Friday, August 13, 1999
JL Happenings - Slug
Speak's been cracking the whip over at Jedi Legacy, and his helper monkies and himself have been posting tons of news, so head over for some cool, interesting, and sometimes frightening news headlines..
New JK Multiplayer Level: The Airduct - Slug
File: The Airduct
Author: Mr.T
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is my very first level. I enjoy playing the Battleground Jedi so I made a level similar to that. Yet indoors. This area is perfect for small(2-4) saber battles. It is saber only except for one weapon - The concussion rifle.
New JK Multiplayer Level: TeK Oasis - Slug
File: TeK Oasis
Author: BigBosskMan_TeK
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a Canyon Oasis Mod. It has awesome lighting and also has lots of conc. rifles!! The level is good for about how ever many you want I guess, unless you want a lot of lag, hehe. Enjoy.
New JK Single Player Level: Imperial Colony - Slug
File: Imperial Colony
Author: Jensyx
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is my first EVER level and personally I quite like it, but it's not up for me to decide whether YOU like it or not. Thats why YOU are going to download it now.
New JK MOD: Theft on Nar Shaddaa (MP Cooperative) - Brian
File: Theft on Nar Shaddaa (MP Cooperative)
Author: Nebula
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: The first, to my knowledge, true cooperative level for Jedi Knight. Intended for faster computers and modems, this level takes place on Nar Shaddaa, where you must fight alongside fellow thieves to steal a well-guarded Imperial shuttle. Includes new weapons, skins, enemies, and a few surprises.
Tk241 Shots Updated - Brian
The Imperial Cantina screenshots we announced yesterday have been changed to more managable JPG files, and have also been updated (IE: the texturing is now done). They've also got a monthly poll up, so go vote.
Etc. - Brian
Friday the 13th... eerie.
Thursday, August 12, 1999
Holocron Updates - Justin0
According to Slug, we're allowed to shamelessly plug our sites here. Since I havn't done it in a while, here goes nothing... Holocron Editing has updated with two screenshots of their up-coming, yet un-named, level. They've also promised to add two new shots a day for the next few days, so be sure to check 'em out often. Here are the two shots they added today:
[Screen 1] [Screen 2]
Diary of a Crazed Mimbanite - Brian
If you haven't noticed it before (this was released a few days ago, but for some reason we missed it), DCM #33 has been posted. Diary of a Crazed Mimbanite is a comic strip that makes fun of Star Wars. Thanks to all that emailed us about this...
Millennium - Brian
Our resident Cog expert, Hideki has returned from vacation, and consequently, Millennium is being updated again.

Speaking of vacation, if anyone has noticed that one of our best file posters, Kedri, has been gone, don't worry. He's also been on vacation, but should be returning to update any day now (if not today).
Poll Over - Brian
Since the poll reset, and I think people are tired of it, I've taken it down. The last total had over 40 people working on a submission for our upcoming level contest. I hope to see that many actually get submitted! When I get a better poll script, we will bring that back as a weekly feature.
Massassi Level Contest - Brian
We have added a page dedicated to our level contest. You can find this towards the top of our page in the "Extra's" section. If you have any questions or comments, let me know.
3do Page Updated - Brian
Zymotico posted some previews on his site that let you take a look at his upcoming 3do's. I highly recommend visiting this place, and just to show how much it rocks, I'll post a screen from his site. This one shows off a Trade Federation Droid Fighter in wireframe.

New Joke Screenshot - Brian
Outpost D-34 has announced that Droid's Stuff has posted a new screenshot of the upcoming 3do editor, Joke. Check it out over at Droid's Stuff. Droid has also written up an Introduction to Joke which talks about some of the features. Here's a snippet:
Joke, Jedi ObjeKt Editor, is a 3D editor that will let you create 3D objects for the game Jedi Knight, and itīs expansion pack Mysteries of the Sith, from scratch. It is programmed in Delphi using OpenGL to render the object. To use Joke you will need to own the game Jedi Knight so the first time you run Joke it will ask for your Jedi Knight CD. You will only need to do this once.
JK Beta Testing Group News - Brian
The JK Beta Testing Group has posted a bunch of news today. They have a couple of new level strategy guides, as well as an updated one. They also have download links so you can check out all the levels they have tested and were released. Finally, they have two new interviews. Thanks Slade.
