Monday, September 7, 1998
Darkness Falls September '98 - Red
Darkness Falls publshed it's September Issue of it's very popular net 'zine. It includes:
  • Your Favorites - The Results of the JK Awards. Who won? yeah like I'm gonna tell you here :-)
  • The Cat's Litterbox - Level building tips from Jeff 'The Cat' Walters.
  • As the 3D Preview Turns - Think Dark Forces is dead? This section may change your mind.
  • Books - Tom Smallwood takes some time to review a book that may help those level editors out there.
  • The Great Outdoors - Written by or very own Brian. Learn the basics of making cliffs, rivers, etc without killing your framerate.
  • Also it incliudes the regular interviews, movie reviews, and more!
What can I say? I am not a man of words, so check it out!
Bark! Grr Ruff - Red
Sorry, I couldn't resist :-) Anyway, Gary MacDonald was kind enough to send in 2 NEW mats. One of Pine Tree Bark and the other of Redwood Tree Bark (hence the stupid title of this news update). Both are located in the NEW Materials Section under Natural Mats.
Sunday, September 6, 1998
Can anyone say, SP? - Slug
Well, I wasn't even aware that the site was up yet until tonight (thought it was still in development) but, Ryan has released The Admiral's Command Chamber, a site devoted entirely to sp levels! I'm a big fan of sp, so I couldn't resist giving the site a mention.. Best of luck to Ryan, and keep up the good work.
Short but sweet - Slug
I updated the editing groups page with a few new groups..
Logo Mania - Brian
Ewok has submitted a new logo for us to use. I was very impressed and just wanted to give him some recognition.
New Editing Groups - Brian
We have been falling behind on our coverage of editing groups, so to catch up, here are all the newly started, or previously unlisted, editing groups. They look very promising, and I wish luck to all those involved. Remember, a lot of editing groups are looking for new editors, so if you find one that looks interesting, make sure to apply.
  • KYA - Gameplay, a major factor in Levels, is what KYA wanted to focus on. Detailed Levels and Good Mods have already been created before, but, KYA wants to be the first to make good-looking levels with high gameplay.
  • New Cybertron, The Transformer Project - We are trying to make Transformers in JK. anyone can help if they want to. We need people that can edit weapons, levels and 3do's.
  • C.O.R.E. Design Team - Great looking page, this group is working on Multi-player levels for JK/MotS.
  • Rancor Productions - This group is just starting out so needs talented editors to join. As of now the project in progress is a Spider Man TC.
  • Knights of the Jedi Editing Team - I just found this group browsing around, they managed to get a hold of Kaminari, who is an excellent level editor, so I wanted to give them a mention.
Good luck to these groups, and remember, if you'd like to be mentioned in the news and added to our Editing Groups page, send me an email.
New Generation Of Editing Groups? - Brian
Many of the "new" editing groups have been working hard on their projects and actually releasing stuff. Many of the groups that have been around since the beginning of JK still have not released anything. Some of their pages haven't been updated in months.

I just want to give an encouraging nod to all those groups that are motivated enough to actually get a project completed and out there. Which teams am I talking about? Read on...
Recent Releases - Brian
This is a list of the projects recently released by editing groups, many are very good, so be sure to take a look.
  • New Cybertron Editing has released 3 versions of their Predator Pack, a skin pack that adds new Transformer skins to JKMAG's Big Fluffy Pack.
  • KYA has released the KYA Level Pack which includes 6 new multi-player levels. You can take a look at some screenshots and comments about the level pack here.
  • The Origins Team has released their first multi-player level pack (including new weapons and skins), entitled Origins: The First Offensive. Check it out at their page (On a personal note, I checked out this mod, and aside from one or two small bugs, its excellent. Waz [the leader] promises a version 1.5 which will fix these bugs so things are looking up for Origins).
If I missed anyone's recent releases, please send an email and I'll get it posted. We don't keep an archive of non-editing releases, so just send a url to link to.
Saturday, September 5, 1998
3 new tutorials - fourwood
I've added three new tutorials to the tutorials section. The first is one that was posted a long time ago on the news page, but was never was given a home on the Massassi tutorials page. It is about interpreting player actions in MotS. The second is about how to make Anti-Gravity tubes. The third is another tutorial on making MotS cutscenes.
And today while riding my bike down the road, a cute little toad, which lives nearby, jumped out right in front of me. Instead of hitting the poor little helpless fellow, I decided it would be best to just slide my bike flat on the ground in attempt of saving it. I badly scraped up my leg and arm and the frog actually got hit, so he died anyway. Sorry Brian, I tried. :)
General Announcement - Slug
I promise this post is a little editing related.. I've lost my old email of, so if you sent me an email there and I never replied, please re-send to This change should only be temporary until I convince AT&T to give back my email.
On an unrelated note, the other day I was running down the street and a frog hopped out right in front of me! Not wanting to kill the poor thing, I threw myself into the street and was consequently crippled for life.. The frog's fine though.
Thursday, September 3, 1998
Warning: What You Are About to Read is NOT Editing Related
(or even JK for that matter)

Stitches Are Bad - Brian
Actually, stitches are probably good, but the process of getting them put IN is no fun at all. Want to hear a story? Well if not please stop reading.

