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BTW: Massassi is the best web site in the history of the universe! - Otterbine

Thursday, June 27, 2024

New MotS Mod: MotS Episode + Game Engine Cutscenes (JKM+) - Brian @ 9:08 PM
File: MotS Episode + Game Engine Cutscenes (JKM+)
Author: Shimstock
This mod serves as a reworking of the latest cutscene assets, with forward-thinking and moddability in mind.

  • These assets hidden in the original game disc (\Resources\Video\ were first crafted by Edward for in-game use and for OpenJKDF2 compatibility by FastGamerr.
  • With the cutscenes installed as below, you will have the ability to mod the cutscenes entirely. As the 1st edition of this project, it is expected that new base assets in \Resources\ will need to be modified over time for more precise moddability.
  • Building off the recent cutscenes mod by FastGamerr, you now no longer need to rely on a batch file to start the game. This does get rid of some game glitches this method caused. Also, you do not have to turn the cutscenes off from the in-game menu. Theoretically, this should also work on both vanilla and OpenJKDF2 but has only been tested on the latter.
  • Full compatibility with assets (packaged by GeneralTantor)--turn them on or off as you please! Run the cutscenes on the game engine with original assets or enhanced assets.
  • As a proof-of-concept, two saber color mods are included--one which makes Kyle's saber color yellow with Yun's hilt and one which makes Mara's saber color blue with Luke's ESB hilt (credit to Shred18 for the excellent high-poly model!). One or both? Vanilla or remastered assets? Yes. In any combination!
  • Refer to INSTALLATION.txt for installation steps, additional information about the concept, and the changes required to make this possible.

Friday, June 21, 2024

New MotS Single Player Level: MotS Secret Level Remastered - Brian @ 6:33 PM
File: MotS Secret Level Remastered
Author: Shimstock
Description: For those that never knew, an unfinished and unsupported LEC level was hidden along with the original game. Based on the duel at Bespin from The Empire Strikes Back, you play as Luke on a mission to rescue his friends after his Force vision on Dagobah. Unfortunately, the unfinished level featured boss battles with dark Mara Jade and dark Kyle Katarn instead of Darth Vader. This remaster brings the cinematic experience it had originally lacked and adds much more completeness to the level. Please note that all level architecture is the same-- this seemed complete. What has changed are the functions within the level. You wanted to fight Vader like in the movies, so here it is! I went as far as adding an alternate ending, so have fun finding that.

Many changes and improvements were made; however, the greatest improvements are with the final boss duels. For a full list of changes, please read the Release Notes.txt. Going forward, I encourage anyone that wants to make further improvements to use this project as a base. Although most of the level may now feel complete, there are several areas that could be still be improved on--namely the encounter with Boba Fett, Vader escaping the Carbon Freeze, Vader's force powers, considerations playing at different difficulties, etc.

For fans of the original trilogy, I expect this to be a satisfying treat. I recommend using jkgfxmod, EnhancementMod assets, and Neural texture pack or any latest and greatest texture pack for best esthetics. MotS Remastered by GeneralTantor sets it all up for you. Included in this package are high poly models of Luke's lightsaber hilt, which had been masterfully fitted for use with JK by none other than the maker of EnhancementMod himself, Shred18! You may manually place them both in the episode goo if you would like.


Saturday, June 8, 2024

More MotS Cutscenes - Brian @ 1:58 PM
FGR sent me a note about this alternative way to view higher quality MotS cutscenes:

Regarding MotS cutscenes on the front page, here's something that could also be featured there for people to check out (I've only tested it on OpenJKDF2, there's a chance that it might work under JkGfxMod or even the original game):

Basically it's partially based on MotS' own files and the edits Edward made for his project back in 2009/2010 or so. And it's very very jerry-rigged.

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Happy Birthday Massassi! - Brian @ 3:40 PM
Massassi is now 26 years old! Thanks everyone who helped build and maintain the site over the years. Thanks everyone who contributed levels, maps, mods, screenshots, forum posts, comments, ratings, and everything else. And thanks also to those that just visit. I appreciate all of you!

Thursday, March 21, 2024

MotS Cutscenes HD Remaster part 1 - Brian @ 11:49 AM
Michael Landen let us know in discord that he's uploaded a Mysteries of the Sith Cutscenes HD Remastered part 1 video to youtube.
I remade all of Kyle's mission cutscenes (and the intro) from Mysteries of the Sith and uploaded them to youtube in HD. I didn't know who to tell besides my younger brother who I used to play the game with when we were kids. Don't know if I'll make a part 2 since I can't open some of the cinematic levels in game. But here are Kyle's missions at least. I had to re edit parts of the cinematics because the cinematics are very buggy in-game.

In addition, Edward linked a preview of his separate work to improve the cutscenes.