Imperial Cantina Screenshots - Brian
The Imperial Cantina has posted some new screenshots of an upcoming level, Tk421.
Wednesday, August 11, 1999
Fett's list updated - EvanC
Fett's List has been updated with a new biography as well as another site modification. The site still needs more biographies from the JK community so feel free to submit yours today.
Spaceport Review - EvanC
The Spaceport has updated with a review of Asteroid Mining base(my latest level). If you have a level you'd like reviewed or an upcoming level that you'd like to have previewed then head over there!
Penny Arcade - Slug
rofl.. Sorry, not exactly JK related, but you all must go check out today's strip at Penny Arcade (and every other day's strip as well).. Hilarious stuff today, dealing with that new AMD Athlon..
New Massassi Search Engine - Brian
As you can probably see, we have added a link to our search engine just above the news. This should help you if you are looking for a specific level, tutorial, or whatever on the site. Be sure to read the search tips before you go typing stuff in. Within a day, the search engine will be on it's own subdomain, but until then, just follow the link above.

Just a note, this does a full search of our whole network, which includes our hosted sites.
New Versions of JkEdit - Brian
Ole Thomasen let us know that the JkEdit Homepage has released versions 2.55 and 1.55 of JkEdit, a JK/MotS level editing program.
New Feature:
  • A new Search option in the Templates In Level dialog.
Bug Fix:
  • The Distance Properties panel did not work properly.
Note on Submitting Levels/Mods/Skins - Brian
Just a note - if you submit a level/mod/skin/etc, and it's not posted within a week, you probably didn't follow the guide in our submission instructions. Most things like this just get deleted, since we get so many levels each day. We just don't have time to reply to every person who doesn't choose to follow the instructions. So, I say again, if it hasn't been posted, go to the submission instructions, make sure you follwed them, and re-submit your file. Another thing to watch out for is a valid readme file - if your level doesn't have one, we delete it. You can get this from any level posted here on the site, or from Just change the info to fit you and your mod, and add it to your zip file. It is not legal for us to post levels without valid readme files.
New JK MOD: Ultimate Star Wars Mod v1.1 - Brian
File: Ultimate Star Wars Mod v1.1
Author: IJN_Friz, IJN_Charlie
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Skins from all the Star Wars movies, a new kick/saber jab attack for the force users (Jinn, Young Kenobi, Maul, Mace, and Luke), and a flip for the force users. Darth Maul has a double bladed saber with 2 viewable sides and an key for when he activates his second blade. New saber handles have been added to this version, as well as some minor bug fixes. Look forward to the MotS version in the near future.
New JK Multiplayer Level: JMD Spaceport - Brian
File: JMD Spaceport
Author: JMD_Boba_Fett
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a small level that's a basic spaceport with a cantina, weapons shop, temple, command center, and some docking bays. This level is good with full force and guns, I designed this level so that both are required. Have fun!
New JK MOD: Chewie v.2 - Brian
File: Chewie v.2
Author: Joshua
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a mod that replaces kyle in single player with chewie. I changed the sounds into wookie sounds, increased the fist strength and health, and changed the crossbow to fire laser bolts more like the movie.

I realized last night that the chewie mod I sent in a couple of days ago would be much cooler if he were taller.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Deathmatch Facility - Brian
File: Deathmatch Facility
Author: Andy Desrosiers
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: My first level for Jedi Knight. A small Imperial Facility containing a pool, saber dueling room, TIE bomber hangar, and a basement corridor connecting the pool room to the hangar. It's small and intended for 2-4 players and will give furious and fast gameplay.
Etc. - Brian
I would like to thank everyone who's visited us since our move to the new server and domain. We've had a couple of very successful days, and I hope it continues that way. As always, if you have any suggestions for the site, feel free to email me.
Tuesday, August 10, 1999
Art Of The Lightsaber - Slug
Fardreamer, of Sandcrawler Productions, sent me this email..
I'm building a SP\MP mod for JK\MotS called "Art of the Lightsaber". It modifies the lightsaber system of the two games, replacing and adding new and more realistic moves and slashes. Inspired by the duelling scenes from The Phantom Mencace, it will be the main weapon in ScP's upcoming TC, The Face of Death. I have out up a page for the mod, at The mod is coming along faster and better than I expected, so look out for frequent updates.
