knew the day would come (or maybe not), but it pains me to let everyone know that one of our most active and respected staff members has resigned his position. Slug has been working with me on Massassi since Thursday, April 23, 1998. That was when he submitted his first tutorial, and shortly after, I convinced him to join the staff.

More recently, Slug has been one of our top level posters, and more importantly, he headed up both of our level contests. Those resulted in what I would consider the best MP level packs so far for JK.

Aside from Massassi specific stuff, Slug is responsible for a couple of very good levels (check the MP level section), as well as a bunch of killer stuff that never got released (anyone remember Saberworks?). He also wrote a ton of articles for both Darkness Falls and the more recent Chronicles. Needless to say, Slug has been an asset to the community, and he will be missed.

So what's next for our beloved salt-fearing creature? He let the staff know that he will be around the forums, but won't be involved in any more JK editing. I have some inside info, so if you're dead-set on stalking the guy, be sure to worm your way into the Vampire editing scene.
Tuesday, April 18, 2000
New JK Multiplayer Level: Amplitheater - Kedri
File: Amplitheater
Author: Joshua
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a multiplayer sabers level set in an amplitheater during a storm. Legend has it that this place is strong with the Dark Side of the Force...
New JK Multiplayer Level: JoF Oasis - Kedri
File: JoF Oasis
Author: JoF_Worf
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a transformation of Oasis... into a high-tech base! There are traps, force-fields and transporters. In the base there is a new hangar, a medical-bay, a command centre and whole load of other great areas! The level was designed for 2+ people, Guns-No-Force or Full-Force.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Gunners Dream - Kedri
File: Gunners Dream
Author: SA_Neo_DE
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a medium-sized level with a main area for gun fighting, several sniper spots and lots of guns. It also has an area for Jedi saber fighting. Ideal for Full Force or any rank Force. A good level to rack up a lot of kills.
Urban Battle Grounds Updated - Kedri
ApoK_DragonPhinn sent in an update to his JK MP level, Urban Battle Grounds, one that fixes a colormap error that occurs for the 3d-accelerator-challenged among us. This update replaces the one currently posted, so make sure to pick up this most recent version.
New MotS Multiplayer Level: Sith Arena 2 - Kedri
File: Sith Arena 2
Author: Brandon "wedgie" Mills
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A medium-sized multiplayer level set in a colorful Sith temple. I would recommend a 3D card that supports colored lighting: the level looks downright ugly without it, hehe. Guns, 2-4 players.
New JK MOD: Taunt v.1.0 - Kedri
File: Taunt v.1.0
Author: Lt. Grant
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a mod that allows you to "taunt" other players or enemies by assigning it to a hotkey. The taunt can be a .key and/or a .wav. Similar to the MotS taunt in MP.
Han and Leia Mod Updated - Kedri
Last week we posted a nifty MotS Mod that let's you play as either Han or Leia in single-player levels. Arlun Sadon sent in an update to that mod that fixes the problem with the mod's weapons. He also sent in some screenshots this time around, so make sure check 'em out. The update replaces the previous version posted.
Monday, April 17, 2000
New JK Multiplayer Level: Nar Shaddaa Wind Tunnels - Kedri
File: Nar Shaddaa Wind Tunnels
Author: JST_Raichu_9
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a big multiplayer level. It has wind tunnels in it and is intended for 4-32 players.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Night Hunter - Kedri
File: Night Hunter
Author: Destrroyer20
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A small JK MP level based inside my ship, the Night Hunter. My first JK level, so don't be too critical. Intended for use with 2 - 4 players, definitely no more than 4.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Pandora's Arena - Kedri
File: Pandora's Arena
Author: Dark Phoenix
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: The level consists of an arena area with a bunch of little rooms outside of it. The only items in the level are in those rooms and the only way to get into them is to spawn in them. This level is made for NF games because Force Jump ruins the whole concept.
New JK MOD: Plo Koon - Kedri
File: Plo Koon
Author: JW
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a multiplayer skin that allows you to play as Plo Koon, a member of the Jedi Council from Episode One.
New Screens @ Vangilis Station - darkjedi86
It seems that Vangilis Station has updated with 16 new screenshots of their current project, Abandoned Base. It looks very promising, so head on over and pay Vangilis Station a visit!

Many thanks to Outpost D-34 for the news!
More at Graphtallica! - darkjedi86
Well, Graphtallica has added 4 new textures to its bank, categorized as 'Gothic Stone.'

Again, thanks to Outpost D-34 for the news!
Sunday, April 16, 2000
New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level Review: Drazen Isle- Reviews
The Massassi Temple Review Site has just posted a new review of Drazen Isle. The level was created by Jeff Walters.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Riza - Kedri
File: Riza
Author: David Foxworth
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a small multiplayer level set on a remote and abandoned station. It contains several, innovative uses of zero-g, low gravity, and deep pits.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Black and White - Kedri
File: Black and White
Author: Moonraker
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A fairly large multiplayer level equiped for 32 players. All the textures in the level are 100% hand drawn. It was a time of gladiators and great buildings, a time of gods and ceasars. It was a time long past, but back in black and white.
Trial MPG Status Indicator - Brian
As you can see, I've added a small indicator towards the top of the page that lets you know if there are any active games on the MPG. The reason I say trial is because it may be too much of a load on the server - I'll leave it a week or so and see how things go. So go play.
Alliance Editing Exclusive! - darkjedi86
It seems that Alliance Editing has released an exclusive mat pack. Most of the mats are made by Da Man over at Alliance Editing, Posse. The mat pack can only be found at the site, so head on over and pay them a visit!
MPG Exclusive (Kinda) - blujay
NorthChaos just gave me this scoop:
Fusion. The author (Mormegil) has finished it, and stuffed it into a server. Now, since the JK CTF scene ain't big, he mostly knows everybody, so, he just gave the link to his friends, and the rest of the CTFers got it by playing with him (link exchange). But he never RELEASED it. It's not in any JK-site, never mentioned in news, nor anything. =)
It's now on the MPG, so go check it out!
New MotS Multiplayer Level Review: JiNX Battle Zone- Reviews
The Massassi Temple Review Site has just posted a new review of JiNX Battle Zone. The level was created by JiNX_Pick.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Urban Battle Grounds - Kedri
File: Urban Battle Grounds
Author: ApoK_DragonPhinn
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a medium-sized level, tailored for approximately 4 players, on Force Level 5 (however any force level will allow full enjoyment of the level), set in an Urban Battle Ground (hence the name). The level contains numerous areas, allowing you to frag each other in varying settings, including (but not limited to), Weapon Shops, Apartments, Bar Rooms, Alleyways, Intricate Sewer Systems, and an embassy with a bathroom, a basement, and even an alleged hole to Hell. This level was specifically designed to be low lag, for those JK players with less than perfect connections.
New JK Single Player Level: Dark Emperor 2: The Last of the Jedi - Kedri
File: Dark Emperor 2: The Last of the Jedi
Author: Darth Maul
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: The sequel to my previous JK SP episode "Dark Emperor." This is an eight-level episode that contains lots of features. A detailed description and screenshots are available at This project took nine months to complete (from the very start to the release).