Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight Information & Cheats

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(All this was written in the late 90s so please read with a grain of salt.)

In our opinion, Jedi Knight is the best Action game ever released for the PC. It has everything from an engaging storyline and a great story to great graphics and such special features as the lightsaber and force powers.

True, as of this writing (August 1999), the JK engine is showing dated graphics. The graphics quality doesn't compare to newer releases such as Unreal and Half-Life. However, Jedi Knight's appeal isn't in the graphics - it's in the theme. For a very long time, people have wanted a game in which they can actually use a lightsaber to defeat their enemies. As mentioned before, the addition of force powers also brings a whole new dimension to the game.

Add to that some of the best level design in the history of action games, easy to use multi-player support, a high quality engine (to date, there has only been one patch released, and all it is for is to fix a small joystick bug), and a whole slew of user-created maps and mods, and you have a very addictive game with a ton of replay value.


Lucasarts released a demo of the game just before it was released in stores. You may be able to find it online somewhere. Better yet, buy the full game on Steam or GOG for cheap. The demo is basically Level 9 of the game, a very impressive level showing off the depth of gameplay and the high-quality level design that the game consists of.

Addon Levels

Addon levels can be created by users for Jedi Knight (read below). These levels can be downloaded from this site (see our download section in the nav bar). Once you have a level you want to play, you will have to unzip it with something like WinZip, and then install and run it. Most addons include instructions.

Editing Information

Lucasarts created Jedi Knight in such a way as to allow users (like yourself) to create their own levels, skins, and other types of modifications.

The Massassi Temple started out as an editing site, dedicated to bringing the Jedi Knight community tutorials to teach people how to make their own addons. From there, we decided to give users a place to release their maps, but that's another story. Anyway, if you would like to make your own levels or mods, be sure to read over our Basics section, and then take a look at the tutorials.

Cheat codes

If you are having trouble with the game, or just want to fool around, there are quite a few cheat codes that you can use. All you do to use them is hit the 't' key, then type the code, and press [Enter].

Effect Code
God Mode jediwannabe
Flymode eriamjh
All Weapons red5
All Items wamprat
All Map 5858lvr
Full Healing bactame
Full Mana yodajammies
Skip to Next Level thereisnotry
Level warp (x = 1 to 21) pinotnoir x
Jedi Experience Level Up deeznuts
Light Jedi Master imayoda
Dark Jedi Master sithlord
Uber Jedi (All Dark and Light Force Powers) raccoonking
Turns on/off AI (monsters dont move) whiteflag
Slow Motion slowmo

Console Commands

Console commands are the commands you can type directly to the JK engine. You already have experience using console commands if you've ever used a cheat code. If not, please read over the cheats section for a brief overview.

Cheat codes are one type of console command, but there are many others that can help you out. You can see the rest of the console commands in the JK Specs.

Command Line Switches

Command line switches allow you to turn on certain features of the game (advanced display options, etc) by typing it in at the dos prompt. Find the command line switches in the JK Specs.