New JK MOD: Dark Jedi In SP - Slug
File: Dark Jedi In SP
Author: The Vertigo
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Play as the seven dark jedi and Max the Rabbit. Each jedi has his/her own saber attacks. This is only an SP MOD, in the next few months I will try to release an MP version so you can use Jerec to fight someone with Gorc and each have there own saber attacks. I just need a really good COGer.
New MotS MOD: Tatooine At War - Slug
File: Tatooine At War
Author: Alfred_The_Ewok and Superdog
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: A patch that recreates the adventures of the jawas, tuskens, and the "shadier" charectors of Tatooine. Contains 33 new skins, 14 new weopons, 3 new personalities, 2 new players, and a never before seen item!!! Refer to readme or for the full story.
New Program - Brian
Justin's Page has released a new program that allows you to easily change the default single player character. Here is the info from their page.
Well, wrote a new program, it lets you select your skin, saber, and sound file for the jk single player game. Also replaces the default skin in multiplayer games, you know, so that if someone doesn't have a skin, they aren't kyle katarn? Well anyway... enjoy.
You can download this program, and a couple of others, over at Justin's Page.
New Joke Screenshot - Brian
How did we miss this stuff? Outpost D-34 announced that Droid's Stuff has posted a new screenshot of the upcoming 3do Editor, Joke.
Jedi Nights Background Image - Brian
Jedi Nights has released another awesome piece of artwork intended to be used as a background image on your desktop. It features Obi-Wan Kenobi, and can be found on their Extra's Page. Thanks to Spart for the news...
Last Stand Productions - Slug
I noticed over at OD-34, (admittedly - I noticed it 4 days after it was posted, and only at Ramen's prompting) that Last Stand Productions has posted some o' dem purty pictures that they so like to post.. So go, be amazed, and sit back and wait for the mod to be released (or, mail bomb ramen with demands that he release soon - he loves that kinda stuff)
New JK MOD: Chewie - Slug
File: Chewie
Author: Joshua
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a mod that replaces kyle in single player with chewie. I changed the sounds into wookie sounds, increased the fist strength and health, and changed the crossbow to fire laser bolts more like the movie.
Download Information - Brian
If you had trouble downloading any of the levels we posted yesterday, please scroll down and try again. It looks like the server problems are fixed. You can read more about it if you scroll down and read the other "download" headlines in today's news.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Twisted Battleground - Brian
File: Twisted Battleground
Author: Eah CogMan
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: A medium sized MP level based on battle ground Jedi. There is a secret control room in it, but you have to find out for yourself how to get to it.
Rites of Xanthus Screenshots - Brian
Better late than never, but Jedi Nights and Outpost D-34 announced that The VC Alliance has posted 4 new screenshots. They look awesome. Here's one of them, but you'll have to visit the Rites of Xanthus page for the rest.
New site - EvanC
It's not exactly a new site but it just changed it's URL.The Imperial Cantina has reviews, previews, screenshots and more! They're only just starting out but it sounds like they'll have more content up soon.
Fett's list updated - EvanC
Fett's list has been updated with a new site design as well as some new biographies. If you'd like to submit your own biography just follow the Contact/submit instructions at the site!
Live Online Chat - Brian
The Massassi Temple is proud to announce a new feature on our site, an online Java chat room. Feel free to talk about whatever you want, with respect to the other people in the room. We do have the ability to ban users, so please don't abuse the priviledge. The new chat channel can be found:
Levels Pages Updated - Brian
All the levels pages in our Levels/Mods section (in the sidebar) have been updated with links to the new levels addresses, so they should all work now. I have to rewrite some lines in our levels script, and when that's done, we will be back posting levels. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Server Problems Update - Brian
As you may have noticed, our ftp is quite... annoying. So, we have moved all of our levels to the http server in hopes that this will solve the download problems. All you have to do is click here to access the levels archive. All the individual levels pages are being updated, and should be done early morning this morning.
Monday, August 9, 1999
Poll + Etc. - Brian
Looks like our poll got re-set for some reason, maybe we overloaded it. I will look into getting a different script for our next poll. Please continue to bear with us while we try to sort out the download problems and kinks like the poll re-setting.
