Massassi Temple Mat Archive

Welcome to the Massassi Temple Mat Archive. This is where you can download textures to replace or compliment the ones shipped with JK or MotS. All files are free for use in your level, but please credit the author of the mat in your readme file! If you are a texture artist, please contribute! For more info on sending us your mat, please visit our submission instructions.

Brick (6)
Mats that were built brick by brick.

Canyon (6)
These mats have a canyon theme.

Ceiling (1)
You can find the ceiling mats here.

Decor (13)
These mats will add those little touches to your project.

Floors (11)
Floor designs or textures.

Glass (2)
Mats that could be used as glass.

Grass (6)
All different kinds of grass mats.

Grates (7)
Grates that can be cut.

Jedi Outcast (1)
Various Jedi Outcast textures.

Lights (5)
Lights to warn or lights to add effect.

Mat Packs (15)
Mat packs that don't really belong in a certain category.

Metal (12)
All different kinds of metal can be found here.

Nature (8)
Leaves, vines, plants, etc.

Numbers (2)
Number mats for score keeping and such.

Sand (6)
These mats all have something to do with sand.

Signs (7)
Mats designed to be used as signs or billboards.

Skies (18)
Only sky mats allowed.

Stone/Cement (31)
Stone and/or cement type mats.

Walls (10)
Mats that could be used for walls.

Water (6)
Various water mats.

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