Saturday, March 11, 2000
Chronicles Articles - Brian
I think E-Zines just rock, so I'm going to point out a couple of the articles at Chronicles that I found most interesting... First off, Wazzit previews Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption, a game that's being created by a bunch of former LEC employees. Second, Slug talks about the Level Contest. Finally, if you enjoy reading through all the articles, be sure to leave a post on their message board.
Chronicles Issue #2 - Slug
The second edition of the e-zine, Chronicles is out, and ready for your perusal. This edition is a bit more broad than the last, focusing less on JK, and more on other games. A good read all around.
Millennium Updates - darkjedi86
Hideki, webmaster of Millennium, sends word:
Great! The 3do problems I have been driven nuts about are now all solved!!! With much better result from the first pictures posted on this site, now I only have to test this with someone and most likely to be released very soon (if nothing happens). I have now updated all the screenshots I have took today. So have a look at the Sniper's Pack!
Sounds nifty. Nifty stuff needs to be read up on. Visit Millennium today!
The Contest Levels - Slug
All the levels I just posted are levels that unfortunately did not make it in the contest. They're a batch of outstanding levels, no doubt about that, the others were simply deemed a bit more fun. All the authors should be proud, we had a great turnout. This isn't all of 'em just yet - I have 6 more to post that didn't make it - I'm just taking a breather. They'll be up by the end of the night. If you don't see your level here, there's a definite possibility that it made it to the next round - Don't get your hopes up though.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Sky Station - Slug
File: Sky Station
Author: ThreeDee
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: A station high, high above a planet that has incredibly strong winds in its upper atmosphere. This station takes in the wind and converts it into power for the planet far below.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Shipwreck Isle - Slug
File: Shipwreck Isle
Author: Moonraker
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: A fairly large level with a large island that contains a lighthouse and bunk. Under water shipwrecks scatter the floor. The ship wrecks are filled with rooms and are walkable inside.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Old Fuel Depot - Slug
File: Old Fuel Depot
Author: Lt_Greywolf
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: A Med Fuel Depot level.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Nearness of the Bogan - Slug
File: Nearness of the Bogan
Author: Spider AL
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: A fairly large and hopefully pleasantly cyclical guns map. Sniping points, convoluted jumping opportunities and death by "splat". All common features.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Tatooine's Mountains - Slug
File: Tatooine's Mountains
Author: Jkguy_009
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: The jagged mountains of Tatooine. Force speed/jump recommended.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Junction T-55 - Slug
File: Junction T-55
Author: Justin Pearce
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Justin Pearce's entry to the level contest.
New JK Multiplayer Level: The Kamiya - Slug
File: The Kamiya
Author: Anime_Shinji
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: Your ship has gone completely out of control. Your shipmates have gone completely insane. You've committed mutiny, murder, and blackmail. Now there are only a few of you left alive....what to do? The use the ladders, just go up to them and jump. (Note: Name is taken from Rurouni Kenshin)
New JK Multiplayer Level: Death Dome - Slug
File: Death Dome
Author: JM
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: JM's contribution to the Massassi Level Contest.
New JK Multiplayer Level: The Level With No Name - Slug
File: The Level With No Name
Author: Cguy
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: don't really need to know, and I'd prefer to keep it that way ;-). On a side note this is my first released level, MP or SP :-). There's no set theme or anything to this level. I guess it's somewhat of a mix of different ideas.
New JK Multiplayer Level: Quaint Little Cabin in the Woods - Slug
File: Quaint Little Cabin in the Woods
Author: Death Valley
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: A quaint little cabin in the middile of the woods... nuf' said... Thanks To Lucas Industries (not Lucas Arts mind you they prohibit editing INDY) Dylan, Chem, Clancy, Admiral Tornshk, Jmuulian, Massassi Templ (, not Slug mind you...) GoZ Studios ( Blastech Industries ( Savage X (cause he's cool), Speak (same reason), Captain Ramen (again, same reason), a whole lot of other dudes I couldn't have done this without, all the 3do creators who let everyone use their 3do's, and the all mighty powerful God...
New JK Multiplayer Level: Abandoned Research Station - Slug
File: Abandoned Research Station
Author: Nathan Griffin
Screenshots: No Screenshots
Description: My first level, sabers only set on one level of a space platform my next level will be a guns level with the entire platform as the level.