Monday, March 18, 2024

New MotS Single Player Level: The power of Mara Jade - Brian @ 10:43 PM
File: The power of Mara Jade
Author: Maximilian J
Description: Mara has been sent on a mission to find and rescue Kyle but its not going to be easy to find him.
MotS Upscaled Sounds V2.1 - Brian @ 10:33 PM
Shimstock has submitted an update to his MotS Upscaled Sounds pack. Changes:

  • Corrected error with vornattack1, now being the correct sound
  • Improved sounds of rancchew1 and rancchew3
  • Replaced 10 sound effects with high quality 44kHz stereo sounds from source!
  • Bryar mount sound, metal walking and running sounds, etc.
  • Included spreadsheet to track sounds from source included with release

Please re-download to get the new version!

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Dark Forces Remaster is out! - Brian @ 10:26 AM
The Dark Forces Remaster by Nightdive Studios was released today. It's available for PC on Steam and GOG and it's available for all modern consoles as well.

Word is that it doesn't support running mods or addon levels, but you can dust off your old copy of DF and run it on modern computers with mods using The Force Engine.

Friday, February 9, 2024

Dark Forces Remaster - Brian @ 8:15 PM
Thanks to Karjala from DF-21 for reminding me to Wishlist the upcoming Dark Forces Remaster on Steam. The remaster will be released on February 28th, 2024. It was announced last August and here's a link to the Dark Forces Remaster announcement post over on DF-21. Maybe if we all buy this, they'll remaster Jedi Knight next?

Wednesday, February 7, 2024

New 3do: Hornet 41 - Moldy Crow Stock Racing Ship - Brian @ 5:46 PM
KnightCop has submitted a new 3do for your Jedi Knight and MotS levels! You can download it directly here and it's also in our 3do section.

Crow41.rar by KnightCop
A re-texture of the Moldy Crow 3DO turning it into a 90s era Stock Car, with racing colours, sponsor logos and the number 41.
This model is an homage to the car seen in the DAYTONA USA Arcade Game from 1994.

This model was made purely for fun and despite the implication of the screenshots, was NOT created for a larger mod or level set.

Sunday, January 28, 2024

New 3do: 1999 Pepsi Machine - Brian @ 11:26 AM
KnightCop has submitted a new 3do for your Jedi Knight and MotS levels! You can download it directly here and it's also in our 3do section. by KnightCop
A Faithful re-creation of a 1999 Pepsi vending machine with Star Wars Episode 1 the Phantom Menace advertising. If you wanna make your map look like it was made circa 1999-2002, then look no further than this 90's Nostalgia Wave piece of scenery!
MotS Upscaled Sounds Updated! - Brian @ 10:57 AM
shimstock sent in an update to his upscaled sounds for Mysteries of the Sith. If you have previously downloaded it, just download it again and install the new version.

Updated 2024-01-28! If you downloaded prior to this date, please re-download.

Replacement for with all high quality sounds! Includes:
  • 442 high quality 22kHz stereo JK sound effects, replacing low quality MotS where possible
  • 209 upscaled MotS sound effects-- from 11kHz mono to 44.1kHz mono
  • 497 upscaled MotS voice dialogue recordings-- from 11kHz mono to 44.1kHz mono

Changelog V2.0:
  • Since V1.0, nearly all sound effects were redone for better results.
  • Upscaled Voices finished
  • Force Pull and Push sounds are swapped
  • Cover art graphic for the project, by KnightCop (Thanks!)

ATTENTION: As this project is intended to be an upgrade, any original errors in association were corrected--namely force push/pull.

It is the author's belief that Force Push and Force Pull sounds had been mistakenly swapped during development. Making this change creates consistency with the force pull sound from Jedi Knight. This is not without controversy. Please see attached document for additional details. If it is your preference for these sounds to be used in the original way, mistake or not, simply swap the filenames "fpush.wav" and "forcepull01.wav" and replace them back in

screenshot 1 screenshot 2

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Forum Archives - Brian @ 7:18 PM
The forum archives are now available at If it's not working for you, probably just need to wait for DNS update. I have a couple minor tweaks to do but they should remain up for the foreseeable future. If you want to download an archive instead of crawling the site, head on over to the discord and there's a message pinned to the top of the #massassi channel with a link. Otherwise, wait another few weeks until I'm done with the tweaks above and I'll have a permanent link somewhere here on Massassi.

Saturday, January 20, 2024

Forums back open until midnight tonight - Brian @ 3:22 PM
The forums are back online temporarily, and I will attempt to keep them up until midnight tonight (PST). Please post any farewell threads or anything else meaningful. Please read this first. I will delete any threads I don't like before I run the final archive. Ping me on discord if you get any type of error between now and midnight.

If you are composing a long message, I strongly recommend composing it in a text editor or something and then pasting it in. It's likely the forums are going to be up and down between now and midnight and I'd hate for anyone to lose a nice long message.

