Editing Articles

Note that many of these articles are decades old!

In-house Articles

The following articles were written by the Massassi Temple Staff, and are © Copyright 1998 - 2002 The Massassi Temple.

JK Tweak Guide by Brian Lozier

This guide is designed to help newcomers to Jedi Knight get the best performance/image quality out of their computer, along with providing some basic tuning tips for the actual gameplay.

Single Player Levels by Brian Lozier

This article discusses different aspects of Single Player levels, giving suggestions on what authors can do to make them better.

Teachings: Cleaving and Deleting by Brian Lozier

This article discusses the importance of learning how to use sector cleaving and deleting to create complex and interesting architecture.

Thoughts on Editing by Rishka and Brian Lozier

General editing information written by a couple of members of the Massassi Staff.

The Version Conspiracy by 8t88

Discusses the trend of releasing multiple unfinished versions of addons rather than beta testing and releasing only a final version.

Contributed Articles

The following articles were NOT written by The Massassi Temple Staff. They are re-posted with the orginal authors permission, and are © Copyright the original authors. Please contact the original authors with any questions/comments.

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General Thoughts on Level Design by Jipe

Discusses the various aspects of both singleplayer and multiplayer level design.

Scoring Better Level Reviews by Mew

Discusses what elements of level design reviewers pay most attention to when critiquing a level for Jedi Knight.

Question/Answers by Numerous Authors

This article contains questions and answers on deathmatch levels from numerous experienced level editors in the Quake/Quake II community. They almost all apply to JK

What's In a Deathmatch Level? by MadMan

This article discusses what exactly separates the "Great" deathmatch levels from the "okay" ones.

Build Your Own Character by Jeff Walters (October 1997)

Learn how to create your own skin/character.

A Force Of Your Own by Brian Taylor (November 1997)

A basic introduction to the COG language used in Jedi Knight.

MAT Editing Tutorial by The Tynar (December 1997)

Learn how to edit .MAT (texture) files.

Learning the Ways of Jed by Jeff Walters (January 1998)

Basic info on editing with Jed. Includes cleaving, water, briefing text, and slashable grates.

Level Editing Oasis by Jeff Walters (February 1998)

Learn how to make traps, sector thrusts, cameras, local Cogs, breakable glass, and stairs.

The Enemy Within by Adam 'Rage' Burnett (February 1998)

Learn how to edit which weapon Single Player enemies have.