I haven't skateboarded in 4 years -- I felt I wasn't getting enough exercise, so I decided to go buy a skateboard and have some fun. Saturday, I did that -- skated for about 8 hours Saturday, watched a competition, etc. (I actually pulled some cool tricks too, for someone who hasn't done it in four years!)

Well last night, after dark, I decided to go skate again, so I did just that, I boarded down the street to this cool parking lot that has good pavement, skated for like an hour, got tired and decided to make my way back home. On the way home I stopped by the Post Office to check my mail, got a few things, and was out the door skating home when a Frog jumped out in front of me. I couldn't stop in time, so rather than kill the poor thing, I hurled myself OFF the board, landed on my hand, then shoulder, and did a roll. I stood up, went to brush my shirt off and this big stream of blood flew out of my hand.

I got cut on my right hand between my pinky and ring finger -- rocks/dirt/whatever was all stuck in there crazy, so I walked home, and proceeded to scrub it out. After about 20 mins of that, it was pretty clean, so I decided I needed some Hydrogen Peroxide to make sure it didn't get infected.

By this time, it was about 9:45 PM, so the only place open is what's called the Shoppette, just a small convenience type story. They were out. So, seeing as how I'm in the military, I get "free" health care. So, I drove over to the emergency room, and asked for some hydrogen peroxide to clean out this cut. The doctor looked at it, and decided I needed stitches. Ouch.

Got two, and can't move my right hand (you don't even want to know how long it took to type this story). It's really not that bad, but I just wanted to share it with someone.

Moral of the story? Either don't stop for frogs or invest in a good pair of leather skating gloves! I will personally hook up with the gloves because I love animals.

-Loz Out.
Wednesday, September 2, 1998
Materials Section - Red
The Materials section is now open! Joy! Notice: All mat pictures are taken with the unicolor.cmp so some mat's color will vary. If you have any original mats please send them to me to be added to the archive.
Monday, August 31, 1998
FTP fixed - fourwood
Brian finally got the FTP fixed, so the 3do packs that were posted that didn't work should be fixed soon. The speeder pack is already fixed, I did that myself and checked it. You can find it on the 3do page.
Party Pack - Slug
Gonk has released yet another enemy pack (does he sleep?). The pack is available in the miscellaneous section, and includes these new enemies.. Enjoy all, and thanks for the contribution Gonk.
Friday, August 28, 1998
And now... - Slug
..The moment you've all been waiting for... The miscellaneous section is open!(pretend to be really excited). This section holds some really kewl things like new guns and new enemies for use in levels, so start downloading.
New Mats - Brian
Red has submitted a pack of mats for use in addon levels. Thus begins our mat section -- which is not up yet but will be soon. Until then, you can download them here. They are the custom architecture mats Red has made for his addon levels, so there are quite a few.
Greedo Pistol - Brian
Red has also submitted an alternate weapon for use in Single Player addon missions. It replaces the bryar (as Red says, how many people actually use a custom bryar?). It was posted on a while back, but this is a new improved Massassi version. There are instructions in the zip, which can be downloaded here.

This will shortly be posted in our 3do section, but until then use the above link.
Wednesday, August 26, 1998
Return of the 3do.. - Slug
Ok, I was gonna just fix the link at the bottom of the page, but I figured it was so far down, I might as well make a new post where people will see. The link to the atgar turret wasn't working because of ftp troubles so I moved it to the html server and fixed the news post.. 88 proceeded to overwrite that post, so to get to the point, here's a working link to the turret.
I promise it works.
Screenshot of Yesterday's Turret - Brian
Yesterday (scroll down) we posted a file for download by Steve-O. This is a shot as seen in a 3do viewer (no textures shown, but they are there if you load it into your level). I just wanted to show everyone the quality/complexity of this 3do. Preliminary tests in JK show that it doesn't have a noticeable effect on framerate (of course, if you add 5 of them in one area it sure will!). Anyway, be sure to download this, use it in your level if you can, and give the author credit!
Mat Section? - Brian
We've gotten a GREAT response to our plea for cogs, and a decent one for 3do's -- however we have received NO custom mats yet. If you are interested in releasing your custom mats to other level authors for use in their levels, please email them to me. It is preferable that they arrrive in a zip file with a readme.txt.

