Mysteries of the Sith (MotS) Info & Cheats


Mysteries of the Sith is an addon for Jedi Knight. Previously, it could be purchased seperately, but now, it's a lot more common to find it packaged with Jedi Knight.

New Features

MotS is actually more than an addon pack. Lucasarts actually upgraded the engine to include more features. The most notable is the new colored lighting (which can only be seen with a decent 3d card). They tweaked the saber some, added a whole slew of new missions, both single player and multiplayer. In SP, you play Mara Jade, a female character that was made popular by the trilogy of Star Wars novels by Timothy Zahn.

MotS was met with mixed reviews. Basically, the new engine features are welcome, but the level design and new weapons just weren't up to par with the original. This is made up for, however, in the sheer amount and quality of multiplayer maps - it seems like they concentrated a lot more on the multiplayer aspects. They've even included a new MP mode, KFY, which is explained in detail in the instruction manual.

Addon Levels

As with Jedi Knight, people can make addon levels for Mysteries of the Sith. All released editors have Mysteries of the Sith support, and the process is basically the same.

Editing Information

Most of our Jedi Knight tutorials apply to MotS as well. Really the only things different are the colored lighting (we have a tutorial on that) and a few cog verbs.

Cheat codes

If you are having trouble with the game, or just want to fool around, there are quite a few cheat codes that you can use. All you do to use them is hit the [t] key, then type the code, and press [Enter].

Effect Code
All Weapons diediedie
Disable AI statuesque 0
Enable AI statuesque 1
Invincibility boinga 1
Disable Invincibility boinga 0
Fly freebird
Full Force Powers iamagod
Full Inventory gimmestuff
Full Mana trixie
Full Map cartograph
Increase Force Level trainme
Level Skip gameover
Slow Motion gospeedgo 1
Normal Speed gospeedgo 0