Editing Programs

Update: If you can't find the program you're looking for, please ask on the forums or in the chat/disord.

Below you will find a fine selection of programs to help you edit various aspects of Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith. (NOTE: Almost all of the utilities for JK files also work with MotS files, because they share the same file formats).

Jedi Knight / Mysteries of the Sith

Max Manager

Max Manager, by Shred, is a launcher / manager for Jedi Knight and MotS mods. It's a modern tool designed to work with Windows 10+.

Most users should choose the 64-bit version but Linux/Wine users who chose a 32-bit installation can use the 32-bit version.

NJED (level editor based on Jed)

NJED is a level editor based on Jed that includes many fixes and enhancements.

NJED Home Page by JKBoBoFett

NJED Releases / Downloads by JKBoBoFett

ZED (level editor based on Jed)

ZED is based on JED and provides fixes and new features. This project lived on JK Hub https://www.jkhub.net/ but as of mid-2023 JK Hub is still down :(

ZED 2008-01-31 by ZeqMacaw, Code Alliance, other contributers.

JED (level editor)

JED v.951 by Code Alliance

The newest version of Jed, an excellent program designed for the creation and modification of Jedi Knight levels. Plugins available. Note: Jed filenames always include the word "beta", this is normal.

Older versions (don't bother with these):

JED v.94 by Code Alliance

JED v.92 by Code Alliance


Container Manager v0.9a by Alex

A utility used to browse and modify various container files used by 3D games (including Jedi Knight GOB files).

GOB Explorer by Chris Mrazek

This is a utility for extracting and creating Jedi Knight GOB files, using a Windows interface.

JKGOB v0.4b by David Lovejoy

An extraction utility for Jedi Knight GOB files.


Zy's 3DO View by Zymotico

Zymotico's OpenGL 3do viewer.

3DO Viewer by Frank Krueger

Views Jedi Knight 3do files.

3DO Converter by Frank Krueger

Converts 3DStudio ".ASC" format to Jedi Knight 3DO files.

Puppet Jedi v0.7 by Code Alliance

Views/plays Key and 3do files for JK or Mots, Help & tutorial included, Win9* only. Requires OpenGL. Previous versions: v0.61, v0.11 and v0.5

TrajJedi 1.1 by Jereth Kok

TrajJedi is a program that will let you create Jedi Knight / Mysteries of the Sith KEY files that involve an object moving along some sort of pre-programmed trajectory. Examples of this include "flying cameras", and the obvious Crow / TIE Bomber / Shuttle / etc. flying sequences.

TSM v1.0.8 by Curtis Brazzell

A character editor that allows you to quickly edit skins. Updated Dec. 21, 2001: version 1.0.8 has a feature to download updates and patches from the author's Web site.


JKPaint v0.8 by Craig "UGG" Urquhart

A graphics editor for Jedi Knight and Mysteries of the Sith

Mat16 v.9 by BoBo Fett

Mat16 performs these conversions: Bitmap to 16-bit Mat, 8-Bit Mat to 16-Bit Mat, Mat to Bitmap, CMP to .ACT or .PAL

New in this version:

  • bug fix: can now read 16-bit mats from a .gob container.
  • bug fix: Multi-Celled Texture's didn't save correctly.
  • new: added a function to view your texture tiled.
  • new: full support for reading mats from MotS .goo containers
  • new: Mat16 will now try to pick the best CMP when loading/converting 8-bit mats from a container.
  • new: Can now batch convert mats in a container to BMP's.

MatMaster 2.0 by Peter Klassen

This program converts Jedi Knight MAT files to BMP and vice versa.

BitMat by Frank Krueger

This program converts Dark Forces BM textures to Jedi Knight MAT textures.

CMP Conversion Program by DadBug

A utility that allows you to convert .CMP files to .PAL files for use with any paint program that can load them. It should be used to fit the .MAT files to any one of Jedi Knight's palette files.

Palette And ColourMap Utility by Jereth Kok

This utility will allow you to view and edit Jedi Knight CMP files.

Chomper v1.0 by Frank Krueger

A Jedi Knight CMP file editor.

COG / Scripting

CogWriter v0.3 by David Lovejoy & Alexei Novikov

CogWriter is designed to assist in writing COG scripts for Jedi Knight or Mysteries of the Sith.



OpenGL for Win9x. Place the two dll files in Windows/System directory. Note: Win95 OSR2 and Win98 have openGL included. Original Windows 95 used to require manual installation of this file to run Jed; not needed anymore.

Thrust Calculator v1.03 by 8t88

This program will calculate the vec0 value for sector thrusts if you enter the x, y, and z coordinates for the two points (see the tutorial on The Massassi Temple).

Vector Calculator by Gomez

A program that calculates the vector for sector thrusts. Pretty much the same except it's written in Delphi 3. Watch out, it's very colorful.

Jed Objects Ref by Andre Di Geronimo

A program that will display all JED objects and their properties and methods.

Class Creator by Dark Knight

This program allows you to easily create Character Classes in Mysteries of the Sith. A great tutorial written by EvanC is included as a help file within the program, so be sure to refer to that when you start.

May require a dll pack. Once you download it, extract it to a directory, and run version.exe This handy little program will show you whether you have the required dll files. Green means you have them, red means you do not. If anything OTHER THAN msvbvm50.dll and comcat.dll are RED, then you need to download the following file. If only those are red (or if they are green), you are ready to go! If files other than msvbvm50.dll and comcat.dll are red, you need to download these dll files. Once they are downloaded, run the setup.exe file contained in the zip, and it will install the required files for you. Once that is done, you can use the program.

ModMaker 0.3 by Dark Knight

Website for the Mod Maker suite of JK editing programs. Includes CogED, ModelsDatED, JKStringsED and the BEN editor. CogED is an advanced Cog script editor that has many great features such as a built in CogRef, a CogExplorer, CogQuick functionality and much more! ModelsDatED is a program that lets you easily edit the models.dat file. JKStringsED lets you replace any of the standard text in Jedi Knight or MotS by editing the jkstrings.uni files! Last, but not lease, BEN allows you to edit the items.dat file!

May require a dll pack. Same instructioins as ClassCreator apply. See above.

Jedi Outcast

JK2 Editing Tools by Raven Software

Suite of editing tools for Jedi Outcast. Includes:

  • JK2Radiant - the map editor
  • MD3View - model viewer for .md3 format models
  • ModView - model viewer for .glm (Ghoul2) format model
  • ShaderEd2 - the shader editor/viewer
  • sof2map - the map compiler, you will not be using this directly, JK2Radiant uses this

JK2 Editing Tools Update by Raven Software

A secondary pack of editing tools for Jedi Outcast. Included in this release:

  • BehavEd.exe - the editor we used to create Icarus scripts
  • EffectsEd.exe - the editor we used to create EFX files
  • IBIZE.exe - the Icarus script compiler
  • roq.exe - tool to compile images into a RoQ video
  • ShaderEd2 - the shader editor/viewer

Also included are tutorials on creating bots for MP, creating bot waypoints and creating models for JK2, guides to SOF2JK2 Vertigons and SOF2JK2 Weather, the ICARUS manual, and more. Additionally, this download includes the source and compiling code for the game.