If you do not know how to zip, send the mats with a text file and we can zip them for you. Or, you can download Winzip and learn (it's very easy).
The Spaceport - Brian
If you haven't already heard, The Vault, The Streets of Coruscant, and Mos Eisly Spaceport have combined into one site to (hopefully) bring you the very best in level reviews and project trackers. Check it out here.

As you may have ALSO noticed, that gets rid of our two sponsored sites -- which is cool because I was running out of space on the sidebar ;)

On another note, INPH states that 8t88 and I "jumped ship" -- this is a bit inaccurate as when he took the job he knew full well that 8t88 was no longer with the site, and that I was not going to take an active part.
Star Wars + USAF - Brian
A couple of weeks ago I took a great picture of the sunset down here at Edwards Air Force Base. My good pal Khobolt (previously of Manowar and Nova Foundation) superimposed (thanks Adam Sandler) some rad looking ships.
Note: This is totally fake and is not sponsored, endorsed, etc, by any official agency, including but not limited to the United States Air Force or DoD. Nor is it affiliated in any way with LEC or the Star Wars franchise.
Holocron Editing - Brian
Holocron Editing is a newly formed editing group that has a LOT of potential. I've had the pleasure of reading their story, as well as previewing a few of their levels. Let me tell you the architecture and lighting are superb, and that along with this unique (and very well written) storyline should prove to be a winning combination. Here is what Yuri (the Grinch), project leader, had to say:
Past history and present action are one...The force surrounds all time...All doing." - Bodo-Bass an ancient Jedi Master. Holocron Editing is working on what we feel is a true sequel to JK and MOTS and one of the strongest conversion stories out there. We're working on a large project and are always on the look out for new members. We are working on new force powers, weapons and cogs. We also have several new 3d0s in the works. If you're keen to work with a progressive, ambitious and dedicated group then give us a look.
As always, if your editing group wishes to be added to our editing group list (see the sidebar) just send me an email -- I can't promise it will get in right away, but it will get in. (Thanks for being patient Yuri)
Knights of the Jedi Editing Team - Brian
We've received another submission for our Editing Groups page -- (which will be updated with this group and the previous post about 7pm pacific tonight). Here is the information on Knights of the Jedi Editing Team:
We are a group that makes Skins, Levels, New Cogs, New 3do's and New Mats for Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith. We currently have 6 members, 1 of which is a suppervisor and doesn't participate in the actual editing. We need staff and have currently finished 1 project wich will be up for downloading in a few days. We are Alies with the Mystikal Editing Zone and are currently releasing a skin pack together which will have over 200 skins.
Welcome Fourwood! - Brian
You may have seen his posts yesterday, but he never got a formal welcome -- Fourwood will be helping with general upkeep, news updates, tutorials, and whatever else we can con him into doing. With his addition, that leaves our staff at it's highest number yet! Slug, EvanC (yes he will be returning), 8t88 (see below), Fourwood, and yours truly. Wait... what about overkill, hedge, and red? Well Red will make his cameos whenever he feels like it, I haven't heard from hedge in AGES, and I dunno about Overkill either.
And Finally... - Brian
I have some other things that should be added by the end of the week. Like what you ask? Well I have another installment of Teachings which discusses realistic outdoor architecture, as well as a tutorial on templates. Hopefully out mat section will get some content (it's not going to be uploaded till there IS content). And finally, a big welcome back to 8t88.
Tuesday, August 25, 1998
Prefabricated Pipes - 8t88
I recieved these prefabricated pipes this afternoon from Jake for you to use in your own levels. They're really very good. These ones are curved at the corners and very well done. Oh yeah! I'm back! :)
The Atgar Turret - Slug
A few people may have seen Steve O's atgar turret floating around message boards already, but for the rest of you, here it is. It's an impressive new 3do of that turret from the hoth battle that looked like a satellite dish. No template info is included, so you'll have to make the template yourself.
Saturday, August 22, 1998
Sir, I believe you need to speed.. - fourwood
There is now a new 3do pack in the 3dos section. The pack includes three different speeders, 1 with Kyle, 1 with a Tusken, and one without any person. There are also multiple 3do files of various debris. The pack can be downloaded here. Thanks goes to Marc Sauvé for those 3dos.
The Big Five-O! - fourwood
Yay, my first post is something good :). The Massassi Temple now has 50,000 hits! Congrats Massassi.
Huge new cog - Slug
Just got a monstrous cog from Galadriel that controls a really complicated cargo lift (elevator). Click here for the description, and here here for the file. It's a .zip containing the cog, instructions on use, and a sample level. Thnx for the contribution Galadriel.
Friday, August 21, 1998
This just in.. - Slug
I just recieved a zip file from Magi containing the ladder cog from Warzone 2, a sample jed file, and instructions on using the cog. Thanks for the contribution Magi.

