The Massassi Temple: Levels/Mods

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File Type # of Levels
Jedi Academy Capture the Flag Levels4
Jedi Academy Duel Levels24
Jedi Academy FFA Levels30
Jedi Academy Mods26
Jedi Academy Official Releases1
Jedi Academy Single Player Levels14
Jedi Academy Skins26
Jedi Knight Arena Levels2
Jedi Knight CTF Levels32
Jedi Knight Mods530
Jedi Knight Multiplayer Levels1283
Jedi Knight Single Player Levels105
Jedi Outcast Capture the Flag Levels28
Jedi Outcast Mods126
Jedi Outcast Multiplayer Levels184
Jedi Outcast Single-Player Levels42
Jedi Outcast Skins201
Massassi Madnesss2
MotS KFY Levels3
MotS Mods55
MotS Multiplayer Levels172
MotS Single Player Levels106
Total Levels/Mods:2996


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Spork Note: If you're looking for Spork or Legacy of the Jedi, these are Jedi Legacy productions. Jedi Legacy has chosen not to submit these mods, or their associated patches and level packs, to us. To download them, you must go over to Jedi Legacy.

BFP Note: The Big Fluffy Pack, or BFP, is available for download over at The JK Multiplayer Addon Group (JKMAG). They have the most current version as well as a list of mirrors.

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