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Author: Dustino

Before You Get Started:
Be sure to download the file that contains everything you need.

Description of Each File in
  1. tutorial.txt: This is the file you're reading right now.
  2. easy_sprite.cog: This COG displays up to 10 sprites at ghost positions and has the option to animate the sprite.
  3. fire_ani.mat: This multi-celled fire MAT goes along with the tutorial.
  4. burn.spr: This is a fire SPRITE. (Uses the fire_ani.mat supplied)
Other Files Needed:

If you want to make your own SPRITE here is what the fire sprite used in this tutorial looks like:

#material     type  width  height  geo  light  tex  extralight  xoff  yoff  zoff
fire_ani.mat  0     0.12   0.12    4    0      0    0.0         0.0   0.0   0.0

Now you have all of the files in their correct spots in the project directory you can now begin the addition of sprites into your level.

Steps for Adding Sprites:
  1. Open up JED and start a new JK/MOTS level.
  2. Save the .jed file in your project directory.
  3. Minimize JED and open your project directory.
  4. Open master.tpl or mots.tpl (depending on which you copied to the folder).
  5. At the very bottom (always add to the bottom of templates) of the template add the following lines:
    # DESC: 
    # BBOX: 0 0 0 0 0 0
    +fire_sprite none orient=(0.000000/0.000000/0.000000) type=cog move=physics
    thingflags=0x10000000 sprite=burn.spr mass=0.050000 physflags=0x200
  6. Save the template and close it.
  7. Now maximize JED.
  8. Now goto Commands and click RELOAD TEMPLATES. (Always hit reload templates when you have edited the template manually)
  9. Now goto THING and insert a GHOST. (Remember the thing # of this ghost)
  10. Now goto Tools and click PLACED COGS
  11. Click ADD COG
  12. In the Resource Picker click cog/
  13. Select easy_sprite.cog
  14. Click OK
  15. Setup the COG

    Description of each Option:
    SPRITEx (thing): These are where the thing # of your ghosts go. Since you only have added 1 ghost so far place its thing # in the sprite0 (thing) box.

    SPR (template): This is where you select the SPRITE you will be using. double click the empty box to open the resource picker. At the end of the list should be +fire_sprite. Select it and hit OK.

    NOTE: The two options below are for animating the sprite (if the mat used in the sprite is multi-celled). For this tutorial they will be used.

    MATANIM (material): Here you select the MAT you wish to animate. Double-click the box. In the resource picker select mat/. Select the fire_ani.mat.

    FPS (flex): This option lets you select how fast the mat gets animated.
  16. Click REFRESH and then OK.
  17. Now Save the .jed, setup the level in the Episode Editor, and save the .jkl and .gob.
  18. Run the level.
  19. Enjoy

If you have any questions or problems email me at