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BTW: Massassi is the best web site in the history of the universe! - Otterbine

Dec. 6, 2022

New Holiday Logos - Brian @ 7:11 PM
Here are the two logos that have been submitted so far. Thanks Nikumubeki and KnightCop!

By Nikumubeki:

By KnightCop:

Nov. 21, 2022

Experimental News Feed Added - Brian @ 7:55 PM
I've added an experimental news feed to Massassi. You can plug this url into a Feed Reader that understands RSS/Atom (in this case, Atom) and you should be notified when something gets posted here (rather than having to check the site every day). News Feed URL:

Note: this url won't load properly in a browser, it needs to be copied into a news reader such as The Old Reader or Feedly. Let me know if you have any problems!

Nov. 19, 2022

OpenJKDF2 - Awesome - Brian @ 12:56 AM
In case you haven't heard of it, OpenJKDF2 is "a function-by-function reimplementation of DF2 in C, with 64-bit ports to MacOS and Linux." It's been mostly written by Shiny and has some pretty nice improvements over vanilla JK on modern systems. Forum member Ni originally posted it on the forums back in November 2021. I was finally able to try it out and it is amazing!

I installed it on my Ubuntu 20.04 Linux installation via the flathub link posted in the forum thread. Once I copied over my JK installation's required GOB files it started right up and ran great! No need to install and configure wine which can be a pain.

In addition, the github page mentions that the demo is playable online (uses webassembly):

I was able to play the demo directly in Firefox! Give it a try if you have already!

Nov. 11, 2022

Privacy-respecting Counter Added to Massassi - Brian @ 11:29 AM
In order to find out how many people still use the site, I have added a privacy-respecting counter script to Massassi. There is no visible change. If you object to being counted, you can set your browsers "Do Not Track" option or simply use an ad blocker and this script will be blocked by default. If you choose to disable ad blocking on Massassi I would appreciate it. Please note that I run no advertising and no external scripts/connections except this new counter script.

The counter is open source and you can read about it here: This is just added to the main massassi site, not any hosted sites and not the forums (although I may add one to the forums later -- just to confirm that virtually nobody uses them anymore).

There is also now a link to the new Privacy Policy at the bottom of every page.

Update: Apologies, setting "Do Not Track" in your browser doesn't prevent counting. Please use an ad or content blocker if you don't want to be counted. Sorry for my confusion!

Nov. 5, 2022

2022 Holiday Logo Contest - Brian @ 10:26 PM
I'm running the Holiday Logo Contest again this year! Please read more about it here: 2022 Holiday Logo Contest. If you're looking for inspiration, please check out all the previous submissions here: H o l i d a y Logo Contest

Thank you!

Oct. 8, 2022

More rbots files found, a few still missing - Brian @ 5:26 PM
Big thanks to darthslaw for sending me a couple missing rbots files:

They have been uploaded to the rbots site and the links there now work. Thanks again darthslaw!

The following files are still missing. If anyone has a copy somewhere, please send them to me so I can get them uploaded.

New Jedi Knight Mutiplayer Level: Tall Tower - Brian @ 5:11 PM
File: Tall Tower
Author: zavaboy
Description: This is a level I made 20 years ago, back when I was 14 and played Jedi Knight a lot. This level really has no purpose apart from just being my personal little project back in 2002. It was forever in an unfinished state and forever it will be. On Massassi Temple for posterity sake. For the few who still play, please enjoy. :)

Aug. 29, 2022

Max Manager 1.01 released! - Brian @ 10:26 PM
Shred announces the release of Max Manager!

Max Manager is a game manager and launcher for the game Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2, and it's expansion Mysteries of the Sith. Made because I couldn't get older programs to work on Windows 10. It has a number of features to make running the game easier in 2022.

Max Manager can be downloaded from our Programs section or directly: Max Manager 1.0.1. It's now also referenced in our Level/Mod Installation instructions.

This looks like a great replacement for the defunct Patch Commander. Please give it a try!