Rebel Destroyer Co-op Fixed - Brian
A few days ago, a level called Rebel Destroyer Co-op (JK MP) was posted. Unfortunately, the file was corrupted. Thanks to SL_Jedi_Bubba_Fatt, I finally got a hold of a good copy, which has been uploaded. Thanks to everyone that let us know.
Friday, March 10, 2000
New JK Multiplayer Level: SkyHi Final Edition - Kedri
File: SkyHi Final Edition
Author: kingofthelight
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: Fight among the stars. Fight with sabers. Fight "SkyHi".
New JK Multiplayer Level: Holocron City Preview Pack - Kedri
File: Holocron City Preview Pack
Author: Icebox
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This is Holocron City Streets v1.0; future versions will connect other streets until this becomes a MAJOR big level (city)! The preview pack dosent include all weapons, few places are just plain blank, and the detail wont be 100% better than the real thing. So hope the real thing will come out soon, the more downloads, the faster it will be complete! Also, in this Preview Pack some of the sky and details inside and outside the buildings won't be there. Ain't I so mean?
New Review @ TACC - Ryan
The Admiral's Command Chamber has updated with a new review of "Imperial Library" for your reading pleasure. A handful of reviews including Yug'rin and Zak Part 2, The New Empire, and Leeza's Destiny 2.0 are in the works, so expect those to be posted soon. As you probably are aware, the DNS errors have been fixed so the new levels posted recently should now be available to all of our visitors.
Force Commander Strategy - Brian
Our network site, Force Commander Outpost, has news on Lucasarts' newly released online strategy guide (part 2). Head on over.
Absolute New Review - darkjedi86
Absolute Jedi strikes again with a new review, this time of Grindhouse. Check it out!
New Stuff at Tosche - darkjedi86
Sorry guys, this is a bit late. I was not able to utilize the computer for a while. My mom said I had to make up for all the extra time I spent working on my contest level. Well, as for the news, Tosche Station has a bunch of new stuff. They have many new reviews, the site has a new facelift, and the submit level CGI is now fixed. Head on over and check it all out!
Thursday, March 9, 2000
Wassssssuuuuup!!! - Kiramin
We found this on the server. Interested? Click here.
Watto's Junkyard - Kiramin
Watto's Junkyard has updated with your daily dose of Star Wars news. The Headlines are:

  • StarWars.Com Fan Site Hosting and Prizes
  • Star Wars Cards and Comics
  • Model of Big Rock Ranch at TheForce.Net
  • Neelson Granted the Freedom of His Home Town
  • Jonathan Jackson Will Not Play Anakin
  • Conversation With Anthony Daniels

Check it out!
Puppet Jedi Updated - Kiramin
I've added the newest version of Puppet Jedi (v0.61) to our programs page. If you know of any good Jedi Knight related programs or newer versions of ones we already have, email me and let me know. Thanks.
Etc. - Brian
Well, it looks like the server is chugging along perfectly now (knock on wood). Thanks to everyone who participated in our survey. If you're curious, we had over 200 people say they could access the subdomain, and nobody who couldn't. I'm hoping this is network-wide.

However, I'm asking anyone who has problems getting to any of our subdomains to please email me and let me know. I want to make sure the whole server is nice and clean before I give our hosting company a thumbs-up.

Levels: Quite a few people have been reporting broken links throughout our levels section. I think I fixed them all, but if you are still having problems, drop me a line. Also people have been reporting corrupted files. If you come across one, please let me know. Even if you emailed me the past couple of days, I probably didn't get it, so please try again.
Wednesday, March 8, 2000
Imperial March Rage Mix - Slug
Oh.. Wow.. LEC has released an mp3 of their hip new spiffy version of Imperial March which will be on the Force Commander sound track, and.. wow.. Just head on over to JL to get the goods..
Obi-Wan Screenshots - Brian announced that a new German Obi-Wan preview has been released. The text is all in German, but there are a few new screens to check out.
New JK Multiplayer Level: CatWalkz - Slug
File: CatWalkz
Author: LOTD_Bob_535604
Screenshots: Screenshot 1, Screenshot 2
Description: This multiplayer level consists of one large box with platforms stringing from ceiling to floor. It has 6 secrets and 5 traps. The secret with 3 traps in it is VERY hard to get to, so if you absolutely can't get there then e-mail me. Also Includes a saber verson with no guns!
