Weapons part 2
Author: EvanC

In this tutorial you will learn how to modify the bryar pistol to shoot concusion blasts and sound like a repeator.

You will need an ungob program and a text editor(notepad is fine for this).

With your Ungob program open up Res2.gob and extract weap_bryar.cog. Open the cog up in Notepad. At the top you will notice this:

# Jedi Knight Cog Script
# WEAPON 2 Script - Bryar Pistol
# The trusty weapon of Kyle Katarn. This is actually an older modified rifle
# that has been cut down to more of a pistol size. It is very accurate but
# somewhat of a low power weapon. This weapon has only one type of fire.
# - Affected by MagSealed sectors/surfaces.
# [YB & CYW]
# (C) 1997 LucasArts Entertainment Co. All Rights Reserved

At the start of each line is a "#". That means that everything on a line that comes after the "#" is ignored. So this entire section is waffle that doesn't mean anything to JK. In here you can put your copyright information, email adress ETC when you make your own weapon. Anyway, skip about one line down from that part. There should be the word "symbols". This is the start of the symbols section, and this section ends at the word "end" (which is about 45 lines down). In here is where you put in all the resources that the cog will use. To start with we will change the sound that the bryar uses. Scroll down about 10 lines from the "symbols" line. What you should see is this:

sound       outSound=pistout1.wav               local
sound       mountSound=df_bry_ready.wav         local
sound       dismountSound=PutWeaponAway01.wav   local
sound       fireSound=pistol-1.wav              local

This is the sound section of this cog. It lists all the sounds used in the cog. The line with "fireSound" has the name of the bryar pistols fireing sound, "pistol-1.wav". What we want to do is change the "pistol.wav" into "rpeatrlp.wav" which is the repeator firesound. Now the bryar will sound like a repeator when it fires. Now what we will do is scroll down a line untill we see this:

template    projectile=+bryarbolt               local

THis is the projectile the bryar uses (+bryarbolt). We want to change it to "+concbullet". Now the bryar bolt will fire a concusion bullet and make the sound of a repeator when it shoots.

To use this modified cog save it as "weap_bryar.cog" in your JK/resource/cog folder and run JK.

If you wanted to make your own weapon you probably wouldn't just replace the projectiles or sounds, you'd make your own. Making new projectiles is covered in part 3 of this tutorial.

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