On a related note, if you're having troubles with zip files in the cog section, please drop me an e-mail. I'm temporarily using win98's built-in zip management instead of a zip program, and haven't done much testing with it.
More Cogs - Slug
I got 3 cogs from Zero today. The first is just a re-work of his Gravswitch cog posted here recently. Now there are 3 levels of gravity rather then 2. Console Sounds plays up to 11 sounds when a thing is activated, and friendly ai is a cog which makes an ai fight alongside you when touched. All three can be found in the cog section. Thanks for the cogs Zero.
Wednesday, August 19, 1998
Message Board Fixed (Finally) - Brian
The Message Board has finally gotten fixed. Now to work on the rest of the stuff on the list (see below).
New Cog - Slug
I got a cog the other day from Zero but couldn't post it until now due to the server changes. It's a great cog called Gravswitch which turns the gravity from regular to very low (and back again) at the flick of a switch. Should be great fun for multiplayer games..It's now available in the cog archives, thanks alot for the contribution Zero.
Sunday, August 16, 1998
Site Problems- Brian
Well all of Telefragged and Jedi Nights (including this site) has moved to a brand-new server. It should be a LOT faster, and hopefully a bit more reliable.

We now can no longer be reached at the old address, so if you give anyone our url, send them As you can see towards the top of this page, our counter has been broken. Luckily, I thought to take a couple of screenshots of the two previous counters, so that should be fixed up pretty soon too.

The message board is totally broken, I hope to get that fixed by tomorrow evening.
Site Plans (What Happened to the Tutorials!?)- Brian
I have at least 4 tutorials on my waiting list. Including Anti-Gravity Tubes, another MotS Style Cutscenes tutorial, Saber Colors, and new Player Characters. If you sent me a tutorial and it's not listed above, I no longer have it. I had to get a new HD recently, and lost quite a bit of stuff in the shuffle. Please re-send.

I also have a new gun (thanks Red!) and a turret 3do to post. Once again, if you sent me cogs/3do's/prefabs and I haven't listed them here, please re-send.

I had some editing group news to post too, but that has been lost, if your editing group's description or url needs to be changed, or if you're not listed yet, or if I promised you a plug (*Yuri?*) please re-send the email.

I apologize for all the confusion, but we should be up and running at full strength again by the end of the week.
More Site Plans (Chat Anyone?)- Brian
My good bud Pot has picked up a neat java script/applet that will allow users to access our IRC chat channel through the web site! This should increase our visitors (although yesterday we were pushing 20 people in there at one time) and hopefully be a quicker way to get answers to your questions. Remember, until it gets posted, you can still visit us by downloading mIRC, getting on any EFnet server, and joining #massassi. Look for the web-chat sometime this week.
Thursday, August 13, 1998
News Archived- Brian
The old news can be found in the archives -- the page was way too long. More news later today(hopefully some new tutorials). There is a link to the archives at the top of the news table.
Wednesday, August 12, 1998
Whoops.. - Slug
Shoulda checked my e-mail before that last news update.. Just got 3 more cogs from Red. Red Camera displays text when you activate a camera, as seen in red's level, "imperial sewers". Level start displays text and sound when a level first begins, and elevator switch is an elevator activated by a switch with a small delay before it begins moving. Big thanks for the contributions.
New Cogs - Slug
I got two new cogs up today by Ted Thompson. The first is a cog that plays a sound and dialogue when you click on a surface textured as a door (basically a fake door cog to make your level appear larger as in warzone 2) and the second is a door that you can only go through one-way. I also added Antony E.'s cutscene cog recently made available on the message board.. All three are available in the Cog Archives. Remember all, we always want more cogs, so do your part and give give give! Big thanks for the contributions guys.
Tuesday, August 11, 1998
Weapons part 2 - EvanC
Just uploaded the weapons tutorial part 2. It covers some basic cog stuff that can help you change weapon sound,model and more. It's pretty basic stuff. Part 3 will be made soon. View it here.