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Chat Room Rules
Before entering the chat room, please read the chat room rules. These rules will be enforced in the chat room, and you are expected to know them. Do not complain if you are kicked and/or banned for violating them. You are responsible for behaving in accordance with them.

Chat Community
Many folks who visit the site also hang out in the #massassi channel quite a bit. oSiRiS has put together a site dedicated to the channel that offers statistics, user profiles, and a veritable treaure trove of inside-joke material. Check it out at

Returning Users
If you've already read all the information below, feel free to use the following link to jump straight into chat. If not, please skip over the link and read all the information!

Enter the Chat Room

Basic Information
Welcome to the Massassi live chat room. The idea is that you can use this chat window to talk with other JK/Star Wars fans. When chatting here, please observe all rules that we keep for the forums. The forum rules can be found here.

The chat applet we use interfaces directly with the IRC server. This means that if you don't like using a java applet, you can use a program such as mIRC to connect. Just point your program to (default port or 6667) and the #massassi channel.

For those of you that decide to use the java chat applet, please be confident that it is secure. The applet we use has a signed security certificate for both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape. When this certificate pops up you must accept it, or the chat applet will not load!

A few moments later, the applet will load, asking you for a nickname. After you fill out the field (described below), you merely have to hit connect. If you get an error telling you the nickname is already in use, you must choose another one.

If you're ready to load the chat program, please click the link below. Important Note: Please remember to accept the signed security certificate!

Enter the Chat Room

Chat Tutorials Description
Newbie Tutorial Never done IRC chat before? Not familiar with chat? Come here before entering...
Author: oSiRiS

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