Please Help! - Brian
If you read below, you will see that we have solved most of our server problems. However, we are still trying to figure out what's up with our whacked DNS server. I'm now running a small survey. It is designed to let us know whether you can access a test subdomain we have set up. Please, if you have an extra 30 seconds, help us out! Click here to help out.
Server Info - Brian
Most of the server problems mentioned the other day have been cleared up. Subdomains could still be a problem, so please help us out by filling out the survey above. If you notice any other problems, please let me know.
Tuesday, March 7, 2000
Star Wars News - Brian
Watto's Junkyard has been pumping out Star Wars related news lately. They've got some info on casting Anakin Skywalker for Episode II, a George Lucas interview, some new fan artwork, and a new poll (What's your favorite Star Fighter?).
Force Commander Gold! - Brian
Force Commander Outpost announced yesterday that Force Commander has gone gold. This means that the program is finished, and it has been sent off to manufacturing. Check out FC Outpost for the news. They've also announced a ton of new screenshots, a strategy guide, and a new write-up at the official Star Wars site.
Monday, March 6, 2000
Absolute New Review @ Absolute Jedi - darkjedi86
Well, Absolute Jedi pumps up another review, this time of Ni Temple. Pay Absolute Jedi a visit and check it out!
Tosche Strikes Again! - darkjedi86
As you can see from my too cool subject, Tosche Station has updated again. This time, they have a review of Benduri City, Catacombs, and Death From Above: Turbo Ritalin Edition. Also, Tosche Station has a new Add-On of the Week, a new Add-On of the Month, and a new poll. Guess what I'm going to tell you to do now? That's right! Head on over and check it out!
DCM #53 - Slug
Looks like Al is in full swing again, releasing #53 of his hilarious strip, Diary Of A Crazed Mimbanite. Thanks to JL for the tip.
Force Commander Info - Brian
Our network Force Commander site,, has been pumping out the Force Commander news. Last week, they posted a set of screenshots comparing the "old" Force Commander (a 2d engine) to the "new" Force Commander (fully 3d). You can check that out here. They also announced a ton of previews and new screenshots.
Sci-Fi Extreme - Brian
Aristotle, from over at, has just unveiled his latest project, Sci-Fi Extreme. Sci-Fi Extreme is a site dedicated to everything science fiction. This means movies, books, web sites, TV shows, and more. If you're into it, this looks to be a very high quality site. Up for a taste? So far, they've posted a write-up on Ray Park (the guy who played Darth Maul in Episode 1), a look at the upcoming X-Men movie, and a ton of other stuff.
Ultipla - Brian
Jedi Legacy has just scored a new hosted site, Ultipla. Ultipla is an editing group that has been around since before I even owned Jedi Knight (although not too long before that!). They've released a ton of high-quality projects, including tag, a Loony Toons model pack, Pong, Burn the Witch, and more. Make sure to pay them a visit.
Sunday, March 5, 2000
The Deadline - Slug
Ok, been talk today of extending the deadline, but due to the amount of levels we've gotten today, the deadline will not be pushed back. However, I understand that some people have been holding on to their levels, waiting to see if the deadline would change. For those people, I will accept any level I receive on the 6th of March. Central Standard Time. If you don't know how that applies to your time zone, figure it out, and make sure your level gets here in time.
Server Problems - Brian
The Massassi Temple is in a bad state right now, but we will get it fixed soon! Basically, all our subdomains are broken for about 50% of our visitors, our email address isn't getting the mail through, and a lot of personal email addresses here are broken. On top of that, all our mysql powered features (network site news scripts and the 3do script) are going haywire. I have assurances from our hosting company that these problems will be fixed by tomorrow evening. If this isn't the case, we will be moving to a new server altogether. Please bear with us.
Broken Links - Brian
For some reason the links to the two levels posted yesterday were broken. They have now been fixed.
Welcome darkjedi86 - Brian
I am very pleased to welcome darkjedi86 to our staff. As you may have noticed, he has been helping out with news for the past couple of weeks, and will keep doing so as a permanent staff member.
More Time? - Slug
We only got 8 levels submitted to the contest so far, as compared to last contest's 25 or so.. With only a day left, I can't imagine we're going to get a lot more. Is this due to a lack of time, or lack of interest? Or, am I simply underestimating how many we're going to get tomorrow? Reply here.