New Jedi Knight & MotS Reviews - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has posted six new reviews for you reading pleasure. The new reviews are for the following Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith levels:
  • Dead Reckoning
  • Darth Vader vs. Obi-Wan
  • Full Battle
  • Rebirth of the Empire
  • Remnants ot the Empire
  • Meeting at Balfor
Be sure to visit the site to check out this latest arsenal of reviews, as well as the new feature for Battle of Toprawa II posted yesterday.
JN Links - Slug
JN just installed a link section like that of Massassi's.. This means you can now shamelessly plug your site in a whole new links section! (just look at the shameless plugging that Bri did - Massassi has a link in 3 different sections over there)
Harjassk Diplomacy - Slug
Got this email from Matthew Pate..
I just wanted to submit some news, that I have posted 33 screenshots of my level 'Harjassk Diplomacy' at my website, A Jedi's Site.
There are some very nice screens, my hat's off to Matt.
Fett's List - Slug
OD-34 reports that Fett's List has been updated with 3 new bios (including a couple familiar faces from massassi).. Cool stuff, so check it out.
New JK MOD: Yoda and Dagbah saber - Slug
File: Yoda and Dagbah saber
Author: Mark Todd
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: YODA!!!! He was made because of a large amounts of request...I wasn't going to post it here..I didnt think it would be so wouldnt believe response from my post on the Message board !!!!! I had 8 requests and 5 on beta testing on the zone !!!!!! He has new fighting moves...he is really small,he has a new Dagobah light saber,his force powers regenerate faster and use less enegy,he is really fun to play as...expecially with his littel saber moves...being small is cool....
New JK Multiplayer Level: Sky Fight - Slug
File: Sky Fight
Author: Joe
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: A level mainly consisting of catwalks with a rail detonator and conc. rifle. Great for dramatic saber deuls.
New JK MOD: Terrance and Philip - Slug
File: Terrance and Philip
Author: Ted
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a patch that will let you play as either Terrance or Philip in single player or multiplayer mode. It will only work in multiplayer if all the players have the path. Otherwise they will only see Kyle.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Hell - Slug
File: Hell
Author: Priam
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: A larger MP level, location obvious. A wide empty plain covers the surface of Hades, with three shafts leading into three subteranean rooms. These rooms are connected by long corridors leading to the main saber duel arena, a central cavern. Every area is reachable by someone w/out Force Jump, expert several pillars in the central cavern. After I placed the bacta, I threw in some concussion rifles thinking, "any jedi worth his beans won't mind havin em in an otherwise purely saber level". One word of warning, though: this is my first level, so don't mind the twilight-zone effect in that ONE place... Enjoy.
New JK MOD: Milhouse's Imperial Enemy Pack - Slug
File: Milhouse's Imperial Enemy Pack
Author: Milhouse
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: 15 New Enemies editors can use in levels. Enemies based on skins by Al MacDonald & Red and the Skinners.
Pack Includes: Death Star Officer & Commandos & Gunner, Imperial Technicians, Royal Guard, Palace Guards, Desert Troopers, Snow Troopers, Crimson Empire Troopers, AT-AT Driver, AT-ST Driver, Scout Trooper, TIE Fighter pilot, Deep Trooper (actually swims), and Rocket Centurions (actually fly).
These enemies are intended for use in Jedi Knight but most of them should also work in MotS. To check out more screenshots go to my website at
New JK Multiplayer Level: Supply Depot - Slug
File: Supply Depot
Author: MaDMaN
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This level is a supply base loaded with heavy weapons and ammo. Good for small nf and ff gun games.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Badlands - Slug
File: Badlands
Author: MaDMaN
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This level is set in a valley except most all of the floor is flooded with water. You must navigate your way around using the rock ledges and bridges, unless you feel like going for a swim.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Training Ground - Slug
File: Training Ground
Author: tMC_Killane
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This is a Multiplayer level for NF or FF sabers. It has 4 average size rooms and 1 large room.