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

The Massassi Forums are Dead - Brian @ 11:21 PM
I just wanted to post a note here letting everyone know that I know the forums are down. I announced last week that the forums would be taken down intentionally on February 10, 2024, to be replaced with a static, searchable (online via google), and downloadable archive. Unfortunately the forum software started to misbehave today, crashing with various database errors. I knew this could happen but I was hoping we could eek out that final month of notice. As I have previously mentioned, the software itself (vbulletin 4.x) has been out of support since 2017. The PHP version it requires has been out of support since 2019. The operating system the forums server is using has been out of support since 2020. Forum traffic has been super low and it's not worth the effort and cost to try to keep them up anymore. I expect I will be able to replace the forum server with the archives sometime this weekend. Feel free to join us on the Massassi Discord if you would like to chat.

Friday, January 5, 2024

New Enemy Pack for Level Authors: Early Dev Enemy Pack - Brian @ 6:33 PM
Shimstock has submitted a new enemy pack that can be downloaded from the Miscellaneous section.

Enemy 5-pack, using unreleased early JK development weapons!

screenshot 1 screenshot 2 screenshot 3 screenshot 4 screenshot 5

The Tusken prod and stormtrooper rifle repeater, as seen in early JK advertisements, were ultimately scrapped before the final release. However, related files were left behind in both JK and MotS original game assets. The weapons and their functions were recreated as faithfully as possible to the available source material. The AI for repeater rifle enemies gives them a long-range preference.

The following enemies use these weapons:

  • 1/2: Brown/Black Tusken with Tusken Prod
  • 3: Imperial Commando with Repeater Rifle
  • 4: Stormtrooper with Repeater Rifle

In addition, a fifth early development enemy is included: 8t88's Beast/Dog Grendel. The enemy, as seen in cutscenes, was intended for use in JK. Unused files were left in MotS assets. It was discarded possibly because it needed the "leap" ai instinct, which was not ready until MotS. I suspect this because the key animations correlate with the Vornskyr leap attack. Interestingly, the upper and lower jaw textures were renamed and reused for the Vornskyr. Another iteration of this enemy was found in "The Continuing Adventures of Mara Jade" in which the model was used as a _flyactor; whereas accurately the enemy was designed to primarily walk. I would like to emphasize the enemy is a boss and is designed to be a challenge. While it functions in both JK and MotS, the leaping instinct in MotS gives it the more authentic experience. Lastly, original and upscaled sounds for the dog are included, for your preference.

Monday, January 1, 2024

New Jedi Knight Mod: Repeater Rifle Mod - Brian @ 8:54 PM
File: Repeater Rifle Mod
Author: KnightCop, Shimstock
Description: Replaces the player repeater and pickups with the stormtrooper rifle repeater/DLT-19 as seen in advertisements, that was removed during early development of JK. Original files survived in both JK and MotS. Models for 1st person view, pickups, and original repeater bolt were found in JK assets; while animations were found in MotS assets. Textures were apparently shared with the E-11 stormtrooper rifle. New external model, external animation, corrected original animations, sound, and weapon cog were made for completion. Special thanks to KnightCop for all related research and excellent image! Place the GOB in your mods folder. Enjoy!
New MotS Mod: MotS Upscaled Sounds - Brian @ 12:29 AM
File: MotS Upscaled Sounds
Author: Shimstock
Description: Replacement for with all high quality sounds!

  • high quality JK sound effects replace low quality MotS where possible
  • upsampled 204 MotS sound effects from 16-bit, 11025Hz, 176kbps to 16-bit, 48000Hz, 768kbps

Voices (496 total) will be included in v2.0. For now, the rebel intercom voices for level 1 are included.

Wednesday, December 27, 2023

New Holiday Logo by Phantom-Seraph! - Brian @ 11:27 AM
Phantom-Seraph has submitted this logo for the Holiday Logo Contest, thank you!

New Holiday Logo by Phantom-Seraph! - Brian @ 11:27 AM
Phantom-Seraph has submitted this logo for the Holiday Logo Contest, thank you!

New Holiday Logo by Phantom-Seraph! - Brian @ 11:27 AM
Phantom-Seraph has submitted this logo for the Holiday Logo Contest, thank you!

New Holiday Logo by Phantom-Seraph! - Brian @ 11:27 AM
Phantom-Seraph has submitted this logo for the Holiday Logo Contest, thank you!

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

New Holiday Logo by zanardi! - Brian @ 11:25 PM
zanardi has submitted this logo for the Holiday Logo Contest, thank you!

Monday, December 18, 2023

New Holiday Logo by NKM_DeViL! - Brian @ 5:04 PM
NKM_DeViL has submitted this logo for the Holiday Logo Contest, thank you!

Saturday, December 16, 2023

New Holiday Logo by Nikumubeki! - Brian @ 2:13 PM
Nikumubeki has submitted this logo for the Holiday Logo Contest, thank you!

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