Update: there's also a 32-bit version that has been added to the programs section. This can be used if for some reason you have a 32-bit version of Windows, or, like in my case, you chose the 32-bit version of wine for Linux.

max manager thumbnail

May 25, 2022

Sith Plugin for Blender - Brian @ 5:10 PM
Ever wanted to edit JK/MotS 3d objects in Blender? How about animations? From Crt Vavros via Discord:

The blender-sith addon is fully fledged Blender 2.79 addon for importing/exporting 3DO models, KEY animations and importing mat textures into Blender for games: JKDF2, MOTS, DroidWorks and Indiana Jones & Infernal Machine. Initially addon was created for modding IJIM and now expanded to all games based on Sith engine.

Addon allows you to edit all 3DO & KEY specific properties in Blender e.g. type flags of mesh polygon face, extra face light, geo & light mode, KEY flags, vertex colors etc... and export them back to file. The pivot point is baked into mesh (for now) and won't be exported in node entry.

The addon was better tested with IJIM game assets then other games. I ran batch script to import all 3do models from JKDF2 & MOTS to make sure they load up properly in blender. Haven't tested much of the KEY & 3DO exporting, thou @Shred helped me testing few models in the game. There might still be some edge cases where this addon won't work correctly (e.g. some unknown key flags, type flags etc... that the addon can't digest). That's why addon is currently in beta to find any bugs before final 1.0 release.

There is also a separate repository of blender scripts (which require the sith plugin to be installed). One interesting one is "" which exports the selected object and it's hierarchy to NDY/JKL file format.

May 17, 2022

Smith Website Move & v2.22 Released - Brian @ 10:36 PM
The Smith website has moved to:

Smith is a modern re-implementation of the Jedi Knight Engine. It includes numerous enhancements over the original such as direct integration with Ned, an enhanced version of Jed. I've previously posted about the 3d Screenshot functionality but there have been quite a few updates since then. Version 2.22 can be downloaded from the new site above.

If you have previously downloaded Smith you will need to download it again if you want auto-updates to work.

March 27, 2022

Massassi Turns 24! - Brian @ 9:53 AM
Happy Birthday, Massassi!

I would like to thank everyone who has visited over the years, all the people who have submitted tutorials, files, and levels, all those who have helped out the site in various ways like moderators, former staff members, and artists. Thank you!

Thanks to Shred for the image!

Feb. 24, 2022

New Jedi Knight Multiplayer Level: APG_Deathmatch_Castle - Brian @ 7:58 PM
File: APG_Deathmatch_Castle
Author: Alfred Potter Guitar
Description: Deathmatch map set in a castle and its surrounding grounds, featuring multiple areas of combat. Includes secrets, traps, and defensible bunkers. Best suited for 4 to 6 players. Intended as a guns map, but the center is perfect for saber battles.

Feb. 13, 2022

Massassi's Official First Soul Contract is Hereby Cancelled - Brian @ 8:25 PM
This post serves as public notice that after over 20 years, The Massassi Temple's very first official soul transfer, dated April 13, 2001, has been cancelled. Any other written contracts are still in place. Return of -ian souls is handled on a case-by-case basis. Please direct any questions or concerns to me directly.

JK Arena Site Restored - Brian @ 12:03 AM
The JK Arena site has been restored. It is now hosted on a subdomain but all the original content is there. This is probably only useful for nostalgia or on the off chance anyone else wants to make a JK Arena level (it includes the dev kit and instructions). If you can't see it right away, don't worry, your DNS just needs time to update.

Feb. 12, 2022

TACC and Rbots Moved to New Server - Brian @ 7:19 PM
Both The Admiral's Command Chamber and Rbots have been moved to our new server. If you notice any new problems, please let me know.

Many of the internal links on the Rbots site were broken, those have been fixed.

Many of the downloads on the Rbots site have been broken for years, but thanks to JKDF2.NET (JKLE_Cougar) and rezer, most of them have been restored. I am still missing the following files, so if you happen to have them on a backup drive or something, please contact me!

Update: darthslaw has provided and They will be uploaded to the rbots site soon. Thanks!