New JK MOD: Sub Zero - Slug
File: Sub Zero
Author: Vindicare
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This patch will replace Kyle with Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat. Sub Zero has his own saber and force powers. The force powers replace force absorb and force jump. Now Sub Zero can do multiple jumps whilst still in the air and can freeze his oppenents by suing force absorb. The original game weapons are improved the same as for my Reptile. Also Sub Zero's mana recharges quicker. Sub Zero can also do a back flip from a fully charged force jump. Sub also has his own sounds. Enjoy!
First Problem - FTP - Brian
Well, it looks like our server has been limited to 6 users downloading at once - this is worse than our old ftp! Anyway, this should be taken care of today or tomorrow, so please bear with us.
Welcome - Brian
Welcome to the new domain. As you can see, our sidebar has been changed - you will find a bunch of new sections, including the JK/MotS info sections, the About and Staff pages, as well as some links under "Gameshack" - Gameshack is a work in progress that will be announced fully in the months to come.

Another change you will notice is that of our forums. We now have a UBB system - this is because with all our visitors, we outgrew the old system (IE: we had to manually crop the boards every day, or they got too long. The UBB does all this automatically, as well as allow more advanced moderator functions. The new boards require you to register, but rest assured, we will not put you on any spam lists, and the files are stored in such a place that spam bots cannot get to them. If you still feel hesitant, start up a dummy account over at just long enough to get a password, then get rid of it.
3do Section - Brian
As you can tell by clicking on the 3do link in the sidebar, our 3do section has been revamped to be faster loading and easier to navigate. Thanks to Slug for all the work.
Hosted Site: Millennium - Brian
If you look towards the top of the page, you will see a short list of hosted sites. Hopefully this list will grow as the weeks go by, but we are not taking anything but very high quality sites, so it won't ever get as long as other networks hosted sites lists. If you need hosting, take a look at the hosting section in the sidebar.

Anyway, Millennium is a Cog site webmastered by none other than Hideki, creator of the JK Enhancement Pack, as well as the JK/MotS lightstaff mods. The site features cog tutorials (it's about time we got some of those, eh?) and information about his upcoming projects. If you ever need cog help, Hideki has a forum set up over on our new forum site:
Hosted Site: JK Beta Testers Group - Brian
The JK Beta Testers Group is a large group of people who will test your mod and send reports back with lists of errors, suggestions, and general comments. They accept any mod for JK and/or MotS. I highly recommend that anyone releasing a level send it to these guys for beta-testing first. I can't stress the importance enough.
New Poll - Brian
Another new feature is the poll at the top of the news page - we will update it every once in a while (probably weekly) to track current trends/ideas/thoughts in the JK community. Current question asks whether or not you are working on a level for the upcoming Massassi Level Contest.
Etc. - Brian
If you happen to find any broken links or site errors, be sure to let me know. Other than adding content to some of the sections, all the pages should be complete. As with any major move of a website, however, there may be a few stray links that we missed.
Editors & Utilities - Brian
We now have a section for Editors and a section for Utilities. They have a few files, but are not yet complete. We will try to have them done by next weekend. Speaking of which, if you'd like to become our "files guru" - meaning, keeping all of our download sections (other than levels and 3do's) up to date, please email me and we'll get you on board. Duties will require knowledge of ftp and html (specifically tables). Duties will include updated the files pages you see on the sidebar, as well as keeping a lookout for new files.
New JK MOD: Jar Jar Binks - Brian
File: Jar Jar Binks
Author: Sir Greedo
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is a Skin of Jar Jar Binks from Episode One. It includes a new 3do and sounds. It replaces Kyle in Singleplayer and Multiplayer. More skins can be found at Sir Greedo' Skins (
New JK Multiplayer Level: The Temple of the Ancient Jedi - Brian
File: The Temple of the Ancient Jedi
Author: Andre Basmadzhyan
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: It's an "Arm's Race" between the Jedi and Empire to aquire the ultimate weapon hidden in the Temple of the Ancient Jedi. Make your way through cliffs and into the temple. Make your way through the temple and retrieve the weapon, but be careful because there are many hidden traps. This is a nice Multiplayer level (for deathmatches) and excellent ofr saber duels.
New JK MOD: Realistic Sabers - Brian
File: Realistic Sabers
Author: Vega
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: This JK mod makes the sabers have a more realistic look. Like they are more from the movies. The darkred saber (or the saber with less white in the center) is replaced with a realistic looking black saber. All the other sabers have their original color.