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MotS Upscaled Sounds

The Massassi Temple » Levels/Mods » MotS Mod » MotS Upscaled Sounds


Updated 2024-03-18! If you downloaded prior to this date, please re-download.

Replacement for with all high quality sounds! Includes:

  • 442 high quality 22kHz stereo JK sound effects, replacing low quality MotS where possible
  • 209 upscaled MotS sound effects-- from 11kHz mono to 44.1kHz mono
  • 497 upscaled MotS voice dialogue recordings-- from 11kHz mono to 44.1kHz mono

V2.1 Changes:
  • Corrected error with vornattack1, now being the correct sound
  • Improved sounds of rancchew1 and rancchew3
  • Replaced 10 sound effects with high quality 44kHz stereo sounds from source!
  • Bryar mount sound, metal walking and running sounds, etc.
  • Included spreadsheet to track sounds from source included with release

Changelog V2.0:
  • Since V1.0, nearly all sound effects were redone for better results.
  • Upscaled Voices finished
  • Force Pull and Push sounds are swapped
  • Cover art graphic for the project, by KnightCop (Thanks!)

ATTENTION: As this project is intended to be an upgrade, any original errors in association were corrected--namely force push/pull.

It is the author's belief that Force Push and Force Pull sounds had been mistakenly swapped during development. Making this change creates consistency with the force pull sound from Jedi Knight. This is not without controversy. Please see attached document for additional details. If it is your preference for these sounds to be used in the original way, mistake or not, simply swap the filenames "fpush.wav" and "forcepull01.wav" and replace them back in


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