Feb. 6, 2022

3d Preview Addition - Brian @ 6:06 PM
3d Preview is back up, on its new host. It may take a day or so for your DNS servers to be updated. When it does come back, you might notice that I enabled 3d Preview for the JK Arena levels. As always, huge thanks to Stephan Reiter for creating the 3d Preview. You can get the source here if you're interested:
3d Preview Downtime - Brian @ 5:23 PM
I'm moving the 3d Preview to a new host. It may be down for a little while, don't panic, it will be back!
Levels Per Page - Brian @ 11:41 AM
JKLE_Cougar reminded me on our discord that the new levels section doesn't allow changing how many levels to show per page. That has now been fixed. Check it out.

Feb. 5, 2022

Levels Can Once Again Be Sorted - Brian @ 8:44 PM
A bunch of people noticed that the files in our Levels/Maps/Mods section could no longer be sorted. This has been fixed. Please let me know if you find any other issues on the site. Thanks!

Jan. 1, 2022

How to get Jedi Knight running on Linux - Brian @ 7:47 PM
I wrote up some instructions on getting Jedi Knight running on Linux computers. The instructions are based on Ubuntu 20.04 but will likely work with most distributions with some minor changes. Please let me know if you have problems. This is also now linked on the Jedi Knight Information page.

Dec. 22, 2021

Smith 2.15 released; adds "3D Screenshot" button - Brian @ 8:09 PM
Smith is a modern re-implementation of the Jedi Knight Engine. It includes numerous enhancements over the original such as direct integration with Ned, an enhanced version of Jed.

BAH_Strike announced the release of Smith 2.15 this afternoon. This version adds a "3D Screenshot" button. While you are playing, just click it to export an OBJ/MTL/TGAs dump of the world in its current state.

BAH_Strike showed off an incredible demo of this in our Discord earlier. It captures the entire state of the scene at the time you take the "screenshot." This state is exported as a 3d model that can be loaded into various 3d modeling tools.

(If you join the #massassi channel on our Discord server you can see screenshots and a video.)

If you already have Smith, it will ask if you want to auto-update.

If you don't have Smith, download the latest build directly here:

Dec. 18, 2021

2021 Holiday Logo Contest - Brian @ 6:59 PM
It's time! Well, a bit late. But please submit your holiday logo contest entries for 2021! It's not really a contest -- every logo that gets submitted and abides by the rules will be in rotation every December from now on! You can either post on the Holiday Logo Contest 2021 thread on the forums or just email it directly to me.

Logo Contest Rules:
  • Please put in some effort!
  • Please make it tasteful
  • Holiday themed. Any holiday this month.
  • Minimum width in pixels: 384
  • Minimum height in pixels: 154
  • Maximum width in pixels: 800
  • Maximum height in pixels: 400

I will be taking entries until the end of the month. Thanks everyone who has contributed over the years!
Welcome to the new Massassi! - Brian @ 3:11 PM
Welcome to the new version of The Massassi Temple! Almost every section of the site was updated so if you encounter any errors please report them on the forums.

I am aware that some levels aren't rendering properly in the 3dpreview. I will try to fix that this evening or tomorrow.

Improvements include:

  • levels/files pages updated with bigger thumbnails, more detailed 3d preview
  • levels/files list updated with bigger thumbnails, rating highlights, and improved paging
  • tutorials pages updated to match current massassi style (old versions available on tutorials that originally had non-standard formatting)
  • SotD/LotW archive pages have bigger thumbnails and improved paging
  • holiday logos are now rotating and will until January
  • all php and perl is gone
  • the site is now open source! more details to follow

User Account Information:

All the level comment/rating user accounts were imported, however, all passwords have been reset. If you still have access to the original email address you registered with, you can reset your password. If you don't have access to that address anymore, you can either register a new account or you can contact me and we can see if there's another way I can verify you.

Dec. 17, 2021

Massassi Server Migration - Brian @ 4:35 PM
I'm going to be moving Massassi to a new server this weekend. Don't be alarmed if you try to access the site and it doesn't work, it should be up again within 48 hours.

Dec. 4, 2021

End of the forums? - Brian @ 10:58 PM
Even before we started the Discord, the forums were getting essentially no activity. I'm considering shutting them down because they require really old/insecure server software to run and I'm not inclined to spend a bunch of time and money upgrading something that nobody uses. Please see this thread on the forums for more information. If the forums are important to you and you have some programming experience, read the thread for ways you could possibly help keep them open.
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